Thank you for being in my life. I love you.

Thank you for being in my life. I love you

Even though you are an annoying person, you still find people in your life supporting you to become a better person. It is not because you deserve their care but because they love you unconditionally. It is often difficult to thank such people because they are close to you, you may even want to try but you couldn’t because you are short of words.
These are appreciation messages for someone who has helps you or supported you to become a better person. Send these to them and you will be surprised to see that they will increase their goodness towards you.

Thanks For Being In My Life I Love You
Thanks For Being In My Life I Love You

1. Humans vary from each other. You are different in your own unique nature I am grateful that I have you in my life now. Thanks for allowing me to know you.

2. I want to thank you specially for allow me to witness such greatness in you, you are indeed a wonderful friend. Thanks for being in my life.

3. Some people think that I have gone crazy or insane but they are unaware that you are such a blessing to me. Thanks so much for being in my life.

4. You have never disappointed me before, not even once. What you have done for me is wonderful. Thanks for being in my life dear.

5. If not for you I would have considered myself dead. This is because I have nothing to hope on any longer except you. Thanks so much dear.

6. I have been running up and down trying to find a man like you but I couldn’t find him out there because you are the best. Thanks for being in my life dear.

7. You and I know that I would never do anything to hurt you, you also know that it is as a result of your love that I love you. Thanks for being there.

8. My life would have been a total mess if not for your sake. I would have become a total disaster without you. Thanks for being in my life all the way.

9. What is it that you have not done for me sweetheart. I barely lack anything when I have you. You are such a darling and thanks for being here since.

10. What I have witnessed with other men has made me feel that I will never get a man like you. I have gotten you and I am so happy that you came to me.

Thank you for your contribution in my life

11. Your presence in my life has made me so happy that I barely know what unhappiness is to me. You are the best so thank you for being in my life.

12. Your promises to me has never been broken even for once because you truly love me, I appreciate you for been in my life dear.

13. I couldn’t find anyone else to replace you because there is no one out there who is like you to me. Baby, thanks you so much for being in my life.

14. Everything you have been doing for me is too much and I cannot ask for more cos I am covered by your love. Thanks so much for being in my life.

15. So many bad friends have left me because they cannot cope with a good person like you. Thank you because you have chased every bad person in my life away.

16. For years now I have been searching for a man like you, my search is over since I have found you. Thanks for coming to me at the right time.

17. I think it is a miracle to have you in my life cos you are the best human in this world yet you chose me to be with me. Thanks a lot darling.

18. I hope you don’t mind if I call you darling cos I know that you have done what darlings do to people. Thanks for everything you have done for me.

19. I feel I was too blind to see you calling out for me before now. I was suffering with others and yet couldn’t see you who will save me.

20. Beautiful assurance that you have given me, beautiful beginning between us and wonderful end that we shall have because you are involved.

Thanks for contributing to my life quotes

21. I have calculated that you will be mine forever and I know that you will also work towards achieving that goal cos you like me a lot too. Thanks for your love.

22. I could fly if that is what it takes to love you. I will run till I see no one again if it will prove to you that I love you so much. You are sweet dear.

23. I have been trying to be calm but I couldn’t. I have started telling people that you are behind my success in life and now they want to know you better.

24. I am so sure and positive that you will ask me to marry you soon and when you finally do, then I will jump so hard until you ask me to stop.

25. I want to thank you so much for loving me unconditionally, I want you to know that I appreciate you for being in my life. I love you a lot.

26. I used to be a problem to everybody around me but when I met you I calmed down because you are so amazing. Thanks for being in my life.

27. Even if it will take a thousand years to love you and still be happy, then I will do it and make sure that I do it perfectly. Thanks for being in my life dear.

28. I will not be able to live you at all because you are such a wonderful person in my life. You are the best person on earth. Thanks a lot for loving me.

29. I will run just like the way my legs can carry me cos you are worth more than running for. You will not see any bad side of me at all.

30. The very first day you came into my life, I knew that everything has now being completed. You are such a wonderful being in my life.

