What to say to a guy you like over text

What to say to a guy you like over text

There are ways to tell a guy you love him or appreciate him for his love and care towards you and only if you understand that fact can you appreciate him from your heart. If you have not told your guy that he is sweet and loving then you have not done the right thing and you are not been fair to him at all.

These are things you can confidently tell you guy to make him feel on top of the world cos of the joy and happiness you bring to him through these text. Try to keep him above other things in your life with these text messages.

What To Say To A Guy You Like Over Text
What To Say To A Guy You Like Over Text

1. If only you can understand that you mean so much to me and I can’t do without you, sweetie I would have appreciated you even more.

2. I wish I can measure the quantity of how much I love you but I can’t because it is not measurable at all.

3. I couldn’t understand why you have to be mine until I thought harder and realized that you are sincerely a sweet man to be with.

4. It is only when I explain to you that you will understand how much I love you cos if you try to understand, you might not come back to your normal self.

5. My king, happiness has always been my birth right ever since I met you and I am glad that I met you at the right time.

6. I am so excited that I met you much earlier than now, else I would have been running up and down looking for a man like you to love me.

7. Though I may be stubborn and strong hearted, please don’t live me cos I love you a lot than you can ever imagine.

8. Surely I know that I am a blessed woman cos I met the most amazing man on earth and I know that you will never stop loving me.

9. I can’t stop loving you cos I know that to stop loving you means my death. Nothing will ever stop me from loving you.

10. Some people think that I am a fool but I think that being foolish cos of the love I have for you is a great thing to do and it is fun.

Sweet things to say to a guy you like so much

11. After all that we’ve been through my king, you still stood by me trying all you can to keep me happy. Baby I love you a great deal.

12. The many times I have wronged you, please forgive me cos if you don’t I won’t be happy for the rest of my life.

13. Every time I remember that I have you in my life, I smile because I know that many women would love to be in my shoes but has not gotten the opportunity.

14. I like you a lot and that’s what matters to me now cos if I don’t like you then I must be making a hell lot of mistakes in life.

15. Confidently, I can boast to the world that I have someone so special like you cos you are better than a thousand of men added together.

16. The fact that you love me a lot makes me feel that I want to be your wife and I know that it will last till eternity.

17. My relationship with you is so amazing and I know that I don’t merit you but God has given me a sweet man to be my man.

18. Your love is kind, your love is gentle, you are so amazing, and I really don’t want to live this part of my life that is sweet.

19. I really want to pay you back for all the goodness and love you have showered on me and I know that you love is so strong.

20. I am trying to tell the world that I love you a great deal but they think that I am going nuts though I don’t mind them at all.

What can make your guy happy

21. You make my life feel brand new each morning that I wake up and I can feel that you are a special man in my life.

22. What you have given me is more than happiness and joy and I know that better things are coming my way cos of you.

23. I may not be the type of woman you have been dreaming of having, I just hope that I am catching up with the type you have ever wanted.

24. Only recently did I realize that I have been dating a wonderful man, I have been so blind to see you before today.

25. I didn’t know that you are in my heart until I sleep and wake up with the dream that you are all around me.

26. The most important day of my life is the day that I met you and I set my eyes on you and trust me that I knew that you were the one.

27. I knew that you were mine when you asked me out, I didn’t hesitate because I knew that I would just be wasting my time if I refuse you.

28. Loving you is a thing of pride, I am so proud of myself cos I attracted a man so special like you in to my life.

29. Do you know what I think about us? I think that we will make a good couple when we get married and I know that I am not mistaken.

30. It is a mistake if I had ever said that you were not a good man, I didn’t mean it at all cos you are a better man as long as I am concerned.

Wonderful things to tell a guy you like so much

31. Even if I tell people that I love you, they probably won’t understand me cos I might not explain it well to them to understand.

32. I wish I can make you love me further so that you won’t have any reason to look for another woman aside me.

33. I want to make it clear to you that I don’t like you at all but I love you and I don’t know where it is taking me to.

34. I have gradually fallen in love with you and now I can’t even control it again cos our love burns a strong and comes with heat.

35. If only you can truly get what I mean by the few words of I love you, you would have been excited than the way you are now.

36. At first I didn’t know that you truly love me but now I have realized that the love you have for me is greater than love itself.

37. I patiently waited for you to arrive with a lot of prayers and now I have you all to myself and I will not allow anyone to take you away from me.

38. I couldn’t eat properly before I met you but now that I have met you, I can eat properly and even more.

39. Probably I have not been a good woman to you before now. I want to assure you that I will a good woman to you till you realized that I love you a lot.

40. How gentle can a man ever be than you are right now my king? If fifty men out there are like you then the world is safe for the women.

41. I am supposed to love you more than this but I can’t because I can’t love a man more than the container of the love inside of me.

42. I wish that there were ways to show you how much I love you than this way cos you truly deserve greater love from me.

43. I promised to love you till eternity but now I see that it is not enough at all therefore I will love you even in our next worlds together.

44. When you asked me out, I felt something really strong in my heart, and I can see that it is because you are the one meant for me.

45. You are handsome, sweet, kind and gentle, and I am glad that you finally won my heart and I love you too much.

46. Many times I have tried to prove to you that I love you but I can’t because the love you have for me is greater than the one I have for you.

47. In the entire world I think that you happen to be best man cos you have shown me what no other man has shown to me before.

