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Send her Miss You Text Messages if you miss your partner, Missing is an undying feeling that keeps intensifying with every single day. If you are really missing someone from the core of your heart, Miss You Text Messages is the best alternative. Your painful feelings and sorrows can be best expressed with missing you quotes. These quotes possess the power to soothe your sweetheart when you are far away. This is to let her know that no matter wherever you are and whatever you do, you still miss her in each and every second of your life.


Beautiful Paragraphs for your beautiful Girlfriend

Miss You Text Messages help you reveal your feeling for your loved one. When you really miss her and want her back, Miss You Text Messages can just do wonders. Love can never fade away and if you really love someone dearly, you will surely feel the emptiness in his/her absence. The Miss You Text Messages can give your loved one a sigh of relief and make her feel your presence, even if you are not there with her.

If you are missing your loved one and want to get her back, Miss You Text Messages will indeed be the best alternative. They will help you share your emotions and feelings with your loved one. In other words, Miss You Text Messages can be the best way to let her know how deeply you miss her.


So, here are some beautiful Miss You Text Messages which you would love to dedicate to your loved ones:

1. For all we have been through, for all that we have said, for everything about you and me, I just want to say, I’m missing you.

2. I am not used to loneliness until I met you, I realized I am not as strong as I thought. I miss you.

3. What has distance done to me, now I am so depressed just because you are far away from me? I miss you.

4. You have always been my love, my mission and the most interesting angel that keeps me lively all my life.

5. If you count just two steps away from my sight, my heart trembles like a mountain hit by a passionate bulldozer.

6. I don’t know why it is so that I can’t do without thinking about you all my day; you are too much my baby.

7. I miss your voice, I miss your beautiful smile, I miss your presence that is sweeter than honey.

8. You are my happiness, my joy and the one I am planning to spend the rest of my life with. I love you.

9. For everything I have in life, your presence is the best. It makes me feel comfortable with life and people.

10. Missing you has made life somehow difficult for me; I love you so much so that I can’t live without you.

11. Don’t you know you are the heartbeat that dwells in me? I can’t even imagine a day without you by my side.

12. Living in your heart is my hobby; I just don’t want you to be an inch far away from me. I love you, I miss you.

13. Whenever you are about to sleep, please close yours in the direction to dream of us. I miss you.

14. Life without brings bunch of pains in my heart, I have realized that I cannot live without you. I miss you.

15. I love that moment you started eating gala like a princess from the castle of love; but when you left I remain sad until we meet once more.

16. Loving you is my passion because it energizes my heart and gives me endless love with lots of joy as rewards.

17. Distance can kill and the reason is because since the day you left I have been in shock of your absence.

18. My life is nothing without you, I will rather not wake up again until I hear your voice once more.

19. You don’t even have any idea how much I value you, you are too special to be taken for granted. I love you.

20. I can’t deny the fact that I cannot sleep without you; I can’t deny the fact that you belong to me.

21. You are the man sent to me to put smile on my face, you are the sunshine that means a lot to me. I miss you.

22. For every single day of my life, I will always thank God for giving you to me. I miss you my darling pearl.

23. Just like a petal, you are dear to me like butter, you are full of colors; I miss you my darling husband.

24. I am shedding tears right now because you belong to me; I will forever love you until the end of time.

25. I am so much interested in you; you are the best in this world because you are the most beloved angel.

26. Continue to enjoy this world with me, I don’t want to leave for anyone else; you are my happiness.

27. For all I care about, for everything you have shown to me when we were together, I miss you. I love you.

28. Nothing is too small in value I swear, I have to come to realized that it is true, when I missed you for some minutes.

29. What is wrong with my heart that I can’t do without thinking about you, what is the reason for this strange feeling I have for you.

30. The judgment of my heart wants me to leave with you forever but distance says no, I must suffer the consequence of love. I miss you.

31. I miss you more and more every single minute, I can’t just imagine a moment without you. You are my happiness.

32. When you are not around, I am on holiday for love, passion, joy and happiness; you stole my joy away. I miss you.

33. Just like the blood runs in the body, in micros seconds my beats for you. I wonder how I can cope without in my life.

34. When the sun shines, when the moon reflects and the star are singing we love you; you are the beautiful angel they referred.

