Best 60+ Prayers To Pray for Your Future Husband

If you are looking for prayers to pray for your future husband, this is the post for you. Whether it’s before marriage or when preparing for marriage, these are the most effective ways to pray for your future husband.

Here are the best Prayers that are perfect for your future husband. Prayers that are easy to pray for your future husband. Prayers that are ready to pray for your future husband whenever you think of him.

Prayers To Pray for Your Future Husband

Prayers To Pray for Your Future Husband

1. I hope that your future husband loves the Lord as much as he does for you. He’s such a blessing to me and it’s easy to tell that he loves you with all his heart. You make a lovely couple and I can’t wait for your marriage to begin. I know you will be blessed greatly together and share a lifetime of love.

2. Pray for an hour a day for your future husband. This is not to say that I think you should only pray for a man, or that my requests for prayer for you are out of order. Believe me, they are not; but this one prayer request is most important because it directly affects you!!! So my requests are these:

3. God, this is my prayer for the man I know will be my future husband. May he be the most amazing man I’ve ever met, with a wonderful laugh and a heart full of love. Please help him to be kind and loving towards me. Make us a perfect match. Thank you for putting him in my life”

4. I pray that our marriage will be happy. I pray that you will be my best friend. I pray that we find an amazing church with inspiring worship, where we serve together with all our might. I hope that we raise our children to love Jesus and to go on mission trips regularly. You are the most amazing person in my world!

5. I’ll pray for you every night before I sleep and I pray that Lord Jesus keeps his loving arms around you all the days of your life.

6. I pray that our children will have your heart. That they will be genuine, decent, and good-natured young men just like you. That they love Jesus just as much as you do. I want them to be confident and keep a good attitude, even in tough situations. You are a gift from God to me! You complete me in so many ways; we bring out the best in each other and make each other better!

7. Thank you Heavenly Father for bringing him into my life. Thank you for protecting us and guiding us through the difficult times. Help me to be a good wife and mother and bless my marriage and family with your graces. Help me to always put you first and make wise choices.

8. I want the world to stop just for a moment so that I can tell you how grateful I am for being by my side. Without you, I would be lost. I love you with all my heart and soul, may God bless you my darling husband with so much happiness.

9. I pray that we will love each other until the day we die. That we will stand beside each other and face all our ups and downs hand in hand. I pray that we will get along with one another so perfectly, that you will never get mad at me, only get frustrated because I’m not listening.

10. I know I ask you for a lot of prayers, but I hope you can do this for me. Pray that my future husband builds his life around me. That he sees me as his partner, best friend, closest confidant, and one true love. His heart is so big and his eyes so kind and strong. He is strong and gentle and caring. He is brave and true and loving. I don’t know who my future husband will be, but I pray he finds me.

11. Our love is the most incredible blessing. I am so lucky to have you by my side forever. You are my best friend and my everything, I love you! Our future will be full of happiness. God brought us together for a reason. I’m sure of it.

12. I love you so much. I don’t say it enough. I pray that in sickness and health, you will love me just as much in the future. We have the rest of our lives to be together, and it is my deepest hope that we will always bask in each other’s warmth.

13. I pray he is strong. I pray he loves Jesus. I pray he gives me the privilege to be his wife. I pray for his parents to love and guide him. Most of all I pray that he will love me as much as I love him, amen!

14. The day we met I knew my life would never be the same. I also knew you were the one for me.

15. You are not only my lover but my best friend. May God bless you and keep you always, and may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

16. Lord, bless my husband with the desire to wait on you. May all his frustration and pain turn into an unquenchable thirst for you. He wants more of you than anything, but he never stops looking to the wrong places. Remind him daily of your goodness and grace so that nothing can hinder his love for you.

17. I have finally found the man of my dreams, and now I have the rest of my life to spend with him. You mean so much to me that sometimes I just stare at you and smile. You are the only thing that keeps me going through the good and bad times. I love you now and forever”

18. I pray for my husband every day. I truly do. I pray that you will be a kind and gentleman, but still strong and secure. I pray that you will be smart and funny, handsome and tall, loyal and trustworthy. I pray that your smile will reach your eyes and that your laughter will ring loud and proud. I pray that we will share our lives and raise our kids together. I pray that we can talk about everything and nothing at all.

