You must be in a relationship and you are enjoying your partner yet you don’t know how to make your partner happy or even show your partner how happy he/she has made you through the past months.

If you feel anything for your partner, learn to always appreciate your partner cos it will make him/her happier.

These are 2nd monthsary messages to keep your partner happier around you now and always. Just try them and see how you will gain more love and care from your partner.

Happy 2nd Monthsary Quotes For Boyfriend And Girlfriend
Happy 2nd Monthsary Quotes For Boyfriend And Girlfriend

1. Anniversary is a time to celebrate the joy of today, the memories we have share since this past two months have been the best in my life, and I pray it never ends.

2. Happy anniversary love, this past two months has been a wonderful month, you gave me every reason to believe in love.

3. For all this time I have been putting all this puzzles of my life, trying to fit things where they supposed to be then I realized, the last piece is you.

4. Having you in my life this past two months has make me want more of you. I wish to remain with you in this life forever.

5. A successful relationship always requires falling in love many times, but with same person,

6. Baby from the first time we met I was having doubt about us, past this two months all my doubt has been clear, I now believe we are meant for each other.

7. Three months ago I was feeling sorry for myself, that I have not nothing. Since two month ago that you came into my life, you make me feel like I have the whole would in the palm of my hand.

8. Baby is this two months your love has been the best refreshment in my life.

9. There is no feeling more comforting and consoling than knowing you are right next to me, what am trying to say, you make me feel like a boss pass this two months.

10. Happy anniversary to the one I will always want to remember, even when am sad you always look for a way to bring smile to my face.

Happy 2nd Monthsary Quotes for Her

11. There are millions of women out there but none of them is as sweet as you for the past two months, you have showed me what love is all about and am willing to spend the rest of my life with you.

12. All my life I kept wondering why am so unlucky to meet a good woman but when I found you, you are so different from the rest of them, then I realizes that God was taking his time to make a wonderful woman for me.

13. For the past two months you have given me all that I have been looking for all my life and I pray that it continue in this manner till the end of time.

14. Happy anniversary my beautiful queen, am so happy to have you in my life infact am the luckiest man the world, I don’t know what I would have done without you in it.

15. You have no idea how much you make me smile, how much I love you, for the past few months words can’t not explain how I am feeling about you, you are my raw Gold.

16. My king there is a smile on your face knowing that together we will conquer everything that is in our way. We are better than alright.

17. My love if I start to explain how much you mean to me, I may never get the chance to finish, for the past two months you have been there for me even when the world turn their back at me.

18. Well, I wonder where I would have been if the God hadn’t heard my prayers, the ones I said before I found you and the day I found you in particular. You are my prayer answered.

19. I am jealous of everyone who is with you, when I wasn’t there with you. But now that am with you, I feeling that all my wish has been complete because I will be lost without you in my life.

20. Lots of people want to take the ride with me but it was not possible because they all ran away but you never left me, you stood by me when I had nothing and gave me so much love.

Happy 2nd Monthsary Quotes for Him

21. We are just ordinary people, we don’t know which way leads forward, but with you by my side I am willing to take the sailing of unfamiliar seas.

22. Happy anniversary Handsome, am so happy you are mine, I always have hope in you, for the past two month I have traveled to different locations with you no matter how dangerous it was and what I need to left behind, I still follow you to the end this is to show you how much control you have over me.

23. My loving Boo you are more than a man, I as God for a man, he gave me kin, you have shown me the through meaning of love.

24. My love, you took me in when you know my weakness and known that am not innocent, but you have never used then against me, rather you show me so much love as if I was innocent.

25. My princess, what can I do without you all my friends has been laughing at me, you stood by me and make me feel like a king.

26. For the past two month, I have been fill with a million feelings, a thousand thought and a hundred of good memories all because of you and your lovely kind heart which you have given me.

27. In the burning fire of my transgression I am not all I hope to be, yet somehow you find magic by believing in me.

28. I can never forget our first kiss we had undo it wasn’t my first kiss, but it was different from all, it a kiss of promise assuring me that all will be well.

29. Sometimes talking to you is the only therapy I need I can’t imagine life without you in it God gave me more that I ask for, you are a dialling.

30. I grew to wonder what my purpose in life was and many time I questioned my every existence, then I realize my purpose in this life, is to be by your side at all time.

31. For the past two months now I feel very confident that we will make it through. Though we fight a lot I know that we will be together forever and ever.

