Sweet 4th monthsary messages for him and her

Sweet 4th monthsary messages for him and her

Four months of relationship is actually a close range to know whether you still need the person in your life or not. You have been in a relationship that has led you to the 4th month yet you have not appreciated your partner for a job well done then you have made a mistake.
You must never forget or fail to congratulate your journey mate of love for reaching the stay that both of you are.

These are 4th month anniversary messages for him and her. Make use of them and keep your partner happier forever.

Sweet 4th Monthsary Message For Him And Her
Sweet 4th Monthsary Message For Him And Her

1. I see the future in your eyes. You smile assures me that I have gotten the best woman of my generation. I am so lucky to have you in my life.

2. I am so sorry for the many times I had offended or hurt you. I promise that from today onwards, I will love you, please and adore you till the end of time.

3. I am not ashamed of you, I will take you anywhere I will go to cos I am deeply in love with you. No matter how you push me away from you, I will not go away from you.

4. No matter how ugly you are, I am so sure that I wouldn’t see that ugly part of you cos all I see about you is the beauty that brightens up my life.

5. If I could I would turn back the hands of time so that we will start in a better way cos I know that I was a jerk that offended you severally, I know that I won’t try it again.

6. It not that we are not meant to be with each other, it just that we wish to live forever, I don’t want death to be the source of our separation.

7. I pray the love we sharing should continue enfolding us that we will never regrets the day we met. Happy anniversary.

8. You are always the perfect one for me, undo our future is a mystery to us, but I seriously don’t care about it. I only care about now, which is the present that we are in.

9. We are only a passage in the journey of love, my only prayer is for God to straighten us through it. Happy anniversary.

10. I am happy to know that you are in my present and you are mine, this am so assured of that our future will be grate. Happy 4th month anniversary.

11. Every girl want a good boy to become bad just for her, but you didn’t just make me a bad boy, you make me to be madly in love with you.

12. This life we are living is very short, but the little time i have left I wish to spend every single moment by your side.

13. You always make me feel so romantic, at least it always get on one’s nerves, and that feeling I don’t want to ever loose.

14. Anytime am going through hard time, the thought of you always revives me, you are indeed my comforter happy anniversary.

15. It funny how I think of you and I having kids together, and how beautiful they are going to be because you are one in a million.

16. You have always be the only one I have ever wanted, due thing didn’t work well for us at first, but I never stop loving, this I promise you, I will always be the best man for you.

17. Happy 4th month anniversary. For the past this 4 month now, your love for me has been my greatest comfort.

18. No distance can come between us, nothing in this world can make me leave you. I love you and happy 4th month anniversary.

19. Anytime I am out of my mind, you are always there to hold me down. Whenever am out of control you are always there to comfort me. I love you.

20. I so much need you in my life because you are the key to my happiness. I want you in my life because I can’t face the rest of my life alone.

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21. I want you to be the first woman I meet, if I could turn back the hands of time. The love we share is stronger than the one l shared with other women.

22. Sometime songs listen to make my heart glow because they remind me of the good moment that has happened between us.

23. My dear I will never be able to thank you enough cos you have always been there for me happy 4th month anniversary.

24. One good thing about you my angle, is that whenever am not around you, my heart becomes empty and I begin to miss you.

25. My love for you cannot be expressed by words alone, even though it is impossible to be silence about it, happy 4th month anniversary.

26. I am so confident in you because I felt real love in you and having you is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

27. The love I have for you is like war, it was simple when I started it but now difficult to end because I don’t want to end our relationship.

28. Without you, I have nothing but with you, I know that I have gotten everything I could ever imagine.

29. Whatever you do to me now is not bad because I had experienced worst things that could take one’s life. All I feel now is love.

30. Any man who come around you will never think of the past, he will rather think of the future you and will share together.

31. We live under the surface of the earth, yet we don’t experience the same thing, I really want you to experience how I feel right now in love with you.

