Best Love Sms For Him Or Her

Love sms
Are you looking for the Best Love Sms, you can send to your
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Best Love Sms, Messages, Text, Sayings, Wishes, & Quotes
to say I Love You, Good morning, Good night, I miss you to Him or Her, your
Boyfriend or Girlfriend.

Any of these Love SMS Collection is good to be sent in the morning night and noon as best wishes and greetings for your lover and loved ones. Just pick one that meets your taste and send or text to your Lover. You can end anyone with “I love you” I miss you, Good Morning and Good night.

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1. I love you so much that I cannot even bear to live in a day without you. you are my twilight.

2. You are a damsel super girl and anytime I see you, my heart beats faster and faster and I hope to be yours forever.

3. I called to hear your sweet voice and to be rest assured that you belong to me. Have a nice day.

4. Loving you is one of the most amazing things in this world. You are more special than you think.

5. I have you all my life and will never forget you all my life. I will form love in the heart of my children for you.

6. You are a good father and a wonderful husband. We all miss you and hope that the Lord brings you home soon.

7. Have a nice and precious moment wherever you maybe, we love you beyond what you think and will love to be yours

8. You are my husband, the only true love sent to me. Wherever you are, just know that someone, somewhere loves you.

9. I have been so happy all these days because you are for me and I am for you. You are the true angel of my life.

10. I Will always stand by your side at the time of pain and will never forget your impart in my life. I love you my

11. For the strong love you have for me, I want to tell you how I feel about you in my heart. I miss you darling.

12. The way I feel about you makes me smile always. You have become the most precious angel in this world for me.

13. For the benefit of the true love you have for me, I will like to be yours all my life and give birth to your kids

14. I must tell you that ever since the day I have been meeting men in my life, I have not encountered anyone that can
replace you.

15. The moment of love is one of the most beautiful feelings in this world. You can now see the reason why you are the
one I love most.

16. I may not find the chance to make you smile but the truth is that that intention is always on my mind. I love you.

17. Whenever you feel like this world is getting tougher, always understand that I am always there to call on God for

18. Do not give up in any situation in life; you have become my second nature and now that I am addicted to you, who
will help me?

19. I am lost in the special love I have for you, I just want to be the reason why you smile and laugh. I love you.

20. Nothing good comes so easily, now I have come to realized that you mean everything to me the diamond husband.

21. You are a cool wife, a nice smile and a passion achievement in my life. When I met you, I knew I have met the love
of my life.

22. There is a smile that emanates from your heart, it is called the special gem. I love it when it is flashed at me.

23. For the best love you have shown to me, I pray that the Lord should protect you for me all your life.

24. I miss every single day you are not around and I am so much in love with you because you are the most intelligent
girl in this world.

25. For all I care just be mine forever. I want to be the one you marry and the mother of your kids. I love you.

26. For the kindness you show to me and the best love I received from a kind heart man like you. I love you.

27. Many years have passed and I am yet to see a woman that can replace you. My dearest love, the angel of my life.

28. This is the time I need you most but I wonder why you are avoiding me though said you love me.

29. I am most happy today because you gave me the kind of love and care I have always wanted to have.

30. You took my heart away and replaced it with loneliness. If there is always a way out of this world to see you
anytime you are not around I will take that way.

31. Without you in my life, I think there will be pain all over me. Pain in the heart for missing you and pain in body
for not massage from you for some days.

32. I hope that you understand the way I feel whenever I set my eyes on you. You are indeed, a brainy husband.

33. I will not stop thinking of you even for a minute, you are that angel of happiness because there is no other woman
that can make me happy as you do.