32. Without his love I can do nothing, for the past years I have been praying for God to send me my missing rips I kept searching then God send you to me not just to be my boyfriend but to be everything I have ever wanted.

33. Loving you is a battle that I will never surrender, because you have showed me and give me purpose of living, and you make me learn not to think less of myself, and I want to stay young for you.

34. Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it. For the past two months you have showed me on how to control the one thing I hate so much about myself.

35. Your love has opened my heart to many knowledge, I was born with an enormous need for affection, ever since I found you, and you have filled all my needs with your kindness heart, for this I will never let you go.

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36. Baby for the past two months that we have been together you have love me more than I can ever deserve, undo you friends are asking you to leave me,

37. Ever since I met you, I have been a different person, I have been a better me, for the past two months you have completely magically won my heart, I can’t stay a day without thinking of you.

38. It been a long day, it been months since you came into my life, you’ve been a darling, you sun that shines in my life. You are my better half.

39. Just a day before we met, a friend of mine was telling me that there is nothing like love, I was so silence because I got no idea of what love is but after meeting you, I knew what love is and then I believe in love because am so in love with you.

40. I was a no body, hopeless until I met you. For the past two months your turn me into a new being, I has make me useful to myself again, what will I do without you? You are my princess.

Sweet 2nd Month Anniversary Messages for him and her

41. Your thought has been my companion, you took away my pain and shame, and you are a blessing to my life. I love you so much happy anniversary.

42. When I look at my life I see reason to live again all because of you. You are the only joy I have ever known, I will never say good bye to you.

43. I can’t explain how much you mean to me, you have never treated me bad not for once. I have no reason to complain if fact I should be thankful to God for sending you to my life and am ready to do whatever you say baby.

44. I have been to different countries, cities and states, all because I was looking for love. Ever since you came into my life, you have changed my world.

45. I heart was empty but filled with agony, bad thought of life generally but for the past two months you have opened my heart and you have given my life purpose.
I was in darkness and in a place called loneliness nothing seem to interest me. You came in life and lit the darkest part of my life and you make me feel more alive.

46. Everybody has been asking me the secret of my happiness, then I smiled and said to them: you are my inspiration and my modification. You are the key to my happiness.

47. You are the unique creature I ever met, you are the prince among princes. I don’t know what I will do without you. With you by my side I can do everything.

48. You and I against the world. Together there is nothing we cannot do. For the past two months, you have made me feel unique and I feel so important. Thanks for coming into my life.

49. I have never felt that a day will come that I would get tired of you. You and I against the world would be super awesome. Happy anniversary my queen.

50. Just like an angel you have touched my heart, you own me, whenever you smile, and I can hardly belief that you are mine. I am super happy to have you in my life.

51. When we are together, we are stronger. For the past two months, there is nothing in this universe that can tie us apart. Happy anniversary to the king of my heart.

52. You have taken over my heart that all my thoughts are full of you. For the past two months, I think of you as if there is no tomorrow. You are the key to my heart.

53. If I had not knew you or met you on time, my heart would have been tormented by your absence. You have always been my better heart and you will remain my better heart.

54. Every kiss from you is like fresh honey, breathe taking. I was selfish for not loving you at the beginning but even at that you never left me. Happy anniversary dear.

55. I was down and lonely but when you came into my life, you raised me up and gave me everything I have always wanted. I cannot do without you. I can only be strong when you are by my side.

56. It doesn’t take much to learn. All I prayed for was to have a good teacher and God brought you to me. My life is not just mine to live but for the both of us.

57. Every day seems the same, every moment seems alike but this moment will always be unique because this day, two months ago, we became dearer to each other. Happy anniversary.

58. I woke up this morning to release that it is another day and I was happy but I felt the world belongs to me the moment your thought took over me. It has been two months of meaningful living.

59. I don’t remember when last I thought of a beautiful person who is selfless, loving, got a great smile. Maybe because I thought such qualities don’t exist in the world but today its two months that we met and for two months, you proved me wrong.

60. Loving you is a privilege, living you would be a mistake so it will be you and I forever. I am so sure that you and I together will change the world.

61. I have never let my guard down, I am a hard hearted individual but no doubt that your presence in my life for the past two months has made me fragile. Will never say good bye to you.

62. Sometimes, I sit back with my friends and reminisce the past memories I ever had, the best ones are with nobody else but you. I love you dearly and happy anniversary.

63. If to love was a crime I would spend my life time being a deviance because your prison of love is better than freedom without you. Love you to the moon.

