Happy New Month Messages for Brother/Sister

Brother and sister are known for this genuine Tom and Jerry love. Even when they both know that they love each other, they still choose to quarrel or fight here and there. They funny set of people, so loving, wonderful and nice without compromise.
You can now select from these set of wonderful messages to send to your brothers and sisters. You may also love some of our messages we have written previously: click to see full post.

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Happy New Month Messages for Brother/Sister


Happy New Month Quotes for Brother

1. My dear brother you know you are my best friend and that’s why I am wishing you the best this month.

2. You are such an interesting sister and as such I pray for your uplift this new month.

3. You are the most beautiful sister in the world. I just want to say happy new month.

4. You are the most beautiful friend and sister in the entire university. Happy new month.

5. As the moon of the last month switches over for the new moon of this month, so will your past pain be replaced by happiness!

6. I just want to quickly say happy new month to the most beloved brother in the world and wish you the best.

7. Your happiness will continue to last forever and this new month will bring you peace. Happy new month.

8. Happy new month to my wonderful brother, I beseech the mercy of the Lord on you this month.

9. I ask the most awesome God to protect you against all evils and put endless smile on your face.

10. Happy new month to my beloved sister, may you find everything easy now and forever.

11. Happy new month to my damsel sister, may you continue to see happiness in your life.

12. Your happiness will have no limit and your success will continue rise above your expectation happy new month.

13. May you find endless success now and forever, I just want to say happy new month my sister.

14. In the whole of this world, I have not seen someone so special and caring like you. Happy new month.

15. I pray that your success will have no bound as you made it to this special month. Happy new month.

Happy New Month to My Sweet Sister

16. As the month extends in its length, I am pleased to wish you what anyone has not wished you before.

17. Happy new month to the most handsome brother on earth, a gem of love and happiness. Success God’s willing.

18. Since the day I was born, you have always been my best friend and beloved sister. Just want to say happy new month.

19. Your success in this new month will continue to multiply until you say God it is enough. Happy new month.

20. You may not know how much you mean to me but bear in your mind that you are the best brother ever. Happy new month.

21. Caring for you is my number one priority and wishing all the best is like a honey chocolate in my heart. Happy new month.

22. You are the only companion that keeps me strong; truly sister I miss your words of wisdom. I beseech the blessing of the Lord on you.

23. I pray that your entire lifetime be endowed in peace and harmony as we open new chapter in this month.

24. Wishing you one of the most beautiful moments that this month can bring. You are awesome. Happy new month.

25. You are the best friend in my life; believe because from the nooks to the cranny of my heart, I am wishing the best.

26. This new month will be a source of your largest income, claim it and see it happening immediately.

27. My life I wish to spend to see my brother excel in life; I love you as my blood and remember that blood is thicker than water.

28. Believe me my dear sister, the most wonderful companion that eyes have seen before. My beloved brother. Happy new month.

29. I love you with all my heart because every moment shared with you come with lots of happiness and wisdom. Happy new month.

30. My prayer for you at this very moment is to see you smile every day and night. I just want to say happy new month.

Happy New Month Sms Messages to Brother

31. May you find peace and harmony in everything you believe in; may your beliefs lead you to success.

32. The new moon is here and new sunshine smiles at everyone, I hope you noticed that too? Just want to say happy new month.

33. I just want you to understand that you are the most amazing sister in the world so you should have an awesome month ahead.

34. New month new success and new prosperity. I wish you a fantastic happy new month without compromise.

35. Your eyes shall be filled with lots of goodies this new month so believe it and it will happen.

36. The best sister in the world, the most beautiful jewel that my eyes have seen ever, I wish you all the best.

37. Anytime I realize how kind you are, it baffles me that someone as special as you are still exist. Have a remarkable month ahead.

38. In the realm of success may your name reign as though the world will end no more; happy new month dear brother.

39. You are the best gift and uncommon companion that the Almighty granted to me to change my life; what a wonderful role model. Happy new month.

40. With you around me, some special blissful air blows in my heart. They are not just air but that of success I see for you. Happy new month.

41. May you find peace in your heart on this special day that begins the new month of love and happiness!

42. You are special, wonderful and lovely. I wish you all the best now and for the rest of your life.

43. There is no doubt that we are divinely brought into the world of our parents, my dearest friend. Wishing you a great month.

44. It is my pleasure to say happy new month to the most handsome brother on earth; may you find peaceful moments all through the month.

45. I may not be able to give you what you need but I will always pray for your success as a sign of the ocean of passion I have for you.

Happy New Month Text for My Brother

46. You are my darling sister, my closest companion and the most beautiful ruby in the garden of beauty. I just want to wish you happy new month.

47. This month is full of delight and compassion that bring joy to the heart. I wish you the entire virtues that come with it.

