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get well soon hun

Everyone would love a “get well” text when they’re feeling Sick. It let them know that they are greatly missed, that there is nothing we wouldn’t do to see them up on their feet with their smiling face and energetic personality.

This is the best time to show them how much we love them, though we might not understand exactly how they are feeling, but we know it’s not a great feeling, hence we just want to let them know how much we care.

These texts can have a positive impact on how fast they are going to recover. Knowing how your friend means to you, how you are sorely missing him/her will so help in gearing them back to recovery.

It could be Prayers, scriptures quotes, a boost in Morale, some old naughty jokes that friend loves, or Some of the Get well messages I have listed below might, give them that feel they greatly miss.

I have put up a list of “Get well Messages”, You can pick anyone from the list, you can also personalize any of them.

Trust me these messages would surely go a long way in cheering your Sick friends back on their Feet, hail and hearty in no time.

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Get Well Soon.

1. When I heard you are not feeling fine, I was sad and felt it must have been difficult for you to cope with your exams.

2. May the Lord be pleased with you and then restore your health for you any time from now. You are blessed.

3. I understand how you feel but one thing is for sure after the pain is a relief. Call on your God to forgive you.

4. The Lord that gives love and passion will forever love you and will grant you good health after your illness.

5. God, I ask you to protect my friend and save him from this illness. You are the most handsome friend so recover soon to maintain it.

6. We really miss you and hope that one day everything will be fine. I love you more than you can think.

7. Illness sometimes is temporary; I want you to be strong. Don’t give up on yourself because you are very important to humanity.

8. I beseech the Lord to protect you against all evils and make way for you in everything you are doing.

9. I am in need of a companion soon; please get well soon so that we can take this world to a better place.

10. I love you beyond your imagination and it is my pleasure to have you around me always. Get well soon.

11. I will be the gladdest if you can stand on your feet and eat. Please, don’t give up on yourself and be loyal.

12. No matter how hard an illness takes you down be rest assured that it will soon relief you. I love you my darling.

13. If sickness does not kill or cause pain, I will have preferred that you should remain this beautiful forever.

14. I miss your smile, giggles, and play. What has illness done to my beloved angel? I love you like never before.

15. Being with you is the most interesting thing ever. I love you every minute and want to be with you forever.

16. If there is any way I can share in your pain, I will have accepted. May your days be blessed with good health and love.

17. In times of illness, we suffer a lot. I understand what you are going through now. Please, don’t give up.

18. Get well soon, may you smile at last and may your health be restored as soon as possible. I love you.

19. Thank you for always being the one that makes me smile; you are just the best for me in and out. I love you. Get well soon, please.

20. Having found you like a sister and wife, it gives me endless joy but now that you are sick, I will love you forever.

21. I will always be yours forever. You put a smile on my face every day and now that you are sick, I am seriously ill. May the Lord protect you from this illness and bring you back strong.

22. You are special and so this sickness should leave you as soon as possible. You are the most gorgeous person in this world.

23. I love you for what you are and you are the most handsome friend. This illness cannot take you away by His grace.

24. I hope you are responding to your treatment? Please, baby, get well soon because I truly love you.

25. You are my angel and the one I cherish with all my heart. I love your smile please don’t allow this sickness win over you.

26. When you are tired of being punished by illness, don’t give up, soon or late, your fate will be decided but I
believe it will be that you stay alive.

27. The kind of love I have for you when revealed will make you regret why you wanted to give up. Please, stay with me.

28. Please, stay with me to go out to do many good things. Stay with me to show me more love and worship God together.

29. Get well soon my angel, I am so much in love with you and pray that you understand me. I love you.

30. Even on your sick bed, you are still the kind of friend I want to stay with forever. I love you so much.

31. May this new day bring the relief you have been searching for; may your days be filled with lots of love and good health.

32. It pains me to hear about your condition. Believe me, no condition is permanent. I love you my dear angel.

33. I am sending good health troops to your home to fumigate your bedroom with strength and strong health.

34. Don’t give up on yourself because you are strong and you have to believe this. I wish you good health.

35. Your heartwarming smiles have been missed too much. I hope you will be fine soon. I miss you my dear.

36. Get well soon and join us to celebrate this coming end of the year party. Your absence will really affect the show.

37. Remember, don’t give up, you are the most talented of us all, so if we lose you will really affect us.

38. I will forever love you because you are special, I hope you are getting better? I just want to say get well soon.

39. Life without you is a pool of pains; please don’t give up on yourself. Remember that there are many people who still need you.

40. Life has brought me to this point in life, a path that never leaves me but with tears. I love you my angel.

41. Good to know that you are one of the best friends in this world. I pray every day that the Lord should spare your life for us.