48. If the trees use to sing to people as they see them passing then I will beg them to sing for you each time you pass them.

49. I want to dwell in your heart for ever cos your heart is a place that every woman would love to live in.

50. The ability and strength to love you in a powerful manner is what I desire now cos I can love you till death.

51. I don’t care if your heart is a valley, cos I rather remain there forever than to come out and see these wicked men around me.

52. I purposely want to tell you that I love you greatly but the problem is that I don’t know how to say that to you.

53. I feel that my heart is about to burst in to flames now cos I feel a lot of love for you and I know that it is real.

54. I didn’t tell that I like you before and you never asked why. I didn’t tell you that because what I feel for you is greater than like but love.

55. I wish I can come running to you and propose to you instead of waiting for you to do so cos I feel that another woman is planning to take you away from me.

56. Finally I made it, I have finally gotten you to be mine and I thank God for that. I love you so very much dear.

57. I didn’t know that you were the man I was dating cos I couldn’t believe my eyes at all. I can’t believe that I am in love with a man as special as you.

58. I personally believe that you are just the perfect person for me and I know that you will never disappoint me for any reason.

59. The best thing I can ever imagine in my life is to see you happy every day and hear you speak to me before going to bed.

60. Something struck me when I remember that you love you so much and I believe that you are for real.

61. I willingly want to spend the rest of my life with you cos I am addicted to kissing you and loving a man like you.

62. I desire to be yours now and always because you are so kind, faithful and sweet and I know that you are better than all men.

63. I am very sure that you are better than all the qualification people give to you and better what you are referred to.

64. I didn’t even realize that you are so sweet in this manner until I kissed you and discovered that you taste sweeter.

65. I wanted to approach you myself before you did so but I calmed down because I believe that you have the quest of finding me more.

66. Some people will say they love their partners from an insincere heart but I am saying this from the bottom of my heart. I love you.

67. My king, I love you and that is not a joke at all and I don’t mind doing anything to have you to myself forever.

68. I am satisfied now that I have got you all to myself and trust me that I don’t even need food to be satisfied since I have you.

69. I have so much on my mind that makes me happy but just you on my mind is enough to make me happier.

70. I am a happy being now than before, even if you don’t love me, I don’t mind cos only your likeness towards me is enough.

71. I have noticed that a lot of person don’t even understand us cos they believe that we are the newest mad people around them.

72. Every time I try to people that I love you a lot, they seem to feel that I am going insane because of the love I have for you.

73. My king, loving you has made me an enemy to some people and those people happen to be people who wished they had you instead.

74. The love I have for you is not explainable and even if I explain it to anyone, they won’t even understand it at all.

75. Whenever I see you I feel I am on top of the world cos you are the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me.

76. Sometimes I don’t even understand myself at all, is it that you charmed me or you gave me a love portion to take? Cos I am truly insane about you.

77. How can I ever show you that I love you greatly? I really want to do so cos I have packed a lot of love in my heart for you.

78. I have been wasting my time in the past years and I have realized that my past is nothing compared to my present.

79. Do you realize how much I love you? Do you that I can do anything for you? If you don’t know just be informed now that I can do anything for you.

80. I was madly in love with you even before you met me but I didn’t show you so that I won’t push you away from me with too much love.

81. I have managed to remain single cos I knew that I would find a man like you around me to keep me happier than before.

82. I have gotten a lot of fans recently, most of them came to me as a result of you as my man. I love you.

83. I trust my judgements about you sweetheart, you are my one sweet gem that nobody can be better than you at all.

84. The clothes you wear, the shoes you put on everyday makes me to love you even more than before.

85. I don’t understand why I am feeling this way now, baby please don’t allow me to be so crazy about you than this.

86. I don’t care if love is a crime my king cos I am ready to love you even inside jail or in prison cos you are my one in a million.

87. I didn’t want to love you in the first place but when I checked, I saw that I was actually in love with you and I didn’t know.

88. Maybe it is madness, maybe I am actually going crazy already, I don’t mind and I don’t care at all cos I like been crazy for your sake.

89. Look at what you have done to me dear, look at how I have not been able to concentrate on anything else aside you. Baby I love you greatly.

90. I did suffered a lot in the hands of men but I can no longer feel it cos I find joy and happiness around you.

91. What other type of man could be better than you are? If there is then this world is a changed environment for all women.

92. May be I was very beautiful when you saw me and now I am not, don’t worry I love you even while I am ugly.

93. No matter how ugly you can be, I will love you and even love you more so don’t even think my love for you is a joke.

94. Is this what it takes to love you greatly? I think that you deserve more sacrifice than what I am doing now for your sake.

95. Amazingly I met you, unexpectedly you asked me out and you surprised me when said you want me to be your wife. Baby I love you so much.

96. What do you think is wrong with me my king? Do you also think that I am going crazy about you too? Think whatever about me, I really find happiness in loving you.

97. Could this be a joke? Or am I dreaming? God I am really grateful for the gift of a husband in this man that reading this text.

98. I love you and even heavens can testify to that. You may not understand but I truly love you a lot than you can ever imagine.

99. Who do you think you are? Why would you just come into my life and think you can just love me in this manner? I love you more my prince and I enjoy the love you shower on me a lot.

100. Personally, I have tried to examine myself on why people feel that I am crazy and I have found out that I am actually crazy but it is all about you.




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