35. The saddest moment of my life is to see you walking away. Don’t want to leave you even for a while. I love you.

36. To the one I cherish with all my heart, I know you have no idea of what passion drips in my heart for you. I love you.

37. Until we meet not to depart again, not even now, not even tomorrow, I just want us to be all the time. I miss you.

38. I miss your tears, I miss your presence, baby, everything about you I miss. I can’t it, I can’t just deny it. I love you.

39. When the tears of sorrow decides not to stop again, I turn towards you to look at the face of remedy to my sorrows.

40. Where will I go to make my life better? What shall I say to make you happy every day of your life? I miss you.

41. You are my dream comes realty, you are the pencil that what attached to my destiny to right my happiness. I miss you.

42. Nothing can be as special as having the one that loves you around. Just be patient, and I will be there soon.

43. To the one I cherish, to the most wonderful queen in the world, just know that I miss you deepley from my heart.

44. Whenever you are not around, my heart bleeds, I wish you will be there to console me. I miss you.

45. I miss your smile, your giggles and your beautiful face that cares most about others. I miss you.

46. I miss that time we shared together, I miss the football show we saw together and every cinema we attended. I love you.

47. I don’t want to be a bad wife, I would have suggested we go for party in the night in the club. I miss you.

48. Until you are back, I don’t think I will stop thinking about you. you are my lady, my heartbeat. I miss you.

49. There is no reason thinking about any other thing when you are right in my life. I miss you my sweetheart,

50. For the special kind of love you show to me, I think it is high time I pay you back with hugs and kisses. I miss you.

51. There is this love I have for you I don’t think you can get it anywhere else. No wonder I cry to see you once again.

52. You don’t know the kind of love I have for you, that special love with special angel and the most interesting one indeed.

53. What can I say about you? You are just the best for me, nothing anyone else can say to convince me—I will never leave you forever.

54. Let me share the comfort of your heart by coming in to sleep, to eat and to enjoy. I miss you my love.

55. Whenever you come to my home I feel like kissing you to eternity. Hugging you until the end of time.

56. Why I wouldn’t I cry, is there any lady on this earth that can make me happy as you do? I love you my darling.

57. To my beloved lady, what do you want me to do? You are always the best for me all the time. I miss you.

58. If I can put smile on your face forever, I will do, this is because I am highly addicted to you and will always do forever.

59. Those beautiful eyes are missed, those smiles that mesmerize my heart are too far to see, I miss you my dear.

60. To God be the glory that I found someone as gorgeous as you are; you look to me like an angel descending from heaven.

61. Is there any man more handsome than you are at all? I don’t think so, I have searched the earth and the sea, no man like you. I miss you.

62. I want stand like rigid rock behind you all my life; but weakness is that powerful smile of yours, I am get melted by it.

63. You love alone I put before me, I have no other man, I have no other place to hide my head when I am tired. I love you.

64. With you, I wish to spend every single day of my life with; you are to me like a treasure found in a holy place.

65. Whenever I am around you, I am confidence enough to smile, laugh and enjoy. I miss you my humble love.

66. For what reason shall I betray you? when I was sick, you were with me, when I was tired, you were my strength. I miss you.

67. Until we meet again, I don’t think I can be happy again, you are that epitome of joy sent to me. I miss you.

68. Those jokes you crack, those funny stories of your will not be deleted in my memory forever. I love you.

69. I have signed the contract to still be with you after my death. I begged God to raise us together on the last day.

70. Loving you is just the most important thing on this earth and the reason is because you draw me close to God.

71. Let me feel the impact of my love. The most beautiful wife in the entire universe; there is no one like you.

72. I miss your beautiful eyes; I miss your well carved face and your chubby body that drives me crazy. I love you.

73. I am ready to be yours forever; I love you for what and whom you are. You are my happiness. I love you.

74. What else can you give to me? You have done almost everything a true lover can do. But it baffles me that your love still continues.

75. For what reason=on am I on earth if you are nowhere to be found; indeed, I have confirmed that I’m useless without you. I love you.

76. Never underestimate the power of love, it can drive you crazy when the one you love is nowhere fir you to see.

77. I want to touch you, I want to kiss you, I want to hug you to show you how good I am a husband. I love you.

78. You may not know the gravity of the pain your absence brings to me; but I am sure one kiss from you will neutralize everything.

