I Am in Love with You Text Messages for Him and Her

It is with great pleasure that I bring to you this great collection of I Am in Love with You Quotes and Text Messages for Him & Her.

I Am in Love with You Text Messages for Him and Her

I Am In Love With You Images
I Am In Love With You Images

1. Having spend much of my time with you, I realize that you are worthy of been loved and respected to the core. Your type is very difficult to find these days. You are part of a special squad of angel. I love you!

2. I have so many things I wish to discuss with you about love and passion, one of them is that you are the most beautiful girl on earth; another is that you are the sweetest lady I have ever seen in the entire face of the earth.


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3. A life lived without you is as dark as the darkest shade. A day without you spoils the whole pleasure. A minute without you is like a natural disaster to the heart. You are so gorgeous my sweetheart.

4. You are the sweetest guy ever and that fact cannot be overemphasized. It gives me endless joy always whenever I realize that I belong to you. In the land of love, you are the only queen I wish to live with.

5. You are a special princess in the land of passion and I will love to be your closest companion; I envy your gorgeous face though it belongs to me. I cannot resist the aura of your beauty yet I am tired of gazing at you. I love you!

I Am in Love with You Quotes for Her

6. I feel like dwelling in your heart so that I can enjoy the sea of passion it contains in it. I love your company because I can’t get bored whenever I find myself with you. In the freshest moment of the day, you impress me.

7. In this night hour, I am thinking about the entire moments we have spent together. Truly, it gives me joy that I cannot possibly explain. I will love you till the end of time, cherish you till you love no one else but me.

8. The love I have for you is extremely large, sweet and passionate. It is a great privilege that I met someone like you in life that made me understood what it means to sincerely give your heart out. I love you!

9. Indeed, a man like you is the best and the one every responsible woman should have. I am so much in love with you and that’s why I will always be yours no matter the condition. You are my joy and happiness. I love you!

10. No one can stop me from loving you except what has been written as destiny. I am so much addicted to you that I can’t see anything again but you. I see you in everything I do as though I am drunk in love.

I Am in Love with You Quotes for Him

11. My sweetest baby, it is my pleasure to let you know that you mean the world to me. Since the day I knew you, not even for once have you ever made me feel bad about myself. I wish I can come right away to you. I love you!

12. Distance is not a barrier between you and me in the realm of love, rather a blessing to distinguish between true love and lust. Every day, my love for you increases without any obstacle. I love you!

13. If there is any reason why I chose to be with you forever, it is because you are such a kind hearted man, gentle and mild towards all mankind. I am such a lucky woman to have found you in this lifetime. I love you!

14. My dear love, indeed there is no other woman that can take your place in my heart because you are an uncommon gem. Two of your kinds can never be found in a lifetime. I appreciate and praise myself for having as my own. I love you!

15. My dear sweetheart, last night I missed your call though very painful that I could not fulfill my promise to speak with you but I became happy again when I realized that you stayed awake to that time just for me.

I Am in Love with You Poems for Him & Her

16. Whenever I come to see you, I see a gentle and well respectful lady. I see a wife material which no one should risk losing. You are my dream come true, the only true companion ever. I will forever continue to love you.

17. It would have been a big mistake if I left a beautiful and well-mannered girl like you; it baffles me that in this era where every single child has lost his moral uprightness, you still posses this standard character that impresses me. I love you!

18. My greatest gift in life is that you are given to me as a pearl of joy and endless passion. You can’t be compared to every other lady because you are such a wonderful queen, rare to find. I just want you to know that I love you!

19. You are such a mind-blowing treasure, an essence of beauty and passion. I love you to the core for your unending love you shower on me. You are a jewel of passion, adornment and mercy from God. I love you!

20. You belong to me and as such will I continue to adore you till the end of time. The idea is that I want you to know that you mean the whole of this world to me. I want to appreciate everything you have done in my life. Thank you!

21. Living my life with you has been a lot of love and so much fun. I never believe that a special man like you still exists but now I have come to realize that it is very possible. You have proven to me time without number that you love me to the core.

22. Indeed, the best time ever is every time I spend with you. A rare husband in life, the image of your love in my heart continues to grow bigger every day. I am so pleased with you and the essence at which your love satisfies my living. I love you!

23. I use to imagine how this life will look without you by my side. How passionately you are built with the best of beauties my dear angel. I can’t take off my eyes on you because you are too beautiful. I love you!

24. You are the jewel of joy which I am divinely endowed with, that beauty pearl my eyes cannot stop gazing at. You are a special angel of admiration and adornment. I wish you the best in this life because I so much love everything about you.

