Letter to My Boyfriend Telling Him How I Feel – Letters for Him

Looking for Love letter ideas to tell your boyfriend how you feel? This collection of 20 romantic love letters to tell your boyfriend how you feel is the perfect answer to what you’re looking for. Letter to My Boyfriend Telling Him How I Feel.

Letter to My Boyfriend Telling Him How I Feel

Letter To My Boyfriend Telling Him How I Feel
Letter To My Boyfriend Telling Him How I Feel

1. Since the last time you spoke to me, I have been able to convince my dad for the kind of husband I want and that I will like to spend the rest of my life with. He really impressed me as he supported my view and gave me sound good words of advice and encouraged me to be good to you. My love, so congrats for you have found a new wife that will love you as you have always wanted. A wife that is willing to spend the rest of her life just to see you happy and be taken care of. I love you and will always be sincere to you God’s willing. I don’t know when you will be coming over to see my dad but never the less, anytime you are coming, just let me be notified three days before so that I will make the necessary arrangements.

2. It is my utmost pleasure to write this letter to you in order to let you get the scope that I have been missing you seriously. You need to come back home so that we can continue the story of our love in a closer distance rather than been far from each other. Although, the distance cannot make me forget you because I have once told you my mind that I truly love you and since then have never proven my statement wrong because it is an honourable one. I pray that your stay over there will bring lots of blessing, peace and harmony into our marriage. Baby, I love you and truly, I am expecting you soon.

3. When I went to spend some holiday with my mom, she really was overwhelmed by your kind gesture. Now, you should know that you have won for yourself another point to get me all for you alone. Dad also is extending his gratitude to you, he said I should greet as a father greets his son because he is already counting you as one of his children. Baby, don’t forget that I love you to the core. I love you to the extent that I shed tears before God to keep you for me to marry. Until I arrive home, I will gist you my experience. But don’t forget to get those items you promised me ready for my arrival because getting them set will have been a very good idea.

4. Tonight I was watching a love movie titled King of heart and I began to smile because there was no difference between this character and you. I began to wonder if you were the one acting or someone else. Anyway, every human has his or her own talent that God has given them. Baby, lest I forget, I want to inform you that our kids will be returning from holiday this weekend please prepare their favourite as usual because it is a deal we signed. Once I arrive with them, I will prepare your own special meal for you. I love you my dear husband and one of the reasons is because you are simple and understanding.

5. My heart has been sour since the day you left home, though at first, I thought that your leaving will be an only bed of roses for the family never realizing that it will also be a means to mourn a living person just because he is absent. Baby, my kids and I am missing you because we cherish you so much and pray that the Lord who never disappoint should protect and guide you wherever you may be right now until you return home. My mom called last night and asked about you, please try and call her back so that you can return her gratitude. I love you so much, may your journey bring lots of bounties into our family.

Love Letters to My Boyfriend Telling Him How I Feel

6. I am writing this let to tell you how much you mean to me. A person that means a lot to you is worthy of being celebrated to any length and that is the very reason why I am doing same to you. I truly cherish you my sweetheart both in your presence and absence. As soon as you come back from your day job, believe me; you will find on the dining table a very delicious and irresistible favourite baby boy’s meal waiting for you. All this is to show you how valuable and important you are to me. My sweet lovely husband, just believes me that I truly rate higher than every other man.

7. Very soon I will join you so that every other couple there will realize that you are not alone and that you have got one of the most beautiful women on earth. I will make sure that I make you proud even more than usual. You may be overwhelmed by joy to the point that you may shed the tears of passion. Baby, don’t just worry because you are meant for me and I belong to you so it is my duty to do the right thing just to bring out the best in you. Please, upon our arrival after the programme, remind me of the special surprise I have for you. I am already on my way to the biggest show in town, my regards to your promoter and colleagues. I love you, my dear husband.

8. It may not be that easy to see me right now because my father is always around these days but that does not even take away a fragment of the true love I have for you. Had it not been that you wanted everything to be the way we agreed upon, I will have told you to come around because to me he is not an issue but a father that must be respected. I must tell you this truth and it is the fact that I cherish you beyond your imagination. So no one can put asunder in what God has joined together. Forget about it, this is not just some fallacy or some uncooked beans—I am declaring to you right now that I am your missing rib so it is left for you to claim me, if truly you love me. I will be coming over to your place as soon as he leaves for his business trips.

9. I noticed something funny, since the day our daughter left for her college she hasn’t called to say hi mom or what do you suggest that I should do? Is she still mad at me’ though I am her beloved mother and I love her so much? Please baby, call her right now and inform her that mom is not happy. She just needs to pick my calls so that we may relate like mother and daughter. What about your contract’ were you able to secure your own share in it? Hmm, you know I love you so much and will love to see you smile always. Have a wonderful time over there. I love you my sweetheart.

10. Have a wonderful day, my sweetheart. What’s happening over there? It has been a while I hear from you, no call, no text or even some greetings. Can we meet at the chicken republic so that we may settle some issues between us? I am just madly in love with you and can’t stop to see you any moment from now. My regards to mom and dad, though I called them so few minutes ago and they really responded well which signifies that probably they still support that I should be your wife. You only are taking that matter too strong and it is not even a matter at all because the guy you saw with me holding my hands is my younger brother that you haven’t seen before. I intentionally reserve him as a surprise for you to be calm and stop been jealous my sweetheart. Right now, he is here with me and will like to speak with you.

