Powerful Prayer for Peace in the Family

Prayer is the greatest gift the Lord has given us. It’s also something that we need to learn how to use effectively daily.

The word family can take on many different forms these days. Families are no longer defined by blood relationships but by the bonds that hold people together in a community. This blog post will focus on the former, specifically, your biological family. The peace between members of the same family is something that should not be taken lightly. It is a gift from God to those who strive for it.

What can we do for peace? There is so much war, hatred, pain, and death. So many different cultures and beliefs cause tension within families and between nations. We need to pray that the Lord will unite the world with his love and peace.

Prayer for Peace in the Family

Prayer for Peace in the Family

1. Dear God, I pray for peace in my family. I pray there is no more arguing or explosive tempers, but instead I pray for love, compassion, and understanding among us all. I don’t know where to start, so please fill our hearts with your love so that we can begin to understand each other. Give me the strength to be slow to anger and quick to forgive. Help me to be the peacemaker that you want us to be. Give us the strength to have patience

2. I pray for peace and understanding between us and for our families to be brought closer. I ask that we always try to work it out, rather than walk away mad. You love me and I love you; we aren’t in competition in life, not in career, finances, or in love. We are partners in life, here to support each other in our dreams. I pray that both of us remember that every day! I love you!

3. We are one. We are done. There is nothing to forgive. We are love, the heart of God! May all our conflicts be healed with this prayer.

4. Dear Heavenly Father, we praise you today and every day for all that you do for us! We thank you for the many blessings we receive each and every day! We thank you too, dear Lord, for the love that we share as a family. While this world is filled with such hate and envy, we ask that your love light shines upon us today like never before. Help us to not bring stress into our home by arguing or fighting with each other.

5. Dear heavenly father. Please help our family to come together as one again. We are so far apart right now, please heal us so we can be happy one more day. Amen.

6. Father, please give us a new love for each other this Christmas. Bring back the laughter and joy we had when we were kids. Give us your blessing to forgive and forget the hurt we have caused. Fill our hearts with your love and peace that surpasses all understanding. Give us the strength to remove the barriers that separate us and unite us as one family.

7. Dear Lord, please bring peace and harmony to our family tonight. Let the dinner we eat be a healing feast; let it be a moment of love and gratitude. May we hold nothing against each other; may we forgive and forget all hurts and wrongs. Let this meal spark first-time speaking and honest conversation. We know that you can help us find common ground and build bridges across the chasms that separate us. Help us to give up selfishness, pettiness, and pride.

8. We pray that our family would be united by God’s love, and freed from hatred – that we may seek what is right – and not do wrong – that we may join together our hearts – and not be divided in spirit. We pray that we will realize that all of us – as a group – must become more humble – kinder – wiser — more tolerant”

9. Heavenly Father, may a hedge of protection rise to surround our family at the head of our home. Keep our father safe from all harm and danger. Touch him with your grace and keep his heart soft and compassionate toward his wife and children. Bless him that he might find peace, comfort, shelter, guidance, and security in the holy protection of your wings.

10. We pray for peace It’s safe to say, we still think about the pain of the past. We’ve learned so much from our mistakes and will not give up. We promise to keep working on our communication and love will not be lost again.

11. Lord, I pray that you will give me the strength to be a better husband, father, and man. Help me to do right by my wife, be a good friend for my children, and make even small steps forward in loving your way. If there are things in my life that are wrong or unhealthy, please help me to re-adjust. I need you. I am only doing this with your help. Help me to see things through You eyes and to move toward You each day.”

12. Watch over us lord; guide us through this day. Give us patience and strength to keep going. Let our house be a beacon of light, love, and peace. Grant us the foresight to forgive those who have wronged us and show us compassion for those whom we have wrongly judged. Touch the hearts, minds, and souls of those who take your name in vain so that they may better understand what it means to be a child of God. Let us turn from our wicked ways and let you lead.

13. God, I know you aren’t the author of confusion, yet here I am not knowing what to do. So many things I need to say but find myself at a loss for the words. All I know is that my husband is lost, seeking for himself. He is straying away from our marriage bed. Help him to find his way back to me, help restore us as one again.

Prayer for Peace in My Family

14. Lord, I love my family and want peace for everyone. Please heal any broken hearts and bring peace to those who are angry. I will trust you as I work out the issues as a family. Thank you to family and friends who help me with your peace. Amen.

15. Every family has its disagreements, and I’m so sorry we aren’t perfect. But we do love each other always and forever, and we want to work harder at being a team. Please help us forgive. Help us see the best in each other and love each other as you love us! Let our family be filled with joy and love as we all serve you together.

16. Lord, help my family start to heal. You know our hearts ache with anger, hurt, disappointment and resentment. Help us feel Your love again; restore hope, trust, and respect. We are reaching out to one another with words of love and forgiveness. Help us remember the reasons we fall in love – support, understanding, companionship, and unconditional acceptance.

