I Want You to Know How Much I Love You Quotes For Him and Her

If you’ll like to express how much you are in love with your partner and you do not know how to go about it. We have compiled a well writing collection of ‘I want you to know how much I love You Quotes’ for him and her.

These quotes will not only tell how much you love him or her, but will also strengthen the bond of love and keep the romantic flame burning ever always.

This collection of I Want You to Know How Much I Love You Quotes is perfect for your boyfriend, girlfriend husband or wife. Send to them via text message or on your respective social media platforms.

I Want You to Know How Much I Love You Quotes For Him and Her

I Want You To Know How Much I Love You Photo
I Want You To Know How Much I Love You Photo

1. Anytime I am chatting with you, I do have a special feeling hard to do without. I believe in you and the entire words you said to me. I believe in every single promise from you to me, now and every time I will continue to love you!

2. No one can teach me how to love you because your presence in my life is, in fact, love lessons itself. I have never come across a gem like you before in the whole of my life; when I set my eyes on you I knew you are the missing rib I have been searching for. I love you!


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3. You are my joy the only true love I have ever set my eyes on in the whole of the universe. No matter what happened between you and I; it won’t stop me from loving you even more. I just want you to know that I love you so much.

4. You mean a lot to me and that’s why I will always respect you till the end of time; even if we separate today, I will never forget those moments we have spent together because I understand that it is normal for a human to err. I love you!

5. You are my flower the treasure of joy that God gave to me; this is my opportunity to let you know how much you mean to and the special impact you have brought into my life—I just feel like to cheer you up baby—I love you!

I Want You to Know That I Love You Song

6. My dear angel, nothing can stop me free loving you from now until eternity. I wish you can open the depth of my heart so that the content of the kind of special love I have for you will last for the rest of my life; I love you baby!

7. I don’t care about what anyone says about you, what concerns me most is the fact I focus on loving you—no one else. Baby, you don’t need to panic because you are already the field flower on my mind finding its source on the fragrance of love. I love you!

8. I was patient searching for the right person, just a second to meet you I almost failed. Thank God I summoned the courage to be speaking those uncommon words from my heart to you. Now and forever my heart will be with you. I love you!

9. You are my jewel of success the one that gives me all the joy I have been searching for. I wish I can tell you the true nature of the love I have for you, then tears of passion will never cease to flow on you cheeks. I love you my sweetheart!

10. Indeed, the time has come when the light of joy and happiness will forever shine on my mind. The reason is because I found a true love like you; thank you Lord for blessing me with this angel. I love you baby!

I Want You to Know That I Love You For Boyfriend

I Want You To Know How Much I Love You Images
I Want You To Know How Much I Love You Images

11. It is my pleasure to always be with you for the rest of my life and the fact been that any moment shared with you were a fantastic privilege. You took me to a very high place—I mean a standard of where the peak of loved is felt most. I love you!

12. You are the very jewel that I have been searching for, the base of the foot of my love; no one can stop us again because you are the joy that my heart needed most at this time. I wish to let you know that I love you my sweetheart!

13. May the heavenly blessing descend upon this prince that I have before me! I adore you with complete passion and will love to always be wrapped in your large arms so I can feel the heat of passion flowing in your blood. I love you!

14. I am willing to give you the entire best thing that this life contains but it is so painful that it is not possible. Never the less, I will try all my best to make you happy so that you won’t regret ever knowing me. I just want you to know that I love you baby!

15. It is not easy all through the year searching for the right person and this gives an ultimate reason to hold you tight—never to let you go for any reason. No matter how small or big an issue is between you and me; I will never let go of you!

I Want You to Know That I Love You Girlfriend

16. You are the very reason why I am smiling as though won’t stop again. I mean it my dear angel the true gem of beauty I found in my love garden. Do you remember that blessed night when no one but you and I alone were together? I love you!

17. I will never forget that raining day when you and I were walking together holding hands in passion. I will never forget that beautiful day when tears of passion dropped from your heart—truly it really touched my heart and I felt for you because I love you!

18. You are the most interesting lady that has ever come into my life to change it from rag to gold—even with my entire wealth, I could not lead a good life until you came into my world to teach me what it takes to be calm and kind to the people. I love you!

19. My dear love, nothing on this earth can stop me from loving you and the reason is because you are a light worthy of been lit to see through the land of passion. In the dark, your face alone I see as though a shining star. Just want to say, I love you!

20. Indeed, you are my true angel in reality—that special stellar that gives me joy whenever I look into her eyes. My sweetheart, I want you to know that you are more beautiful than the goose itself. I feel you better than my brain. I love you!


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