Happy 1st monthsary messages for boyfriend and girlfriend

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Happy 1st monthsary messages for boyfriend and girlfriend: The first month of any relationship is a wonderful beginning for all. If you can pass through the first month of your relationship and still be strong despite the trials and temptations coming your way then you can do the rest without falling.

Anniversaries are reminders of how you met your partner. In case you find it difficult to send your partner love messages for your 1st anniversary, just look at these messages and they will solve your problems and difficulty.

These are powerful 1st monthsary messages for either your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can use these to make your boyfriend or girlfriend happier.


Happy 1st Monthsary Message For Boyfriend And Girlfriend
Happy 1st Monthsary Message For Boyfriend And Girlfriend

Happy 1st monthsary messages for boyfriend and girlfriend.

1. It’s already a month since we started dating and I am so glad that I made the choice of dating you in the first place. I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me. You have been a wonderful partner so far.

2. I have never entered this type of relationship before that my partner will steal my heart and keep it for a period of a month. I would punish you for that and you must keep that heart of mine for the rest of our lives.

3. I will always be there for you even if difficult times will come our ways. The way you have taken care of me as your girlfriend was not different from being your wife. I want to be with you for a longer time.

4. It has not always been easy to cope with relations generally but I have been able to cope with this relationship because you made it easy for me by loving me and caring about me. Thanks a lot for all you have done.

5. So many women have been a nagging type and fighting type but you have never been that type of woman in my life and I am so grateful for being the respectful woman I have always wanted.

6. I am so sure that many men have come to you with their different proposals yet you chose to be with me. I am here to announce to you that I will love completely till death do us part.

7. I will kiss you ten thousand times because you have loved me so much. No one has loved me this much. Thanks for being there for me in the last month. It was really great to have a taste of being your partner for a month.

8. It was actually a privilege to have you in my life and I am lucky to be a part of you. Thanks so much for allowing me to be your partner for a month. I wish you can give me more time to love you in return.

9. We came in group and talked to you and you accepted only me among them and only God knows why you chose me but I am so sure that I am so proud of myself for attracting you to accept me.

10. If you think that you have seen the better part of me as your girlfriend within a month, then you are deceiving yourself because I have just showed you the girlfriend part of me and not the wife part of me.

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11. I got much to give you for your efforts to make me a better woman but I know you won’t allow me to offer such gift to you because you are not loving me for sale. Thanks for loving me this much.

12. I want you to know that I loved you even before now, I love you so much and I will never stop loving you no matter what. This first month of our relationship has made me happier than I was before we met and it’s all because of you.

13. I can feel that this love between us is unbreakable, it is untouchable because no one has ever loved me like the way you do. I can never belief that something can ever break us apart because you will never allow it.

14. You can put all the blame on me cos i don’t think you have offended me ever since we started. It has always been my fault. Despite all my troubles, you never loosed interest in me.

15. You can imagine what people think about me right now. They feel that I am a heroine for winning your heart and for staying in love with you for a month now. Thanks for making it possible dear.

16. I will not allow anyone to take you away from me dear, look at how you have changed me to become someone great within a month. You are a darling sweetie. Happy 1st month anniversary my love.

17. I see how wonderful life has turn for me and it is all because of you my love. What would I have done without you by my side? You will always remain in my heart my darling. I love a lot.

18. If only I didn’t meet you before now, what would have been my case? I would have been a wanderer because I wouldn’t have found love elsewhere aside from your side. Thanks for loving me this much.

19. I don’t think that I would have made it this far if you were not there for me all these while, I would have been stocked somewhere in this relationship but you didn’t allow that to happen.

20. I really don’t know what to call you now cos you have succeeded in winning my heart within the range of one month and you have surprised me with that.

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21. Honestly you are the brain behind this relationship and the reason why I have not told you is because you might not want to continue again. I just want to say happy one month anniversary dear.

