Thank you for making me happy for her

Thank you for making me happy for her

Sometimes life presents itself to us and make us unhappy or even sad, and we feel that it can’t change again. But then someone just appeared to you and come into your life and suddenly, that happiness came to you and you feel you are in love with this person because of the happiness he/she has brought to you.
These are ways to thank your woman, friend or girlfriend for making you happy than you can ever imagine.

Thank You For Making Me Happy For Her
Thank You For Making Me Happy For Her

1. Your smiles alone speaks of all you have done for me, when I came to marry you, I knew that you are my wife cos you made me happier. Thanks a lot.

2. At the time I met you, my friends were convincing me to live you but I couldn’t do so because I get a lot of happiness from you.

3. I just want to tell you thank you for being the best girlfriend in the world. You have always been there even before I ask for your presence.

4. Thank you for treating me like a prince, even though you are a busy person, you always create time for my sake.

5. I want you to know that you are a unique person, you have been providing for me even though it is not your duty to do so.

6. You have been making efforts to keep me and my family together and you have not stopped because you want to keep me happier.

7. The little things you do for me is very important to and it means a lot to me and it has been making me happy all the time.

8. I am not handsome enough yet you hang out with me, show me to your friends and introduce me to important persons because you love me.

9. You are so dear to me, you have done enough to keep me happy and I want to appreciate your efforts to keep me happy.

10. I know that there are times when you want me to come close to you let I didn’t and you were never angry with me cos you love me.

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11. Even if you were another person’s woman, girlfriend or even wife, I don’t care cos I am ready to take you away from that person.

12. Even if I come back to this world again or in another, I will always choose you cos you are better than all these women around me. Thanks for this happiness I enjoy.

13. I can’t believe that out of all men out there, you have chosen to be with me, thank you so much for accepting to be my princess.

14. I didn’t realize that I am married to a queen until today, am so sorry for not seeing that in you before now. I am so much in love with you.

15. I really want to thank you so much for accepting a man like me, many men would love to be with you but yet you chose me. I thank you for loving me this much.

16. Who said that there was no happiness in any woman? I have seen happiness in you and I am not willing to live you cos this happiness is for real.

17. I will never trade you for anything my queen, look at how you have changed me and my entire world, you are the woman of my dreams and I love you.

18. I can hardly look at another woman aside you cos I can’t find another that is exactly like you. You are so different from all women, thanks for making me happy.

19. I couldn’t tell everything on my mind before you left but I want to tell you today cos I can no longer bear it, you are the best woman in the world.

20. There were times I faltered and I couldn’t change what I have done but you forgave me despite how painful it is, thank you for this happiness

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21. I didn’t know that I have gotten the best woman in the world until I saw men running after you to have you. Sweetie, you are so special to me.

22. I want to make a confession and I hope that you forgive me cos I actually offend you. Please forgive me for loving you a lot than I expected.

23. I lost courage when I was with other women but when I found you, I regained courage and today I am courageous. Thanks for everything.

24. I want to personally appreciate every of your efforts that you have put together to keep me happy, you are my one in a million and I will never stop loving you.

25. I want you to understand that even if you are not around, I will wait for you and make sure that you return before I talk to another woman. I love you that much.

26. One day I will come running to your arms to thank you specially for loving me this much, I will beg God to also bless you for your care and love.

27. I wish that God will just allow me to marry you just this minute and your parents will support and bless our marriage cos I really can’t wait to do so.

28. One day I will begin to run mad intentionally cos I want to tell the whole world that I love you even in madness cos you have done a lot for me.

29. I could hardly breathe when you were not in my life but when you came, I started to breathe well cos life has come to me at last. Thanks for coming on time.

30. I can’t tell you how much I love you because I can’t even explain to myself how much I feel about you, just that I am aware that you are my true happiness.

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31. I think love is an understatement to tell you or even have for you cos you have for me what no other woman can do for me and you have not changed.

32. I wish I could take you to my mother and announce you coming soon to my life and becoming part of me and the family at large.

