Letter to my best friend on her birthday

Letter to my best friend on her birthday.

Best friends are people we cannot do without. they come to us and if well managed, will stay with us forever. they are always ready to stand by us no matter what happens. they are willing to sacrifice everything for our sake. we must learn to appreciate them by sending them things that will make them happy than the way they were.

Letter To My Best Friend On Her Birthday
Letter To My Best Friend On Her Birthday

1. Missing you like never before.

Dear Judith,

How was your day? And how is life treating you? I hope that all is well with you over there. I have really missed you and I hope that you understand that fact. I have trying my best to avoid missing you but I couldn’t cos you have been the reason why I have been happy all this while.

Sincerely I can’t even explain how much this day means to me but I feel that today you would rock the day and be happier cos it is your day. Today I can assure you that today, you will get all the happiness you desire.

Though I am not there but be sure that even in my absence your birthday will be the best on earth. Today I pray that you become joyful and so excited cos this day is spent just once in a year.

I can hardly concentrate recently cos I have noticed that you are no longer around me again. I wish that you would come running back to me again to stay with me cos I really hate missing you. How happy you would make me if you come back to me to mark this day together with me.

Yours faithfully,

2. You are always in my heart

Dear Janet,

I hope that you have been enjoying this day cos I have been trying to celebrate this day with you even in your absence. I don’t know what you want for your birthday but I think I should take you out for tonight cos it is so special.

May this day be the beginning of another beautiful year for you. May there be pleasant surprises packaged for you as gifts.

I pray for loads of joy and infinite happiness upon your life. May this birthday bring you all that you desire. May you see more of your birthdays filled with happiness and joy.

I truly wish that you were here to celebrate this day with me cos it is going to be the best day ever. I love you, be sure of that.

Yours faithfully,

3. Thinking about you

Dear Linda,

I have been here thinking about you on your birthday which I know is a special day for you. I really want to wish you everything that brings happiness today and tomorrow.

I may not be able celebrate your special day with you but I want you to know that you are a special person to me and I am thinking of you now and always.

I can’t wish you less than a prosperous day in this successful month which has fallen in this amazing year. I wish that you smiles increases from this day on words and forever. May your day be blessed and filled with joy as you mark your birthday. God bless my bestie for me.

Yours faithfully,

4. You are sweet and adorable

Dear happy,

Happy birthday to the one and only friend that is sweet and adorable. Just like your name carries, may you be happy and excited on this day. i don’t know if I have been the good friend you’ve wanted but I wish that I will act as the best friend you have on this day.

If I have been wasting your time all this while, I ask you to forgive me cos it was as a result of ignorance that I couldn’t love you enough.

I really feel happy cos today is your birthday and that I am very lucky to have a sweet friend like you and I wish that today will make the bond of our relationship stronger. i must confess to you that I have never had a friend like you before and even if I have, the person has never been my best friend.

You are my darling friend and nothing can change that fact cos I love you a lot bestie and I hope you realize that.

Yours Faithfully,

5. Time and Distance is not barrier between us

Dear Bennie,

It actually a long time since you celebrated your birthday and that is exactly a year ago. I didn’t know we could both make it till today but it happened. And that is we need to make today a special day for both of us. You are such an amazing friend that I can’t miss her birthday.

You may not look your age but I am sure that feel it in your as a result of your maturity. Thanks to you cos you agreed to be my friend even though you are so special. I could have given a house for you or even a car but I cannot afford it and yet you desires even more. I want you to manage this little gift I can offer to you and I hope you don’t mind that is so mall.

I do love you my bestie and that an assurance that will never change and I hope that you believe me anyway.

Yours Faithfully,

6. My love for you is endless

Dear Angela,

I cannot express to you how happy I am to make this birthday with you and on your behalf. It maybe odd cos I bought no gift for you to surprise you but I want you to know that I have this feeling that is called love for you in my heart and always.

Things maybe rough and untidy for you recently but I want you to use this day wisely and forget about your worries and troubles. I want you to always remember that I will always be with you no matter the circumstances.
I am a bit jealous of you and I think I should tell you the reason it is because, you have not added a year to your age but you are also a year better attractive and beautiful. Please pardon my jealousy.