25. The most interesting man ever, I am pleased to inform you that I could not sleep throughout yesterday because my mind was voluntarily thinking about—don’t worry because It was my pleasure. I love you sweetheart!

I Am in Love with You for Boyfriend

26. Bravery is not only when you can fight fearlessly on the battle field but also when you can live your heart to love someone special in an unconditional way. I am that brave heart who is ready to love you till eternity. I’m in love with you!

27. The light of my heart is always becoming brighter because I chose to be you. I am now a new person since the day you stepped into my life; what a wonderful lady are you that you were able to take away my past pain? I love you!

28. Since the day I set my eyes on you, everything has changed about me. I now see this life as simple as it is. My joy is found in you and will forever be observed in my heart. Baby I want you to know that you are special.

29. My joy, it is a great pleasure that I want you to know that you are the only girl on my heart. I am sincere with you just as I want you to be with me. In this life, the luckiest people are those who found the right person as their spouse. I love you!

30. I can’t just understand why everything about you is so pleasing to me. Every day and night, my heart will remain folder until I set my eyes on you once again. I so much love than you can ever imagine.

I Am in Love with You for Girlfriend

31. You mean the whole of this universe to me and I hold you in a very high esteem. To this end, I am assuring you that no one can replace you before me because I am already deeply in love with you—my sweetheart!

32. In no time, you will realize that no one among millions of men can love you as I do. I mean it because I was able to measure the depth of my love for you and the result was endless. It is a painful phenomenon to not find the right person in life but that God you are right here before me. I love you!

33. Can I tell you something special about love’ what else can I tell you about love when you are right here before me. I cherish you so much with all my heart and will like to be with you until the kingdom comes.

34. A cheerful face is better than millions of frowned faces; this is the reason why I love to see your face every day because it is full of light and smile. I salute your excess beauty my dear angel. It is my pleasure that you belong to me!

35. I want to fly away with you to a very high place where no other human will be there. I want us to play the stages of our love story all alone without any intruder. I want to spend the rest of my life with you my sweetheart!

36. I love that feeling that descends on my heart whenever I am wrapped in your arms. I feel so great whenever you touch my hair. In my life, I have signed to spend the rest of my life with a passionate man like you. I love you!

37. Indeed, loving you will be the most interesting thing ever to me because you are so special. I wish to be like you so that I can love everybody unconditionally even in the darkest of the hours of this life—I love your life style baby!

38. Since the day I was born, I have never set eyes on a beautiful lady like you before; from your head to your toes, I can see endless beauty. I can feel a passion that captures many hearts and assembles them in a cage of love.

39. You are a soldier of love and you so much defend the city of love called heart I have in me. In every battle, there is a bounty—you are the bounty of the love battle I engaged, therefore I will not joke with your matter.

40. It took me five years to mourn myself from a broken heart I experienced from my ex. Then I refused to fall in love until now that I set my eyes on you. I struggled never to fall in love with you but couldn’t help at. I love you!

41. I love you my sweetheart, the most interesting person that has ever come into my life. I appreciate you and everything about you. I dedicate a great part of my heart for you, and will like to spend my entire time with you.

42. It is not possible to forget the one you truly love and no matter what transpires between the both, they will always find a way to agree once again. I forgive you of all your mistakes just as I want you to do the same for me. I love you!

43. I have so many reason to show you how much you mean to me; your sweet smile, your wonderful laugh, your beautiful face, your innocence and kind heart will make me love you to the end.

44. You may not know how great I used to feel whenever you hold my hands. It occurs to me as though you are holding my heart with the softest and cleanest hand among millions of women out there. I love you my angel!

45. Truly, I can’t imagine a life without you because it will because so sad to experience. You are my missing rib and that’s why I am now complete having you in my life. You are my heartbeat, joy and most beautiful angel.

46. Whenever you glance at me, my heart melts for you and therefore can’t tell why I am swept off my feet. I love kissing you because it gives me this great feeling of satisfaction and a fulfillment of covenant been my wife. I love you!

47. I love you; I love your face and your entire existence. I love the way you make me happy, I love your smile and the light that emanates from your eyes. You are a super hero, rare gem and the most beautiful treasure.

48. I can live without money but I can’t live without setting my eyes on you for a second. I am addicted to you and that’s why you will always be needed by my side. I cherish you with my entire heart.

49. I want to go deep in love with you because in any way you are not a treat. I love you more than you can ever think. Now and forever your thoughts will always roam on my mind because you are a special person.

50. Loving you is a special feeling which I will love to continue forever. I mean it when I told you that I love you with all my heart. You are my dream come true the one I have been searching for. Baby, the idea is that you mean the world to me and I love you!


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