140+ Sweetest Valentines Day Text Messages for Him

St Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and I am here to help you find the perfect Valentine’s day Text Messages for Him (gift) for your girlfriend, spouse, wife, husband, and boyfriend, although it can be difficult, however, you should keep this in the back of your mind that the best gifts come from the heart.

So while spending plenty of money on generic chocolates, flowers, and teddy bears, you can as well look beyond the gift part of valentine’s day and spice this lovely day up.

Here are several Valentine’s day Text Messages that you can text to the one you love they are sincere and meaningful and will help in your efforts to win the one you love.

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Valentines Day Text Messages for Him

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These Love texts can serve as amazing gifts for anniversaries or on her birthday or Valentine’s day Text Messages. So, we compile a few Valentine’s day Text Messages for your partner/loved ones as a suggestion to help you make him or her feels special on this special day and also forever.

Valentine’s day Text Messages


You can also use these Valentines day Text Messages as inspirations to create your own heartfelt messages.

1. Since the beginning of time, I have been given the clue that the only one that can put a smile on my cheeks forever
is you. Happy valentine’s day.

2. With the special love you show to me, every past pain is forever gone and every smile once again arose for a
the better day ahead.

3. Today, I celebrate you as the most precious angel who ever set foot on the surface of the earth, you mean everything to

4. The only time I am happy is when my heart is filled with joy and endless happiness. This gives me the confidence
that cannot be easily comprehended.

5. If you know how much you mean to me, I am sure the tears of joy will overflow on your cheeks, and then you will be
amazed about the gem you have as a companion.

6. The first time I set my eyes on you, I realized that leading a life with you will bring endless joy to my heart. I
miss you and will like to say happy valentine’s.

7. Here I love you like never before, you are that great lady in this world for me, you are that mercy sent down to me.

8. For the rest of my life, I want to dwell in your heart. I want to be the lady waking up next to you. Happy

9. Most of the time, I feel like being wrapped in your arms, to feel the passion of your love for me. I love you.

10. Today is one of the most interesting days in the life of a man, we share love and gift. Happy Valentine.

11. No matter what anyone says, the special love I have for you will always be there until the end of time.

12. Whenever you are lonely, just smile and remember that, somewhere, somehow, someone is thinking about you. Happy

13. Even before I was born, I have chosen you as my valentine, and you will always be forever. You are my heartbeat and
the pearl of my eyes.

14. There is no other treasure on this earth that can be compared to you. In the realm of love, on the valley of love
and in the ocean of passion, you belong to me.

15. Whenever I look at the sky in the darkness of a passionate night’s rest, I see you smiling at me. I love you to the

16. Without you, how am I supposed to live? In anything I do, in anything I say, your image keeps appearing to me.

17. I have found in you the special love I need in a man, I have seen that passion that cannot be found anywhere in
this world in you. I love you.

18. I want you to be my valentine forever. You are that treasure of my heart no one can take for granted.

19. Having found you as the queen of my heart and the princess of my imagination, I realized we are perfect for each
other. Happy Valentine.

20. I hope you will be my valentine to take the feeling of love to the next level. I miss you so much.

21. You are that jewel of passion, that moonlight that shines on my face when tears fill up my eyes.

22. The tears in my eyes need your mercy, the mercy of your undying love, that burning desire that can drive me crazy.

23. Anytime I look into your beautiful eyes, I see a paradise, I see a dragon splitting love and passion in abundance.

24. Your smile alone is a voyage of joy, indeed, I have found the most gorgeous angel in the entire universe as my wife.

25. Whenever you are jealous, I know I’m wrong, how can I take the most beautiful gazelle for granted? I love you.

26. The color of your beautiful eyeballs mesmerizes my heart and sets my soul ablaze in love and passion.

27. In your heart is the ocean of sympathy, the grace that brings life to the pinnacle of joy is there in you.

28. I just need a favor from you, I want you to grant me the chance to dwell in your heart forever. Happy Valentine.

29. Your smile alone is sufficient for me to have a day full of life and energy. I miss your voice and the love songs
that stir my imagination.

30. The day I realized that you are meant for me, I never wanna make the mistake to take you for granted. I love you so

31. You will never value what is good for you until you lose it. Here I am, shedding tears for ever hurting your feelings. I
love you, I’m sorry and have a sweet valentine.

32. Life without you will be extremely boring, life without you will never be worth living because there is no girl
like you.

33. This is the reason why I almost died when I was told you were in coma, don’t you know my heart was dying with you?

34. Valentine’s day is more of love and attachment than just a day; you are always on my mind. I wish you all the best.

35. What will be more interesting like seeing the flower of your heart smiling at you? I just want to say, happy

36. Missing you like never before, in fact, I bleed passion in me just because you are far away. I need you by my side.

37. I told my friend that you alone can make me smile after God, and he disputed, but now, I am completely restless to see
you walk away.

38. When you are no more when the world has ended and then I woke up to see you right before me. I am so lucky to have
you in my life.

