200+ Best Letter to My Best Friend on His Birthday 2024

Letter to my best friend on his birthday: These letters are written for your male best friends on their birthdays. You may lack words to say to them but the below letters will show you what to tell them to make them smile on their birthdays. Let them feel that you care about them by sending them these letters on their birthdays.Make your best friends surprise with words of love and filled with gladness by sending these letters to them on their birthdays.

Letter to My Best Friend on His Birthday

1. You are always on my mind

Dear Klaus,

I hope that this message is not coming very late? I wish I sent it to you earlier, but it is better late than never. I couldn’t bear it to wish you luck on this day cos you actually need it to complete this day. I know that this day means a lot to you and I hope that I have been able to make the day sweeter than you expected.

I don’t want to waste your time by writing a bulky message to you but I just want to show you how important you are that even paper, pen, computers and phones recognize your presence on this day. My computer asked me to say hi and I hope it is welcomed.

I could buy you a car if I had the money but I can’t cos I want to get the best in the world for you. So many people thought that you are my brother but they are unaware that you are the best friend that they also need in their lives to maintain happiness and joy in their lives.

I hope you like the gifts I bought for you any way though I don’t have enough money, please pardon me. You are actually better than those things I bought for you, I just want the day to look different and I hope you like it.

Yours Faithfully,

2. Accept my love for you

Dear Jack,

Maybe you wanted more on this day but it didn’t happen the way you planned it. But I want you to understand that even God is aware of this day cos He planted you in your mother’s womb on this day but some years back.

I could have forgotten about your day but I was reminded even in my dreams cos you are a special person and a special person has a special day. It may not mean so much to you but I believe that you will definitely smile whether the devil likes it or not.

Today is so special and without any care that the world and people in it, I want you to celebrate this day to its fullest. Am really going to dance a lot cos it is my best friend’s day. My dance will be similar to yours cos am dancing for your sake and for your day.

My heart is slaying with so much happiness, I tied the clouds to your tresses and my veil is slipping away cos i have been staring at you ever since I met you, am sure that this day will show you how much you mean to me.

My heartbeat has increased and it is now beating very fast and it is as a result of meeting you and getting scared that I might loose you some day. My heart is dancing to the rhythm of the raindrops of my heart and I know that it is teaching me how to dance on this day with you cos you are my special friend.

Yours faithfully,

3. You are the reason I am happy

Dear Jill,

The rhythm I dance to everyday asked me to tell you to dance freely today which is so special to you and myself. I have invited everyone to attend this party with you cos I want them to tap their feet with you and the blessing that come along with it.

The earth and the sky will feel the sound of our feet today cos we shall make sure of that. I know that they will not complain cos they are already aware that this day will come to visit them.

I will make sure that I surprise you on this day that you will want to keep celebrating your birthday everyday of your life cos it will be a remarkable day for you. I will make sure that you begin to beg me for fun to end.

I pray that this day will come with enough blessings to you and more happiness that you have never experienced before. I am so sure that this day will make you smile beyond expectation.

Yours Faithfully,

4. I wish that you remain happy

Dear Charles,

May this day be the best you have witnessed so far, and may your happiness increase daily more and more and throughout the many days of the year that passes by. On this your day, may people who surround you never go back empty handed without tapping the blessings that come along your birthday.

I wish that on this day, God will bless my special best friend for me and make him accomplish all his heart desires one after the other and radically. I must confess that I am so blessed to have a special person in my life.

Today, my sweetheart, so many people are thinking about you and I can assure you through the messages I am sending to you that I am one of them. I want to thank you for coming in to my life as my best friend.

If anyone misses this day and didn’t attend it then he/she must have missed the best birthday ever and have missed even the cake that came along with it cos it is the best cake ever, but if he/she attends it then am sure that a lot of blessings will follow them home.

Actually, birthdays are days meant for cakes but yours is different because humans are involved as well and infact I am involved as well. I love my bestie a lot.

Yours faithfully,

5. You are more than anything else to me

Dear Donatus,

You have to get up and make a move cos today is your day and I want you to show the world the real you today. I am so sure that you are strong and you are wise. I want the world to see you from the way you see yourself. Don’t let the world see what you are not.

Do you know that you can be perfect in the eyes of people cos no one is perfect in this world. People will find you but they cannot define you and they help redesign you to be the perfect my darling.