79. Give me a reason to leave you and not to miss you and I will give you million reasons why I cannot do without you.

80. I love your smile, it makes me want to tear you into pieces with hugs and smile. I love you so much.

81. What is the meaning of a life without you; you belong to me and I am sure you know this. I miss you.

82. Don’t give up at any moment, always smile and remember, I will be there for you. I miss you my dear.

83. Wishing you all the best in this world and will not be tire of you forever.

84. Just know that you are missed by someone who cannot do without thinking about you.

85. Don’t forget that you are my pearl and missing you may cause me a lot. I miss you.

86. Loneliness is bad, it does not make you enjoy a full day in peace. I miss you.

87. For how long does it take you to make me smile again? please come back home I miss you.

88. You are more special to me than my favorite food. I love you like kilode.

89. I need you so much around me to keep me warm all the time, but here you are so far away.

90. What can I do to put smile on your face and make me happier? May be we have to close the distance between us.

91. Hello sweetheart just want you to know that you are the best for me. I miss you.

92. Thank you for smiling at me, you are the flower that flies with passion. I miss you my dear.

93. I felt like dwelling in you forever. You are the jewel I cherish the most. I miss you.

94. Let this world be the dwelling place for you and me to express our love. I miss you.

95. Nothing touches my heart than to see you walking away, I am always close to madness.

96. Please, grant my heart the freedom to live once again. I am so tired of this loneliness.

97. What is the meaning of every moment without you? you are so cool, nice and wonderful. I love you.

98. Put smile on this face, come home, and make me happy once again. I love you, I need you my happiness.

99. What can I do to let you know that I miss you deeply? Let me be happy once again. I love you.

100. For the past ten years, nothing has ever moved my heart like missing you. I love you my lover.

“I just miss him badly, and I hate being so lonely

My love, my eyes will always search and my heart will always beat for

Love happens. It cannot be made. You have to use your imagination to make it work

Love is a celebration. You may call its Christmas. It is both giving and receiving and are heartfelt

I make mistakes. I am impatient. And I am not perfect. But my heart knows how to love to the point of madness.

No one can stop me from loving you. You will be there in my heart forever, till my death, even if you stop loving me.

I never knew what love is until my eyes met yours.


I met you I never knew what love was. But now I know love is life.


If you are away from him and want suggestions for thinking of you quotes, we list down the points below. Get some ideas to use them in real life.


You can never get out of my heart. Because you are my heart and soul. I am missing you

No matter where I am and who I am with, I always feel your presence. You are there with me always

My world feels a big hollow when you are not there with me

If you were a song you would be my favorite song and I would play you on repeat every minute of every day.

Loving you is like a fairy tale coming true

Even when you are not there I am always thinking of you

Thinking of you makes my day. I will love you always.


You are the best thing to have happened in my life. I will always be grateful to God for that

I can still smell the fragrance in your hair. It is sweet and it reminds gently of you

Every time I miss you, I close my eyes. And there you are with me

I hope we get married one day and live together. I know my dreams will come true because we are meant to be together forever

Every time there is darkness in my life I see sun rays that brighten my day

I am missing you a lot

I am waiting hopefully for the time when we will be together to share our thoughts and love


When the heart is weeping in absence of someone and you feel terrible jot down a Miss You Text Messages describing your love and how much you love and miss that person. While feelings are strong and it is hard to express you need not put in too much effort to express so. Just scribble a Miss You Text Messages describing every breath of your heart and let the rest be taken care of.


I miss you quotes for him or her – long distance

I will never weep

Because you give me every reason to be happy

I really miss you, wish you were here with me

I love you, every day of my life and you know why

You are the best.



Like the bride that wants to run away

I am so deep in thoughts right now

I miss you like an orphan misses his parents

I feel so lonely without you, my heart

I really can’t wait to be with you again

I really miss you.


You are like my odd and even

You are perfect like heaven

You make me feel fly like a raven

You heat my Oven

I won’t rest till my love is proven.

Missing you lots.


Every day I am a winner

Because without you I’m just an empty container

You give me love sweeter than sweetener

In your heart I am a prisoner

With you I am no loner

You are the best Partner



I know physically you are not here

In my heart, you are near

I really miss you dear

We are such a lovely pair.

Miss you.








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