Refreshing I Love You Text Messages and Love Paragraphs

I Love You Text Messages and Love Paragraphs

i love you text messages love paragraphs

I am Incomplete Without You

No matter how really sweet, cute, lovely

And wonderful and glorious my life may be,

It will ever be incomplete without you in it.

I want you to be mine forever, for I love you.

“Yes, you can be sweeter than the best of honey and honeycomb. You can be

Lovelier than love itself. Yes or no? You might be a wonder in yourself and

Glory might be your covering. Without the right person in your life, untold

Misery would best describe you. Isn’t that romantic enough? If only your lover

Is such to you, and you can tell them, “I am incomplete without you,”

then send the love text message above to him or her.”


You are Perfect for me

You are more than elegant and your beauty leaves me in awe. Your care even

makes me fit more than the best of clothes I ever wore. You are sweet.

“Yes, beauty can be awesome. Care can sure be more fitted than the best

of attires. Being in love with someone whose daily goal is to see you in your

best can be more of a miracle than a hard work or physical endowments could

give. Does this describe your lover? Then don’t hesitate to send it.”

You are perfect and needs no updated version.

You are beautiful and lovely even

beyond comparison.

I am glad and merry, thanks for

being the reason.

I love you.


“Ideally, many lovers out there need

updates. Some characters need to be reprogrammed or formatted off some people.

Some love strategies are just outdated. Some don’t have the romantic streaks

needed for romantic relationships. But… if your lover has got it all,

and you can say, “You are Perfect for me, then be proud of them! And send

the message above.


My Life is great with you

My life is gorgeous and great,

and you’re the reason.

Your love your care makes

every day

feels like a festive

a season for real.

I am here to say, I love


“Awesome! Isn’t it more

than luck, when you have found someone whose love and care make you more than gorgeous in all

ways? If you have anyone like that, make sure you keep them. True love is

scarce, remember. And Starbucks don’t sell any.”



I am a shinning start with you

Looking at myself I am becoming a star.

A star of love, a star of romance.

Looking at me I can see…

It’s because of a love that’s so


And that is from none else but you.

I love you.

“Yes, there are good and bad mirrors as there are good and bad lovers. The good

ones reflects you as you would as the bad ones devalue you. To have a lover

than can give all to see you grow is such a privilege – a rare one at that. If

the above describe your lover, quickly send it to him or her.”


I love my life with you

 When you look at the mirror you smile because you see your present self, but

I look inside my heart and I was swept off my feet because it reveals a

glorious future of you and me. I love my life with you.

“Ideally, every mirror – every good

ones – shows you the real reflection of you. And there are lovers like that

too. As at all times, the normal mirrors are limited to the present appearance

of every one unlike the mirror inside individual’s heart. When this mirror is

in order, it allows you to see the future in your partner. Those who have this

type of mirror don’t give up on their lovers easily. They want to stay and make

sure it works out because they could see the blissful end capable of justifying

the romantic means.”

If your lover sees the future in

you, send the love text message above to him or her.


My life is wonderful with you

Forward ever and backward never,

bonded forever and cheating never,

is how our union will be.

My life is wonderful because it has

you in it!

I love you real good.

“How do you feel when your lover makes the above statement and is ready to

guide the statement through commitment? How would you feel if he/she never

renege on his/her promises? Or wouldn’t it be awesome if every vow from your

lover’s mouth never changes for the worse?

If you are bold enough to say that

to your lover, quickly send the above love text message to him or her.


My Life is worth it with you

My life, my goals, my ambitions are all worth it because they have someone

like you in them. Thanks for being a special person that you are to me. I love

you. Mwah!

I am of the understanding that some people come into your life to make it work

while others are there to see that things go out of kilter. To be factual, many

people think about their lives now and wish they never met some people. Just

thinking about past relationships would make some people shed tears

uncontrollably. In spite of this, many relationship are still basking in the

euphoria of love because, those involves would do anything possible to see that

it works out.