64. If I ever had to cry, am sure you would never be the reason. You have made me happier than I ever was, my happiest moments were with you. Happy two months anniversary.

65. A shooting star is believe to be a sign of a great lost but whenever we are together, the stars shoot and change the colours of the sky because you are the greatest opportunity that I could ever have. I can’t afford to loose you.

66. I thought I was an extrovert till I met you, you are a combination of extrovert and a love missionary. Every day you make me feel lucky to have you. More kisses.

67. You came into my life and opened up my heart to know what love is. You are an angel in disguise. I love you so much and I hope you know that. With you two months seems like a day.

68. I never believe in love at first sight till I sighted and loved you at the spot, now I would be a fool to loose you cos I love you too much to loose someone like you.

69. If the thought of you could make me smile to myself when I am alone then you must be the one I have been searching. The one to be the mother of my beautiful kids.

70. How can I forget such a memorable day, not even my busy schedules can deny me the happiness of wishing you this moment. Happy anniversary my heartbeat. More love.

71. The moment I would stop loving you can only be when I will stop breathing. It is going to be you and I forever. We will grow old and still be madly in love with each other. I wish you more of these days sweetie.

72. Dying don’t scare me no more as long as am going to die in your arms. Loosing my assets is not a big deal anymore as long as I have got you. I love you big time.

73. When I was younger, I learnt never to give up on things that I love so much “I love you” so how then can I give up on you now? Never….. Love you now and always.

74. Great men of the world are able to achieve greatness with only an intelligent and great mind which can only be attained from a lovable spouse. Who else can help me achieve my heights if not you? Please let this two months anniversary be the first step to a greater love.

75. Without you there will never be another day, without you I could never be this happy, without you, love would have been meaningless. Happy two months of togetherness.

76. I have reasons to give God thanks every day of my life. He has given a gift any man would keep for himself forever. You are the best gift I have ever had.

77. A thousand years may fade but my love for you stands firm. You complete me dear. Happy two months of happiness and lots of kisses dearie.

78. As the sea makes waves, so does my undying love for you reminds me of you whenever I cease to think. I will never stop loving you not for this month or ever.

79. If I would ever love again, it has to be another you or I would never love another. I will love now and always and that is a promise that I will keep till the end of time.

80. I will rather be a prisoner and suffer under your rule with my allergies of undying love than to be a free man, someone that will make me feel less than you do.

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81. Just yesterday I saw you and I was wondering how lucky I was to have gotten you. You have taken over me. I hardly realize that its two months already and not yesterday. Happy anniversary to the love of my life.

82. Baby girl you are the only one I need, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, you have been the one I have been waiting for, I can’t live without you.

83. Any day without your smile or without you there with me, it will seem my day has been cause, will be a day of pain and agony which I can’t take any longer, I want to grow old with you.

84. I want to grow old with you even though it will take a thousand miles lead us through. I want our love to grow stronger and never stop till the end of time.

85. For the past two months you have completely take over my heart, your love is something I can’t live without, you are a blessing to me and that blessing is what I want to take everywhere I go.

86. If I die young, I know that you will never be the cause of my death and if you were given the opportunity to choose, you would want me to keep living for you now and always.

87. You are my only one, the one I cant do without. For the past two month your love towards me never end, you are always there for me, for this you will always be my babe.

88. I was all alone, I was no body in my world, not until you came into my life and then you gave me hope again that our love became the talk of the town, you are my superman.

89. Hey princess I am so into you, am not here to play with your feeling, for the past two months you have been the best thing that has happened to me. Happy anniversary.

90. I want you to be my baby mama, you are diamond you are priceless, I can’t stand the chance to lose you, but I will always give you my best share, as long as I live.

91. You came into my life like a rainbow, and I have never had this kind of love, you have showed me for the past two month, I will never let go of you, because I will always want you.

92. A new day started in my life, from the very first moment you walk into my life. For the past two months, you have been the eyes of mine would, I thank God for blessing me with an angle like you.

93. I have found a love, that is so beautiful and sweat, baby am so in to you, you are the light that shines in my life, you are so perfect and I thank God that am your man.

94. There is this feeling, burning me deep down inside my heart, whenever am with you. I can’t explain what it feels like; and something is telling me if I let go of you I will be lost in time forever.

95. For the past two months, since you came into my life, I have been the happiest man on earth, with you I want to spend the rest of my life with happy anniversary.

96. I thought loving was by choice, I thought I could tell my heart who to love and how much it should love, but beyond reasonable doubt I have loved you unconditionally my heart has choosing you.

