Happy New Month Prayers Text Messages and Wishes

Happy New Month Prayers Text Messages and Wishes

Happy New Month Messages.

happy new month prayers and wishes

Hey, friend, we made it again, it’s another opportunity for us to get it right once small, let’s prepare ourselves for abundant favors in this new month, may we continue to have cause to praise Almighty God from dawn to dusk. Happy new month.


I will like to welcome you into endless favors and blessings, may good health never leave you and your family this new month and beyond, wishing you all the best in all your doings this new month. Cheers!!


Forward and backward never, as we enter the new month may God power connect you to your direct helper, may almighty God place you on the right path to success, happy new month my dear stay shining.


These are my wishes for you this new month blessing, divine favor, good health, peace, happiness, success in all your endeavors, happy new month friend. Stay cool.


All that you have wished for in the previous month that you couldn’t get, all are coming to you in abundance this new month, my dear brace up for unbelievable breakthroughs, you will be getting a bumper package this new month, happy new month sweets.


In this new month the Lord will continue to bless you, you will make twice of what you got last month this new month, you shall not want, you will prosper, anything you lay hands on will multiply, so am going to advise you to start handling some hard currencies haha!, happy new month my friend, wish you and your family the best this new month.


For it is written in (Rev 3:8) I have set before you an open door and no one can shut it, in this new month all shut doors in your life have been opened, there shall be an overflow of blessings and favors. Brace up, man. Happy new month.


In this new month everything you touch will work, I decree in your life that abundant favor shall not leave you and your household anymore, keep soaring high, happy new month.


Success comes to those who are ready to work for it, so as you enter this new month everything will work for you, you will have your desired result, and God blessings will embarrass you. Amen!!. Happy new month.


May God bless you with what you have prayed for this new month, may God grant you with what you couldn’t accomplish last month, may God surprise you with what you least expect this new month, have a blessed month.


Happy new month brother, may this new month bring you joy and blessings, may you and your household be lifted, protected and above all excel this new month.



In this new month, nothing good shall stay away from you and your family, that you couldn’t complete last month will be completed this new month, welcome to the month of blessings and breakthrough, happy new month.


Before the end of this week, your family will rejoice courtesy of good new coming your way, your friends will congratulate you, your neighbors will say I want to serve your God, your enemies will have no choice than to celebrate with you, your hater will appreciate God for your life, this new month you will break barriers, happy new month.


It’s very easy for grass to grow, it’s also easy for fish to swim, even the birds in the sky have no problems flying miles, so shall it be for you this month, any work you do will be easy for you, like a piece of cake, trust me, we serve a living God, you shall face no problems whatsoever tackling issues this new month.


This new month the Lord will visit you with surprises you have always wanted and even more, he will provide for you before you even ask, he will supply all your wants and needs, he will bless you with good health, these are my prayers for you, happy new month.


This new month your disappointments will turn into favors, start to rejoice because of joy, peace, honor, wealth, victory is all yours for the taking, happy new month boss.


I will always pray for your success dear

Happiness and prosperity shall be yours
I hope this new month brings you everything you desire
Happy new month.






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