48. Your life is very important to me and as such it is my wish to see you excel in this life and any other world possible. Happy new month.

49. There is no day I don’t pray for your success because you are simply the most adoring sister in the world. Happy new month.

50. I love you so much that I can stop begging God to bless you for us. Happy new month my dearest.

51. Your day shall be blessed with new happenings and crowned in lucky and prosperity. Happy new month.

52. This month is full of colors and goodies; I pray that you should find peace and harmony in your heart.

53. You are wonderful and I will never forget you until the end of time. Happy new month.

54. As my sister, you are the surest friend I have and for this reason I am wishing all the best in this blessed month.

55. Wishing you a gracious month ahead and may the Lord bless you abundantly as you made it into this month.

56. You are the most beautiful sister in the world, so shall you be in my heart forever. More grace my dear sister.

57. Dear brother, may you find it easy to overcome every obstacle in your way to success. Happy new month.

58. You are the most handsome friend I have ever seen, as your sister I want to always see you happy. Happy new month.

59. I beseech the Lord to protect you against all evil and bless you with everything you desire in this month.

60. We have just entered into another month, new sunshine and new moonlight be blessed with new happening.

Happy New Month Message to My Sister

61. As we signed up into the new sunshine, I pray that your happiness shall increase beyond the imagination.

62. I am happy to say happy new month to the blessed sister God gave to me. I am so happy to have you.

63. Wishing you the most beautiful success anyone has ever achieved; may your new job benefit you.

64. You shall be raise above your enemies in this new month and your standard will be erected in grace.

65. The Lord shall have your time this day and bless you with endless joy and happiness. Happy new month.

66. I don’t know how to thank you to the fullest but believe me you are superb. Wishing you a wonderful month ahead.

67. I love you more and more and wish that everything you lay your hands be filled with blessing.

68. I beseech the Lord to protect you and guide your steps to greatness, make your ways as pure as the snows.

69. May you find coolness in your heart as the coolness of the rain when it drops on the earth happy new month!

70. May your days be as sweet as the chocolate and pure as the white sand; just want to say happy new month.

71. Your life shall be blessed by the mighty Hand of the Lord this month. Your interest shall be protected against all evil.

72. As we wake to see the sun of the new month so shall we sleep to see the end of the month! Happy new month.

73. I wish that the Lord should bless you with endless joy and success. Happy new month.

74. Your eyes that shine in light shall have no reason to become dull anymore. Happy new month.

75. You are special, cute and wonderful and your Lord shall bless you until eternity. Happy new month.

Happy New Month Wishes for My Brother

76. This month comes with blessing, success, joy and happiness may you benefit from all. Happy new month.

77. You are the most beautiful girl in the whole of the universe, I also ask God make you strong ever.

78. Just want to say a very big happy new month to somebody that really means a lot to me. Happy new month.

79. I am happy that you are my brother, a gem of love, happiness and success. Happy new month dearest.

80. I wish you all the best my darling angelic sister. Have one of the best months ever as we sign it up.

81. Just like the flow of the electric current in the life wire so shall your success flow without obstacles.

82. You are dear to me so much and I will always stand to protect you as my darling sister. Happy new month.

83. Let the blessed rain of this new month wash your pains away and draw you closer to God.

84. Let this blessed month give you the best you can ever think of and bring joy to your heart.

85. Let the blissful gift of this new month benefit you now and for the rest of your life. Happy new month.

86. Let the power of the Lord that has no ending purify your soul now and forever. Happy new month.

87. Let the joy that has no bound descend on you and your children including your husband. Happy new month.

88. Let the happiness that has no ending shower your entire household as we enter another month today.

89. Let the rain of success and joy becomes yours now and forever. Let the Glory of the Lord entertain your interest.

90. Let the peace that calms the heart descends on your you and your progeny now and forever. Happy new month.

Happy New Month Best Wishes for My Sister

91. Now and forever your heart will be filled with lots of joy and happiness. I just want to say happy new month.

92. Now and forever may you find endless peace and harmony anywhere you go; I beseech the protection of the Lord on you.

93. Now and forever I will always cherish you for the blessed sister that you are and your friendship will last forever in my heart. Happy new month.

94. Now and forever your success will continue to multiply and your joy will always be standard. Happy new month.

95. Now and forever, you will be uplifted beyond your expectation and your joy will find every reason to last until the end of time.

96. Now and forever, everything you lay you hands will not have choice than to come with ease. Happy new month.

97. Now and forever, your smile shall grow without ending and the peace of your mind will not cease again. Happy new month.

98. Now and forever, everything you have ever lay your hands will begin to bear fruit and your effort will be crowned for you.

99. Now and forever, you will be named among the most successful ones in the world. Just want to say happy new month.

100. Now and forever, the joy that the most successful man on earth has not experience will descend on you. Happy new month.

happy new month messages for brother/sister

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