34. If love is the only way to get to heaven, you have got every ticket needed to reach there. I love you.

35. All I need from you every single day is to see you smile and happy. You have won my heart. I wish you.

36. There is this deep feeling I have for you alone, no other girl has ever had that privilege in this world.

37. Life without you makes everything boring. Please, be pleased with me and never give up on me. I love you.

38. There are many reasons why I cannot sleep without that I have heard your voice. I miss you like chocolate.

39. The most beautiful things in this world is rare to find, it is my pleasure to have met you in my life.

40. After many ways of expressing love, I finally realized that there is someone more lovely than I am. I love you.

41. Your romantic ways are so enticing, nice and fresh. I will always be yours for the rest of my life. I miss you.

42. No one understands why you are always there for me. You are just the most enticing girl in my life and I love you.

43. To smile is my hobby but since the day I set my eyes on you, I have been happy always. I love you.

44. I will always be with you all my life and will never give up on you anytime any moment. I love you.

45. You are the one I cherish like never, you mean the world to me and I pray that your heart desires are fulfilled.

46. There is no amount of distance that can separate you and me, you are always on my mind like never before.

47. Take this special love I have for you, it is my blessed angel’s day, you are the best for me and I love you to the

48. When I met you, what came to my heart was that you have been the only true angel I want to be with forever.

49. When you were around the other day, I ended up falling deeply in love with you. I miss you my dear love.

50. I will not in any way be tired of loving you in my life. You have given me the kind of love I have been expecting
in my life.

51. Make my heart be the freshest thing on earth with the power to love me which God has granted to you.

52. I love you beyond how you think and it is my pleasure to have you around me. I am happy for having you in my life.

53. There is no other way I can be luckier than this, you are the most blessed husband in the realm of love.

54. I am so deeply in love with you and wish you understand the depth of my love in this reality. You are the best.

55. I miss you more and more every single minute. I love your smile, your face and the sweetest voice ever heard.

56. If you know what I am going through today due to your love, you will have been more lenient to me than this.

57. May your life be filled with lots of love, joy and happiness, may your days be filled with the comfort you deserve.

58. When I met you, I realized that you are one of the best person in this world. I love you my beloved.

59. To the one I cherish, every little things I have ever needed in my life has been possible, this is a sign of the
through love you have for me.