32. I don’t want to loose you at all. I have made a decision to keep you in my life now and forever till death do us part. Happy anniversary.

33. Some people have decided to hate me because I have fallen in love with the most amazing man on earth, you are so adorable I love you so much.

34. I don’t think that I am making a mistake falling for you at all. I feel as if I have gotten all I ever needed from a man in you. Happy 4th month anniversary.

35. I used to think as if guys are only looking for sex, that alone surprises me about you. You are really the best.

36. How can one have someone like you and still complain of a perfect partner? I love you that I don’t want another man in my life aside you.

37. I enjoy real peace and happiness now and it only came to me when you arrived in my life. I wish that I can offer you the same gift as you did to me.

38. To have a peaceful heart is the best thing that can happen to any man. I have you and at the same time I have got peace of mind as extra gift.

39. I want you to be aware that you can experience happiness even though you have experience pain previously. Happiness will definitely come because I will make you happy.

40. I have given up on people who have given up on me and I regret having them in my life before you. I am sure that I have cleared my heart for your sake.

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41. If I am acting weird towards you, please don’t blame me, blame people who have turned me weird through their attitudes.

42. I promise you that from now on, I will always say what I mean and not things that will please you alone.

43. I want you to erase every thought that weighs you down because I want our relationship to wax stronger than ever.

44. All the bad experiences I had did nothing to me but teach me lessons, now I have learnt, I will never repeat such mistakes again.

45. I think that I am the luckiest woman on earth who has gotten the perfect man all to herself with so much love and care showered on me by him.

46. The love I have for you is classical, it is the kind that gets me thinking about you and all that concerns you all day long.

47. Loving you is like my way out of all the pain I have gone through. I feel as if sometimes, loving you is all I need in this world.

48. Isn’t it weird how there is always a song that can express my feelings towards you? My love for is more than what can be said. Happy anniversary.

49. Happy anniversary dear one, you are the most beautiful person in this entire world. May this anniversary enhance your love and understanding for me.

50. I will fight you anytime I find out that you don’t every time I say that I love because I meant every one of them. I seriously love you.

51. Between the lines of fight, we laugh and say stupid things to ourselves to keep us happier. You so precious to me my king.

52. I thought it will be impossible having you in my life as my woman, now that you have become my woman, I promise to love you and cherish you till the end of time.

53. So many people are not afraid to say I love you; they are only scared of the responsibilities attached to love. I am ready to take full responsibility that is attached to our love.

54. Now you know that I love you, I still want you to be aware that I will always stand by you even in difficult moments. Happy anniversary my princess.

55. If I didn’t get to have you in this lifetime, I would make sure that if I meet you in my next life, I will never let you leave my sight again. I love you so much.

56. I love you is not enough to describe my feelings for you so it will make me happier if I see you as my wife. Happy anniversary dearest.

57. The more I look at you, the more I see you in my life as my wife and partner. Who would have you as a partner and still complain? you are the best woman in my life.

58. Any time I look at my phone, I see your picture, there is this joy and feeling that normally come to my heart that makes me feel that I am rich. Having you in my life make me have everything in my life.

59. Our journey isn’t perfect but when we stick to each other, we will make it perfect. I will stick to you till the end. Happy anniversary dearest.

60. I will never finish falling in love with you because you are needed in my life. You have a place in my life that no one can ever occupy.

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61. I am grateful to God that He gave me the opportunity to share my love with someone like you who is calm, loving, caring and appreciative.

62. Happy anniversary love, I don’t care what happens next in my life as long as I will have you right by my side all the days of my life, I will be fine.

63. Because of you in my life, I have learnt how to love. For the past four months, all you kept doing is to see me happy. I promise to love you forever.

64. Happy anniversary to the queen of my heart, this is a perfect time to tell you how much I really love you and how amazing you are. You have turned to be an amazing woman by turning my life around. Your wonderful deeds make me love you more.