97. My love I want you to know that you are a beauty that is yet to be discovered by the world, am more lucky to have you than you believe, today you will be mine and always. Happy anniversary.

98. I was a fool to think I would be the only one to have eyes for you, your beauty stuns even the most beautiful, am proud to be your man, wish you happiness this day and always.

99. It’s funny how time could change everything first I thought we would only be friends, but my heart has already fallen deeply, till I got lost in your ocean of beauty, I never want to lose you and will always love you. Happy two months anniversary, of happiness.

100. If I had a chance to choose between you and Gold, I would choose you a hundred times over, because you are my island of limitless treasures, happy anniversary dear.

101. It has been a new day in my life, ever since you came in to my life, for the past two months now have, I have never thought of cheating on you for you have giving everything I want.

102. Happy anniversary my love I seriously want to thank you for coming into my life, I have never been so lucky to have such a beautiful queen like you. I will always love you.

103. Dating you is like a dollar bill, you can’t spend half of it when you tear it in two. The value of one half depend upon the other happy anniversary.

104. The love I have for you burns bright that I can’t look out at other women outside, my whole life; I have gone completely blind that I don’t see any woman that is better than you and I intend to remain that way for you.

105. My love for you has increase, for the past two months, you have given me no reason to doubt your love for me and you have been the guardian of my heart.

106. I love who you are and every little things you do. Just some years ago, I never believe any woman can ever break down the wall I build round my heart. Here I am madly in love with you.

107. If I miss anything most, it is you sleeping in my arms, kissing me before bed time and cuddling me on bed before I sleep, two months seem like two days , time fly’s when am with you. Happy anniversary.

108. I thought I had everything before I met you, but deep sown I knew something was missing, when I found you, my heart kipped with joy cos you are my missing ribs. Happy anniversary.

109. My heart feels empty without you, this distance is killing me, and two months in your world makes me wish to live with you forever. Happy anniversary.

110. I can’t promise to love you forever because I can’t live forever, I van promise to be there always, because I may not always be by your side, but I can promise never to love another because my heart knows only you.

111. It’s exactly 60 days you said you will always love me, that promise made me a happy man, and I will also promise you nothing less than our togetherness forever. Happy 60 days of undying love. Kisses.

112. The first day I was you, I saw a future with you. I made you my only friend, and now my lover, I will never loose you happy anniversary baby more love.

113. I will never take you for granted , I promise you my time, I promise you my best moments will be with no one else but you, I promise, you will bear my kids, happy two months anniversary my adorable angel.

114. If you were to be tears in my eyes, I will never cry, for fear of loosing you. Am lucky to have you in my life, you are an angel sent to fulfill my happiness and complete me happy anniversary.

115. We are meant for each other, ever since that I have not found you, my whole life seem to mess up, but now that I found you, I feel the world is by my side.

116. As the adage says a journey of a thousand miles starts with a step “ so has the journey of our love starts but it will grow and never stop even after a billion miles wishing you a happy two months anniversary.

117. If I could choose between loving you and a bag full of hundreds of dollar, I will choose you because the money will be of no use, I rather stay poor than losing you.

118. Nothing will make me happy to have you as the father of my kids, you are a husband material, I will always love you forever happy anniversary.

119. You know I love you, if not that things are hard I would love to take this relationship to the next stage, because I have never see any girl that is as bright as you are happy anniversary.

120. We fall and we stand together, sometimes I cross the line by hunting you, you still stood by me, you never start a war with me, rather you let me in to your heart, and looked for a way to make me a better man. Happy anniversary love.

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121. I knew there was something about you when I first met you, but I couldn’t place my hands on it, something was sure there, that if I let go of you, I won’t be happy in the rest of my life.

122. I have you in my life is enough not to look for anything more, for these past months you are the best thing that ever happened to me, happiness always had lots of love.

123. I take a loving heart to love me as much as you do, it take a miracle to find someone as perfect as you are, it take more than just a text message to show you how much you worth.

124. If I must, I will kiss you a thousand times over but I will never leave you for someone else and no one else is worth your space in my heart I love you dearly, happy anniversary.

125. Never will I find someone like you, you were best for me, undo I had nothing you are always with me and make me feel that I have everything. Happy anniversary.

126. Everybody has that one special person that make them feel special, you are not just that special person to me, but a part of me, loosing you is like loosing a part of me, happy anniversary.

