Things to Do on Your First Trip to Las Vegas

Curiosity with a portion of anxiety and excitement betides any first timer much more a Las Vegas newbie. Hence, the need to get prepared and knowledgeable for a remarkable experience at Vegas.

Even to a saint, a trip to the Sin City of Nevada would mean freedom. It’s a universal feeling when you’re within the glory of the neon lights at night. Guess why everybody loves Vegas? What happens in Vegas stays right there in Vegas! So, what’s stopping you?

Las Vega
Las Vega

But nothing would be more exhilarating for a Las Vegas rookie except the following things are done on the very first trip to the beautiful city.

So, come along and have the time of your life in Vegas!

1. Take Some Pictures

No Las Vegas rookie should be without a camera. Doesn’t matter if it’s a phone camera or not, there’s no gambling this, even though you’re in the city of gamblers, any shot taken in Vegas would be just blissful especially with all the lights on.

Memories such as this one must be nursed and even more so, a prove of a lifetime such as your many photos should be somewhere in your gallery or on your wall to attest to your visit to the entertaining city.

You can start from the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. A shot there reminds everyone who comes across your photos that you were once welcomed into the fabulous city.

2. Eat All You Can

The genesis of a remarkable experience at Las Vegas begins with a couple of amazing dishes. You do not have to be an epicure to enjoy a refined meal in Vegas. All you have to do is just eat.

How can a visitor not try out the great cuisines in Las Vegas? It’s almost a sin cause there are too many divine restaurants garnished with tasty chefs ready to send you to Paradise, hence, you should be a part of the heavenly blessing.

Eat all you can, taste all the food you can lay your cutleries on and you’ll be proud you’ve added more weight. However, remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas including the weight gain! So, why not? Perfect you’d say!

3. Do Not Close Your Eyes at Night

Oh, yes! The vibe of Las Vegas is in the beauty of the neon signs at night, a great inspiration to live life energized. The sight of the casinos(if you’re not going to be a part of the fun) is a beauty to behold and the escapist walking up and down at night are enough reasons to keep your eyes awake.

Whatever you do in Vegas, simply keep those eyes opened at night else you deny your future a memory worth the reminiscences, not to mention the nostalgia you let go to waste.

There are several reasons to stay awake all night in the city, just continue reading so, you’d know.

4. Take a Tour

Another valid reason to stay up in the wee hours of the day would be to take a big bus or helicopter ride at night.

The bus ride would afford you a luxury tour of the bright city coupled with other fun-seeking peeps as your amazing self.

A helicopter tour would certainly cost more of your bucks, however, an aerial view of Vegas at night is sure worth every dime in your pocket.

Wondering where you should tour? The Strip of Vegas is where the life is. The luxury hotels such as the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip is a great aquarium for all the creatures you’re yet to come face-to-face with, even the Madame Tussauds Las Vegas should enjoy your graceful presence if you hope to meet your favourite celebrity.

The restaurants, resorts and pools, and the overzealous streets are such an eyeful worth touring.

5. Go to the Bar

Las Vegas is the home of bars. Drunkards are treated to luxury.

There are so many unique bars to go to as long as you can afford any of them.

However, whatever bar you choose is worth your stay in there. So, do enjoy the atmosphere and vibe of any of the unique bars in Vegas. It’s advisable to try at least three bars for the love of the ecstasy you deserve.

6. Experience the High Roller in Vegas

What’s more divine than the London Eye wheel is the high roller wheel in Vegas? With a drink in your hand, nothing beats the experience of being far above every other living and non-living thing on earth.

The High Roller also affords you a very beautiful sight of the entire Strip and the surrounding desert as it situates you right in the centre of the Las Vegas’s LINQ hotel and Casino.

So, enjoy the wheel, enjoy the wind!

7. Go Shopping

You know what? You should shop: Guess what! Whatever dress you bought in Las Vegas would always bring back the euphoria of ever visiting the glorious city. It would be such a lifetime inspiration to live and live more.

As a visitor, those dresses or whatever items you bought yourself would keep Las Vegas closer to you than you could ever be in your dreams. Never forget to shop in Vegas!

8. Above All, Be Protective

Amidst all the fun, what else a Las Vegas newbie should do is be protective. You shouldn’t have to go back home with an untreated or untreatable disease. You should still be cautious, so, you’d want to make a return someday. A healthy life is a happy life. Peace is fun, always remember that while in Vegas.

It’s always nice to get to know an indigene of a new place especially a fun place such as Vegas, to do just that, the Las Vegas chat would do. That would mean more new friends who would have you for a second trip to Vegas. It could also afford you a friendly tour guide whether on phone or otherwise.

So “everything and anything you want to do you can do in Las Vegas” even as a first-time visitor. Go spend some night at “the Meadow”. Que tediviertas!




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