19. I’m so blessed to have you as my soul mate. I say it every day, but words cannot express how much you mean to me. You are everything I ever wanted and more. I love you with all my heart.

20. I know that I can tell you anything because you will never hurt my feelings. You are the most caring man I know, and you always put me first. I would trust you with my life, so don’t ever think for a second that I am not holding your heart right in my hands.

21. As I sit here in agony over the thought of you leaving tomorrow, I wonder if I will be able to make it through all the challenges ahead. But when I take a moment to think about how lucky I am to have found someone like you who has not only made me feel safe but also makes me feel complete in every way, my heart knew without a doubt that this is where I’m meant to be.

22. My future husband. I think about you all day. My hopes, my dreams, come true when I imagine my life with you. Everything is better because of you. Please continue to pray for me so that God may guide you in finding me. You are always on my mind and I will never stop thinking of you. Love, your future wife

23. I can’t imagine my life without you. I know that God has so much in store for us and I’m so excited to see what our life together will be like. You were created just for me and there is no one else in this world that could replace you. I love you so much and cannot wait for our future!

24. Lord, you know my life is impossible without the love and companionship of a man. I pray for a godly husband who will love me the way Christ loves his church. You have placed him in my life… he is on his way now. In Your mighty, I pray.

25. Dear God, please bless my husband with peace and contentment. Comfort him in times of trouble and bolster his faith in your promise to provide. As I pray today, fill my heart with love for him. Thank you for the blessings you have placed upon us both, and help me to share them with others. I pray…

26. Before you were my husband you were the man of my dreams. I prayed for you each night before bed and asked God to bless me with a man who would cherish, honor, and love me. I never thought He could bring you into my life to be that special man. After much prayer and conversation with God, I knew He created you just for me! My heart is so full of gratitude to have someone who will love me unconditionally.

27. I pray that he will be a Christian, and enjoy spending time in the presence of God. I pray that he will be employed and provide well for his family. I pray that he will be a wonderful husband and father someday.

28. You are the most wonderful man I have ever known. There is no one that can even come close to you. You have managed to break through my many walls and into my heart. I’m so lucky to have found someone that I can be myself around, who can always make me laugh and smile. I love you with all my heart and soul, never forget that…

29. May your husband be a man that will love you even when his heart aches from children that hurt him.

30. Good morning my love! It’s a new day filled with promise and opportunity. I can’t wait to wake up next to you this morning, to drink my coffee from those big strong hands of yours. I want to snuggle up to your side as we both read blogs on our phones. Sweetheart, I know we don’t have much today but we will survive and even thrive on the simple things in life: love and laughter.

31. Hello Sweetie! I know you are probably very surprised to get an email from me. But guess what?! This is my first day on the “internet”! I don’t even know how to use a computer! Haha! This is the coolest thing ever though, I get to connect with you while you are away! I love talking to you on Skype but this is even better because YOU are here with me! Haha!

32. Sometimes I just want to do something nice for you without having some payment expected. I’m thinking you should have some chores that I can do for free! So here’s your list of chores, free of charge:

33. Lord, thank you for watching over my future husband. Thank you for protecting him. Thank you for loving him. I pray that God’s blessings will be on him today and always.

34. I pray that my future husband is one who believes in the power of prayer to change lives. I pray that he has a profession where he can help others to survive, grow spiritually, and improve the quality of their lives. I pray for a man who will love me unconditionally and will never leave me. I pray for clarity, perseverance, and dedication to complete all necessary tasks that provide an opportunity for him to be able to support his wife and family.

35. I look forward to the day when you become my husband. With our marriage, I pray that you find the love, joy, peace, and comfort that God promises to us all. Your kindness and down-to-earth attitude attract me like no other. I’m blessed to call you mine.