39. You are the only man that succeeded in dragging my heart to the height of the mountain of love. I am ready to go to
the top with you,

40. Baby, if you want me to climb the highest mountain to show you how much you mean to me, I will do that until death
does us apart.

41. I have taken an oath never to betray you no matter the condition; it baffles me that I cannot even stop loving you

42. People think I have gone mad, and it is true because I am completely and madly in love with you. happy valentine

43. Missing you for one micro second is equivalent to ten years of sorrow and excruciating pain. That’s the level of
my feelings for you.

44. If I told you the depth of my heart for you, I will die, I don’t I will still die; sweetheart, just want you to
know that you are the air I breathe.

45. Sometimes I see you as the most expensive soft drink in the world, this is because the taste of your lips is
sweeter than the taste of Coca-Cola.

46. The most interesting lady in the world is right here before me, indeed, you are not bad, you are the epitome of
beauty the one endowed with a perfect smile.

47. Your giggles, your laughter, and that colorful eyes of passion take my breath whenever I set my eyes on you.

48. Sometimes, I used to think that it is too late for me to approach you, but I summoned the courage to see the
passion that dwells in you. Happy Valentine.

49. I want this night to be more of romance than just a prayer time; you are to me just like gold is to the miner.

50. Leave that! I don’t think there is any other girl on the surface of the earth that can replace you in my heart.
Just be calm, I am yours forever.

51. For every single reason that makes me love you better and better, there is always that cute smile you possess.

52. I used to tell you that there is a paradise in you; though I thought I was mocking you not knowing you are my

53. When they talk of bliss, don’t go too far searching, you are the very bliss everyone is searching for. I love you.

54. Even in the crowd billion men, only your head I see, I see no one again. In the 360-degree point of my life, I see
no one but you.

55. I can kill just to show you how deeply I have fallen in love with you but I don’t kill so we can live together

56. Much love for this wonderful lady, her smile is enough for energy to run like a cheetah. Have a nice holiday.

57. On this holiday, many stars smiles in the sky, they all are singing a song of a love story sweeter than Romeo and

58. Romeo and Juliet’s love are like child’s play when it comes to the way I feel whenever I set my eyes on you.

59. O my dear lady, your love has engulfed my heart with the split of a burning desire. You belong to me

60. On the wings of love, I want to fly with you to the pinnacle of love, to the river of milk to taste the joy of your

61. I don’t want you to blame me whenever I am jealous of you, it is not my fault, it is the fault of my soul that
cannot do without you.

62. Whenever I am high and no one can take control anymore, just smile at me, and I will be colder than an iceberg.

63. People call me a warrior, thank God they don’t know you are my weakness, I will have been defeated.

64. I have experienced a lot in life, I have encountered many characters but your presence in my life is highly

65. For this blessed day of your life, valentine is celebrated alone, what a double enjoyment for you my darling angel.

66. No one knows how I feel whenever I see you walking away, just like the dry land need rain, I need your presence to

67. Happy valentine’s to my chubby angel, never think of getting pills to slim, you are the best as you are to me.

68. Never forget that you are the reflection of my heart, anything that happens to you will not leave me in peace.

69. The first day I set my eyes on you, I was restless, I thought beauty is over when I saw the most beautiful woman in
the world—as for you, your beauty is excess.

70. The only time smile is seen on my cheeks is when you are happy. Please, always put a smile on your face.

71. I look at the trees around me, I check the smiling flowers, and then realized that you were coming along the valley of
love. I miss you.

72. How do you want me to live how do I do how am I supposed to lead my life without an uncommon gem like you? Happy valentine’s day.

Sweetest Valentine’s day text messages General

73. May the passion that flows on this special day locate your home with success and prosperity. I wish you all the best.

74. When the night smile, I understand that my heartbeat is around waiting for the warmest hug ever.

75. I am into you like never before, I just want to be around you all my life. You are that lady I dreamed about.

76. The woman of my dream, the princess of the palace built of love, the starlight that smiles out of compassionate existence.

77. I know I can’t cope without you, no wonder I am so much addicted to you. I love you and wish you a long life to witness another day like this.

78. Maybe we are meant for each other. There is no doubt, you are my dream to come true. I love you.

79. For the very moment we shared that brought tears to our eyes, that night none of us can forget forever, I say, happy valentine.

80. Could you remember the other day in the rain? That special, we met and held hands until it storms no more.

81. For so long, I have decided to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you my superhero.

82. You are that pinnacle of joy, that essence of love God sent to me; that comforter that wiped away my sorrow.

83. Today, I feel no pain in my heart and the reason is that you belong to me. Happy Valentine.

84. There is no daylight, except that I shed tears of passion for being this lucky to have you. I love you.

85. Indeed, you are the most amazing girl in this universe, even above the sky, I see no lady more gorgeous than you are. I love you.

86. At the twilight, at the sunshine, at the depth of love, all I see is you, all I heard is you and all I want to kiss is you. Happy Valentine.

87. Before you close your eyes today, ensure that you look up to the sky, the biggest object you see, is me smiling at you.