Thanks for proving that you are there for me

31. I will not mistakenly live you when I know that you are the person that has made me who I am today. Thanks for being in my life dear.

32. Has anything been shown to you lately about the way I feel about you? If no then you should be aware that you are always the best man in my life and I love you.

33. If silence is not enough for you to reduce the way you love you so much then I will keep enjoying the love that no one has ever had in life.

34. I will stop until I achieve the aim of loving you more than the way you love you me cos if I continue to allow you to love me too much then I will be cheating you.

35. I have never felt the way I am feeling now about anybody before. I wish those persons were like you, then I would have been in love with many persons at a time.

36. I just want to love you now before it is too late for me cos if I don’t love you now then I will be deceiving myself. Loving someone in return is my priority now.

37. I have all it takes to be who I am but it was never complete until you came into my life. You are my one in a million dear. I love you dearly.

38. I believe that someday I could stand for myself in this world without any form of fear because I got courage from you. Thanks a lot.

39. I am indeed so lucky to have you in my life. So many persons would want to have you but it is not possible because I have you in my life already.

40. All people want from me is to explain to them how I got you and I have tried enough to explain to them and now I am short of words. All I can say is thank you for being in my life.

Thank you for being part of me

41. Every day reminds me of the way you sacrificed your time and energy to love me, the way you show care and affection makes me happier. Thanks a lot.

42. The sacrifice of love you paid to make me yours baffles me all the time and I can’t explain how it is now. Sweetheart, all I can say now is thanks for being in my life.

43. Just when I tried to end it with love, you appeared in my life and saved me from it. Thank you for being in my life, else I would have died.

44. I just realized something today which was proven by you. You have proven that friendship is all that I ever needed. Thanks so much for being in my life.

45. I kept running away from you yet you kept coming back. The farther I went away from you, the closer you came to me. Thanks for not leaving me to my problems.

46. You came right on time at the moment when I decided to end my life and call it quit with life and love. Thanks so much for being in my life.

47. What would I ever do without you in my life? Exactly when I thought they was nothing more out of life, you came and proved me wrong.

48. If only you know what you truly mean in my life. I just wanted to say, thanks for being in my life. You are a rare gem. Thanks again.

49. You have sacrificed so much to make me yours and you made sure that life became simpler for me, all I can say is “Thank You.” For none is like you.

50. I don’t think I have someone as special as you are to me and I want to say thanks for being that special someone in my life, I love you tenderly.

51. Even though you wanted me to be better and to improve, I couldn’t do it yet you accepted me that way. Thanks for not giving up on me even when you had every reason to.

52. You mean the world to me and I am so blessed to have you in my life. I am extremely happy that you are mine. Thanks for being mine.

53. My world without you is incomplete, I wonder what I would have become without you in my life. Thanks for being in my life.

54. You made me who I am today. When everything turned upside down for me you were there, when I was nothing to be compared to any human, you were there. Thanks a lot.

55. When I was pressed down to earth with your affection and attention, when nobody took care of me, you were always there for me. Thanks, my love.

56. You made sure that the wicked never saw me, you kept me away from shame and spittle, thanks for being with me all the way.

57. You make my everyday brighter and beautiful with your presence. I have just few words to say to you. Thank you so much.

58. I want to thank you for keeping from the feeling of being lonely and bored, thank you very much. God will bless you for me.

59. Even when I am in trouble, you lighten the yoke of life’s burden on me with your undivided attention. Thanks for being in my life.

60. Thanks for being my one true love, I am really honored to have you in my life. It is a shame that all I have to say is just thank you.

61. I know that just thank you is not enough to show you that you have done a lot in my life but all the same, Thanks for making my world a better and safer place to live in.

62. Thanks for everything you do to make me feel better and stronger. Thanks for the strength I enjoy.

63. You are always there to ease the pain of the uncertainties of life with your affection from my life. Thanks, my love cos you are a darling.

64. You always lighten the load on my shoulders by giving me your listening ears when I needed one. What would I have done without you.

65. You are there to raise me up whenever I am weigh down. Each time I fall, I have your hands to keep me up. Thanks for being in my life.