65. With a woman like you in my life and by my side, I am ready to face anything that comes my way. Happy anniversary to my amazing queen.

66. Your beauty strengthen me and it is the source of my inspiration. You have inspired me to be a better man. Your love is something I can’t live without.

67. How excited I am, ever since you came into my life. You have been an atom of blessing in my life. Happy anniversary sweetness.

68. All I can remember, I have never been in a steady relationship before but ever since you came in to my life, you have done no wrong but to love me. I am so proud of you.

69. I am blessed to have a wonderful girlfriend like you. I am indebted to you for loving me this much. Happy anniversary my queen.

70. Your love cannot be replaced by anyone else in this universe. I love you with all my heart and always remember that. Happy anniversary dearest.

71. I will spend eternity loving you, caring about you and respecting you because I will never want to see you cry for any reason.

72. The best thing that I will never want to loose in this life is the moment we had shared together. I pray that it keeps increasing.

73. You are gorgeous, stunning and very sexy. You are an atom of beauty and I am happy to be part of that beautiful life with you. Happy anniversary dearest.

74. My name has changed to happiness and I love that name because it keeps me aware of the person that brought this happiness to me.

75. I know that you feel as if you don’t deserve me, the truth is that I feel as if I don’t deserve you either cos you actually beat my dream man.

76. If falling in love with you would involve wrestling with strong men then I am ready to fight whoever that will compete with me to have you.

77. No matter how annoying you can be, I will love you till the end. I don’t mind everything you do to annoy me because it makes me love you even more.

78. When I was dating my previous man, I had to announce to people that I have a man but after I met you, people that I have a man but after I met you, people found out from my smiles and happiness. You are so incredible.

79. Some people thought that I could not make it, infact I also stopped believing in myself as well until you came and changed the whole story.

80. It has never been easy searching for you. Now that I have found you, I will never allow any man to take you away from me cos I am not in the mood to go for another round of search.

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81. I could have been dead if you had not come to my rescue, your asking me out performed a greater miracle in my life to feel loved by you.

82. You may not understand how you have succeeded in putting my enemies to shame until I explain to you. I am happy that you came to my life.

83. May this day of our relationship lead us to a couple level and stage so that we can live together and love ourselves forever.

84. May our understanding, love and care increase and May we find ourselves enticing and attractive now and always. Happy 4th month anniversary.

85. I wish that today will make our relationship grow stronger and lovelier so that people will learn from us and follow our footsteps of perfect relationship.

86. Heads up ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the most amazing woman of my life. No one can ever take her place no matter what happens.

87. Actually I thought that being single is not a big deal but when I met you, I realized that I have wasted so much time without you in it.

88. I found true love in you and I am so grateful that I found you else I would have hanged myself for loosing a pretty girl like you.

89. I kept remembering the past before meeting you but now I barely know the meaning of past in my life. Happy 4th month anniversary.

90. What has been so hard for me to do is the fact that I couldn’t find someone to trust but I am glad that I found you to trust even with my life.

91. There is a huge difference between “CAN” and “CANNOT”. For me, it used to be cannot but now it is can because I know that with you I can do it.

92. The truth is that I don’t really miss you, it is the moments and feelings we had shared together that I missed. Baby I wish you a happy 4th month anniversary.

93. I don’t want to loose hope in this relationship at all because I know that if I do I would be missing the best part of my life.

94. I want you to keep smiling no matter the circumstances. Your smile keeps the evil around to go far from me and I am glad I have your smile as my protection.

95. Do you actually think that I would ever live you for another man to take you away from me? It is not possible at all because I so much love you.

96. It is not the matter of finding the right person, it is actually the matter of becoming the right person for the one you chose to love. I hope that within these four months, I have been able to be the right person for you?

97. I hope that within these four months of our relationship, I have been able to see you as my golden jewel. I will never trade you for anything else.

