50 Romantic Love Sms This New Year

Romantic love sms to send to your loved one.Romantic love sms


Romantic Love SMS to Send To My Love This Month.

How would it feel to see your boyfriend or girlfriend at the doorstep when you expect him or her the least? Great! Falling in love is a very happy feeling and having a boyfriend means feeling most secure in life. But he cannot turn up at your door always so it will be great to do something for him. What lips cannot express sometimes, romantic love sms can work magic for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

While the New Year is around the corner, it is the most excellent opportunity for you to scribble some words across greetings to wish him bundle of love and joy. While he walks in as a blessing in your life, you should find ways to save this most precious gift you have received from god. Buying an expensive gift for him is not the ultimate idea as much as putting your thought down through love quotes that speak of your heart a billion.

A materialistic object can be lost, but your feelings for him or her will be captivated in his or her heart forever. Romantic love sms have a softer mold that can melt his heart and compel him to love you even more. The grand essential to happiness is love, so why not make him feel special and loved with beautiful quotes?

If you are searching for a special gift for him or her this coming New Year, look out for the following romantic love sms on this site and make him fall in love with you even more madly.

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Romantic love SMS part 1

1.  At first glance, you got my heart.

That first feeling blossoms into true love.

True love that made me complete.

I realized that there are certain things one needs in life. One of it is someone like you.



2. I understand the meaning of life after you made me understand the feeling of true love.

My love for you will never wave because it was a love made and blessed from above.



3. My heart, my soul, my whole being is yours because, with you, life becomes beautiful with understandable meaning.

I love you, my dear, now and forever.



4. My heart beats for you because you gave my life many colors.

Just like a flower, you grow in my heart. That special flower of love that blossoms right from the start.

I will love you till the end.



5. You painted my heart with different beautiful shades and hues.

The colors of love and care can be easily distinguished from the numerous colors of romance, understanding, and fun.

I love you my special one.



6. Your love illuminates my world with loving affection.

Your care is so engulfing and your beauty, so intoxicating.

I pray for your touches and kisses. They fill me up with blissful elation. I love you.



7. You set my heart on fire with burning sensation of love.

The glimpse of your beautiful face can brighten any day.

You have made my world a paradise and gave my heart a hope to hold onto.

I miss you.



8. I see you and my heart flutters.

I hug you and my soul flounders.

You set every piece of me apart and gather it up within a second.

I am lucky to have met you because you make me so happy.



9. I wish I could hold you up in my arms tonight.

Look into your beautiful face to see your sweet smile.

You are an angel from heaven sent just for me. I love you.


10. I miss you so much that I see you with my eyes closed.

I love you so much that I feel you in my heart every moment.

I need you so much that I can’t do a thing without you.

I love you dear.


11. I can remember trying to forget you because you now form a part that the whole can’t do without.

Our love will never go off in the whirlwinds.

This is because what I feel for you is true.


12. I dream of your love and happiness.

I am happy today because I have your love.

What other yardstick can I use to measure how fulfill my life is with you.


13. The memories we share and will share, the love we send to each other, the inestimable care burn up daily.

I can’t count how beautiful my world is with you.

I love you.


14. From a distance, my heart sing of your love.

The truest of love that exist forever.

I will give up on everything just to have you.

You are the exact definition of love and in my heart, I know it’s true.


15. That sweet feeling.

That wonderful feeling of fulfillment.

That’s what I feel ever since we met.

This has been the best feeling ever & I love you for giving me this.


16. A morning spent with you is wonderful.

A night slept beside you is bliss and a day shared with you is fulfilled.

You bring so much joy to my heart. I love you.


17. Love comes in the form of you.

Surprised? I’m not because in a short while you’ve meant the whole world to me.

I will give up everything to spend forever with you.

For in my mind, all I see is you and me forever.


18. For your love, everything is worth leaving behind.

Love is truly free because I can’t imagine the cost of paying for your heart.

You are my queen and your king will I be forever.

Let’s enjoy this single moment of true love together.

It doesn’t happen to everybody.


19. I dream of you and me forever.

Best of sweet dreams, I can’t say much about reality.

But I know that forever, the love I feel for you stands.

Forever, I will be standing right beside you, receiving your sweet love. Goodnight.


20. Tomorrow might not come anymore but we have today, all to ourselves.

Let light up the dark skies with sweet feelings.

Let’s make love and share unforgettable memories.

This is my thoughts to you. I love you much.


21. What I feel is magic, it grows bigger when you are around and fatter when I don’t see you.

The thought of us talking under the stars gives me joy.