17. Lord, I come to you in prayer for my family. I come before you with the burdens of my family on my heart. I plead with you on their behalf. This is my 3rd prayer these last few days, I pray you are hearing me, please answer me!

18. Dear Father in heaven, we all come to you today to pray about our family situation. We know times are hard and we’ve all been hurting. It’s not easy to hear nasty gossip coming from former friends or co-workers. They say things that they know nothing about and wonder why we don’t like them anymore.

19. Dear God, We give thanks for this day, for all our family members and friends, and for our home so very dear to us. We ask for strength to deal with the challenges of the day, courage to live your values amidst difficulty, and faith to face tomorrow. Help us look beyond what separates us to what unites us – health, hope, humor, humor, and happiness! And then help us, Lord, to do what little we can that will bring peace into the world.

20. Lord, I ask that You lead us to a place of peace and happiness. Reveal the things in our hearts and minds, pertain to this situation. Take away all fear and anxiety. Make us follow Your ways. Open our eyes to how we have hurt one another with anger and resentment. Change our hearts with Your sweet love and forgiveness for those that have hurt us. That we can show them mercy as you have shown us mercy.

21. Lord, today I pray for peace in my family. Give us the strength to love one another even when it’s difficult. Help us release our anger so that forgiveness can set in. Touch the hearts of everyone who lives here so that we can understand each other better, and learn to forgive one another for our mistakes.

22. Last night while I was praying, I asked God to peace our family, please God. Give peace to my wife, peace to my son, and also peace me.

23. Dear Lord, Please bring peace into our lives. It has been some time since my wife and I have had peace due to some family problems. Please help us find some peace. Nurture our love for each other. Lead us back to where we use to be. Our love for you is unconditional Lord, please bring some level of peace into our lives.”

24. As the family grows I hope we will grow together as a family. My prayer is that we forgive each other more and treat each other as we would want to be treated. I hope we can start over with no anger, no worries, and no fears. Let us all be happy and love one another as we should! We Love You!

25. I would like to thank you for the most wonderful year we have had. You have made my family complete and we still can’t believe that our family is better than we could ever imagine. We will look back on this day with nothing but love and joy and we will always want to come back and relive it over again! Thank you again for bringing us all together. We love you!

26. Dear God, Please please please help us!!! Our family is falling apart!! I just had to send this out into the universe-I need some divine assistance. Anything you can do to help us would be appreciated.

27. I pray for peace in my family, Daddy, love me and Mommy. I pray that you will bring our family back together soon. I want to play again, I want to laugh again. Help everyone forgive each other and move on from all the pain. Please bring my family back together now. In your name, I pray. Amen.

28. Dear God, please listen to my prayers. I need my family to be at peace. I guess you know how much Mal’s history has affected us all. Please help us to have a peaceful life with no more pain. We have so much potential, but yet so little of it is being used. Please help me to overcome the hurt that I feel inside, help me to forgive them for what they have done to me. Give me strength and show me the way.

29. Dear heavenly Father, Please bring peace into our family. You know how discouraging it is when we argue all the time. Please move us to be more respectful of each other and to bring joy back into this home. We pray for Your will in our lives and that we would be able to accept any changes that You may see fit for us! Amen

30. There is too much anger and hatred in my family. I wish it didn’t always feel like we were walking on eggshells when we are together, waiting for someone to say the wrong thing. I want a family where love is a part of who we are and not something to be thrown in between hurtful words.

31. I will pray that my family members stop treating each other this way. That we all learn to accept each other’s differences and love one another for who we are instead of tearing each other down. I choose love over anger, calm over chaos, forgiveness over resentment, acceptance over judgment, and respect over control. I will hold this vision of my family in my heart and ask God to help us all move from fear to courage, from hate to love, and from shame to acceptance. I will repeat

32. Dear Creator, We come before you today, eternally grateful for the bond we share as a family. Our emotions can turn from love to anger in an instant, and we ask that you send Peace to our home today. Let us love what we see and forgive those that do wrong. We thank you for hearing our prayers and sending a spirit of calm into our hearts.

33. In the name of God, father, son, and the holy spirit. Our heavenly father, my family needs you now more than ever. You see us struggling to make ends meet and separate with no guidance or support. We all want a home but there is only so much we can do alone. Please give us direction to make a change before it’s too late. Help us restore our broken relationship and live in peace with each other again. Please bring your love into our hearts that we may be of yours forever.