33. If my mum sees me this way, she will ask me the secret of this new me, I will not hide it from her cos I believe that you are the only woman that makes me happy.

34. I used to think that there is no woman on earth as good as my mother but I have realized that you are another woman that is like my mother.

35. I am so sure that it was because of me that you came to this world and it is still because of me that you are still in my life cos you want to make me perfect.

36. I hope that someone will tell you very soon that I can’t live without you so that you will know that without you I might as well die.

37. I hope that one day you will know that you have been the source of my victory, happiness and joy and no one can take your place no matter what.

38. With time, I will run to you home and ask for your hand in marriage and I wish that your parents will accept to give you to me cos I love you truly.

39. I want to specially thank you so much for becoming the woman in my life today, f not for you what would I have become. I love you so dearly.

40. It might look or sound stupid each time I say thank you for everything you have done for me, but I really mean word I said cos you deserve even more my queen.

41. Thank you so much for this true happiness, what I enjoy is what a rich man cannot enjoy except if he has the best woman and as special as you.

42. I couldn’t tell you my mind but today I want to tell you and I hope you will believe me when I say it to you. Thanks because you have been the woman on earth for me.

43. Do you know what would have become of me if not because you came into my life? I would have been thrown away by other women.

44. I feel bad cos I have not been able to thank you for everything you have done for me and I can assure that no one has done what you have done for me. Thanks a lot.

45. It didn’t occur to me that I have come acrossed a woman that is going to be my wife and I am really glad that it happened to be you.

46. How can I ever thank you enough for loving me this far, I wish another man can enjoy this happiness I enjoy. I love you a lot.

47. If there ways for me to make you my wife tonight then I will gladly do it without hesitating. You are my one in a million girl and I am grateful for everything you have done for me.

48. I can’t believe that you the woman in my life, I want to jump and shout for joy cos you are such a blessing added to my generation. Thanks for staying in my life.

49. Today’s outing is going to be because you accepted to be mine some months back and I hope that it will make you happy if I do it?

50. My generation will be happy with me cos I have succeeded in bringing a gold among them to make them shine and attractive. Thanks for accepting to be mine.

51. I am going to give you time to everything you want to do cos I know that you are doing all for my sake. Thanks for making me happy my angel.

52. The only reason I have not told you how much I love you is because if I tell you, you might stop loving me this much. Just be sure that I love you a lot.

53. I want you to understand that you are the only person who gives joy and brings fulfillment to me, therefore without you I cannot do anything else.

54. Thank you for coming into my life and making my life a better place for you to stay. You cleaned up my mess and make me clean again. Thanks a lot.

55. You have replaced the sadness in my heart with you beautiful smiles on your face and you have melted all my worries with your love. Thanks a lot.

56. I will always be here for you, you know that I will never live you to suffer especially for the fact that you have made me happier than ever.

57. I don’t want you to stop loving me this much cos I am really enjoying every bit of it. Please love me till eternity. Thanks for that love.

58. I can’t even ask God for more when I have you in my life and I know that with you all things are sweet and comfortable. Thanks again for this love.

59. How else would I make you happy? I wish I can just find that out cos I really want to make you happier than the way you have made me cos you deserve it.

60. Anytime you say that you will be coming to my place, my heart leaps for joy cos I feel happy each time you are around me. Thanks a lot my queen.

61. I will never want you to go away from me to another place because you are so loving and caring. You are my one in a million my angel.

62. I don’t think I can go anywhere else without you cos am stucked with you and it is because you make me happier than the way another woman has ever done.

63. I am very serious and I am not joking, you are now like a family to me cos of the way you handle me and my heart, you never want to see me bored.

64. It could take thousands of days to make a man love a woman but it has taken me just few weeks to love you cos you make me happier than the way another woman would do.

65. I have really passed through a lot my dear but rolling with you has made me a better person and I know that I can never live you for anything else.

66. I curse the day that would make me loose you or the focus of loving you cos you are a woman that every man would love to have in his life.