Ask yourself this: is my life worth

it because I have my present lover in it? Can you look at your lover in

the face and say, It’s all because of you? If

yes, then send the messages above to him or her. If no, take this quick survey.


9. I found the perfect one for me finally. This is more than I wished and asked

for. You came more than a surprise package for me. Thanks for being mine. I

love you.


“The journey of love as I’ve seen

and learnt could be a ‘hit-it’ or ‘miss-it’ kind. And no matter how interesting

the adventure to finding the right one for oneself is, there is still a part in

everyone that wants to look out for the red signal. Of course, it’s how some

people get their soul mates and others get heartbreak instead. Okay, you have

seen him or her and the appearance looks awesome. Few minutes with them and

your head wants to get blown off. You are glad you have found the one for you

until the merriment turns a menace.


But, I am seeing yours as perfect,

even if you have heard series of heartbreaks. Here is the deal: if you are

proud of your lover, seeing that he/she is the perfect one for you, kindly send

the message above to him/her. Don’t hesitate.”10. Completeness is what I find in you. The best definition of love, is what I

see in you. I choose to not leave you for another because you rock my world my

love. I love you.


“I know the thrilling feeling and

have seen its glamorous dictates. I sure have a cutting-edge perception of its

merriment and the amorous rhythm is not far from a heart in love. I looked

around and discovered that this description is nothing but the atmosphere of

love. Yes, it could be a lifelong ecstasy and an hourly enlivenment. And the

reason your heart beats 200 times in a minute. How does the realization make

you feel? Like you are the luckiest on the earth, right? If that is it, then

the feeling is mutual – that’s how it makes me feel too! So? Copy the message

above and send to your lover. You can also paste it on his or her wall on

Facebook or tweet it at them. And, I guess you should do it now.”11. Your love is super and so much of wonders it has worked in my life. I would

have been close to nothing if I don’t have you. I bless God for this union. I

love you.


“I once have been there! No, I am

there and forever will be there. I know the awe-inspiring feeling in every

single heart in love. I know the feeling of gaiety in everything such does. I searched

around, and I found no match for this kind of feeling. When you are in love and

it appears super indeed, you just don’t want to live a day without expressing

It’s such you want to live a lifetime in. And the time comes when you

realized that you would actually not have been at your best had you not met

your lover. Is that how you feel presently? Then you have no choice other than

sending the above message to him or her as a show of your love for your lover.”12. The stars in their galaxy may be in their millions at night; but no matter

how thrilling they appear, you are more than them all in my heart. I love you,



Sometimes love makes you feel as

though your heart is as big as an elephant. It feels so romantic in there that

the best of adjectives can’t just describe and neither can the most perfect of

weighing machines could measure out its greatness upon your heart. You are just

in love and it feels like heaven on earth. You tried and tried and yet can’t

just explain why it feels so lovely. It’s such that shines inside your heart.

You can feel the brightness, even if you can’t see it. It’s awesome to see

yourself in such a realm, I sure can bet! You want to tell your lover how this

makes you feel? Then send the message above!13. I end every night thinking about how special a gift our relationship is,

from God. I couldn’t have been all that I am without you as a gift

divine. Good night.



if you must send best love SMS put these into consideration.


“Waking up, going about the business

of the day and returning home at night to sleep is every man’s daily activity.

In-between are the moments you either want to sigh in relief for a day well

spent or a feeling of disgust that it didn’t go well. Having someone that cares

so much is a reason a day could worth it. And the reverse holds true for the

one without a caring partner. Is your lover such a person that always make your

day? If yes, copy the message above and send to him or her as a form of

appreciation.”14. Even if ours is not ‘love at first sight’ I am glad it’s now ‘love at each

thought and every heartbeat’. Our love is made to last! I love you.


“It’s not always about how it

started or where it happened. The feelings might not even be that great at the

start of the relationship because not everyone feels the same way then.


