Most trending Birthday Prayer for My Niece

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Most trending Birthday Prayer for My Niece: Birthdays are a celebration of life and show the intertwining of family through generations. Birthdays let us know that we live in a world with birth and death, and no one can escape their ultimate destiny. We hope the birthday prayer for your niece can warm your heart and fill it with love for others, no matter how far they may be from you located on a map of the earth.

The special bond between an aunt and her niece is something that no one else can duplicate! That’s why birthday wishes for a niece are so important. It’s important to send happy birthday wishes to your niece to let her know that she has always been your number one priority. When trying to find the perfect birthday message for a niece, think about the special time you have had together over the years…

Birthday Prayer for My Niece

Most trending Birthday Prayer for My Niece

1. Dear sweet baby, I wish you love, happiness, and peace, along with every good thing this life has to offer. I pray that your faith guides you to all that is true, pure, and beautiful. I love you dearly, Auntie

2. I pray that you will always follow your dreams and that one day you will look back, proud of yourself for all you have achieved. I love you so much my darling niece, you are so kind and generous. You are so beautiful inside and out, with a passion to spare. May the sunshine upon you every day of your life. Love.

3. Dear Lord, I have always been so thankful to have a niece as sweet as you. Inside your heart, there is a lot of love and compassion for people and animals around you. You are so beautiful inside and out. Please help this precious little angel of mine to know of your love, of your perfect love for her! Make her able to express that same love to everyone she meets! Protect her from harm and let the wisdom of your spirit overshadow her forever. In Jesus’ name, we pray…

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4. There are not enough words to express how glad I am that I have you in my life. You are the most special woman I know. Your love, smarts, and beauty are so rare. I’m so happy to have you as a niece! Have the best birthday ever!!

5. Aunt Lisa loves you very much, more than she can ever express. She knows that your life will not be an easy one, but she is hoping that you’ll always know how special you are. You are so beautiful to me, inside and out. I pray to God that He will bless you with a life full of health, happiness, and love. May your life be blessed…full of joy…peace…love…and giggles.

6. I pray that you will be surrounded by love, happiness, and joy. I pray that miracles will come to pass for you every day. May you learn to spread kindness and love wherever you go so others may see your light too. I pray these things for you because I love you and care for you more than words could say.

7. I pray that you will always know how special you are and be proud to be who you are. I hope that your eyes will always see your greatness and that your heart will know no bounds. Be kind, loving, and good because if you treat others as you would like to be treated then there is nothing that can stop you from being the happiest little girl in the world. I love you!

8. How many years will pass before you see this birthday prayer for my niece, I can’t tell you, but what I can tell you is my love for you will last a lifetime. As the years go on and your heart becomes cold with each passing year, my love for you will keep it warm. I pray you find greater love in your life and when life gets tough, my love for you will strengthen your beliefs in love.

9. Dear Lord, as I find myself in the company of so many people today, I can’t help but spend a little time thinking about my favorite niece, If you could have been with me on the day of her birth, you would understand why I love her so much.

10. Laura, I pray that God will bless you with many more birthdays. I pray that he will wrap his arms around you and hug you tight. I want you to grow up to be healthy, strong, beautiful, and smart. I want the best for you. All my love!

11. Like the redbird in the branches of the tree in my dreams, I remember how it felt to be held in your arms when you were just a child. I love you more than words could ever say. I am your loving idol.

12. Dear God, Make Jenna tougher than nails, yet able to know tenderness. Help her see people’s needs before she sees their flaws. Let her have the ability to be brave without being foolhardy. Give her the strength to reach out but know when to stand back. Let her stand on a high steeple so she can look down on the masses to find the one person who needs hearing a kind word, a good word, or just a smile of encouragement, then give that person courage to speak.

13. Happy Birthday my angel. I couldn’t think of a better person to share the most important day in a girl’s life with, you are my baby girl and I love you so much! May today be filled with many more special birthdays.

