Have a Good Day Quotes for Him and Her – Good Day Messages

Sometimes we need someone to give us some words of encouragement to have a positive day ahead. These inspirational words push us to do our best in whatever we do or wherever we may find ourselves.

This is a collection of 70 Inspirational Have a Good Day Quotes for Him and Her. These quotes are perfect ways to encourage someone to start the day in a bright way. Sending these good day messages to boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, friends and colleagues will surely make them happy.

Have a Good Day Quotes for Him and Her – Good Day Messages

Have A Good Day Quotes For Him And Her
Have A Good Day Quotes For Him And Her

1. For your dream to come true, you have to summon the courage to achieve them. You need to pursue your dreams to the end and you will smile later. Have a good day!

2. Find every good reason to be happy forever. Cheer up, my good friend. No condition is permanent. Have a wonderful day ahead.

3. Every day cannot be the same, sometimes we are faced with challenges, sometimes we find ourselves in the most beautiful situations. Be prepared.

4. If everything is going on smoothly, thank God and if things are not okay with you; be patient.

5. The early bird eats much, so if you do the right thing at the right time, definitely you will find the right result at the right time.


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Have a Good Day Quotes for Him

6. You are better than millions of people out there but you won’t know until you take the right measure. Have a good day my prince charming.

7. Success does not come so easily, if you try before and it does not work—try it again it may be that it will work and benefit you for the rest of your life. Have a lovely day cuty.

8. Do have the best of your times in this world because of you really worth it. Everything will always be fine if you believe.

9. Never give up, never let your head pull you down, keep on moving and motivate yourself constantly. Have a good day.

10. You may think that something is hard until you tried it and it was done easily. Do not judge from far because it can kill your dreams.

Have a Good Day Quotes for Her

Have A Good Day Ahead
Have A Good Day Ahead

11. Whenever you want to think, please do it critically so that you may not make mistakes. The leaders of the past succeeded because they governed carefully. Have a lovely day my queen.

12. You need to tie your belt very well until you are firmed at what you do. There are many negative thinkers out there to avoid them. Have a good day angel.

13. In order to become a champion, you need to believe in your abilities even though people find it difficult to believe in you.

14. Always remember that sometimes, you will have to face a lot of challenges before you succeed in whatever you are doing.

15. Higher achievers aimed high and follow their dreams through to the end until they reach the height they have been waiting for.

16. Be disciplined because those who do are always at the top. They are the champions that no one can compete with so easily.

17. This day will be cool only if you want it to. The way you start your day, that’s how you may end it. Always start your days with a smile. Have a lovely day ahead.

18. A smile is enough gifts to put a smile on people’s face. Be kind to those around you and always try your best to be happy every day. Have a good day.

19. You can become the best if really want to. The most interesting people are cheerful and earn respect from other people. No matter what, just try and be good.

20. Pride is the enemy of progress. Try to free yourself from it so that your life will be well lived. It is not a crime to be humble. Humbleness brings grace to you.

Have a Great Day Text Messages

21. The most loved people are those who have a pure heart, behave gently, talk softly and deal with other people with respect. Have a great day ahead dear.

22. Been good to others doesn’t mean that you are a fool; it only shows the power of your sincerity and sympathy for humans. Be strong and never give up on the good thing you do. Have a great day!

23. No one can win you so easily until you allow them to do so. If you are beaten today, it does not mean that you won’t defeat tomorrow. Have a good day.

24. Life is full of ups and downs so always be prepared and expects disappointment at any time. You can’t always win, sometimes you will fail.

25. If you are defeated for today, don’t worry, it is temporary the only thing that makes it permanent is when you accept that is it so.

26. Be content with what you have but do not lose focus in searching for what you really want. Great people achieve a lot.

27. It is how fast you go but how well you are pushing it. It is not how far but how good you roll the rod. One day, you will find a good reason to smile. Have a great day.

28. Each morning comes with its special bounty but if you don’t push hard, you may end up not having a share in the bounty. So be smart!

29. Success comes to those who are ready for it, those who never fail to plan. If you want to be celebrated, then you need to work hard since ten years ago.

30. Do not feel bad when everything is no going on fine the way you plan, it may be a blessing in disguise, yet you are upset.

Have an Amazing Day Quotes

31. You are so down because you tried to become a great entrepreneur, but a man failed more than eighty times yet he never gave up until he achieved his goal. You can do better. Have an amazing day ahead.

32. Determine an idea, think about it, dream over it, do it and one day you will find a very good impact on it. Wishing you an amazing day ahead.