36. To my future husband. I pray that you are the one God chose for me, the one he designed for me. I pray that you are everything I always dreamed of and more. May our love grow stronger every day. May your love continually shine through everything you do. I want to be someone who will stand out in your eyes because of my faithfulness and loyalty. Make me into the woman that you dream about.

37. I love knowing that you love our son so much. I am so grateful for having you in my life. I can’t wait until we get married and start our family. I want to grow old with you, but not too old because then I wouldn’t be able to wear makeup every day.

38. No matter our age, no matter what life brings, I will always love you. Now and always. I pledge my faithfulness to you for this lifetime and the next. You are my soul mate from God, and as long as I have air to breathe I will love you as only a man can be loved by a woman, as only a woman can be loved by a man. You are my destiny.

39. I pray that God will keep you safe and protect you every day of your life. I pray that he will give you abundant blessings in all areas of your life. I pray that God will fill your heart with love, joy, peace, faith, hope, and happiness. I pray that he will give you everything you need to be the best possible husband for me!

40. I pray that I will find the man God has for me. I pray he will love the Lord and His people, but will also be willing to fight for me and protect me. I pray he will always strive to do what is right, especially in front of his children. I pray his children will respect him, even when they are grown.

41. Dear God, please bring into my life the man of my dreams. You know who he is for me; he’s special to you too. He’s already yours but I want him to be mine.

42. I pray that he knows how much I love him every day and that he is always reassured of this. I pray that he receives a constant reminder of his true worth. When he looks for a blessing in my eyes, let him see me smiling at him warmly, with complete adoration and pride on his face…

43. I promise to wait breathlessly for your return ready to embrace you in my arms. I promise to be yours only till the end of time, never wanting or needing another because you are all I could ever want or need.

44. Dear Lord, When I lay my head down to sleep each night, I thank you for blessing me with a man who loves me so greatly. I pray that you keep blessing us with the gift of love. Help us to remain pure in heart and mind so we can stay married forever. In your holy name, Amen.

45. You are both my life and my love. Without you, I am empty inside. I pray that you are held by the Lord in the palm of His hand, that He protects you when you are in no position to protect yourself.

46. God, I am praying that you bring me a man who is caring and strong, one who listens to my heart. You have always been right beside me Lord, I have always been guided along my path. Help me to be the best wife for him, guide us both to be stronger each day. Please place love in our hearts and fill us with peace. Amen.

47. I pray that God will help you to grow up and mature so one day you could be the man of my dreams. I pray for a kind, generous and sincere man who can compliment my personality as well as look past my faults and love me for who I am — not what I can offer him.

48. We have been together for a long time now. I want you to know how much I love you and still think about those early days when we met. You were my first love, the only man I have ever loved, and now you are my husband.

49. I pray that I will always be a source of strength for you. I pray that I can be your home when you feel lost and alone, a refuge in a stressful world. I pray that I can cheer you on when you need it most, but also be mature enough to listen to your worries and fears.

50. I bought your favorite gum, this beautiful card, all the chocolates we like and went to that store we always go to and got some flowers. Along with a funny note that reminded me how much you like those crazy socks you love to wear. I know it’s silly and pointless but I wanted our first Hannukkah as married people to be special. I hope you had a good day with the guys and told everybody how happy I made you this holiday season.

51. I’m not just saying these words because you are my husband, or because I have to, but because they are true. I love you with every piece of my soul. My day wouldn’t be the same without you, you are my best friend, my partner in crime, my life! I look at you and am more in awe every time I see you. You are an amazing man who I’m lucky to share my life with!

52. I will love you on this day, on this day of joy, for the rest of my life, for the rest of my life. I will love you on this day of sadness, for you’ll complete me, for you’ll complete me.

53. Someone I’ve never met, but yet someone who knows everything about me, who loves me anyway. Someone who holds my heart in his hands and directs it towards him. Someone who will be there for me in the good times and the bad. Someone to sit up with when I’m sick, to share my hopes and dreams with. To just be there to hold my hand! I love you.


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