60. Maybe you are the perfect man for me, I love you to the core and pray that you find peace in your heart forever.

61. To the one I am willing to spend the rest of my life with, I want you to understand that you are the best for me.

62. Whenever I look into your eyes, I see the kind of love that has no compromise. All directed to me. I love you

63. May your heart beat with endless passion and sweet success that has no end. I miss you my dear lady.

64. If there is any way I can tell you more about my feelings for you in a more romantic way, I will have done so.

65. You are my sunshine, the best face I have ever seen in this world, I love you like never before. You belong to me.

66. The most wonderful thing that has ever occurred in my life is you. That angelic man with strong heart to love.

67. No one knows what a genius you are; you are just like the most beautiful treasure on earth. I love you

68. Hold my hands and tell me you love me. look into my eyes and say I need you for the rest of my life.

69. When you have someone who is truly in love with you, it will not be hard for them to make you smile.

70. I wish you all the best in this world, you are so much lovely and I am happy for that. I love you.

71. If I have a means to make you smile for eternity, I will adopt it so that I can show you how much you mean to me.

72. With you, my life is complete because you are the kind of man I have been searching for. I love you.

73. For this wonderful moment in this world. I bless you with my heart because you belong to me.

74. For the special love I have for you, please, never give up. You are my angel, the true woman of my heart.

75. With you, I understand that you will always be with me forever. I miss you my dear angel. I miss you.

76. I will always be with you all my life; you are just the best one I need. You are too much and I love you my dear.

77. For every single minute of my life, you are the best angel in my life. I will love you beyond the sky.

78. I miss you so much and pray that everything you want be granted to you. I love you my beloved.

79. The most interesting thing of my life. You are the most blessed angel of my life. I miss you than ever.

80. If you believe in what I am saying, you will be happy always. I want you to know that you are always on my heart.

81. Missing you is a blessed fun like seriously, you are one of the most beautiful treasure ever. I love you.

82. With the special love you show to me, I become so happy better than ever. You are the best for me. I love you.

83. More of you are needed in my life, I will always be yours forever. You are just the best for me and I will love you

84. Let this world be the most interesting place for you and me to shine forever. I love you.

85. I feel like to make you happy every single minute and it is because you are mine forever.

86. Be the change I need in my life, you are just the one I feel like to be with forever.

87. Maybe you don’t understand the speed of my heartbeat for you. I love you.

88. You are cuter than the cutest treasure ever seen in life. I love you my dear life.

89. Most blessed angels are in heaven; you alone are here with me. I love you my darling.

90. My love for you is always at its pinnacle. I miss you so much.

91. Your love for me will never be taken for granted. I miss you like never before. I love you.

92. For all I care about, you are the best man in my life. I love you.

93. Always put smile on your face, it gives you the assurance to always be happy. I miss you.

94. You are that blessed love I have wanted to live with for all my life. I want to be the father of your kids.

95. God knows I have completely fell in love with. You are my happiness. I miss you my darling.

96. Be the true love for me, you are the most wonderful person I ever shared a sweet moment with.

97. I still remember those beautiful moments we shared together. I love you beyond.

98. Smile at me and give me the privilege to dwell in your heart. I love you.

99. Many things have come to my mind. You are the best for me but you are my life.

100. I need you beyond the purpose of this night dream in reality, you belong to me. I love you.

101. No matter how really sweet, cute, lovelyand wonderful and glorious my life may be,
It will ever be incomplete without you in it.
I want you to be mine forever, for I love you.

“Yes, you can be sweeter than the best of honey and honey comb. You can be lovelier than love itself. Yes or no? You might be a wonder in yourself and glory might be your covering. Without the right person in your life, untold misery would best describe you. Isn’t that romantic enough? If only your lover is such to you, and you can tell them, “I am incomplete without you,” then send the love text message above to him or her.”

102. You are more than elegant and your beauty leaves me in awe. Your care even makes me fit more than the best of clothes I ever wore. You are sweet.
“Yes, beauty can be awesome. Care can sure be more fitted than the best of attires. Being in love with someone whose daily goal is to see you in your best can be more of a miracle than a hard work or physical endowments could give. Does this describe your lover? Then don’t hesitate to send it.”
103. You are perfect and needs no updated version.
You are beautiful and lovely even beyond comparison.
I am glad and merry, thanks for being the reason.
I love you.
“Ideally, many lovers out there need updates. Some characters need to be reprogrammed or formatted off some people. Some love strategies are just outdated. Some don’t have the romantic streaks needed for romantic relationships. But… if your lover has got it all, and you can say, “You are Perfect for me, then be proud of them! And send the message above.”


104. My life is gorgeous and great,

and you’re the reason.
Your love your care makes every day
feels like a festive season for real.
I am here to say, I love you.

“Awesome! Isn’t it more than luck, when you have found someone whose love and care make you more than gorgeous in all ways? If you have anyone like that, make sure you keep them. True love is scarce, remember. And Starbucks don’t sell any.”


105. Looking at myself I am becoming a star.

A star of love, a star of romance.
Looking within me I can see…
It’s because of a love that’s so great.
And that is from none else but you.
I love you.

“Yes, there are good and bad mirrors as there are good and bad lovers. The good ones reflects you as you would as the bad ones devalue you. To have a lover than can give all to see you grow is such a privilege – a rare one at that. If the above describe your lover, quickly send it to him or her.”

106. When you look at the mirror you smile because you see your present self, but I look inside my heart and I was swept off my feet because it reveals a glorious future of you and me. I love my life with you.

“Ideally, every mirror – every good ones – shows you the real reflection of you. And there are lovers like that too. As at all times, the normal mirrors are limited to the present appearance of every one unlike the mirror inside individual’s heart. When this mirror is in order, it allows you to see the future in your partner. Those who have this type of mirror don’t give up on their lovers easily. They want to stay and make sure it works out because they could see the blissful end capable of justifying the romantic means.”