67. That day you came into my life, I knew that you were the person cos you came with a powerful smile and that smile has kept me going.

68. I want to thank you specially today for what you have done for me and the ones you are about to do. Thanks for making sure that I am ok all the time.

69. I couldn’t have done or reach this stage if not for your sake and I wouldn’t have known that life is sweet if not for your sake. Thanks a lot.

70. I would have committed suicide long before now but you came to me at the right time and stopped me with so much care. I love you for that.

71. Thanks for showing me that the world is a complete place for one to live and thank you that you never allowed anyone to come between us no matter what.

72. It would have been another story for me if not because you came into my life. What would I have done without you? You are such a darling.

73. People looked at me with scorn and so many thought that I was going mad and even mad already but when you came things turned around for me.

74. I want to appreciate your efforts which you have put together to make sure that I am happy all the time for you. Thanks a lot my baby.

75. If I have wronged you and I can’t remember please forgive me. How could I have been that stupid to provoke my happiness itself? Thanks for becoming my happiness.

76. The problem is that I don’t know how I am going to show you that I appreciate you for everything you have done for me. Thanks so much my love.

77. I know that you have a lot of roles to play in people’s lives but you have not for once forgot to play your role in my life cos you care about me more.

78. I couldn’t tell you how much you mean to me before today but I can assure that you mean the whole world to me and that is not about to change.

79. I hope that everything I do makes you happy and even happier cos all you do in my life is to make me happier than I was and I love you for that.

80. Can I ask you for a favor? Please no matter what it will take you, please make sure you ask me for anything you ever want me to do for you.

81. Could I take you today? My heart tells me that you are my wife and if that is true then I am lucky that I have a wife that keeps me happy always.

82. The truth is that I smile a lot but I needed someone that will keep the smile without ceasing and then you came and you are really acting that part very well.

83. I will run away with you if your parents say that I will not marry you cos you are the reason why I smile everyday so how can I let another man have you.

84. I rather die than to see another man having you or take you away from me cos I can’t just bear to see my happiness been taken away from me.

85. I possibly may not have everything you ever wanted from a man but I can assure you that I will die to keep you happy no matter what and that is a promise.

86. I didn’t tell that I love you when I first met you because if I did I was sure that your head wouldn’t have contained it but be sure that I do love you cos you make me happy all the time.

87. Having you as my friend has always made me happier and people are noticing that already in me. Thanks a lot for making me happy.

88. Do you know what you have done for me? If you don’t know then let me tell you today, you are the only person who understands me and make me happy.

89. It may be very different from you previous relationships but I am doing everything I am doing because you have made me happy and I am grateful for that.

90. Thank you for loving me in a crazy manner, and if you want me to love you in that manner and even beyond, I am ready to do so cos you are my happiness.

91. Honey, just the thought of you makes me happy, I wonder what seeing you would do to me. I think seeing you would make me happier.

92. If I had my way I would have married you long ago before now so that you wouldn’t see all those disappointment you saw before I came. Thanks anyway for coming to my life.

93. Do you know what I feel like doing to you right now? I feel like kissing you till tomorrow, do you know why? Because you have made me happier than I ever imagined.

94. Every time I cry or become sad, you come and wipe away all my tears and make me feel better. You are sweet, thanks for your sweetness.

95. Could I ever satisfy all your wants and desires? I wish I can because you are the only sweet person who has made my life complete.

96. I cherish you a lot my queen and if anyone wants to take you away from me then he/she should be ready to face me. I love you a lot.

97. I always love you more when you make me laugh or even smile cos you always know what triggers me to be this happy. Thanks for coming into my life.

98. I want to thank you for coming into my life at the right time and for allowing me to love you a lot cos I am sure it is you who has made me this happy.

99. Every moment I spend with you is never a waste and will never be a waste cos you have been my happiness and I really want to be happy for the rest of my life.

100. If happiness was a name of someone I would give you happiness and my children will also be called happiness cos you are the source of my happiness my queen.




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