33. Chase your passion, it is for sure that one day you shall meet it. A man was on a journey and he said: “I will never give up until I reach my destination.” Do have an amazing day.

34. There are two types of traders, one looks through the window and sees darkness, the other looks through the window and sees light. What kind of merchant are you?

35. What you believe in really matters most. If you have a dream in which you are intending to pursue, try and be firm about it because soon, your joy is coming.

36. No one has been able to impress people as that man who dedicate his life to change the world. Be a man of honor and drop a legacy before you leave this world.

37. It is not easy become somebody in life; do not allow anyone to entice you with fallacy. But remember, if you don’t give up things will be fine soon.

38. I have seen a lot of great men falling and one common thing about them is that they failed to be humble. Please, be lenient on your way to the top of the ladder, so that you will stay long on it.

39. Always be enthusiastic because success works between one failure and another until gets tired and becomes a permanent success.

40. Whenever you see a successful person, never judge by the outlook but imagine the private sacrifices that they have undertaken.

Have a Wonderful Day Quotes

41. Try to become a person of value rather a person of success. A person of value has time for every other person around him but a person of success is only concerned about succeeding in life. Have a wonderful day.

42. Do not joke with your present because it is very important. Let me tell you a secret—twenty years from now, you will come to blame yourself for things you did not do when you had the opportunity. Have a wonderful day ahead.

43. Doing much is not the main idea, the main idea is doing it well even when it is less. Do the right thing, it is better than plenty junks. Have a lovely day Ahead.

44. If you want a permanent improvement, start focusing on what matters and stop focusing on unnecessary things.

45. Yourself desire is very powerful so you need to be careful about how you use it. Don’t you know that the greatest man on earth has been able to conquer his self desire?

46. If you want to be great, then you need to be really determined. Don’t end up living your life and at the end discover that it was just the length but not the value.

47. Get yourself started by motivating yourself. Your habit really matters because it keeps you going. Do not fear failure but the success that don’t really matter.

48. Think of one thing you know you will never fail if you do. Keep doing it, thinking it, becoming it until it totally becomes the success you have been waiting for.

49. No matter what, just try and be talented at least in one thing. You will surely succeed if you learn how to listen respectfully and think truthfully.

50. Your resolution to success is more important than any other one thing. Keep pushing forward and never give up your hope until you achieve greatness in life.

51. Successful and unsuccessful people very little in their capacity, the ability to think and desire for good and the inability to see and act for good.

52. What is your greatest desire’ to joke with your life or to be serious about it? Your answer will determine how much your level of maturity has reached.

53. This world is not for children but for great men no matter how old or young they are. You need to make yourself important before the people.

54. Don’t always depend on logic alone, remember imagination can take you to almost everywhere in life; you are stronger in personality than the way you think.

55. Do not condemn yourself, success may not be close but one thing is for sure—if you continue to try your best, a day will come when everything will be fine with you.

56. Your success is just a minute ago. You can only reach it if you add more minute to the time you spend on what you do. Believe me, in no time you will find a way out of all your problems.

57. Be patient with yourself. Don’t kill yourself with sorrow and unnecessary worry. You can still be the champion you have been aiming to become.

58. Failures in life are as a result of people not knowing how many inches that separate them and success. They failed to push forward and ended up planning to fail.

59. Be contented to your action, be nice to yourself and the people around you—just try and forgive yourself so that others around you will benefit from your cheerfulness.

60. You may not be able to find what you want at the right time. See, let me tell you something “it is not always easy for anyone, it is all about patient”.

61. Success is not always easy but it involves small amount of efforts day-in and day-out until it becomes ripe and burst on your daily life.

62. The road to success is like blowing of balloon, if you can be careful and follow the right measure then it will last for the rest of your life.

63. In order to achieve success in life, you need a burning desire to want to achieve it. As at this point, your courage will automatically develop and make you equal to the task.

64. Good is fine but if you can give it up for the best, it is better. The new role you play in your life should be better than the previous one.

65. You will find out that the harder you work, the better the door to success opens for you. Forget about instant success, it is made only for lazy cowards.

66. The strangest secret is that we become what will always think most of the time. Is this not wisdom enough to learn?

67. You cannot do it alone you need the help of people around. You need a wonderful set of people who will help you achieve your goal together.

68. Your success can be measured by the kind of effort you put. Your determination to become the best in life is absolutely correct, so never give up at all.

69. The successful people never brag around showing their insecurity to the people. What really matters most is to be good at what we are doing in secret; our success will speak for itself.

70. There is no need to condemn yourself thinking that everything is turning against you, the most beautiful thing in life is to have a good reason to celebrate. No one is celebrated unless he is ready to be celebrated.


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