22. I would do anything for you even if it means taking my life away from me cos you have sacrificed a lot as my boyfriend and it is making me to believe that you would be a good husband when the time comes.

23. I am so sure that you have acted well as my girl and I know that you will become even better when I marry you. Every sign you show me is making me to love you even more and more cos you are the best girl ever.

24. I don’t want to know how many people are not happy with the way I love you all I want them to say is that you have found your soulmate and I will remain happy forever.

25. You are tempting me to marry you now. I don’t care whether it is just a month’s relationship, all I know is that you will make a greater wife than any one has ever gotten.

26. I know that if I marry you today you will not change. Only within a month I can say how loving you are to me. I will love you till I die and that is a promise.

27. Hugs and kisses are just my little way to say that I love and miss you. I will still send them to you even while you are not around me. Happy 1st month anniversary my queen.

28. The fact that I am too busy working to make a living doesn’t mean that I don’t have you in mind. The truth is that you are always on my mind and that is why I want to say happy 1st month anniversary my angel.

29. Each time I see you looking at the mirror, I assume that you don’t need to because you are so beautiful even without make-up. I would want you to know that you made me happy within the first month of our relationship.

30. Whatever any man has done to you, I am here to make it up to you because you deserve a better man. Thanks for making this 1st month of our relationship a wonderful one my angel.

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31. Our first month relationship has been filled with fun, love and care and I really want that to continue between us cos I enjoyed it so much. Happy 1st month anniversary.

32. Even though it has been rough in this 1st month, you have not allow us to go down at all because you have this relationship at heart. Happy 1st month anniversary dear.

33. I will keep searching for you over and over again if there is another world out there for us to come again cos you are the most amazing woman that I have come acrossed all my life.

34. The most amazing thing that has ever happened to me is the fact that I met you in the right way and you have loved me ever since we met. I love you a lot dear and that will not change even in months to come.

35. You wouldn’t have been my man if you had not talked to after approaching me, I wouldn’t have accepted if you had not asked me out. Everything was possible because you made the move. Happy 1st month anniversary my king.

36. I can never compare you to another man out there because you are so different from all those men out there. Your love for me is so genuine and that is all I have always wanted to have from my man.

37. Look at what you have done for me, look at how beautiful and attractive I have become even before my EX boyfriend. Happy anniversary my love.

38. I have all it takes to burst to the whole world that I have a man like you cos you have made me a happy woman on earth. Thank you so much my love, you are indeed a great partner.

39. We must not pass the first month in our relationship without celebrating it and I am grateful to God that we have been strong till this extent. I love you a lot for choosing me to be your woman.

40. Many people were saying that we were making a mistake by falling in love and were expecting that we will not reach a month together but I am glad that we have succeeded in surprising them today. Happy 1st month anniversary.

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41. I love you so much that it has actually past the moon and even past the stars. My love for you goes on beyond infinity. Happy one month anniversary dear.

42. Don’t forget that I love you more than you can ever imagine, I wished to have you and it has come true because I wished and found you. Happy one month anniversary.

43. I have been in love ever since I met you and I have not stopped loving you cos I have found the most amazing woman in the world. Happy anniversary to my queen.

44. How I have succeeded to become your man is what is surprising me today but i know that you have not for a day within this month tell me that you are fed up. Happy 1st month anniversary.

45. Our beautiful love adventure is just beginning and has made us feel so happy that I am very excited to think about how our lives would be together. Happy first month anniversary my dear.

46. I promise that the love I gave you in this month does not compare at all to the love that I will give you every day of my life. Today is our anniversary, others that will come will be better memories for us sweetie. Happy anniversary dear.

47. It takes three seconds to say I am in love with you. It takes three minutes to explain why. It takes a lifetime to express and prove it. I am ready for all because I love you a lot. Happy first month anniversary.

48. I wish you can understand that I don’t need any other person any longer because I have you in my life and I wish that you become mine forever. Happy anniversary my angel.