If your lover sees the future in you, send the love text message above to him or her.

107. Forward ever and backward never,

bonded forever and cheating never,
is how our union will be.
My life is wonderful because it has you in it!
I love you real good.
“How do you feel when your lover makes the above statement and is ready to guide the statement through commitment? How would you feel if he/she never renege on his/her promises? Or wouldn’t it be awesome if every vow from your lover’s mouth never changes for the worse?

If you are bold enough to say that to your lover, quickly send the above love text message to him or her.


108. My life, my goals, my ambitions are all worth it because they have someone like you in them. Thanks for being a special person that you are to me. I love you. Mwah!

I am of the understanding that some people come into your life to make it work while others are there to see that things go out of kilter. To be factual, many people think about their lives now and wish they never met some people. Just thinking about past relationships would make some people shed tears uncontrollably. In spite of this, many relationship are still basking in the euphoria of love because, those involves would do anything possible to see that it works out.

Ask yourself this: is my life worth it because I have my present lover in it? Can you look at your lover in the face and say, It’s all because of you? If yes, then send the messages above to him or her. If no, take this quick survey.

109. I found the perfect one for me finally. This is more than I wished and asked for. You came more than a surprise package for me. Thanks for being mine. I love you.

“The journey of love as I’ve seen and learnt could be a ‘hit-it’ or ‘miss-it’ kind. And no matter how interesting the adventure to finding the right one for oneself is, there is still a part in everyone that wants to look out for the red signal.Of course, it’s how some people get their soul mates and others get heartbreak instead. Okay, you have seen him or her and the appearance looks awesome. Few minutes with them and your head wants to get blown off. You are glad you have found the one for you until the merriment turns a menace.

But, I am seeing yours as perfect, even if you have heard series of heartbreaks. Here is the deal: if you are proud of your lover, seeing that he/she is the perfect one for you, kindly send the message above to him/her. Don’t hesitate.”

110. Completeness is what I find in you. The best definition of love, is what I see in you. I choose to not leave you for another because you rock my world my love. I love you.

“I know the thrilling feeling and have seen its glamorous dictates. I sure have a cutting-edge perception of its merriment and the amorous rhythm is not far from a heart in love. I looked around and discovered that this description is nothing but the atmosphere of love.Yes, it could be a lifelong ecstasy and an hourly enlivenment. And the reason your heart beats 200 times in a minute. How does the realization make you feel? Like you are the luckiest on the earth, right? If that is it, then the feeling is mutual – that’s how it makes me feel too! So? Copy the message above and send to your lover. You can also paste it on his or her wall on Facebook or tweet it at them. And, I guess you should do it now.”


111. Your love is super and so much of wonders it has worked in my life. I would have been close to nothing if I don’t have you. I bless God for this union. I love you.

“I once have been there! No, I am there and forever will be there. I know the awe-inspiring feeling in every single heart in love. I know the feeling of gaiety in everything such does. I searched around, and I found no match for this kind of feeling. When you are in love and it appears super indeed, you just don’t want to live a day without expressing it. It’s such you want to live a lifetime in. And the time comes when you realized that you would actually not have been at your best had you not met your lover. Is that how you feel presently? Then you have no choice other than sending the above message to him or her as a show of your love for your lover.”


112. The stars in their galaxy may be in their millions at night; but no matter how thrilling they appear, you are more than them all in my heart. I love you, plenty.

Sometimes love makes you feel as though your heart is as big as an elephant. It feels so romantic in there that the best of adjectives can’t just describe and neither can the most perfect of weighing machines could measure out its greatness upon your heart. You are just in love and it feels like heaven on earth. You tried and tried and yet can’t just explain why it feels so lovely. It’s such that shines inside your heart. You can feel the brightness, even if you can’t see it. It’s awesome to see yourself in such a realm, I sure can bet! You want to tell your lover how this makes you feel? Then send the message above!