127. Am so into you, and I wonder what would become of me if I loose you, I never want to live without you, you are my life, with you I am complete, happy anniversary my love.

128. My priceless jewel, my diamond, my emerald, my treasure I fill so rich simply because you are mind, I never want to forget you until I am too old to think straight, happy two months of being mine.

129. You make me feel funny, when you came around that what I found about you, what am I going to do without you for the past two months you make me happy, that has been what I have been looking for, I don’t know what I will do without you.

130. I will always tell you what you want to hear from me, I would never let you go cos if I do, I would be cheating myself. You have always been the woman of my dreams.

131. I remember all my life, crying all the night looking at the widow hoping for things to change, but nothing seem to be changing. For the past two months now since you came into my life things has turned around for me. I love you greatly.

132. It just another day, looking into your eyes remained of my past, I want to say a big thank you for helping me to become the man I am today.

133. I couldn’t sleep because everything I ever knew was a lie, I couldn’t breathe, when my heart was broken, but ever since I met you change my way of thinking, you ended the war in my heart.

134. I bet with my friends that you are the best woman in the world. Please help me to prove them wrong about what they feel about you. I am happy about you in my life.

135. Each time, you move and walked along my path, I feel so much love for you cos your body is really attractive and sexy. I really admire your stay in my life for the past two month’s happy two months anniversary.

136. Happy anniversary my love, for the past two months you have been my heart reviver, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

137. My whole life had been filled with lies and bitterness. I found it difficult to trust anyone until two months ago when you came into my life, you made me so happy and you gave me hope to love again.

138. Happy anniversary honey, I don’t know how to thank you enough. You have always been there for me, there is nothing in this world that will make me leave you or forget about you. I love you.

139. My heart will never stop beating for you, no matter how rough your past is, I will always love you and that is a promise. Happy anniversary.

140. I had bad experiences about love at first that I stopped believing in love. But ever since I found you, I fell in love with you that I would love to spend the rest of my life with you.

141. Happy anniversary love, for the past two months you have always been the woman of my dreams, I know what our past was but all I care about is our future and how we are going to live it together.

142. I seriously owe God a big thank you, for answering my prayer. He knew I was lonely when he sent you to me, and you have been the best companion in life. Happy anniversary.

143. I have been hopeless, having crush on something I can’t hold and I have been lying down with no light in my heart. I was searching for diamond but I found you as my gold.

144. I was lost for so long, just in a search for true love, hoping and looking for heart to love but I never found any not until you came my way two months ago, than I knew I have found the one I have been looking for and you have been the prefect one for me.

145. Happy anniversary love, I have never had faith in anything before or take anything serious. Having you in my life has made me more serious that I want to spend my whole life with you.

146. I might sound crazy for what am about to say but it is the truth, I so much love. Happy anniversary.

147. I am going crazy day by day and it is your love that is drive me crazy, that my friends are asking me why am always happy. Then I told them, that you are the secret of my happiness.

148. Nothing can come between us not even distance. You are the second best thing that has ever happened to me, happy anniversary.

149. All my friends are jealous of me, just because I have the most beautiful woman in the world happy anniversary.

150. Baby I can’t hold this any longer, how I feel about you is getting stronger that I seriously want to show you how much I love you.

151. I will never find someone like you. I wish nothing but to see both of us together and happy forever. Happy anniversary.

152. Nothing can be compare to the memories we had shared for the past two months. It is something I want to live with for the rest of my life.

153. Something keeps telling me that I have found the man of my dreams cos you have done virtually everything I want from my man.

154. I strong believe that you are my loving angel and I cannot do without you, today has made me to uncover my secret. Will you be my wife?

155. There is something I intended to tell you today but I am sure that today is the best time to say it ’’ baby you are the best partner ever “.

156. If it takes a thousand naira every day to keep you by my side then I am ready to spend a thousand Euros to keep you cos I love you so much.

157. I got a feeling that we are going to make a good and wonderful couple. Your stay in my life has convinced me that you are a wonderful man.

158. They all know that you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, you are actually a God sent to my life. Happy anniversary dearest.

159. The kind of love you have showed me is the kind I have never seen before, you always make me hungry for your love.

160. They say only distance can taste the strength of love and only time reveals the heart of a man but I can assure you that distance and time has come between us, cos we still remain faithful to each other.

161. Ever since you came into my life, your footprint has shadowed all my heart that I can’t stop thinking about you.

162. Every moment of my life increases the love I have for you, happy anniversary to the most amazing person in my life.

163. I hold tight to the memories we have shared for comfort because you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Loosing those memories will be the greatest thing I have ever lost.