49. I wouldn’t have been complete if you had not come to my life, I would have been useless till today if you had not found me. Thanks to you my love. Happy anniversary to us darling.

50. Someday I will announce to the world how you have made me a better person and when that day comes, you would be surprised about it cos you wouldn’t believe all you have done for me all the way.

51. If there are better ways to explain how much I have learnt to become a man through your influence, I would have explained better. My queen, you have been my stronghold within this one month. I love you.

52. Being your woman has automatically made me learnt the importance of having a man in one’s life. Your presence in my life has made me a complete woman of my time. I love you so much my king.

53. I am exactly what you want me to be. You mad sure that my life was amended and I am glad that it was you who took this responsibility cos it made me better.

54. I hope that I have been able to satisfy you as your man cos you have played your part in my life perfectly. I will forever adore a queen like you.

55. I thought I could control women and make them do all I ask them to do even if it is wrong to do it but when I met you, you turned my life around and made me become a better man.

56. Honestly, I prayed for a woman like you and God not only blessed me with you but also satisfied me with you. You are my queen and I wish that you would agree to be my wife when I ask you to.

57. You have been the reason why I smile for a month now and honestly I blame myself for not approaching you before today. I would have been smiling for more than a month now.

58. I can assure you that I will never look at another man out there if this is the you that you will keep giving me. You are the best man in the world my queen.

59. You have not been able to stop me from becoming happy and I am grateful for that. I know that my ex would love to have me back again but that is no longer possible because I have found my happiness in you.

60. I know that I have you now and always but what I am so worried about is the fact that I want to marry just within the range of one month. That is how much I love you.

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61. After all the pain that my EX had caused me, I decided that I would never date another man again but as you asked me out, I couldn’t deny myself the best man on earth because I would be loosing.

62. When I think about you, ideas come to my head on how you will look with your wedding gown and I imagined myself beside you with my suit. We will make a good couple.

63. I am just hoping that by the time I would come knocking at your door for your acceptance to be my wife, you would not say no because I really want to be your husband now and forever.

64. I have come acrossed different men but all of them have failed to perform the right duty of becoming a good man in my life. I desire nothing more than to be your wife cos I love you greatly.

65. My king, it is true that with God all things are possible, but if you had not shown up as God wanted, I would have been doomed. You made me never to remain single. All thanks to you my king.

66. I could have remained ignorant about love and all that concerns it cos I didn’t know that I could be loved by your type of person. You have made even my enemies wonder where I got you from.

67. I didn’t know that I have gold stored in my heart until today. You have made these 4 weeks of my life a beautiful and attractive one and I wish that I will succeed in keeping you in my life forever.

68. I had hoped to have a queen like you in my life for ages but you refused to show up until now. I blame you for not showing yourself to me before now cos I would have marked 1 year instead of 1 month today.

69. It is obvious that I have found the best woman on earth and I know that your friends are wondering why I am becoming so crazy about you. I want you to tell them that it is because I found you at last after all my search.

70. Even though the world turn its back against me, you never did. You stood by me all the way, you surprised me with your love and care and has made me belief that I have a woman I can call my wife.

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71. You have made me believe that I have a woman so kind-hearted as you and I know that with you in my life then I have conquered all my fears, sorrows and troubles. Thanks for staying with me till the end of our first month.

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72. With time you will understand why I have become so adamant in loving you so much. All I can say to you as the reason is that I really don’t want to lose you like the way I lost others because I love you more than them.

73. I wish that I can just make you understand how much you make me feel towards you and all that concerns you because I want you to know the reason why I cannot sleep without saying goodnight to you.

74. I used to believe that I don’t have a family until I met you. Meeting you has made me know the way I needed someone around me and I am happy that someone finally became you. You are so sweet dear.

75. I am ready to do anything that will keep you as mine forever. This month has been the most exciting month of my life and it is only happening because I have you in my life and it all because of you.

76. I used to have this problem of not forgiving people who have hurt me in the past but ever since I met you I learnt it because I have realized that it was because of their hurt that I found you. I love you greatly.