113. I end every night thinking about how special a gift our relationship is, from God. I couldn’t have been all that I am without you as a gift divine. Good night.

“Waking up, going about the business of the day and returning home at night to sleep is every man’s daily activity. In-between are the moments you either want to sigh in relief for a day well spent or a feeling of disgust that it didn’t go well.Having someone that cares so much is a reason a day could worth it. And the reverse holds true for the one without a caring partner. Is your lover such a person that always make your day? If yes, copy the message above and send to him or her as a form of appreciation.”



114. Even if ours is not ‘love at first sight’ I am glad it’s now ‘love at each thought and every heartbeat’. Our love is made to last! I love you.

“It’s not always about how it started or where it happened. The feelings might not even be that great at the start of the relationship because not everyone feels the same way then.

But I know the time comes when you look back, count the cost and just know it’s been worth it. It’s a time you want to let out all the rhythms of your heart. A time you just want to give in to love hook, line and sinker.And the moment comes you just want to shout it out on the rooftops. Is that how your lover makes you feel? Then a round of applause for both of you. So, what are you waiting for, than to copy the message above and send to him or her.”


115. Sometimes, it’s so hard to set goals and keep to them. But I found “loving you the more” the simplest of goals that I achieve every day. You made it happen. I love you.

Smiles. Yes, I just want to smile because love is a beautiful thing if we don’t get it screwed up. Love is great, the definitions are just limitless and inestimable are the things love can do through you or for you. That notwithstanding, to love is more than a task we shove in our daily to-do list. It’s more than a song we learn its lyrics and sing along. Love is more than the skills we acquire in the college or read in romantic novels. Of course, many read books and yet fail in expressing love or receiving the one that would want to make them melt – you know what I am saying!

Then finding love so easy is more than magical. It’s more than a lifetime miracle. If it comes so easy, then thanks to your partner who gives the room to make it happen! And what would you do if not that you should pick love messages like the one up (there are many others also) and send to your lover.

116. There are many times I can’t explain how I love you. In such times, after trying so hard to figure out, I’d say, “I just love you – I amazingly do!”

“To me – and of course you should believe – the more unexplainable the reason behind your love for your partner is, the more adventurous the relationship become. I sure know and belong to the school of thought that “If you can explain it all, you are limited in love.” Agreed? Then I continue.To me, love should be a mystery that you want to unfold daily. It should be a secret that you want to expose. When love gets to its maximal realm, you just can’t explain it all. You are just speechless and it makes sense more than you can verbalize. If you are in this phase of your relationship, copy the message above and send.”


117. I owe you the best of me. You deserve more than all I can ever wish for or give to you. You are my world’s best. I love you and I will forever do.

“The journey of love is like a fun-filled ride on a roller coaster for some while it’s like a walk in an endless tunnel for some. The way some people’s hearts beat to the rhythms of love is a proof that they have gotten the best part of love.The feeling in this realm is more than the best of orators can express in words and more than the best of artists can give a pictorial view of. If you are in this state, you just want to be in there and not leave for a second because every other thing in the world makes no sense to you. Is that how you feel now? Then send the message above to your lover as a proof of your love for him or her.”


118. It is true that Love takes time to develop and I am glad I had the patience and desire to grow mine with you. I love you.

“Every precious thing in life goes through processes. The best of Gold in their purest form goes through the perfection processes. They just must go through the fire to attain the level of alluringness that we see in them. I love the 24 karat even though I don’t have one! Think about the best of relationship you see around and I will be glad to tell you they’ve all gone through the trying process. It takes sacrifice. It takes patience. It requires your best and it’s no bargain as long as you desire the best. Do you see your lover as one that embraces this process? Then be eager to send the message above to him or her.”