42. How am I supposed to cope in this lonely life without you? You are such an interesting angel. I love you.

43. Life has been a bit hard and now that you are ill, it becomes worse. Please, get well soon and join us. We love you.

44. After many years of love and passion, we realized that one other thing that can separate us is sickness too.
Please, don’t die.

45. Your sickness is taking too long for you to recover. We know you are wonderful because the pains you have been going through is hard.

46. I pray that you feel a little better every second. May your health be completely restored as soon as possible.

47. I have been in love with you for so long and it is my pleasure to have found that opportunity. Take care, may your health be restored.

48. Your health is more important to me than my trip; please get well soon so that we can travel out together.

49. I will not rest until I finally find you standing on your fit. I love you my dear angel and will always do forever.

50. I believe one day, you will be completely healthy and sound once again. I wish you a better day ahead.

51. Life without you will not be a place for peace to reign. I am sure that I will not be able to cope until I meet you in heaven. Please get well soon.

52. If you gave up and died, I may die along with you. Please, for my sake, never tell God it is over. He looks at your heart.

53. I will not be happy to see you sick. You are the best friend I have and having you around me is the most beautiful thing ever. Please get well soon.

54. Your love for me is the most interesting thing in the world if you are no more, how am I supposed to live?

55. Don’t worry, you will soon bounce back to join us in what you love doing. I love you so much.

56. May good health circulate your life with endless mercy of God; may your health be recovered as soon as possible.

57. With you, I will be strong in life and my happiness will be strengthened and balanced. Good to hear you are getting better.

58. The best way to make you happy is to pray to God to restore your health for you so you can be happy once again.

59. Take care, sweetheart. I realized that you are not in your good health. I wish you bountiful health now and forever.

60. When love is with you, you will be happy in the end; please, don’t give up, you will be the happiest at last.

61. I love you my dearest, you will be blessed always and the Lord shall put into you endless health.

62. You will finally smile so don’t worry. You are blessed.

63. I want to be yours always and forever. You put a smile on my face and made a way for me with what you are blessed with. May you be rewarded with good health.

64. The kinds of wishes I have for you are many but only this one wish will cover everything. May you be rescued from this sickness.

65. The most merciful shall bless you abundantly and make you smile again. I love you so much. You are the lady that makes happy.

66. For all ii care, you are the only man I love, so, any pain you feel I feel and any illness that weighs you down, weighs me down.

67. I pray you will be happy soon and the Lord shall restore your health for you as soon as possible.

68. Cheer, it is temporary, when the time comes, you will be the happiest ever. I love you, my dear love. Thank you for being there.

69. We are both meant for each other. May the good health that never ends continue rain on you. I love you.

70. Finally, I met the kind of man I have been searching for. You are so cute and therefore, this illness should respect that fact.

71. When life comes to a point of success, some sickness or predicament may be a threat to us but only champions never give up.

72. I want to the reason why you are happy; I want to be the most interesting person in this world for you so don’t give up. Give me that privilege to be with you.

73. Better days are coming so don’t be shy, you will get well soon. If life is full of mercy, definitely you will enjoy.

74. As far as there is life, there is always love. Is it not God that gave you the confidence to start your job? Is it not the same one that will build your health?

75. Verily, our body may sometimes be ill, but when we don’t give up, it will finally come to pass that we are healthy.

76. God is your strength, He rescued those before you from illness, He shall do dame to you. Get well soon baby.

77. May your health condition be refreshed for you; may you laugh at last for every single minute of your life.

78. Let permanent love be yours forever. You are indeed a blessing to this nation. Wishing you all the best.

79. May your condition be wiped away by the infinite mercy of God; I pray for your good health.

80. The grace of God shall protect you for the rest of your life and the angels that carry good health will visit you soon.

81. Get well soon buddy, your presence is highly needed at the team. I love you, my blessed friend.

82. What a cute face you have but now everyone is missing you at the gym. We are hoping for good health for you.

83. When you are blessed with love and joy, health and wealth should follow suit. May the Lord give you the strength to enjoy your wealth.

84. I have nothing much to say than to be with you always. Thank you for everything you have done when you were healthy.

85. We don’t know the value of a person until we lose them. I love you like never before and pray you to get well soon.

86. Don’t be tired of trying. Remember, when you are willing to survive, your health will respond. Please don’t give up at all.

87. I miss your voice, your love, your romance and the special hug you give to me. Love you more so get well soon.

88. I hope to see you soon, don’t be angry at me, I could not make it to the hospital. I love you, darling.

89. Don’t forget that your kids are missing you and will like to meet you soon. Eat well and allow the doctors to do their jobs.

90. I have found you in this world and the merciful Lord should not take you away from me. I love you, my dear.

91. I want you to put a smile on your face and ensure that you are well as soon as possible. I wish you know how worried
I am.