98. From the very first time I looked into your eye, I knew that I could never do without your love around me. Baby please, don’t live me at all.

99. You have been the best friend that I have ever gotten and trust me, I think so many people would appreciate it if you can be their best friend as well.

100. I am so pleased to have met someone like you, you are so amazing and I really don’t mind if you continue to be my boyfriend forever.

101. If not for your sake, I wouldn’t have understood the true meaning of friendship and I truly love you for that. Happy 4th month anniversary dearest.

102. I am so proud of you that I don’t even think I need another person to be my boyfriend cos you are a thousand boyfriends in one.

103. I want to use this opportunity to appreciate your efforts towards me and for correcting all my wrongs and mistakes with love and care. Happy 4th month anniversary.

104. If I have another life to offer to you, I would do it without hesitation. You have always been there for me when I needed you most and you don’t even allow me to look for you at all. You are a darling.

105. If there is a way I can show you how happy I am to have you in my life, I would have done it to make you understand. Happy 4th month anniversary.

106. I want to announce to you that you are such a wonderful creature in my life. I am so ready to love you till eternity, cos you deserve it.

107. I miss your jokes, your smiles, your silly talks and funny nature. Please come back to me so we can celebrate our 4th month anniversary.

108. You have been the reason for my smiles and now that you are not here, I wonder if this smiles will continue to be on my face. Happy 4th month anniversary my queen.

109. Always put it in mind that I love you a lot than you can ever imagine. You are the best among the best. Happy 4th month anniversary my king.

110. If I had not thought of sending this message to you, then I would have slapped myself for trying to forget on this day. Happy 4th month anniversary.

111. Marriage is like a big deal but with you as my wife, marriage is not a big deal because I have the simplest woman as my wife.

112. If anyone is trying to be tough on you, just let me know so that I can tell the person that you are my princess and I don’t want anything to happen to you.

113. It looks as if I am using you of having in my life for fun, but it is not true but I feel love for you right now. Happy anniversary dear.

114. The position you have placed me now is like a president’s position and I feel as if am on top of the world right now cos I am in love with you.

115. Ever since I met you, I have become extremely rich and I don’t think that poverty can ever locate someone like me again.

116. I think I have discovered something about myself and the truth is that you are the best thing that could ever happen to anyone.

117. You know people are talking about us right? I am not sure they are ready to go through what we went through but I am sure that they want to be like us.

118. I just want to thank God today for making me happier than I ever imagined. You can never hurt me even if you were asked to do so.

119. I am not scared of having you in my life, all I have in my mind now is that you are so sweet and loving and I am so lucky to have you in my life.

120. Look at how my life has changed completely. Your stay in my life is a wonderful beginning of my life’s journey.

121. You are so nice that the love I have for you is not to eat and go, for you I can spend anything just to have you by my side.

122. For the past two month, you have been the reason why am alive, for you I can do anything, I can even give my life to see you happy.

123. If keeping you in my life will demand a sacrifice, I will offer so much sacrifices to please the gods. Happy 4th month anniversary.

124. If loving you will make me sacrifice everything I have, within a blink of an eye, I will do it for you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

125. If loving you is a crime, then I rather spend the rest of my life in prison cos I know that I will never stop loving you.

126. I can never think about cheating on you, not now, not ever because you have given me everything I ask for happy 4th month anniversary.

127. Happy 4th month anniversary baby, on this day I cant help but to remember how will first met. You have been so nice to me what more can I ask for rather to give God thanks.

128. With you I have learned how to love and stay faithful. All this year I have been every happy with you, and I hope will stay happy forever.

129. It doesn’t matter how the past has treated us, all that matter now is the future. And I promise it will be the best that anyone has ever seen.

130. You are truly the best woman i have ever seen and ask for. I am so happy to have you as my woman. Happy 4th month anniversary.