77. Would you believe me if I say that I love you and I can do anything for you? I want you to believe so because loving you is actually an opportunity I got granted by you and I am happy to be in that position.

78. I hope that soon I would be exactly what you want so that when I come to ask for your hand in marriage you would accept me quickly. I really cannot do without you in my life my queen.

79. I didn’t know that you could actually fall in love with me. You never liked me yet you gave me a trial. I am so happy that I won your heart after the trial. Thanks for loving me this much. I would love you till I die.

80. You are the reason for my existence and I believe that when I marry, I would be fulfilling the purpose completely. I only wish that you will become my wife now and always cos I truly love you. Happy 1 month anniversary my queen.

81. Even if they give me a book to fill it up with the way I feel about you, it won’t be enough cos I feel so much for you and I hope that you know. Happy 1st month anniversary to my angel.

82. When you were with another woman and you didn’t know me, I became jealous of that woman because she was dating my man in my absence but now I will kill any woman who tries to take you away from me.

83. It is now clear that I have gotten the best man on earth and anyone who tries to take you away from me will have to face me cos I have worked so hard to get you.

84. I never knew that I could fall so deep with you until I started and now, I really don’t want to stop falling for you cos it’s been wonderful for a month now.

85. Many times I tried talking to you become my woman but it has not been possible until a month ago when you finally accepted me as your man. You are always on my mind my darling.

86. You are still the one I would desire to be with every day in a thousand years to come because I have tasted a month with you already and I know how it will feel like if you become my wife.

87. I am so sure that if I marry a queen like you as my wife, my kids will end up becoming as beautiful as you are. You are my life and I hope that you know that without you I am useless.

88. Before I met you, I have been hunting for the women of my dreams, now I found you, I have stopped hunting because thousands of women added together can never be compared to you alone.

89. You are the angel of my life and knowing you has completely made me the man with an angel in his life. Who would see me and refuse to believe that I am in love with an angel? If there is anyone like that then that person is blind.

90. I have met thousands of women out there and even though they are beautiful, I could not place them where people like you belong because you are a perfect being in my life. Happy anniversary my queen.

91. When I was dumped, I kept eating and drinking things that would make me look good, beautiful and attractive so that I can attract another man even if the man would not love me but instead I got you who did nothing but to love me within these 4 weeks. Thanks so much my

92. I asked God to give a girl but he gave me an angel, I asked God to give me a woman but he gave me a wife. I asked God to give me a princess but he gave me a queen. I asked God to make you like me but you loved me instead. You are my happiness forever.

93. How could I have gone this far without your aid? You stood by me and made sure that I achieve all I have ever needed. You are my one in a million girl and I love you greatly.

94. This world became frustrating when I lost my previous man but the same world became interesting cos I have found you in it and I am so grateful to you for making my world an interesting place to live in.

95. I have said I love you thousand times and you are becoming used to it now and I don’t know if I say it to you today, it will make meaning to you but I really mean it when I say that I love you.

96. The first day you kissed me, I was lost in thought because I didn’t know whether I was still alive or not, all I know is that, the best man on earth has kissed me and has made me his woman.

97. The fire that burnt me in my last relationship was like hell fire even though I have not been there before but you have brought ice and snow to quench the fire burning me by loving me more than I expected.

98. I happen to be happy today because of you and I happen to be in a relationship today because of you provided yourself for me to become a compactable partner. All I know is that I love you greatly.

99. I have promised to love you and adore you till eternity. I know that you are wondering why I had to promise you that. It is because all I have known ever since I met is to love now and always.

100. The first kiss I had with you really gave an assurance that I have gotten a woman that would be the mother of my kids. I am a lucky dude because I found my life early enough. Happy 1st anniversary my queen.

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101. Am done with searching for the right woman that can become my wife because I have found you. You have been the woman I have been searching for and I am so glad that I found you finally.