119. We might quarrel and even have some fights, but I will love you more. All because the smallest of your good deeds will ever outweigh the mightiest of your worst deeds. I love you.

“Hmmmm, I did sigh to that! Isn’t it wonderful and awe-inspiring to receive a lovely message like the one above from your lover? Wait, did you see what I saw? That message reads *the smallest of his/her good deeds outweighs the mightiest of their worst deeds.*

That sounds great to me.It should sound great to you too. Why? It’s nothing but a show of love when we are grateful for the good deeds of our lovers, than hide it all but fight the least of their misdeeds.

So, does your lover deserve the love text message above? Send it to him/her if your answer is yes.”

120. Your love makes my day more than special. It makes me keep wondering what else it could he been without you.
Two good heads are sure better than one, as two good hearts in love are better than one. It still takes two to tango and the best if this comes when the two involve give in their bests to see that it works out. Love is amazing. Love is great, Love is a zeal upon the hearts in love. Think about all that give the heart the best of its rhythm and love will top the list.
Your lover really makes your day? Then don’t hesitate to send the love text message above to him or her.

121. In find completeness in my daily tasks because I have someone who cares more than a friend for the lovely me. Thanks for always being there my love.

Of course there are friends and there are friends indeed. There are friends in words as there are friends in action and astonishing deeds. This is also true for lovers: there are those who only want to profess all the love in the world without a thrust of action. They only want to do things to the fulfillment of their selfish interest. Why wouldn’t they when they knew from the start that they were just playing with your heart while you thought the relationship would work!

Let’s face it: is your lover like this group of people or not? Then be so confident to text the love message above to him or her. Tweet this at them as a proof also.

122. If it’s indeed awesome
If it’s seen as lovely
If it’s so wonderful
It’s because we built it together
I love you so much dear.

I know that feeling when you just want to be around your lover. It’s a time when nothing in the whole world makes sense to you.

Any word with an alphabet from his or her name sends a rhythm down your spine. You don’t need to be told that love is magical.
Let me stop here. If your lover is qualified this kind of love, send the love text message above to him or her.

123. The world full of endless bliss
The moments full of fun
The heartbeats full of awe
Is what your love has brought
I am so blessed meeting you
I love you.

I bet you have felt this way before. Wait, haven’t you? If no, you don’t know what you are missing.

It’s one of those moments that your heartbeats go faster than the speed of airplanes. It’s so awesome that your shadow could even tell.

Is that how you feel? Then, send that love message above to your lover. Let him/her see that you really mean it.


124. My heart beats so lovingly
My life feels so good, following
I asked my mind why…
And my soul said it’s you.
What will I really give to this love?
I love you so much.

Isn’t it awesome when all around you dances to the rhythm of the love that wins? Or how do you feel when you can beat your chest at all times for your lover because you know their love rocks?
I know how you feel friend… It’s like you are flying without wings. Wait, if your relationship is great… just move your cheek a bit and smile.

And then, copy the message above to send to him or her… You know who..!


125. I can feel untold joy deep down my heart,
Though I can’t really explain it.
It feels so great ‘cuz it’s the rhythm of your love…
That runs through my vein.
I love my life with you.
I sure know the unspeakable feelings that comes with being in love with someone who cares enough to keep your heartbeat going at its lovely pace. Yes or no?
You sure know how it feels, too. It’s such a wonder on its own. A wonder to behold and desire all day long, and romantic feeling to frolic about.
Do you feel this way?
Then send the love message above to your lover.

126. I know my future is bright, but…
Not through the shining of the sun
Not even for the dazzling of stars at night
It’s all because… I am in love with you.
I love you.

Yes! The brightness of the sun and the stars put together dare not compete with the intensity of brightness in the heart of the one who’s got real love. Of course, with love the world is limitless; with love, our goals and ideas are boundless. The worst can turn the best at the scent of love, especially when it’s real and action-packed.