Awesome 4th monthsary messages for him and her

131. There isn’t enough words in the world that can explain how much I love you or express my feeling for you. All I can say is that my
heart beat for you.

132. Since you have been by my side, I have always been happy, am so grateful to share this love with you. Happy 4th month anniversary honey.

133. Because of you I have learnt how to love, happiness has never departed from me because of your presence.

134. It doesn’t matter how the past has been, am so sure that our future together will be the best ever in existence.

135. You have always made me happy despite my unworthiness. Your love for me is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

136. The truth is that, I don’t have real words to explain to you how much I love you and how important you are to me. Happy 4th month anniversary.

137. Our anniversary is a perfect time to say how much will love each other. When I hold you in my arms and we melt one I feel truly complete.

138. One thing I know is that, it going to be fantastic and amazing exciting in future because I know you are going to give me the most beautiful kids in the world.

139. There is a permanent place in my heart for you is called happiness, and it can never be shared with anyone happy anniversary.

140. Even in my dream I always saw you as my wife and in reality you are mine, you see it was destiny for us to be together, happy anniversary.

141. After four months, I still can’t believe you are my boyfriend. I so lucky to have a wonderful boyfriend like you.

142. A wonderful beginning between us, began four months ago and the relationship has been the best in my life time.

143. I congratulate you today as we celebrate our 4th month anniversary, thanks for being so affectionate, and understanding me, I love you so much.

144. It was exactly four months ago when will began this journey. It was it easy at first, but now we are among the happiest people on earth.

145. Throughout this past four months we have shared every beautiful moments and I look forward for sharing with you more happy anniversary.

146. Happy anniversary to the most beautiful and amazing woman on earth that any man could ever dream of having.

147. You came in to my life like a breeze and gave me reason to fall in love with you, then I find happiness in love you, happy anniversary honey.

148. I am suffocating in a sweet way, ever since we started dating. Because you take my breath, happy 4th month anniversary

149. If time could be frozen I would pause it right here and right now, because every moment time with you is like a treasure.

150. I want you always by my side, there is no joy, happiness without you by my side. Having you will only end up giving complete joy and happiness.

151. You have made a complete person out of me. You are everything that I ever wanted and I can’t think of living this life without you.

152. I know that we have both changed over these few months but through that change, our closeness increased. Happy anniversary.

153. I found you when I just thought that I was never going to find love but now I am celebrating 4 months of great relationship with you.

154. You are the best lady in the world and I am very happy to have you as mine. Happy anniversary to you my love.

155. On this day, I cannot help myself but to remember the episode that talks about happiness and imagine what our future would be like.

156. One thing I am assured of is that our future is going to be filled until the last day of our lives. Happy anniversary to you dearest.

157. Even in my next world, if I am asked to choose a man of my dreams, I would come running to you to become yours just like now.

158. Even if you refuse to be with me again, I would buy you a rose, knell before you and ask you to forgive me and take me back to the
position I was in your heart.

159. It might look as if it will take forever to love and cherish someone like you. The truth is that I loved you even before I asked you out.

160. I hope you don’t mind if I ask you to be my wife cos I feel I am really wasting a lot of time to keep you to myself forever.

161. Happy 4th month anniversary, I am so sure that we have gotten to the stage of becoming couples. Let’s celebrate.

162. Today is a special day for special people like us. Sharing love that is so special on a special is something so extraordinary.

163. I congratulate myself for discovering the most beautiful, sexy, attractive, loving and kind girl like you. Happy anniversary to you my angel.

164. Love has little meaning if it is allowed to fade away. For nurturing this our love till this very day, I congratulate you my darling. You are the best.

165. Been in love with you has been something I had wanted to do for a very long time and I am glad that it finally happened to me

166. Only those who are bounded in love can go this long with each other. Our togetherness has made it happen to us. Thanks for your cooperation.

167. I can’t belief that we have spent four months together. It actually looked as if it started yesterday cos my love for you is still fresh like the day I met you.