Prayer for Peace Between Family

34. Dear Lord, please stop my family from fighting over. Please stop the fighting that has caused so much pain. My parents fought, then my brother and sister fought, then my sister and I fought. Now even my cousins are fighting. Please bring peace to our family. Give me the patience to accept our differences and give me the courage to speak up when it matters. Make us all one again. Let us love each other, please Lord! Bless you all on this Family

35. Our family may not be perfect, but it’s ours. I know that our differences can be tough to work through, but that is all part of what makes us who we are. We are all different, yet amazing in our own way. We don’t always get along, yet we always find a way to get through it together. It isn’t always easy growing up with no parents, so I wish for peace between all of us.

36. Dear God, I pray for peace in my family. Bring us together and fill us with love. Bring us all together in a bond of understanding and happiness. Thank you for blessing my children with parents that they can love and rely on. Thank you for the gift of true love.

37. Lord, we ask You to heal and mend our relationships with this family. Help us to see the blessings and the promises we have in each other. Lord, we pray that you will lead us through this time of contention and let our family become closer as we learn to love one another. Guide us as we forgive those who have hurt us and as we are forgiven for those times that we have hurt others. Help us to see the beauty within each other and promote understanding among each other so that our…

38. Dear God, this year has been hard, trying, and a little less about love. I know we all end up angry, sad, and hurting. I know some of us just need to be apart for a while to gain some clarity. I know that it is very easy to forget how much you love some that you once called your friend or family. Please guide us with grace and fervor to understand one another. Let us ask for help when we need it this year, let us not hide the pain.

39. Dear Lord, please guide our family through the darkness. With your help, we will find the light at the end of the tunnel. Please help us to be patient with each other. Thank you, Amen!

40. Dear God, please bring peace between my brother and me. Our fighting has gone on for too long and we need our relationship to grow stronger. Please help us forgive each other and ask for forgiveness. We need you to take away the hurt, the hate, and the anger. Grant us understanding and love. Strengthen our relationship once again.

41. We pray for PEACE to be given to our family. To give them the courage and strength to resolve their differences, forgive each other for past offenses, and move forward with one heart.

42. I would say a prayer for God to give you guidance and direction. I pray to make it known that you are always in our thoughts and deepest prayers. So many miscommunications going both ways, we all want nothing more than for everyone to be happy and no one to feel hurt because of us. We could never wish anything but the best for each other.

43. Lord, our families are constantly dealing with turmoil. Help us to always be understanding of each other. Teach us patience and to use Godly wisdom in all things. Let us never resort to deceitful tactics because we simply don’t like our family members. Hold our family together because, through these blood ties, we are linked through you. And only you can bring true peace between us.

44. Dear Lord, say a prayer for our family. You said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. But we have been so far from perfect. Things have been so hard between us and we have let you down so many times. We know that you can fix broken things. You came to earth as a baby and you gave your life to take away the sins of the world.

45. I pray for God’s love to fill our hearts and create a bond so strong that we may let go of the events and feelings that kept us apart. I pray that we will learn to communicate and love one another as we were always meant to. I pray that you will feel my love and know that my heart is with you no matter how much we may be apart. I love you always and forever.

46. Dear Lord, I pray for peace between my family. Please help us to always remember the love we have for each other. Please give us patience, love, and understanding. Take away any anger, resentment, or disrespect that I may have towards my family members. Let it be replaced with forgiveness, acceptance, and unconditional love. Help us understand that without each one of my family members, I would have no reason to smile. Help us create a home filled with joy, laughter, and love. Show me how to

47. I don’t know who you are, but I know that someday we will meet. The thing is…I’m scared to meet you, not because of where I’ll go or anything like that. I am scared because of everything I have done to find you. I pray every night for peace between family and I wonder what you think of me.

48. Dear lord, grace our hearts with love today. We are not enemies, but oh how we are kin. Teach us to give each other space, to realize that no family is perfect. Forgive us for taking part in the current feud. We are one tribe, let us always strive for peace. Be with every family member who has passed on before us. Grant them eternal rest and love eternal return. Let our hearts be softened towards each other, filled with love and forgiveness. Give us patience

49. Lord, thank you for this family gathering. Thank you for the love that joins us together. Thank you for our children and for all they do to make us happy. Forgive us for all the times we have wronged each other in your eyes. So help us to forgive each other so that we may live in peace one with another today and always. Amen.

50. Dear God, please help my family to heal… reunite our hearts and minds. I have been hurt too many times by their actions and feel that they have gone too far from me. Forgive me for being so quick to judge and hold a grudge. Please provide understanding and forgiveness and may we all be able to be the best versions of ourselves as we move forward on this new path. Thank you!

51. Lord, please send your angels to surround and protect my family and friends. Send your angels to surround and protect those we love. Let us know that we’re surrounded by the unconditional love of God. Thank God, Thank God, Thank God for this most precious gift of life.

52. Oh God, in these difficult times we look to you for guidance and comfort. Remove the barriers between us and heal our hearts so we can love each other freely.


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