Short Love Letter to my Girlfriend

Short Love Letter to my Girlfriend

Dear Sweetest


Times without number you have proven that your love for me can’t be compared to any, I want you to know I love you more than anything in this world. I remember how we started, we were arguing a lot, friends thought this relationship thing was just one big time bomb, here we are today, stronger like never before.

you have given me a reason to live, I wake up every morning smiling because of you, I once lived a sad lived a sad and lonely life but you came and changed all that, I am grateful and I am really lucky to have you in my life, our children have got the  best woman in the world as their mother.

thank you so much.




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I could write you a million paragraphs just telling you how amazing you are, you are a rare gem.

It’s been only but a few day from you, I have started missing you already, you are my source of joy and happiness even in our rough times we stood tall you assured me nothing will ever break us. I am grateful for all you have done, I have never seen such a caring person as you. Our kids are gonna be grateful to me because I got them the best mom in the world, I really can’t thank you enough, I appreciate all your efforts in making me always feel special.  I am really missing you right now.

Yours forever.

(Insert Name Here)


Romantic Missing You Letters

I want you to know no matter where I go, I will always carry you with me because you are my heart without you I can’t live.

I might be away, but we are as close as bed and shit, my love for you is stronger than glue and I promise to give you everything you want to make you happy, even if it means aborting my trip away from you just to make you happy. I am so grateful to God that I am spending, my lifetime with you and I am tasked with loving you every beautiful day of our lives.

Yours Forever

(Insert Name)



Dear pumkin


it’s with great joy I am writing to you again, I am happy you think of me every day of your life, hearing you say that really makes my day, I am hoping my sweet good morning letters brighten up your day same way your letter light up my world, it’s really cool having someone like you, it’s amazing, you are the best and I promise to treat you to your best meal when you return to me because I am so missing you right now, I am sending you lot of kisses for the day, I promise to send you more in my next letter.

Your Baby Boo


Hey bae


I know you are having a wonderful time over there, sure your co workers are treating you fine, I got your beautiful letter, I really like it, I like all the letters you send, I really love you for these letters it makes my day I wish I can keep getting them every day. My love for you is second to none and you are really the best for me, look at your cute face(lol) every woman will kill to have you, I guess I am the best one, am I lucky to have you? no, I think I am blessed, I can’t wait to kiss those lovable lips of yours, Just be good for me.

I can’t wait for your reply. I love you so much.

Your beautiful (Insert Name)






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