14. I pray that you will never have to wonder is where you stand with God. I pray that every fear and doubt will be replaced by your powerful faith in him because he loves even the unlovely. I pray for you to understand how great his love is…

15. You are the best niece ever…trying to pick my favorite thing about you is like trying to pick my favorite ice cream flavor…impossible! You are sweet, kind, funny, amazing, beautiful, smart and the best at everything you do. You make me laugh all the time and I can always count on you. I love you!

16. Oh! God, my sweet angel baby, I pray you to know how wonderful and beautiful and special you are to me. You’re my sunshine, baby girl, and I love you so much.

17. I pray that you will always stay sweet, no matter how much life may throw your way. May you be surrounded by only the best people who bring out the best in you. May your life be full of love and joy.

18. You are my sunshine, my little girl, the light in my life! I love you so much. I promise to always be there for you no matter what your future holds. Now and always, you will be the love of my life.

Birthday Prayer for Niece From Aunt

19. Heavenly Father, I pray for the strength to shield the woman who has made my soul so alive with love. Kim, my dear niece, if it is in your heart to have another child, may you be blessed with a baby soon. A little girl would be the most welcome of all children. And if not, just know that I will always think of you as my daughter. I will always love you.

20. Dear God, I pray that my niece is safe, happy, doing well in school, and making you proud. I pray for her safety, perseverance, and success during this school year. I pray she doesn’t give up when things get difficult. I pray she knows her family is here for her whenever she needs us.

21. Dear God, I pray that you will bless Mary Katherine. She’s a special niece and we love her so much. We want the best for her and we won’t stop praying until she finds happiness. That she finds peace and joy and knows your love is real. Thank you for working in her heart and mind. Help her to know your promises are true, and steady her so she can find rest.

22. Dear Lord, surround my precious niece with your love and surround me with the strength to be the person she needs me to be. Guide her in all her decisions and give her tools to make choices that will make her a wonderful and productive member of society. Help her to always ask for help and learn independence. Teach me how I can be the best aunt I can possibly be. Open your door of opportunities for her and let your love flow through me so I can be the best example that I can

23. May you be as happy as a little child. May your face light up with sunshine as you laugh out loud. Your life will come with lots of obstacles. Don’t give up, trust in God’s guidance and all shall be well. My prayers for you never end. Love Aunt now and forever.

24. Dear God, Please help my niece -Shannon- to find a wonderful man that isn’t running from something evil. Help him to fall in love with her and be the father that you always intended them to be.  Help me to pray for her and ask you to please protect and guide them so they don’t run down the wrong path  I pray  that he will be everything she has ever dreamed of  and more  I pray

25. There is no day in the year when I think more of you than on your birthday. Every time I kiss your sweet, soft cheek when I hold you in my arms, when I watch you blow out the candles on your birthday cake, or when I hear you scream with joy.

26. Prayer for my beautiful niece on your 17th birthday. I love you so much, sweetheart! You are not only my niece; you are the joy in my life. You bring me so much happiness that I can’t even describe in words. On this day of your special day, I pray that you will always stay happy, healthy, and safe. God is with you wherever you go and He is watching over you every minute of the day

27. You are loved beyond measure. Happy 17th birthday, my precious Niece. I pray that you have the best birthday ever! I love you with all my heart!

28. Dearest. It is that time in your life when we, the oldest in your family; feel it is our duty and responsibility to say something about our niece and worthy of a printed card: happy birthday! My, you are growing fast and in a blink of an eye, you will be grown up. I look at you and see so much of me there. You can do anything you want, be anyone you want to be, but always know that no one will ever look upon

29. My dear Niece, I hope today is special for you. You bring me so much joy! I can’t imagine my life without you in it. I am so lucky to call you my niece. Your smile, laugh, and sweetheart is all that I could ever ask for… And then some! Love you!

30. Dear God, Thank you for giving me this day to spend with the most beautiful girl on earth. Please give me the patience and wisdom to help her always grow into a strong and healthy woman. Teach me how to be a better person and how to show this precious girl unconditional love. Forever and ever amen! To my niece, Hope (Hope Grace), I pray that all your dreams and wishes come true. May your life be filled with nothing but absolute joy, happiness, and love.