102. I am not ready to explain to anyone how I met you or how I approached you cos I am not ready to hear that someone else has done the same thing to get you. Happy anniversary my queen.

103. Each time I am in the hall listening to sermon, lectures or preaching, all I think about is you because you are always on my mind and I don’t want that to change at all.

104. I was coming out today from my house, and I saw a lady talking to me and trying to ask me out. Do you know what I told her? I told her that I have someone better than she is so she shouldn’t bother about getting me cos someone else has gotten me.

105. I feel as if I have known you for my entire life. Just one month of our relationship has proved to me that I have truly gotten my wife in you. You are so amazing.

106. I have never been connected to anyone the way I am connected to you. Your presence in my life has made me feel as if I have gotten the right partner on earth.

107. When I stare into your eyes I suddenly feel like I am at home. It shines brightly and attracts me to you and it makes me feel as if I should marry you now cos I love you, happy anniversary.

108. Today is our anniversary, I hope you like this text because I send it to you with all my heart because today is our first month as partners. I love you more than ever my angel.

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109. I feel as the happiest man in this world and it is because I have your love and we are fulfilling our first month as boyfriend and girlfriend. I love you so much today and ever.

110. I thought that this month would not come to an end today but the fact is that it has to so that we can count more months of our relationship. I am in love with the most wonderful woman in the world, happy anniversary, I love you.

111. I am in love with my life since I’ve found you – and since I’ve found you, I’ve found my life. Happy one month anniversary baby.

112. Good morning, my love. Can you believe that we have been together for a month now? It’s nowhere near as long as I’d like to spend with you, but a step closer to forever. Thanks for being mine.

113. I never would have guessed that a love like ours could flourish in such a short space of time, but it has, and I am so excited that you are mine my queen. Happy 1st anniversary dear.

114. It feels like I have been blessed to fall in love with someone who is also my best friend. You are my woman and at the same time my best friend. Happy one month anniversary, my darling.

115. I perform perfectly in almost everything I involve myself with because you are present in my life and I cannot do without you. Thanks for your influence my queen.

116. I have made it. You may not understand why I say so but just put it in mind that I have made it because I have you as my woman now and always. Happy 1st anniversary my angel.

117. Anytime I think about you I realize that I have gotten a gift that no other man has gotten before. You are such a wonderful gift that God has given me even though I don’t deserve it.

118. If I see any opportunity to announce to the world that I love you so much, I would have done it without any mistake because I know that I didn’t get you by mistake.

119. So many men are looking for this opportunity I have gotten to become your man and have not gotten yet. All I know is that I have gotten you all to myself no matter what happens.

120. Anytime my friends talk about their husbands, I also talk about you even though we are not married yet because I want them to know how better you are compared to their men.

121. I was feeling frustrated when my ex left me but now I have realized that am really lucky to have been separated from him because you are better than him ten thousand times. Happy 1st anniversary my king.

122. Truly, I cannot explain how much you mean to me. I cannot tell how I finally met you because it is unexplainable. All I can say to you is that you are the best thing that has happened to me.

123. I became like an empty vessel when I lost my previous but the truth is that I will never let you go because you are the only reason why I am still me. Happy 1st anniversary my queen.

124. I never want to see you cry and I know you won’t be happy to see me sad. Baby, you are the only thing that makes me complete. Happy anniversary my heartbeat.

125. I never want to goodbye, I will never treat you bad, and this I can swear on anything that makes me convince that you are the man meant for me. Happy 1st anniversary my king.

126. I don’t believe in love before I met you but meeting you gave me the reason to love even more than expected because you are love itself. I love you so dearly.

127. I promise you that I will never allow another man to take you away from me because I value you more than you can ever imagine. Baby you are my raw gold and I love you so much.

128. I will take you to places you have never been before, I will make sure that people hear about us and our relationship that will never fall because you have made me complete with your love and care.