88. Moonlight is not just there for nothing, it is the pack of the love I have been accumulating for you for years. Happy Valentine.

89. When there comes money’ will you enjoy I with me? When there come home, will you live there with me? Will you be the girl the mother of my kids?

90. Smile, after all, today is a joyous day, let’s celebrate it together in peace and harmony.

91. Just like butter, you came to my life with a different color of love. Happy valentines.

92. When you need someone to make you happy, just call on me, and I will be there.

93. Happy7 valentine, you are special and deserve special treatment. I love you.

94. Happy valentine, I miss you so much and need you all my life. take care, sweet sister.

95. Wishing you all the best this valentine, it is my joy that I have you in this world.

96. You mean so much to me, part of which is the reason why I am always happy.

97. Thank you for the special love you show to me; I miss you so much. Happy Valentine.

98. Your presence is irresistible. I am always deeply in love with you. Happy Valentine.

99. Thank God you belong to me, I will love you forever. Take good care of yourself.

100. I just want to say, you are handsome, and deserve the most beautiful as your valentine. Can I be?

101. I just want to be by you day and night. The best feeling I get is when I see your beautiful face every morning and when I dream about you at night, I wake up all smiling, you are the best I can ever have.

102. The first that I set my eyes on you, all I wished for was to be with you the rest of my life, I never knew my wish would come true so soon, you are a blessing to me, and you are my pride, love you so many sweets.

103. If today I leave this world, I will be at peace because I have known My partner has been so loving and has understood the true meaning of love if I eventually return I will do this all over again.

104. I love you so much, this is very important to me, I don’t give a hoot about what people are saying, people would always say so let them say,

105. we are both in this relationship and I am having the best time of my life I want us to be together forever, I love you so much, satisfying the world seems impossible so let’s piss them off with our love.

106. the day I found you it’s no ordinary day to me, that day I found my most precious pearl in an oyster, deep down inside the sea, you are so dear to me if I lose you I will die.

107. I was this very lonely person, have waited for the right one to come to love me, I have had my share of disappointment, but you came around and changed my world, you are my shiny morning star, and I live because of you, thanks for coming into my life.

108. The first time you told me you love me, is still fresh in my head because it’s one of the most beautiful moments in my life I can’t let go, even till this moment, those 3 beautiful words come out of your mouth I want to do everything for you. I love you so much.

109. Your love has changed me so very much. People say I am a different person now. I guess when you fall in love, everything changes.

110. You came like the night thief. Bloomed in my heart like the red rose and I want you to light up my life like the morning sun.


I fell for you in a heartbeat because you are such a sweetheart.

Though I feel so easily missing you are the toughest part.

That is why I have locked you as a priority and only you have the keys to my heart.

We all automatically close our eyes when we experience something beautiful like a happy dream or an intimate kiss. These days, whenever I close my eyes all I see is YOU!

There is a story behind every little emotion that a person experiences in life. You are the most beautiful story behind the emotion of love in my heart.

There is not enough that I can write about you, but I want to end this page by saying that I really, glaringly, and daringly love you.

When you’re in love you never really know whether your elation comes from the qualities of the one you love, or if it attributes them to her; whether the light which surrounds her as a halo comes from you, from her, or the meeting of your sparks.

If you woke up 1 day and were asked to have a wish, what would it Be? Mine would be that our love would last until you see an apple In an orange tree.

Wanting you is easy missing you is hard. Wishing you were with me wrapped

Up in my arms. Constantly think of you when we are apart. I’ve got

The padlock you have the key to my heart

I love your eyes I love your smile,

I cherish your ways I adore your style,

What can I say?

You are of a kind & you’re on my mind!

Let the world know our love

Like midday sunlight

Like full moonlight

Like mountain height

Valentine’s day Text Messages for your girlfriend.

Valentine’s day Text Messages for your wife.

Valentine’s day Text Messages for your spouse.

Valentine’s day Text Messages for your boyfriend.

Valentine’s day Text Messages for your husband.

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Valentine’s day Text Messages for your sweet love.

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111. Your beauty is the capital of the business. My eyes are stock in trade. Let us enter into a transaction, you secretly give me a trade discount, and I openly give you a cash discount and thus my partner, our trading, and a profit-loss account will show a net profit.

112. Love is like an illusion, a smile that is never ending, a life without misery, a cool tour to heaven that is unforgettable between the two loved ones, understood by the loved ones who range hearts that are unbreakable for no one other than God.

113.No matter what has happened. No matter what you’ve done. No matter what you will do. I will always love you. I swear I do want to tell you that wherever I am, whatever happens, I’ll always think of you, and the time we spent together, as my happiest time. I’d do it all over again if I had the choice. No regrets.

114. As we all know very well Valentine’s Day is about love and passion, and you know our normal lives don’t always give us the pleasure of showing our feelings and love, as a result of partners being busy and all that. Since busy schedules haven’t allowed us a lot of time to express our true emotions, the romantic holiday is the perfect time to write down some feelings and remind your girlfriend just how much you value not only your relationship but her, spoil her with some Valentine’s day Text Messages.

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