Best Trending Prayer For My Siblings

Prayer for my siblings is a beautiful way to express your feelings when you have no idea why your siblings have been difficult in life. This can be a difficult time when you’re sad and feel everything is going wrong. This prayer will help you pray for your sister or brother or both together.

As children, it is customary to want the best for our siblings. We want them to succeed in life and be happy. This is why it may be discouraging when they make decisions that do not support their well-being.  It is important as a sister or brother to remember that you love your siblings and desire them to live a long, happy life as a child of God.

Prayer for My Siblings

Prayer for My Siblings

1. Dear Lord, please help my mom and dad raise my siblings to be good people and good parents. I love them all so much and I know you do too. Keep them safe and let their hearts fill with joy. And let their mistakes be forgotten like the morning dewdrops on a spider’s web. Thank you, Lord, for always listening. All my love.

2. I want to thank God for the people that He has placed in my life. For all of my siblings, I hope that you all realize that I love you very much. Yes, we get into fights and get into it about things, but know that I love you with all of my heart. If our paths ever part, just know that I will always love you forever.

3. Dear God, please let my family come together again. My family is drifting apart, please help us to continue to love each other. Please give us the strength to help one another in times of need, please don’t let any of us fall into temptation. I love you all so much!

4. I pray that you are surrounded by the love of the Lord. I pray that all your hurts are healed and that God will be with you always. He is there for you in every single moment to keep you safe, happy, and whole. He never forgets you or lets you go. He loves you beyond measure. Be wise, young ones. Listen to your parents, teachers, and other adults in your life who care for you. Follow their advice when they give it to you.

5. I love you guys with all my heart, I miss you every day. Even though I will never get to hear your voices, hear your beautiful laughter or see your beautiful faces, I still feel the presence of your lives within me. Don’t worry about me or how I’m doing; know that I am okay and that even living without you here with me, I still live with you in my heart and soul.

6. There is a part of me that will always love you, that can never be taken away. You’re my brother and sister, the people I hold closest to my heart. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and do it all over again, but I know nothing will ever make up for all the time we lost. I love you both more than anything!

7. Dear God, thank you for my family. Every one of them has had an impact on me, especially my siblings. They are some of the best people I know.

8. I will keep you in my prayers and know that I love and miss you very much and think of you every day. Thank you for making me grow up and always being there for me no matter what… I’m so glad we found each other again and we couldn’t ask for a better big sister, we love you!

9. Sickness has invaded our family and taken you from us. We have all been devastated by your passing. I just know that in my heart you guys are with me in spirit every day. I love being a sister and I couldn’t imagine a life without any of you in it. You guys were always there for me and loved me unconditionally, no matter what kind of trouble I got myself into. I will miss your phone calls, your always knowing how to make me laugh, the

10. Dear Lord, I could not love my brother and sister any more than I already do. You have blessed me with two beautiful people that I can’t imagine a day without. I hope you continue to bless them and protect them in your loving arms forever, amen.

11. Dear Lord, I pray for my brothers and sisters. Show me that their gifts, talents, personalities, and differences are all designed to fit into your plan for their lives. Let me encourage them to grow in their faith and trust in you. Help me to show my love to them through action, not just words. A loving family isn’t made by chance; it’s the result of hard work, sacrifice, and most importantly love. I thank you daily for my family.

12. I pray that God makes your path straight and keeps his hand on your heart. I pray that the good people of this world guide you in the right direction and that those who bring negativity into your life are taken from you. I pray that your purpose is revealed to you, that your talent is cultivated and allowed to shine. I pray for a safe journey, a smooth transition, a clear mind, a full heart, a level head, a strong body. I pray you to stay healthy and active

13. Dear God, take the pain from their lives and ease their burdens. Protect them from all dangers and give them a long life to serve you. Bless them with a sense of peace and happiness that they may spread joy wherever they go.