Letter To My Boyfriend Telling Him How I Feel
Letter To My Boyfriend Telling Him How I Feel

11. Words cannot express the feelings I have for you. I cherish you like never before and this is just the absolute truth because even my heart cannot stop thinking about you every day and night. You just have to come around to see dad so that he will be notified that truly you are responsible. I will be coming over to your place today so that we can make the arrangement on how to please him. You know I love you so much? What about your mom and dad’ your siblings and friend? My regards to them please tell them that I said I love them so much too. Less I forget, I just have to pray for you; may your affairs in this life come with ease and blessing of God. I love you my superhero.

12. Having search around the world, dear love only you my heart has chosen to leave with. Just believe me because I don’t think that there is any space for any other man to come into my heart. That gateway has been closed for so long. You are the most handsome man I have ever set my eyes upon in this life and you mean everything to me. What about our discussion, I hope you didn’t forget that Junior will be returning from the college today? Please try and be back home as soon as possible so that we can cheer him up as two good parents. Baby, please don’t disappointment this time, just kidding because you have never made me cry unjustly before. I love you my dear husband.

13. My love, I am sorry for not been able to accomplish your request for the trip. I wish I can do so but there is something I have been hiding from you so that you may not get hurter but since it seems not telling you will not be wise I just have to let you know that, I have been hospitalized since the very day you left. I am so sorry for tell you so late. Anyway, I don’t want you to worry because I will be discharged today. I am so sound and lively now but if you are in doubt, my doctor is right here before me you can call her later to ask about my health. I love you so much and will always be ready to make you happy. Thank you, until you are back.

14. I have been expecting you but all in vain. How is the village’ I hope everyone is fine? Do you know that father came around? He quickly visited us but was disappointed that you were not around so he is back to his house since the distance is just like the throwing of a pebble. I really took your part and entertained him with lots of discussions and jokes just as father and daughter should do. I will be expecting you as soon as possible so that we can go and visit him and mom together. Baby, I love you.

15. Maybe I was wrong when I thought that I can stay alone without you until this evening, I began to miss you, miss your hugs and kisses, your jokes and stories. Truly, I wish I can just be where you are right now so that you may pour some passionate water on my heart that is burning to see you soon. Don’t forget to get me those favorite jewelries as you return; you know I love to look very beautiful for you alone? I hate looking old and it is what you know very well. I love you my sweetheart. I cherish you more than you can ever think.

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Letter To My Boyfriend Telling Him How I Feel
Letter To My Boyfriend Telling Him How I Feel

16. I wish I am where you are right now; I will have kept you warm because you belong to me and such job is my full responsibility. What pains me most is that I always wake up every day next to nobody. I am always bored and lonely, scared and worried. Baby, is it not wiser that you should return home soon? I am missing you terribly and will not let you rest until I can touch, kiss and hug my darling husband once again. Anyway, I have no choice but to send my regards to your dad and mom, your siblings that I am already jealous for their keeping you to themselves. I love you my heart.

17. Dear love, when I met you, I was thinking that you may not be able to wipe away my past pains because you appeared to me like one area boy—lolz but I have come to realize that you are a very responsible husband. I love you so much and will always do no matter the condition. No matter what anyone says your thoughts in my heart will always remain the same. I will prepare your favorite as instructed but please don’t forget to pick Sarah in school because your meal will have to be the world best. You are my precious prince worthy of been celebrated to the end my guardian angel; until you return.

18. Dear husband, I will be coming back home soon though my aim for the trip was fulfilled than expected. My mom called me some few hours ago while I was driving and said that I should greet you, she said that she saw what you sent to her. This is why I love you so much my beloved husband. You are so special to me that I cannot even spare a minute to leave you and any other woman discussing. If not because Juliana is my daughter, I wouldn’t have allowed her to stay more than a minute with you. Smile, I love you with endless passion. Be ready to spend your holiday with us because we have really missed you. I love you my sweetheart.

19. When I met you for the first time, I could not look into your eyes because it was full of light of passion, compassion and deep ecstasy. Thank God that you are my husband because in you I found the comfort that I have been searching for. I see in you a future worth leaving. Our kids are so lucky to have a father like you. As you are coming back, please be informed that a big surprise that will make you happy is awaiting you God’s willing. I love you darling and will always be with you for the rest of my life. This day, I am dedicating this time for you to show how much you mean in my life. Thank you.

20. My beloved husband, it is my delight to wish you all the best in this life; may your handwork be blessed with endless prosperity. Do you know why I am writing this letter to you? it is to inform you that our son in-law came around to greet you but I told him you are not around. He promised to return next week Monday so that we can discuss the marriage of our beautiful daughter with her. This reminds me of how you were struggling back then just to win my father’s heart to give me to you. I love you in every seconds of my life and that will never change by God’s grace. My regard to everyone over there. Cheer, yours wife the queen of your heart.




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