But I know the time comes when you

look back, count the cost and just know it’s been worth it. It’s a time you

want to let out all the rhythms of your heart. A time you just want to give in

to love hook, line and sinker. And the moment comes you just want to shout it

out on the rooftops. Is that how your lover makes you feel? Then a round of

applause for both of you. So, what are you waiting for, than to copy the

message above and send to him or her.”15. Sometimes, it’s so hard to set goals and keep to them. But I found “loving

you the more” the simplest of goals that I achieve every day. You made it

happen. I love you.


Smiles. Yes, I just want to smile

because love is a beautiful thing if we don’t get it screwed up. Love is great,

the definitions are just limitless and inestimable are the things love can do

through you or for you. That notwithstanding, to love is more than a task we

shove in our daily to-do list. It’s more than a song we learn its lyrics and

sing along. Love is more than the skills we acquire in the college or read in

romantic novels. Of course, many read books and yet fail in expressing love or

receiving the one that would want to make them melt – you know what I am



Then finding love so easy is more

than magical. It’s more than a lifetime miracle. If it comes so easy, then

thanks to your partner who gives the room to make it happen! And what would you

do if not that you should pick love messages like the one up (there are many

others also) and send to your lover.16. There are many times I can’t explain how I love you. In such times, after

trying so hard to figure out, I’d say, “I just love you – I amazingly



“To me – and of course you should

believe – the more unexplainable the reason behind your love for your partner

is, the more adventurous the relationship become. I sure know and belong to the

school of thought that “If you can explain it all, you are limited in love.”

Agreed? Then I continue. To me, love should be a mystery that you want to

unfold daily. It should be a secret that you want to expose. When love gets to

its maximal realm, you just can’t explain it all. You are just speechless and

it makes sense more than you can verbalize. If you are in this phase of your

relationship, copy the message above and send.”17. I owe you the best of me. You deserve more than all I can ever wish for or

give to you. You are my world’s best. I love you and I will forever do.


“The journey of love is like a

fun-filled ride on a roller coaster for some while it’s like a walk in an

endless tunnel for some. The way some people’s hearts beat to the rhythms of

love is a proof that they have gotten the best part of love. The feeling in

this realm is more than the best of orators can express in words and more than

the best of artists can give a pictorial view of. If you are in this state, you

just want to be in there and not leave for a second because every other thing

in the world makes no sense to you. Is that how you feel now? Then send the

message above to your lover as a proof of your love for him or her.”18. It is true that Love takes time to develop and I am glad I had the patience

and desire to grow mine with you. I love you.



best love sms continues.


precious thing in life goes through processes. The best of Gold in their purest

form goes through the perfection processes. They just must go through the fire

to attain the level of alluringness that we see in them. I love the 24 karat

even though I don’t have one! Think about the best of relationship you see

around and I will be glad to tell you they’ve all gone through the trying

process. It takes sacrifice. It takes patience. It requires your best and it’s

no bargain as long as you desire the best. Do you see your lover as one that

embraces this process? Then be eager to send the message above to him or her.”19.

We might quarrel and even have some fights, but I will love you more. All

because the smallest of your good deeds will ever outweigh the mightiest of

your worst deeds. I love you.

“Hmmmm, I did sigh to that! Isn’t it wonderful

and awe-inspiring to receive a lovely message like the one above from your

lover? Wait, did you see what I saw? That message reads *the smallest of

his/her good deeds outweighs the mightiest of their worst deeds.*

That sounds great to me. It should sound great to

you too. Why? It’s nothing but a show of love when we are grateful for the good

deeds of our lovers, than hide it all but fight the least of their misdeeds.

So, does your lover deserve the love text message

above? Send it to him/her if your answer is yes.”

Your love makes my day more than special. It

makes me keep wondering what else it could he been without you.

Two good heads are sure better than one, as two good

hearts in love are better than one. It still takes two to tango and the best if

this comes when the two involve give in their bests to see that it works out.

Love is amazing. Love is great, Love is a zeal upon the hearts in love. Think

about all that give the heart the best of its rhythm and love will top the


Your lover really makes your day? Then don’t

hesitate to send the love text message above to him or her.




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