I wouldn’t have been this happy today if not for your birthday and am really glad that it had to come today. My hands are high for your mum who gave birth to an amazing friend like you, she did well by bringing you forth to this world. I love u a lot no matter what happens.

Yours Faithfully,

7. I wish to be your best friend forever

Dear Patience,

It is yet another year that you and I have witnessed, I wasn’t really sure that we could see today but now I see today to be so sweet and adorable and I wish it were my day. I am right here always to always to love you and advice you and I wish I were you cos I really admire your nature, I wished that God made me your type of person.

The problem I have with you is that you don’t smile like the way I wanted but though you are beautiful the way that you are. I am really happy that I have a wonderful friend like you and I am glad that God didn’t allow you to pass me by for another friend.

You may not believe me each time I say that I really adore and admire your type of person a lot and I wish that I could be like you some day if God permits me. Sometimes I even ask God why He made you better than me but I don’t get any reply at all.

I pray that you enjoy this day and be happier than I expected, may you smile till eternity. I would love to have you always around me cos I know that I cannot do without you at all.

Yours Faithfully,

8. You will forever be great

Dear Geraldine,

I pray that you will become the head and never the tail, I wish that you be above your equals indicating that you are the best I have as long as I live. You are my heart desire and from the time I met you, my heart chose you to be my friend and even the best I ever got.

I have got a surprise for you and I can assure you that you will be happy to find out that you are bestie among all other best friends around the world. I don’t know if someone else out there is boasting about his/her best friend but I want to assure you that no one can be happier than me to have a sweet and adorable friend like you.

I wish that someone can explain to you how much you mean to me and how I can go extra mile to do anything for you to be extremely happy and excited every day. I may not have enough gift to give to you but I wish that I can offer you my heart freely as a gift to keep you alive for my sake forever. I wish you long life and happiness, peace and joy and so many good things of life.

I have been living with this secret for a long time now and I think that it is time to let it out for you to hear. You are the most amazing person that has come in to my life to beautify it with your smiles and happiness. May your day be blessed.

Yours Faithfully,

9. God has ordained you to be my best friend

Dear Brenda,

May this day be filled with so much Joy and happiness and may nothing see your downfall. May this your beauty win you a huge amount of money, may you be recognized each time you move very close to a human. May you never see anything to provoke you cos you don’t deserve it at all.

My life style may not be the same as yours but I really want to assure you that I admire your lifestyle and wish it is mine instead of yours. I want to use this opportunity to announce to you that you are the best person that has ever happened to me and I don’t regret meeting you at all. I wish I can take this your day from you and act as you cos this day is really a special day to you and to all of us around you.

I really enjoy the fact that you are my best friend and that you are going to stay with me forever. I wish I could do better than today for you, I wish I could make you happier today and make smile better than today. Never hesitate to let me know if you ever need anything.

Yours Faithfully,

10. You are so special to me

Dear Elaina,

Could you imagine that I almost forgot this day? But it didn’t clear off my head because you are a special person to me and ever since I met you, I could hardly forget a thing cos you are a good teacher. I was even asked today why my smiles increased and then I remembered that only your name has been on my mind before today.

Whatever may be the cause of any quarrel we had, please let’s not allow it to come back again cos I really don’t want to loose you for any reason. I can do anything only to keep you as my friend forever if only you don’t mind to be my friend.

May this day bring you endless happiness and joy, may you live in peace and serenity, and may you find every reason to be happy and extremely joyous. Thinking of you is the punishment I want to get for loving you this much. I don’t mind thinking about you till eternity cos it gives me a complete assurance that you are the only best friend that anyone can ever have on earth.

I wish that I could buy you the whole world to indicate that your birthday is so special to me and everyone. I will make sure that your birthday is not forgotten on anybody’s mind. You may not understand how much I feel about you but I know that with time you will assimilate it.

The truth is that I have been loving you even before I met you and I was never surprised you chose me to be your friend cos I have been seeing you in my dream before you came. I love you a lot and that is a promise I have vowed to keep forever.

Yours Faithfully,


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