14. I have become discouraged lately that my siblings are not growing closer to God. I know that the Lord has given them trials that are not being resolved in his timing, but I am also praying for God’s will to be done. They are both so close to me in every way, so I feel it extra hard when they are struggling. I love them so much and wish I could fix all their problems for them. I love them enough to speak the truth in love without them taking it

15. Lord, help my siblings always remember that they are in your hands. Bring them peace when they don’t know where to go. Give them strength when they feel like giving up. Lead them in the right direction and show them your love. Let them feel it in your arms, let them see it in your eyes, feel it in their hearts. Guide me to bring these things to them without saying a word. Show me the way, Lord! Help my brothers and sisters find their own

16. Lord, please give my siblings eyes to see things I could never tell them…

17. Lord my family is hurting; I ask you to heal their hearts and broken spirits. Grant them health and strength when they are sick. Fill them with your love when they are alone. Embrace them when the days are tough. Give them the courage to face their challenges. infuse them with inner peace when they feel troubled. Guide their paths with honesty, integrity, compassion, and courage. Let them feel your presence in all they do. Amen

18. Dear God, I pray for a beautiful day for my family. There are so many things going on in all our lives, please guide us to make the right decisions.

19. You have always been a constant beacon in this world. Through the good and the bad, you two have been a light that guides me in all I do. You mean more to me than you will ever know. I pray that God will bless both of you and keep you safe and happy for your whole lives.

20. I hope that you know how much I love you. I love that we are a family and how nice it is to have the same parents. I wish I could live with you. I pray that God gives us all a good home, happy hearts, and minds to work hard every day.

21. Dear Lord, give my siblings the courage to fight this battle. Give them strength, wisdom, and truth. Bring this trial into their lives at the right time. Give them peace of mind, that they might know you are with them even now. Bring help for my sister, strength for my brother, and healing for daddy’s heart. Please be with all of us through this hard time, keep us rooted in you, and give us the strength to endure whatever turmoil we may face in times to come

22. Dear God, please help my siblings to be safe and happy. Keep them out of harm’s way and guide them through the dark moments. Help them to see the good in everyone and bright light in every day. Make their love genuine, honest, cheerful, loyal, and kind. And give them the wisdom to make their lives bright with all these qualities. Amen

23. Prayer for my brother Josh and my sister Sophie, I love you both so much. I pray that God will grant you peace and hope in this world. Much peace and joy to your lives. Be safe and know I pray for you always!

24. Dear Lord, I pray for my brother and sister. Please help them to be safe, healthy, happy, and at peace. I love them with all my heart. Thank you, Lord.

25. Dear God, I thank you for my sisters and brother. May they find the love they deserve, and may you surround them with endless amounts of happiness every day. Help us all take care of each other and love one another as we should. Blessed be God’s will, amen!

26. Dear heavenly father, I pray for my siblings. Please protect them, guard their hearts and make them good people who are good to others. Please teach them something you want them to know about themselves. Please show yourself to them, even if it is in a dream or a feeling deep inside their soul. I pray that they will find their way and come to you like you want them to. I pray that your will and desire for their lives is executed and done through me and my life.

27. Dear Lord, I prayed that the love in my siblings’ hearts would grow stronger every day. They are helping me in my time of need and they are very kind. I love them with all my heart no matter what is in between us. Thank you for everything in my life.

28. Dear Lord, please bless my family. Watch over them and keep them safe every day. May they know your love more and more each day. Dear Lord, please bless my brother Jeremy. Please comfort him during hard times and remind him of your love every day. Bless my sister Ashley. Help her find work she loves and help her pay off debt quickly. Dear Lord, please keep my sister Niki on the right path every day. Be there for her when she is hurting and remind her of your love

29. Father, we pray for our brother and sister to find love and happiness. We worry about them and we want them to be happy. I thank you for the love you’ve given us all and to my brother and sister, let them know that we love them and hope our prayers help bring them happiness. In your name I pray -Amen

30. I pray that your life will be full of love, that you will always know the joys of family. I pray for strength for you both in this time of struggle. I pray you can find happiness in each other and make an example of love for all to see.

31. John, I forgive you for everything you have done in the past. I thank God for my brothers in Laws who are protecting my brother when he needs it most.

32. We’ve grown up in two separate families, but you are just as close to me as my own siblings. No matter the distance, I will always be with you both. We may not be related by blood but we are family. I love you so much.

33. Dear Lord please watch over my sister Stephanie and my brother Gabe today. Please give them love, joy, happiness, and most of all keep them safe. I know that it’s going to be a hard day for each of them but please help them both to realize that this is a time to be strong and happy. Please keep me in Katie’s heart and soul — filled with your love and light. I want you to always prosper in their futures. Thank you, Lord for giving me

34. Dear Lord please bless my siblings and bring them “together”- not just physically but spiritually. Bless my family and give me the strength to persevere in all that I do. Bring my siblings closer together and into a closer relationship with You.