164. For the very first moment I met you, my friends started sympathizing with me. They say my life is not mine alone to live.

165. I am deeply shocked at the sudden hunger of my love for you, I cant control how I feel about you, day by day I fall in love with you.

166. All I can say is that I am sorry for not hearing you when your heart was crying out for me, but this I can promise you, now that am here I will never leave you, and I will always stand by you forever.

167. All my thought is to be with you in future for that I will trade anything to make that happen. Happy anniversary.

168. Although it is difficult today to see what the future hold for us, but this is what am assuring you, you will always be in my heart. Happy anniversary.

169. Anytime I look out in the window of my heart all I see is you standing, and that bring me joy, and that I want to live with all the days of my life.

170. I may not be there to celebrate our second month anniversary with you, I want you to know that my heart never stop thinking about you, happy anniversary love

171. You are the light and the colour of my blood the only one I want to touch till the end of time. Happy anniversary.

172. Anytime am not around you, I hardly think straight because you love has catch up my heart. Thank you for coming into my life. Happy two month anniversary.

173. The love I have for you is not something that am ready to gamble with, because I can’t stand the chance of loosing you.

174. If I got a penny for every time I thought and dream of you, I will be the richest man I the world, happy anniversary.

175. I have found this new disease, it is called love, I contagious cause you gave it to me, and that disease am ready to carry it all the rest of my life. Happy anniversary.

176. I build a wall around my heart, just because I was scared but when I saw you, I had to break the wall down cos I can’t keep the owner of the heart outside.

177. You have got me wrapped around your fingers everything I do it involve me thinking about you, happy anniversary love.

178. It amazing, how crazy I feel when mu phone ring and I will be praying it should me you, happy anniversary.

179. If me loving you is a crime, I want to be the most wanted criminal in history, because falling in love with you is the best thing that has ever happen to me.

180. Am a better man any time am around you, you bring out the best out of me happy anniversary.

181. How amazing you are when everyone is dying to have you, guys who are more worthy than me begging to have you as a wife, instead you choose to be with me and to love. For this I will never hunt your feeling happy anniversary.

182. I want to say a big thank you, for running through my dreams all night, am so happy to have a beautiful angel as you, happy anniversary.

183. Your love increase day by day, just like the way I drink water, your love is what I cant do without you. Happy anniversary.

184. The first time I saw you, I knew we are meant to be with each other, it doesn’t matter where we come from or how difference we are, what matter is that I love you.

185. Every time I have spent with you, it is the most happiest moment of my life, happy anniversary.

186. Happy anniversary honey, with you am ready to travel the whole world with, just to have you by my side the all the time. Happy anniversary.

187. My friends are complaining, that I hardly have time for them, yeah that true, ever since I met you my life is not my to live alone.

188. For the past two months now you have completely chain me with your love, that I can’t stand your assent any more that I think of nothing more but you.

189. Ever since I met you, it hasn’t been the same with me anymore, for the past two months, all you have got me doing is drawing heart around your name. Happy anniversary.

190. Baby there has been a lot going on lately, I know I have been the man I am meant to be, but this I can promise you, I will always love you.

191. If I could take time back, I would want you to be my first love and me your first love I wouldn’t want us to go through all those pain we went through from our exes.

192. Many times I tried to stop loving you but I couldn’t because I know that if I do I would be doing a very stupid thing and I would be hurting the most amazing man in my life.

193. I know that have been busy lately and I have not been giving you the time and attention you deserve. I promise that from now onwards I will love you till the end.

194. Actually I believe that love is a wonderful and sweet thing. Look at me and see how you have transformed me and my entire being to something powerful.

195. My love for you will never die whether you try to make me do so. I will love you that you would start complaining that you are over loved by me.

196. I don’t know if you poisoned my food or drink and served me with it cos I am so into you now but I don’t mind that actually because I enjoy being in love with you.

197. I actually thought that I cannot find someone like you in my life time but I was so surprised that God looked with pity on me and gave me a handsome man like you.

198. I do hope that by the time I will come and ask for your hand in marriage, you won’t reject me cos I will kill myself if you do that to me.

199. I kept searching for a heart that will merge mine but when I met you I knew that what I was searching for is not heart but a soul that will be my soulmate.

200. I know that now that what this means to us is love. Listening to your heart makes me aware that you are a perfect being created just for me. Happy 2nd month anniversary to the mother of my unborn kids.


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