129. Just a smile on my face has made people to begin to find out the source of my joy. Baby, your love for me is enough for me. You have changed my world. Happy 1st anniversary my queen.

130. You took away my shame and made my enemies to rejoice with me over my victory of winning your heart. Baby, I will love you till eternity and I hope you don’t mind at all.

131. Even when I close my eyes in your presence, I would always know where you can be found because I found you there (my heart). Happy 1st anniversary my angel.

132. Even among thousands of men gathered to compete, I can choose just you because you stand out among all your equals. You are the best man in the whole universe and I love you so much.

133. Even if I lost my memory today and my whole memory is erased, I cannot forget you because I really want you to be my wife. You are the best my queen. Happy 1st anniversary dear.

134. When you came to my life, I couldn’t believe it and now that I beginning to believe that you are mine, I don’t want to live without you because we belong together. Happy 1st anniversary dearie.

135. I wish that we have spent a year already in this relationship cos I really can’t wait any longer to make you my wife. You are really the sweetest angel that has made my life better.

136. I cannot do without you and I know that you know it. Please don’t allow another man to compete with me cos I really want to keep you in my life till the end. Happy anniversary my queen.

137. You are a goddess that I need to keep appeasing everyday so that you will not get angry with me cos I know that if you do, I would have no place to go. Happy 1st anniversary my angel.

138. If I move away from you, I know that I won’t last longer than I expected. Baby, if you want to live me please kill me first because you are my life itself. Happy 1st anniversary dear.

139. What can I possibly do without you? Boy it is all you that has made it possible for me to get all that I desire. Let’s get married if you are ready. Happy 1st anniversary dearie.

140. I will tell you everything you have always wanted to hear from me and I know that you know that you are the person I have been looking for all these while. Happy anniversary to my queen.

141. I know that my wedding with you will be the best in the whole world even if we don’t have money to spend on that day because our love is actually real. I love you too much my dear.

142. My heart has been occupied with only your thoughts and I am really enjoying that you are mine. Who will have someone like you and still complain that she is lonely. Happy anniversary my heartbeat.

143. I don’t want to cry no more and you have made that possible because you have decided to occupy my heart with the whole of you. I am proud to be called your woman.

144. Heaven knows that I would have been stupid if I had not asked you out a month ago. I am so sure that God would have punished me for not asking you out. Happy 1st month anniversary dearie.

145. Each time I go to the beach and I see how the ocean moves. I feel as if the days are moving too fast but though I love it that toady is our anniversary. You are so sweet.

146. There are reasons why I feel in love with you and the few of them are that you are so unique, tough and hard working. These are just few of them all. Happy 1st month anniversary.

147. You have been the only reason why I have not been recommended for a psychiatric hospital. You are a darling for coming at the time I wanted. Happy 1st anniversary my angel.

148. When I was alone, I had nothing and I was afraid that I might die without a woman in my life but I look up today and thank God because he gave me someone like you. I love you.

149. I think that I owe God a thanksgiving ceremony cos he willingly gave me a wonderful gift of you that no one else has gotten and I am so happy that you accepted to be mine.

150. It is you and I against the world now and always because you and I had gone through a lot in our past. With you in my life, I know that I can make my past beg me to be part of me again. Happy 1st anniversary.

151. I am ready to catch you when you are about to fall even when you fall, I would be there to catch you and raise you up. You are worth than gold to me and any man can say so as well.

152. Lay on my chest and tell me what you desire and I will provide it for you. You may not understand why I kept saying that our love is unbreakable and untouchable.

153. Each time I look at your eyes, I see the future of us together stronger and happier. I think about becoming your husband ever since I met you and I know that my eyes cannot deceive me.

154. Each time you whisper in my ears oh darling, you make me feel that I have become a father as your husband. Wish that you will not deny me the position of becoming your husband.

155. As the deep blue sea is so is my love for you and I hope you understand that fact. Let’s take tonight to express the love we have for each other cos mine will last for eternity.