My heart shares a bound with yours and I know that you are happy about that cos I know that I cannot do anything without you. I can’t live a life without you involved in it and I wish you can tell me what to do about it.

Sincerely, I need you and I will never live you for another thing or human. From dawn to dusk, I will spend it in your arms loving you till I die. I want you to keep your face in my eyes so that I can keep looking at you till eternity.

This your eyes has made me love you uncontrollably and now I can no longer help it but to love you till you realize it. I can go drunk for your sake and begin to feel dizzy to announce to the world that I need you in my life forever. Happy birthday to you my bestie.

Yours Faithfully,

6. I will be there for you no matter what happens

Dear Stephen,

It was almost a day before your birthday that I began to celebrate the day for you and on your behalf. Do you know how special you are to me? If you don’t then I need to educate you concerning how much you mean to me. I really can’t explain it to you but I want you to know that I can lay my life for you.

I have put this day in mind for a very long time now and I am glad that it has finally come to my way. I really want to appreciate God for creating you specially and for making you to be my friend. It may not mean anything to you but I can assure you that you are the best friend that I have ever gotten in my entire life.

I couldn’t hide it any longer cos it is already clear and people are beginning to notice that I love you a lot than myself. I couldn’t direct the force of my love for you to another person cos it is only meant for you and no one else.

I hope that this move I have made to make your day a special one is enough to make you proud of me? Never should you ever forget that I truly love you and nothing can change that no matter what happens. Happy birthday my love.

Yours Faithfully,

7. You are so dear to me

Dear Bill,

I woke up by 12am tonight only to realize that my alarm is announcing to me that this day belongs to someone so special like you. I didn’t have a choice but to answer it and begin the day before it is too late to do things for you to surprise you.

Birthdays are actually not different from weddings and marriages cos it is a day marked never to be forgotten by the celebrants. One of the signs I saw that made me to believe that you are a special person is that I am really strong and healthier than my usual self. I believe that today will never be forgotten by you at all.

Look at me and how my smiles have increased further cos my special friend is celebrating a day like this. You are a friend that I don’t think I should exchange for anything else, not even gold or diamond.

Make sure that you enjoy today to the fullest cos it is a day I don’t want you to forget in a hurry. Keep glowing my love cos it is your day. Happy birthday to the most amazing friend in the world.

Yours faithfully,

8. You are so special to me

Dear Mathias,

I didn’t know that birthdays are really special until I met you and witness this day a year ago. Then I realized that every of this day of every year is a special day for me to mark. If I needed happiness, I will just remember your birthday and how it went then smiles would feel my face completely.

Your day may be filled with so much gifts and presents and yet you haven’t seen mine, I wanted you to feel that I won’t get you a gift until you see it arriving.

This message I am sending to you is not all I have for you cos you are better than it all. But even if I don’t get you anything to surprise you, I am so sure that you are not after what I have for you on your birthday but my presence on your birthday.

I want you to go out to your gate and check it out cos I have a surprise for you waiting for you at the gate. I did it for you because I love you greatly and I could sacrifice more for your sake. Happy birthday BESTIE.

Yours Faithfully,

9. I cannot do without you

Dear Philip,

I don’t know if you have noticed me recently that I have not been able to do anything without you cos it is actually true that you are the only aid I have. Possibly you can help me out on your birthday to be happy for me forever.

I really admire you and I hope that it is okay if I do cos I can’t even withdraw myself from admiring you even for a second. Even if you are not around me, I look at the mirror and realize that you are even more handsome there than the imagination.

I want to use this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday, may you never see anything that will bring you sorrow, may you joy increase from this day on wards and may nothing provoke you all the days of your life.

Yours Faithfully,

10. I love you a lot

Dear Splash,

I like to announce to you that today is a special to me and not just you alone. Do you know that I can even celebrate this day in your absence as my day or on your behalf. Let me even inform you that I love you that I can’t forget this day cos you are so special to me.

I can’t even sleep to deep cos it is your day, I can’t even rest for a moment cos it is a day that actually attracted me to you. This day must be filled with joy and happiness and nothing can ever change that fact. Best Love Letter to My Wife in the Military

How sweet it is to mark this day with you and to be sure that you are happier than I ever expected. How happy you have made me cos you have made me a special guest on this your day. I am indeed lucky to be given such an opportunity by you.
I want you to know that I love you so much and on this day, my love for you has increased. Happy birthday Bestie.

Yours Faithfully,

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