31. My darling little niece, when you came into this world, my heart exploded with joy. Life wouldn’t be the same without you in it. Every day brings me new reasons to love you more and more. I hope one day you can find that special person that makes your heart go pitter-patter like mine does when you’re near! May all of your dreams come true! I want to apologize in advance for all the times I will embarrass you in public.

32. All I want for your birthday is to know that you are in good health, overall wellness, and truly happy. Please know that I am very proud of you and love you very much. I’m sending many hugs and kisses in your direction today.

Happy Birthday Prayer to My Favorite Niece

33. Dear God, please bless my niece and give her a wonderful birthday. Please let her live another year and gain more knowledge and experience. Please watch over her and keep her safe from evil and harm because she is such a blessing to me. Please make sure she knows how much I love her and how proud I am to be called her favorite aunt. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost I pray all these things. Amen.

34. I want you to know I love you more than words could ever express. Thank you for being the best niece a girl could ever hope for. May God continue to bless you and protect you always. I pray that every simple wish comes true. May your dreams come true, that your future’s bright, that your heart is filled with love, that your mind is filled with knowledge, but most importantly may this coming year be filled with love and happiness! Love Always Auntie Happy Birthday!

35. Dear God, please protect my niece. Please guide her through the curveballs of life. Please lead her down the right path. Please help her to always be happy and enjoy her life. Please help her to learn how to stand up for herself without being rude. Help her choose good people who will be good friends to her always! Help her to see every day as a new adventure, with chances for excitement. Teach her that she can do anything she puts her heart into!

36. Dear God, please protect Julie this year on her journey through life. Hold her on the path of righteousness. Guard her against evil, lead her to the path of obedience, guide her steps in the way she should go. Please protect my dear niece, Julie, from tragedy. Protect her good health and caring heart, give her your strength every day of the year. All this I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.

37. You are my sunshine that lights up my days. You are the apple of my eye, the one that I hold the closest to my heart. I just want you to know that you are beautiful and kind. I love you very much for all that you do. All that matters is that I love you unconditionally. It is an honor to be your aunt. You’re so special to me and I will never forget it!

38. I pray that God will continue to watch over you every day. That every year that passes you know his love more and more. I pray that you are safe, healthy, successful, peaceful, whatever it is you need most in life. And I also pray that no matter how far apart we are or think we are, that God will bless us with the gift of friendship between one another. Nothing is better than having you in my life.

39. May the sun always shine on your path. May you always feel my love surrounding you. May happiness be with you at every step of your journey.

40. You are my favorite niece! I pray that the Lord will bless you with all good things in life. May He be your constant companion throughout your lifetime. You are growing up so fast, and I don’t want to miss a minute of it. All of my love on your Birthday and always, Uncle Simon

41. Today is a special day for my favorite niece. I have watched you grow from a little girl with so much spunk to a woman with so much grace. You are smart, funny, and beautiful. I love you with all my heart! May God bless you on your special day and beyond.

42. I want you to know that you are my FAVORITE niece! They say there is no perfect love, but our love for you is as close to perfect as it gets. I’ve known this for quite some time now… it was there in your eyes that shined like diamonds, your infectious smile that melted the coldest heart, and the silliness that never failed to make me laugh out loud.

43. My little girl, God has just blessed me with another amazing niece. Each year you are better than the last. Every year I am so taken by your sweet ways. You are filled with so much adventure and life. I hope this is a great year for you my dear, filled with many joys and smiles! Love always, Aunt Mandy

44. OMG! You are 16 already. Time sure does fly by so fast, doesn’t it? I have been so blessed to have you as my niece from day 1, also being your Godmother from the very moment they placed you in my arms. When they handed you over to me I was scared sh

45. Today you are a year older, but I hope to make you a year wiser. May you live a life full of love and laughter. May your life be full of all your dreams becoming reality, for you deserve the best life has to offer.

46. I want to tell you that I love you and miss you like crazy today. It is my prayer that God continues to bless and protect you in all that you do. I pray for your health, happiness, and all the joys of life. Whatever joys of life may be there for you, they will all be multiplied a thousand times over by His Spirit of love and peace. Just keep on doing what you’re doing….staying happy and healthy!

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