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Send her Miss You Text Messages if you miss your partner, Missing is an undying feeling that keeps intensifying with every single day. If you are really missing someone from the core of your heart, Miss You Text Messages is the best alternative. Your painful feelings and sorrows can be best expressed with missing you quotes. These quotes possess the power to soothe your sweetheart when you are far away. This is to let her know that no matter wherever you are and whatever you do, you still miss her in each and every second of your life.


Beautiful Paragraphs for your beautiful Girlfriend

Miss You Text Messages help you reveal your feeling for your loved one. When you really miss her and want her back, Miss You Text Messages can just do wonders. Love can never fade away and if you really love someone dearly, you will surely feel the emptiness in his/her absence. The Miss You Text Messages can give your loved one a sigh of relief and make her feel your presence, even if you are not there with her.

If you are missing your loved one and want to get her back, Miss You Text Messages will indeed be the best alternative. They will help you share your emotions and feelings with your loved one. In other words, Miss You Text Messages can be the best way to let her know how deeply you miss her.


So, here are some beautiful Miss You Text Messages which you would love to dedicate to your loved ones:

“I just miss him badly, and I hate being so lonely

My love, my eyes will always search and my heart will always beat for

Love happens. It cannot be made. You have to use your imagination to make it work

Love is a celebration. You may call its Christmas. It is both giving and receiving and are heartfelt

I make mistakes. I am impatient. And I am not perfect. But my heart knows how to love to the point of madness.

No one can stop me from loving you. You will be there in my heart forever, till my death, even if you stop loving me.

I never knew what love is until my eyes met yours.


I met you I never knew what love was. But now I know love is life.


If you are away from him and want suggestions for thinking of you quotes, we list down the points below. Get some ideas to use them in real life.


You can never get out of my heart. Because you are my heart and soul. I am missing you

No matter where I am and who I am with, I always feel your presence. You are there with me always

My world feels a big hollow when you are not there with me

If you were a song you would be my favorite song and I would play you on repeat every minute of every day.

Loving you is like a fairy tale coming true

Even when you are not there I am always thinking of you

Thinking of you makes my day. I will love you always.


You are the best thing to have happened in my life. I will always be grateful to God for that

I can still smell the fragrance in your hair. It is sweet and it reminds gently of you

Every time I miss you, I close my eyes. And there you are with me

I hope we get married one day and live together. I know my dreams will come true because we are meant to be together forever

Every time there is darkness in my life I see sun rays that brighten my day

I am missing you a lot

I am waiting hopefully for the time when we will be together to share our thoughts and love


When the heart is weeping in absence of someone and you feel terrible jot down a Miss You Text Messages describing your love and how much you love and miss that person. While feelings are strong and it is hard to express you need not put in too much effort to express so. Just scribble a Miss You Text Messages describing every breath of your heart and let the rest be taken care of.


I miss you quotes for him or her – long distance

I will never weep

Because you give me every reason to be happy

I really miss you, wish you were here with me

I love you, every day of my life and you know why

You are the best.



Like the bride that wants to run away

I am so deep in thoughts right now

I miss you like an orphan misses his parents

I feel so lonely without you, my heart

I really can’t wait to be with you again

I really miss you.


You are like my odd and even

You are perfect like heaven

You make me feel fly like a raven

You heat my Oven

I won’t rest till my love is proven.

Missing you lots.


Every day I am a winner

Because without you I’m just an empty container

You give me love sweeter than sweetener

In your heart I am a prisoner

With you I am no loner

You are the best Partner



I know physically you are not here

In my heart, you are near

I really miss you dear

We are such a lovely pair.

Miss you.







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