The Importance of Cute Sayings for Her

It is customary to say each other compliments in the holidays. But the holiday ends and everything returns to normal, forgetting that the compliment is not only pleasant words but also a way to maintain good relations with others, to make communication easy and enjoyable. Admiring others, we improve their mood and at the same time help ourselves.

So why limit yourself to one day of the year? Compliments should be spoken as often as possible (especially when you have a Russian wife), on the slightest occasion. This is not so easy. To say a nice compliment is a whole art that requires observance of certain rules. You will learn how to master it in this article.

Cute Sayings For Her
Cute Sayings For Her

The importance of a compliment

A compliment is a special form of praise, an expression of approval, respect, recognition or admiration; kind, pleasant words, a flattering tip. It can be addressed both to the address of the concrete person, and groups of people and even the whole organization.

Communication, both personal and business, often begins with compliments. According to the rules of etiquette, this is a mandatory procedure. In business correspondence, the norms of politeness have become so firmly established that it is difficult to imagine an official letter that does not begin with a generally accepted phrase expressing respect.

Why is the habit of praising others so tenacious? Most people depend on someone else’s opinion, this is a necessary condition for survival in society – to consider what other people think about you. When we hear pleasant words in our address, usually it means that our business is going well. From childhood, we get used to the fact that we are praised for the right deeds, and they abuse us for the wrong things.

Girls and Compliments

Girls interact with this world through emotions. They do not need rational proof of your love, although it is very difficult for you to accept this. Did it happen that your girl suddenly made a scandal over the fact that you do not show your feelings?

You are in genuine bewilderment, how is it, because you work, save money, provide her with comfort – are not these the trust and logical evidence of love? Yes, all true, but this is not enough for the girls. If there is true love between you, it will not be enough for her that you care about her well-being. She will always want to hear from you sweet, romantic things. Even if you give her the latest model from Porsche every year, you should tell your girlfriend compliments and write her all sorts of cute things. For girls, this is very important and even good for their health.

Yes, we understand that you do not have enough time. You do not have time to sit and invent original things to cheer her up. But in fact, for this we exist – we have a lot of ideas so that you can write to the girl. Here are just a few of them:

“I keep you very carefully in my heart … every look of your beautiful eyes, every word that your angelic lips spelt, every second that we were around. You completely flooded my heart and soul … and my heart cannot be without you … I love you, baby!”

“My sweet baby. I love you and adore you. I think that even the most beautiful confessions still do not reflect your angelic beauty and tenderness, love and affection. I love you!”

“Love, the oddest feeling that was for a long time before man, but still, only it matters to me, only You are my Beloved. I thank the World that we are together.”

“If you live a hundred years – I want to live a day less so that I can not live a day without you … If you jump from the bridge – I will jump for you – I’ll catch you under the bridge … And let everyone hear, that you say, but only I will hear what you are silent about because I really love you …”

“I love you cheerful, thoughtful, funny. I love you angry, serious, mischievous. And if you’re capricious sometimes, I still love you. I always love you.”

“Do you know? Your name is the most beautiful. Do you know? Your eyes are irresistible. Do you know? Your smile is the happiest. Do you know? You have the hottest palms. Do you know? Judging from everything, you are special and unique!”




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