I believe in love, the roses are my witness.


22. Let’s sing a song of rainbows.

The song understood by just two hearts.

I am deeply in love with you and I will continue, till the sea goes dry and the clouds turn red.


23. Even if the rock melt with the sun, my love for you is rest assured.

I will give you my whole heart because that’s all my whole could afford.

You will remain that part of me that cannot be removed. I love you.


24. The joy your love brings cannot be explained.

Even at the weakest point of my life, your love gives me hope.

I can only take another breath because you will be right next to me.

You will remain on my mind, day and night. I love you.


25. Pure is the perfect word to describe the love I feel for you.

Your gracious smile and gentle hug.

Everything I wish for can be found in you.

I will love you with no doubt and my heart will belong to you forever.


Romantic Love SMS part 2

26. You are always on my mind every moment.

My feelings will be expressed to you without any regret because with you, I’ve seen and felt bliss.

You are the angel I need, my other half that completes me. I love you honey.


27. I wished for someone precious and loving. You came around like the rush of the wind and speed of lightening.

My description of goodness. You rule my heart and I want no other than you.

You rock.


28. You are the angel of my life.

My sunshine and shining moon.

I feel your love in every part of my life which defines how special you are to me.

I will love you with my last breath.


29. I love you and you know it.

I love you and my heart feels it.

That warm feeling when you are around, the flames of our love can never be quenched because you are the essence of my happiness.

The true source of my joy.


30. My love for you flies alongside time.

Higher and higher, my feelings grow.

I’m on top of the world knowing you’re mine.

Loving you feels like touching the skies. I will keep loving you as long as my heart beats.


31. I will pull a star from the sky and write your name on it.

You gradually became a part of me that cannot be dismissed.

Dwell in my heart forever, that’s your home.

I love you and will always do.


32. My love for you is real, enduring and the best ever.

My heart beats loud for you every second and that makes me complete.

So many things I wish to say.

Things like “I love you”. I do.

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33. There is no other way than your love.

I dream and see you. I look forward and your love encourages me.

I love you, sweetheart. That’s something I cannot deny.

My heart remains your home, that’s something I’ve learned in a while.


34. The spice of my life.

The missing part of me, my heart, mg world. You are my everything.

Give me a reason why I shouldn’t love you and I will give you 101 reasons why I can’t live without you.

One is because I love you.


35. The best thing that ever happened to me.

From worst to best, your love is the motivation I need.

An Angel from above. Your love and care for me are overwhelming.

I will love you forever.


36. My heart is a building, your love is the foundation, and your care is the concrete.

My tears and fears are long gone because your love comes with joy and happiness.

I feel your love both in my dreams and reality.

You make my world glow.


37. You remain the most precious.

I will forever treasure you my dearest.

You are my angel from above, pushed me to the best that I can be.

I’m amazed at the love you shower on me daily. I love you.

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38. For your love, there will be no tear. Your love is awesome and heartwarming.

I will love you without fear.

You represent the beauty of life.


39. You make my world glow.

You make my heart feel good, you warm up my blood during the cold with your beautiful smile.

I can’t hold my feelings any longer. I love you very much.


40. You magically made my world beautiful with your love.

Decorated my life with your never ending smile.

I can’t love you enough.


Romantic love SMS part 3.

41. I could talk of your love all day without running out of words to use.

Even without saying this, you already know “I love you” more than I can show.


42. Your love helped me through the world of struggle.

Gave me comfort when I’m cold.

With your sweet smile, you made everything to gladden my heart.

I love you, there is no denial.


43. You are the true source of my love.

I am nothing other than yours.

You represent the every goodness, humans pray for.

Your passion burns my heart like the heat of the oven.

I will love you with my whole heart.


44. Your love is all I seek for and nothing more.

With your love, I feel contentment, joy and eagerness to live another day.

This is something I’ve never felt in my life.


45. Till my last breath, one thing will never change. I will fall in love with you again.

I love you so much that my heart could bleed for you.


46. Your voice sounds like a sweet song to my ears

The day you say you love me, I will be the queen of this world, and you are my King.


47. Before I had met you I had never realized what love was. But now I know love is life, you are my life sweets, I live for you, I love you so much.


48.  Honey, your patience to keep up with my crazy and weird ways help me stay the way I am. Love you for being there by my side always. Your love will help me sail even in unbelievable times. Thank you so much.


49. With you being on my side, I know I can face any disaster and still come out successfully. You give me that immense confidence to sail in stormy seas.

50. My love is real for you, so it will never fade. It will only get stronger day by day.



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