168. I don’t remember a day in the past four months that I don’t fall in love with you. I don’t want to stop loving you even for a moment.

169. I am so happy to have you as mine and this is the best day of my life. Happy anniversary to you the most adorable king of my life.

170. My most adorable queen, I am deeply indebted to you for allowing me to come into your life to celebrate this day with you.

171. Happy 4 months anniversary to us at such a beautiful second, minute and hour. I have no regrets having you in my life as a partner now or ever.

172. My love for you burns brighter and stronger as each day passes by, and so will I burn for you now and forever. Happy anniversary my love.

173. I will never stop stretching to get to you even if it will have to break my bones. You are important to me that I don’t want to loose you.

174. It’s so exciting to be with you for the past 4 months that I find it difficult to believe that 4 weeks make a month. Wow, I am happy that you are mine.

175. It sound ridiculous but I feel like a kid again because you have been taking care of me all by yourself. I wish that this relationship leads us to marriage.

176. The level of how amazing you are cannot be compared to anyone on earth. You are the best partner anyone can ever wish for. Happy anniversary.

177. Any second spent with you is worth more than a life time spent elsewhere and having being with you for the past 4 months, you can guess how you make me feel.

178. I celebrate you and I today, we celebrate 4 months anniversary today. Our relationship is filled with love, live and fun.

179. It makes me feel bad about myself when you are not happy with me. Sometimes I feel like throwing myself in the ocean when I offend a queen like you.

180. Just 4 months with you and I have learnt so much about love. I am not sure that married couple can teach us about love again cos I have become more mature and responsible.

181. When I look back at the 4 months of our relationship, I see that I have succeeded because you have been part of that journey with me.

182. Cars, houses, fame can wait now because loving you now is my most priority. All other thing can come later. Happy anniversary dearest.

183. You can keep my heart that you took from me 16 weeks ago, I won’t ask for it because I know that it is safer with you. Happy anniversary.

184. Love can never be wasted even if not loved in return. This is to appreciate you for a loving me unconditionally for the past 4 months.

185. This four months of our togetherness has changed me a lot. It has done a lot of goo to me that no one has even done. Thanks for been with me.

186. I have done everything to love you greatly and I feel that it is not enough. I hope that I can love you to the extent of how you deserve. Happy anniversary dearest.

187. This relationship has been approved by God, men and even ourselves. See how our relationship is moving on well without challenges. I love you.

188. I wish us many more months of happiness and love. Our together will not end today or ever. You are my best gift ever. Happy anniversary my sweetness.

189. I can tell you what you mean to me through songs, stories and poems because they are the best way to express love to your partner.

190. Men may see our relationship as rubbish but I know that God is in support of our relationship cos He connected us to each other from the beginning.

191. Together we will keep shinning brighter than the sun because our love is not fake but a real one. I wish you a happy anniversary my king.

192. You have been a thing of my kind and I know that for the past 4 months now, our relationship has been a shining example to all.

193. I asked for a girl, but God gave me a wife. I want you to know that you have been more than enough for me for the past 4 months.

194. I know that 4 months may not be enough to settle things for life but it is enough to know that you are enough for me. Happy anniversary dearest.

195. I have gotten to know that you are adorable, sweet, kind and special to me and that I love you so much and with the whole of me.

196. You have built a home filled with love and admiration that will never allow you to go off my hand. I love you greatly my heartbeat.

197. I struggled to find someone like you who could change and solve my problem and I am lucky that I found you at last. Happy 4th month anniversary.

198. I have found my love in you and you are everything to me. In time of trials and troubles, I know that you will never live me.

199. Just 4 months ago, I met you, but it feels as if it is four years already. I am ready to take you home as my bride. Happy 4th month anniversary.

200. I was a failure before I met you but now I have seen an opportunity in life rather than failure. All my life, I have never met a man like you. Happy 4th month anniversary to us.


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