66. Thank you for being the man of my dream and I love you with every breath in me. And no matter what will happen. Nothing can change my feelings towards you.

67. Although nothing seem possible for me but when you appear, I felt complete because I got you. Therefore I want to say thank you for being in my life.

68. Things may look sufficient and in abundance for me but the truth is that it wouldn’t have being possible without you dear.

69. Life only begun with me when you finally came to my life and I am so grateful to you because you made it possible in my life. Thanks a lot.

70. A lot of people will think that I made it all alone without you even though you were visible. The truth is that I am who I am today because of you.

71. I will tell you the truth even if you don’t keep hearing it. You are the reason I am like this today. Thanks so much for being in my life.

72. I wouldn’t have made it to this extent if it weren’t for you. Oh…. What a friend you are to me. You are more than good to me. Thanks a lot dear.

73. I didn’t know that life is possible and easy until I met you. You are a special being in my life and I will forever love you dear one.

74. I couldn’t have gone this far without you, you are indeed a good friend and I will always remember to thank you for the rest of my life.

75. I have always gotten the freedom to do whatever I want to do because I got you. Thank you so much for coming into my life and for loving me.

76. You will not allow anything to harm me if you are around and I know that you will never allow anyone to hurt me because you love me.

77. Sweetheart, the reason I am like this today is because you were around me to support me and beneath me to lift me. Thanks a lot dear.

78. It is true that you are so rich but it didn’t come to you as a waste because you used it on me to make me a better person. Thanks a lot dear.

79. My parents would always advise me never to allow a man to look down on me but I don’t mind if you look down on me because you made me.

80. I am becoming fat because you packaged me in a very proper way. You are the reason why I am like this so thanks so much for being there.

81. You have being there for me and only God knows why you sacrificed all your time for me in order to become a better person. Thanks because you have achieved it.

82. I will not be able to be here if you were not there in the first place. You made sure that I achieved this aim. Thanks a lot for being there.

83. I am still achieving so much in an extraordinary manner because you came into the league with me. Thanks a lot dear for being there.

84. I will always remember you no matter what happens cos you are the reason why I am like this today. Thanks so much dear for that.

85. I have something to tell you and though I know that you wouldn’t want to be praised for helping me out but I have to thank you for being there for me.

86. I don’t think that there can ever be someone out there that is like you because I know that you are such a wonderful friend. Thanks a lot.

87. I want to thank you specially today because you have chosen to become my friend, you are a darling and I am happy to be your friend dear.

88. You have always squeeze out time to be there for me. No matter what happens, you are always there for me and I am blessed to have you in my life.

89. I want to thank you specially for the opportunity you granted to me to be great in life. Thank you for being a caring, honest, supportive and loving man.

90. I must confess that I am blessed to have you in my life. You have being a supportive friend even when I was down. You are my one in a million.

91. I want to thank you for being there my king, thanks for being my strength and courage in the face of unpleasant circumstances. I love you a lot.

92. There were times I was down because of circumstances, you came to my rescue and saved me from every problem, you are indeed my warrior.

93. Nobody wanted to listen to me but you believe in my dreams even though others didn’t. Thanks for being in my life and I love you so much.

94. As at the time I was almost giving up, you inspired me to never give up, not settled down for less in life. Thanks for standing by me. You are so sweet.

95. Your encouragement kept me this far. You encouraged me to never tap out of life when I am depressed and when depression seems to hold me fast. Thank you so much.

96. I don’t think there can ever be a time when I will not remember you. No matter how far away you are, you are always close to me. I love you a lot.

97. In the midst of the confusion of life, you understood all of my pains and stood by me. Thank you for your understanding and standing by me.

98. I don’t deserve you in my life but yet God offered you to me and made you my friend. What else do I want aside from you? You provided everything I ever wanted. Thanks a lot dear

99. I know that I can be so annoying, yet you never gave up on me. Thanks for being patient with me. I will try to make you proud of me.

100. You have nothing to loose if you don’t have me in your life but I have a lot to loose if you are not part of me. Please don’t live me no matter what. I love you for being in my life.




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