35. I pray that my siblings may find love embodied in your love. I pray that they will view love as an act of justice to the poor, the marginalized, the oppressed. I pray that they will see your love in all their relationships.

36. Dear God, I am so lucky to have my siblings. I thank you for them every day. Keep them healthy and happy. Let them each find true love, blessings, and abundant joy. Thank you for my incredible family! Love, love, love.

37. Dear God, please watch over my brothers and sisters who have been affected by a terminal illness. We pray for a miracle to happen and the healing of their bodies so they can be healthy, happy, and normal again. Guide us as we try our best to carry on with our daily tasks. Please protect them during their travels. We ask that you help them recover from their illness as soon as possible.

38. I pray you to find love as pure as ours. I wish nothing but the best for the two of you on this new adventure on life’s road. I hope you find love as unconditional as ours, a love that stays strong, one that overcomes time and distance, I pray that your love is as powerful as our infinite love.

39. Dear Lord, I pray for my siblings. Please let them know that someone loves them. Someone is thinking of them. Though they feel no one cares because they see problems all around them, please let them know today that someone does care and really loves them despite their issues. Thank you, Lord, Amen.

40. Dear Father in Heaven, I thank you for my family and friends. I thank you for the strength and courage to go forth and spread the gospel of the Lord in all we do in this life. Thank you in advance in heavenly father for my siblings in this sacred mission in the mountains of Utah. Show them your will and guide them to follow with your divine light above. [your name], [sibling 1], [sibling 2], [sibling 3], [sibling 4]. In

41. Lord, today I ask that you send an angel down to take away all the pain my brother is feeling. Please send an angel down to take all his anger away and show him what he needs to know. Lord, I pray for my sister that she will survive this terrible disease. I pray that she will conquer this battle against her body. Come, Lord, pour your love into our hearts and cleanse away our pain. Thank you for saving me from myself and for saving me from death.

42. Dear God, please take care of Sam and Annie, and watch over them wherever they are. May their lives be full of happiness, love, and joy. Give them a healthy body that does what they want to do without any trouble from sickness or anything else. Please give Sam a leg to run on and a heart that will never be broken. Please make Annie’s life full of happiness and keep her safe in your arms. Please always help me to take care of them and protect them

43. Dear God, thank you for my brothers. Help them find peace, joy, and happiness in your arms. Guide them to follow the light of your love. Soften the hearts of all the people who hurt them so they may release their pain and anger. Send your blessings to all my loved ones so they can feel your love wherever they are.  Amen.

44. I have a wonderful family – a husband who loves me, a little girl who always makes me smile, and a sister and brother for whom I am very proud of. I pray every day for them – for their own journeys, for their happiness and health, that they come to know the joy that my love for each of them brings to my life.

45. I wish all of you happiness in your lives. I love you all very much, and thank God every day for the family that I have because you are my life! None of it would be possible without the both of you!

46. Amen. Amen. Amen. This is an extremely heartfelt prayer for my siblings. Both were born deaf and went through life with their struggles while still managing to succeed. It has not been easy, but they are doing well now, or at least I like to think so! They both may make mistakes, which is impossible to avoid if you have hearing loss, but they have always been wonderful people with heart and compassion for others.

47. There is not a day that goes by I don’t pray for you both, I don’t know the reason why our paths took separate ways, but I pray for your well beings. You are my brother and sister. You are my family.

48. Dear God, my heart is full of fear and tears as I write this letter. My little brother has cancer and I can’t help but feel so helpless. Please hold him close to you and allow him to find strength in his friends and family. Please watch over him through this fight that he may see the next day. Let his mind be at ease that for now, you are here. Thank you, God, for all you do for us.

49. Dear God, please help my brothers and sisters to remain safe. Protect them from the hardships of this world and may their hearts stay pure and whole always.

50. Dear God, please help all of my family. Give them the wisdom to choose the right careers and the health to do them. Help them to find all sorts of different hobbies so they can enjoy themselves. Most importantly, give them the courage to forgive themselves for past mistakes. Please help us to stay connected throughout our lives. Although we all might be very spread out, let us never lose our bond as siblings. Let us always be there to lift each other up in times of need.

51. Father God, thank you for those who have been placed in my life as siblings. Thank you for the times we’ve fought and the times we’ve laughed together. I pray that our relationship continues to grow and our love increases each and every day.

52. I want you to know that I love you. It doesn’t matter how old we get, or what happens in life, I will always be here for you. You are my siblings and I love you with all my heart!’


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