Is that your type of love? Then pick the love message above to send to your lover. Make him or her feel what you feel inside of you.


127. It’s lovely with you on the mountain
Soul soothing even, in the valley
It’s more than pleasant on the land
And yet feels so wondrous even in the sea…
I will rather risk being in love with you
Than stay unloved with forever.
That’s how I feel with you my love.
I love you.
It’s one of those moments you feel as though you are in cloud nine. Been there?
It just feel so great that even black color appear golden. It’s so overwhelming that if feels you are alone in the world with your partner.
You ever felt that way? Slow… Down… Because… Your… Heart…
Could… burst! Smiles.
It’s awesome for real. But be sure your kind of love is not blind.
So, won’t you send that love message above to him or her as a proof of true love? I trust you would.

128. I searched all my life for a treasure
That is priceless, and I stopped my search
When I found the lovely you.
You are more than a gem to me my love.
I love you.

“It’s groovy and soul soothing when we actually look around and the best that we are is a measure of what our lover has imparted in us. Who doesn’t love to be thrilled by their lover? Who doesn’t want to feel on top of the world as the sound of their lover’s name – everyone wants to.

So, friend it’s sheer luck and more than a thrust of hard work for you to have the one you can be proud of.  It’s more of a lifetime muse even, when you can find the one you can bank your destiny fulfillment on.
Is he or she that kind of lover? Then send the love message above to him or her as a proof.”

You are a Priceless Treasure

129. Your love makes the centre of my world.

It brings more joy and happiness each day.
Thank you for loving me this way-
The best way! I love you.

“Are you not always happy when you hear some special romantic phrases form your lover towards you, as a proof of your love for him or her? If yes, how do you feel as such moments? Like you are the best man or woman that ever lived and it makes you blush? That’s how it makes me feel too.

Sorry, if you haven’t felt that way before. Life is turn by turn, so wait for your time. Smiles.

Okay, your lover meets the description of someone who is the centre of your world? Then, quickly send the love text message above to him or her as a proof.”

Your Love is the Centre of My World

130. It’s not just a promise but a lifetime decision

Plus commitment when I say,
“I will love you -only you- for the rest of my life.
You are inside my heart forever, my love.
Obviously, it’s worth it. I love you.

“You hear that statement and a part of you jumps up for joy as some other parts pop up the big “what if not?” I know what you think and I expect at least a few thought around that: you see relationship around that are not working and your heart is beeping a caution light for real.

It is true that you have seen, heard and read of guys who have promised their lovers heaven and earth but only gave heartbreak in the end. This thought, or menace as it were, is enough to make you see all men as equal, right?

Of course, ladies too jilt men, even though it’s not as rampart as that of man jilting women.

However, after thinking it through and knowing the type of person your lover is, are you still willing to accept their allegiance of seeing the relationship to fruition? Are you ready to give yours too? Are you willing to say “I am loving you for the rest of my life without an iota of deceit in your heart?

If yes, bravo. Then, don’t hesitate to send the love text message above to him or her. Call me for your wedding or your anniversary as the case may be. Smiles.”

70% of relationships nowadays fail due to poor communication which eventually makes lovebirds grow apart. The key to everlasting love is keeping the romance alive. Sending a romantic text message is one of the best ways to show your devotion and affection for the love in your life.

131. You’ve seen me at my best, you have seen me at my worst, yet you love me.

Its true you are the only person, because of the love you have for me, I know the true meaning of Love and affection, sadness and happiness, life and death. I love you in all sincerity and honesty.

132. I like Everything about you, i think about you all the time, how i have found my soulmate,i hope and pray we fall in love with each other in our next life, i love you so much.

133. You are the first thought of the day, when I wake up, baby dont worry we will move passed this hassle and struggles , because you love me, I love you so much.

104.The best thing that has happened to me in my whole life is LOVE. Loving you is my life and spending my life with you is my dream. Please let my dream come true with you.



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