92. I ask God to put an endless smile on your face and wipe away this painful look. You are still beautiful so stay strong.

93. Some people think after this incident I will leave you but it becomes more shocking that I began to love you better than ever.

94. No matter what, just be happy and don’t be sad because of this condition you find yourself. Things come and go.

95. There are many reasons why I don’t have good sleep again, and your health condition is the number one reason.

96. Like seriously, you are a tough cookie but I enjoyed every moment shared with you. Get well soon.

97. May the Lord protect your home and hold it firmly for you until you recover once again. I love you.

98. I miss this guy and hope to see him as soon as possible. May you bounce back in good health.

99. God knows I am seriously sad since the day this illness holds you down. Please, forgive me.

100. It is my pleasure to have met you in this world. Get well soon my darling angel.

101. I can’t sleep anytime you are away, I know you are not gone, but you are not here with me at this moment, I’m
holding on to those moments we have shared together, you are not here means happiness has gone further away, My love I
miss you so much than words could probably say right now and I need a miracle. Please get well and return back to me.

102. Hey my love, I know your sickness may keep you away from me for a few days. But I promise waiting for your warm
hugs and kisses once you are well. So get well soon. I love you!

103. We all are praying fervently for your quick recovery, cus we love you and miss you greatly, we all miss that
unique charisma of yours around us, we need you more than the hospital does, please be back soon, love you sunshine.

104. When I heard you were in the hospital I was shocked, cus I know how strong you are, don’t think it as an
hospital stay dear, just think of it as a special check-up, that includes giving you little bitter pills and evaluation
to make sure you are back super strong, get back soon.

105. It’s been sad not seeing you lately, we have missed you humor and kindness whenever you are around us, it was
so nice having you with us everyday of our lives, that’s why we hate you are such condition, being ill is not such a
nice condition for one to be in, we all here send our best wishes for your health, we all wish you nothing but speedy

106. Get well soon bunny, we all here has missed your contagious smile and amazing charisma, no one makes us happy
as you do, nothing has been the same since you became sick, please we all wishing you get well soon, hurry!!

107. If there is anyone I know is strong it’s you dear, why not tap from your amazing strength and get well soon, I
want you to know you are greatly missed, thinking of you praying for you, missing you each and every passing second,
hoping you get back soon.

108. I wish I could take all your discomfort right now, so you could be back on your feet, I really don’t like the
situation you are in right now, know that i’m thinking of you and I will be cheering you to speedy recovery let’s face
it together, get well soon dear.

109. Get Well soon message for a dear friend

110. Get well soon messages are meant to contain inspiring and encouraging messages to your dear ones, who are not
in the best of times,

111. It feels horrible to see you sick, get lot of rest and come back to me stronger, miss you a lot.

112. I feel so alive when I am with you, always fun to be with But now that you’re not feeling well, I’m missing you
bad and I’m thinking about those times that were happy together. I am eager to see those lively smiling beautiful
face of yours. Get well soon my dearest.

113. Take it easy dear,get plenty of rest and let me know if there is anything I can do to help at all, though I
will always check on you.

114. Getting ill ain’t no fun, so my dearest please make sure you take all your pills, get well soon my dearest.

115. I know being ill is awful that I wish I could be a have super powers and take it all away. But since I can’t do
that, here I am to cheer you up and put some smile on your chubby face.Please take care and get well soon miss those
warm hugs of yours.

116. It’s is so downhearted to see a dearest like you fall so ill, please get well soonest, I miss you everyday,
come home soon dearest.

117. Forget all your worries dearest, God is in perfect control,handling everything, you get well very soon, so make
sure you take your medications, see you soon.

118. You not being here with us has created this emptiness in our hearts, please hurry and return to us, we miss you
dear, get well soon.

119. In him we have, all we need but we have to love and trust in him, dearest God is handling your issue right now,
we re all praying for your speedy recovery, see you soonest dear.

120. I’m not sure the word “soon” conveys how quick we need you back on your feet,stop feeling weak, I miss you
dearest, get well very soon.

121. If kisses,hugs and pecks could speed up your recovery, you will get them in many folds honey, will be coming to
see you soon. Please be well.

122. This illness that has gotten you bedridden, you are actually bigger and stronger than it , you are one of the
strongest person I know,use your strength and overcome it, get well soon dearest.

123. It’s so sad to see you suffer, I wish I could take all the burden,weakness and no appetite away, so you can get
better now, hold on a little dearest you will be fine in no time.

124. I know I cannot hug you so tight now, I miss those hugs dearest, please cheer up dearest and get back to us
soonest than expected that would be lovely.

