Top Resources & Tips to Prepare for Your Microsoft 70-483 Exam Using Practice Tests

Today’s world exceedingly relies on various software and applications. IT technology is being used for education, health care, food production, business, socializing, gaming, and so on. This accounts for the increasing demand for programmers who can code epic and resourceful apps using languages like C#, Javascript, and more. And that’s exactly why being a pro in programming is the perfect way to start a career in IT and boost it to its peak. Microsoft being a huge contributor to this field, has its own major share of apps and software out there. But did you know that it also offers IT certifications to prove your programming expertise? Let’s find out more about one of them below.


What Is MCSA Universal Windows Platform Badge?

The Microsoft 70-483 Exam Dumps Universal Windows Platform is an associate-level badge that proves your skills in executing versatile Universal Windows Platform apps that work over a wide range of Windows operated devices. Once you become accredited with this credential, you can opt for the job roles of a software developer or quality engineer. The key technologies this Microsoft badge covers are HTML5, SQLite, CSS3, Javascript, and ASP.NET MVC. To earn it you have to pass two compulsory exams. They are:

  • 70-483: C# Programming;
  • 70-357: Mobile App Development.

It must be noted that this credential and the related tests will be retired on January 31, 2021. However, if you achieve this certification before its retirement date, it will still appear on your credential dashboard even after its retirement. Moving on, in this post, we will be discussing 70-483 test.


Microsoft 70-483 Overview

This  70-483 exam will test your skills in programming using C#. Candidates for this assessment should show that they have mastered the concepts of program flow, asynchronous programming, threading, data validation, handling errors and exceptions, classes, methods, data structures, etc. When it comes to the domains the test will measure, they deal with how you manage program flow, create object types, debug apps, and use access to data. As 70-483 is an MCSA exam, you will have 40-60 questions to answer within 120 minutes. These questions are not limited to MCQ’s and are of very innovative formats. The fee that you have to pay to enroll for this assessment is $165. Continue reading to find out how you can prepare yourself to face examsnap 70-483 exam questions.


Top Tips to Prepare for 70-483 Assessment

Here are some useful resources and tips you can use to prepare for any Microsoft test including 70-483:

  • Use the Microsoft website

The official vendor offers more than a few preparation options, which include:

  • Instructor-led training

Their instructor-led training covers all the required content with hands-on lab sessions included. To make it easier for all kinds of candidates with inconsistent schedules to use this course, Microsoft offers it in the two alternatives: on-demand which lasts for 3 months and 5-day classroom training.

  • Exam prep video

The exam prep video which is Microsoft Certification PREP Talk: Exam 483 shows you the importance of the skills you gain so that you get an idea about what this assessment will expect of you.

  • Self-paced training

Through the self-paced training Programming in C# Jump Start Microsoft offers various learning paths and modules that you can go through to learn concepts related to C#.

  • Practice test

The vendor also offers an official practice test for 70-483 containing 182 questions and comprehensive explanations that you can purchase for $99 – $109 with 30 and 60-day access respectively.

  • From the community

You can join 70-483 wiki or forum to connect with peers and share resources and information related to this test.

  • Books

You can purchase a reference book for 70-483 produced by Microsoft that can enhance your skills by preparing you to face real-world scenarios. This book Exam Ref 70-483 Programming in C# by name can be bought at the Microsoft Press Store or even Amazon.

  • Watch videos on YouTube

Watching tutorial videos is the best way to learn and understand tough concepts. Most often you will see that you grasp theories much quicker by watching videos rather than read the same passage over and over again in textbooks. Another reason why it has become a very popular medium amongst students is that you don’t have to put much effort into watching videos unlike when reading books. By surfing through sites like YouTube, you can find a lot of 70-483 videos.

  • Do practice tests from

To get a clear idea about Microsoft’s diverse question formats and prepare yourself to face them, you can check out some legit practice tests from a reliable site like Doing a lot of questions multiple times will help ingrain the necessary concepts in your mind and it will become easier for you to recall them. You can also use mock tests to work on your time-management so that you can finish all questions on time. In addition to individual and free ete files, also offers the 70-483 Premium Bundle containing a mock test with 283 Questions & Answers that were expert-verified, a training course with 99 lectures, and an extensive study guide of 740 pages. The good thing is that you can purchase these three products for just $59.99! However, it’s also essential to download the ETE Player to open these tests.

  • Get hands-on experience

Getting hands-on experience is very important when it comes to Microsoft exams. This is because these tests are all about designing, implementing, maintaining, and troubleshooting various software and applications. As assessment 70-483 deals with applications and programming, which are highly dependent on real-world situations, practically using the principles taught is the best way to learn and figure things out.



If you want to become a software developer or quality engineer, the best way to do so is to get yourself MCSA Universal Windows Platform certified. While the Microsoft 70-483 exam is one of the tests you have to pass to earn this badge, it’s not a tough task anymore because you have the most actual and updated practice tests provided by and other great resources to utilize for your preparation phase. Best regards!


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