125. Dear you sickness has definitely kept you from being with us, but we promise to make it up to you dearest, you

are the best and we miss your presence with us. Get well soonest sweet dear.

126. Health is wealth, so please hurry back and continue where you stop from, let’s make money together.

127. You can get many new things,expensive toys, expensive vacation, new cars,new gadgets, in a nut shell what I
mean isn dearest “Health is wealth” without good health you cannot enjoy these things. Wishing you speedy recovery dear
miss you so much.

Get well soon Text after surgery

128. Surgery can be a scary event for many people especially your love ones. Sharing some get well text to your dear
friend, co-worker, lover, customer, member, or any individual will remind them that your thoughts and prayers are with
them.The below text messages are perfect to help inspire you to share a message of love and quick recovery and good
health, show them how much you care for them.

129. Examples of get well soon wishes and messages after knee, heart, hip or cancer surgery for your loved ones are

130. We cannot imagine the pain you went through after going under the knife, that’s why we want you to recover
fast, get well soon.

131. I’m so happy to hear your surgery went well and that you’re resting up, wish you speedy recovery. Miss you.

132. May good health follow you all the days of your life, as you recover quickly from surgery, get well soon dear

133. You have always been admired mainly because of the strength you carry , i’m sure that your will power is
letting you have a fast recovery after the surgery. Please get well soon.

134. My best wishes for you my dear customer, please get well soon and thank God for a successful surgery. Please
return so that you can continue patronizing our goods haha.

135. Dear member we pray to the Lord our God, the author and finisher of our faith, that you recover quick and get
back on your feet. Thank God for the success of the surgery.

136.  God has the power to redeem every thing,So that’s why the surgery was a success,Thank him and pray for his
goodness in your favor,Never forget God in any tension,Get well soon we miss you.

Religious Get well messages

137. God has the power to redeem every thing,So that’s why the surgery was a success,Thanks him and pray for his
goodness in your favor,Never forget God in any tension,Get well soon we miss you, may God continue being with you.

138. When you feel that God is Rubbing you against Rocks Do not lose Hope The Truth is that He Is Polishing a
Diamond Stay Precious! God bless you always and get well soon God works in marvelous ways.

139. God’s word is the standard for our lives, so make God’s word the standard of your life, because he has said in
his words, afflictions shall not rise the second time, so I declare in your life, permanent healing now, get well and
return to us.

140. The cross of Christ shows us that God’s love is of deepest descent…universal distribution and of eternal
duration.Get well soon, God is handling everythinh just fine.

141. Dearest brother, you are constantly in our thoughts and prayers and your absence is creating a vacuum that is
difficult to fill. Everyone here in church wishes you a speedy and healthy recovery and we continue praying for your
healing until you return.

142. Sister, I am praying for your speedy recovery. I miss your laughter, your helpfulness and kindness. Things just
don’t feel right when you’re not here. Take good care and know that you are missed by many! We will be eagerly awaiting
your return!, don’t give      up yet cause the Lord we serve is a mighty God.

143. Those who trust in the Lord are steady as mount zion unmoved by any circumstances because as the mountain
surrounds Jerusalem, so as the Lord surrounds and will continually protecting you, leave all your worries to God, for
he is the best Physician, be well.

144. In him we have all we need, but we have to trust him and love him, so trust in God that you will be back up on
your feet soonest, get well soon.

145. Get up, open your Tap and count the drop of water flowing, how many? I’m sure you cannot count them, that’s how
your blessings have started pouring in, don’t let that little illness get you down, for you are strong in the Lord. Oh
daughter of mout Zion You are strong in Jesus Name.

146. For the Lord is a strong tower, and the righteous runs to him and they are saved, so dearest you don’t have to
be scared, because the perfect solution is right in front of you, take your problems to God for lasting solution. Be

Speedy Recovery Messages

147. I’m wishing you speedy recovery from your illness, as you bounce back stronger, I miss you alot.

148. I have brought flowers to you. I hope to brighten up your day and give that hospital room of your some fresh
scent. Wishing you speedy recovery.

149. Get well soon,so that we can find you attractive again hahaha, wishing you speedy recovery sweetheart.

150. Being in the hospital is a downer, but there is good in everything, at least you are being served breakfast in
bed, Get Well Soon.

151. All the best and a speedy recovery. Get well soon.

I have set up this page to make sure you have all messages you can send to your loved ones on their not so good days.

If you care to wish someone a quick recovery, speedy recovery after surgery,get well wishes before surgery, speedy recovery messages get well wishes after surgery,successful surgery,

get well soon text message,best wishes for surgery message with these text messages and wishes that will wow them of cause can also gear them back to their feet, if you so miss them and you are looking for some perfect text for them then the messages on this page are all you need to make them have the best of their day.



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