156. Anytime I remember that I found my way into your arms as your woman I begin to feel so proud of myself cos I made it victoriously. You are the best man on earth. Happy anniversary my king.

157. You are my inspiration and the key to my happiness. I know that so many people would love to be in my shoes but they cannot because I have taken my shoes along with me. Happy 1st anniversary my love.

158. Each time I breathe, I feel that it was given to me to me for your sake and if I mistakenly live you, I would have loosed my breath. Baby I love you and I don’t want to loose you.

159. My heart has been in torment for a long time but as you arrived my life, things turned around for me and I become a new and better creation of God because of your presence.

160. I wish that I could appreciate you for somehow for allowing me to come into your life as your man. Many would love to be like today because you are so sweet. Happy 1st anniversary dear.

161. You have robbed me by stealing my heart away from me. It surprises me that within just a month, you freed me from all my terrors and I am free again. Happy 1st month anniversary my queen.

162. The kisses you gave me every day within this month has made me come back to life and I know that more of your kisses will keep ever young. Happy 1st month anniversary my dear.

163. People have been trying to find out how I got you into my life as my man but they cannot find it out because I don’t even know how I got you myself. You are a miracle.

164. I will jump into the ocean if you refuse to be my woman. Do you know what you have done for me? You have changed my entire world and I am proud to be called your man.

165. It will disturb and hurt me a great deal if I eventually loose you to another woman but I wish that you will remain with me now and always cos I love you so much dearie.

166. I pray that, you will not live me cos if it does I will be considered a failure. I pray that living me should never happen at all cos if it does, am going to be crying my eyes out.

167. If I loose you today, I bet you that I would cry my eyes out cos I lost the most amazing thing that has ever happened to my life. Happy 1st month anniversary my queen.

168. Love is a game of trusting your partner with the whole of your life, baby, I trust you with the whole of my life even though we are just a month old. Happy 1st month anniversary dearie.

169. The love we share has made it possible for me trust you completely and no matter what happens, I will love and trust you till the end. I would love you badly if time permits me.

170. This little message I have sent to you may not mean anything to you and please don’t say that it is too late to send you such message. Happy 1st anniversary my love.

171. My life is not just mine to live my king, I am glad that you came to my life and made me happier than I was before today. I am so sure that I mean it each time I say that I love you.

172. You are one good person that I don’t need to play with his feelings. I adore you because I smile when you are absent and laugh when you are present. You are my happiness. I love my king.

173. I have chosen the part of becoming the woman that will love you till the end and I don’t really care cos I know that I am really in love with you. Happy 1st anniversary my king.

174. Who will never live you or go for another woman when the person has a companion like you? You are the king in my heart that oversees the happenings in my heart.

175. Though trials and problems may come our way, but baby I don’t really care about it even if it comes at all because you have been just the perfect woman I have always wanted.

176. I am so happy that you came through my way and chose me to be the woman in your life. I am really indebted to you and I wish that I could be the woman you have always wanted.

177. When I wake up every morning, I see a great change in me cos someone so different and special has come into my life and has taken over. You are the best in the world my own.

178. Whoever may be in my past has been forgotten cos a man full of greatness, love and care has arrived. I want to thank you today for loving me for a month now. Thanks a lot dear.

179. I want you to understand that I don’t care to know how long it took you to locate me but I am so comfortable that you finally located me. You are such a wonderful person in my life.

180. You have made me your woman. Who could ever do a thing like that for me if not for you, baby indeed you are my one in a million. Happy 1st month anniversary my king.

Happy 1st monthsary messages for Him and Her

181. The so many times I have hurt you, knowingly and unknowingly, baby I am deeply sorry and I will not repeat that again. Happy 1st anniversary to you my queen.

182. I don’t even know why I was so foolish enough to offend a wonderful king like you. Pardon my stupidity cos I assure you that I would be the best woman ever for you.

183. It’s been a while since I kissed a man with so much passion attached to it and that is because I have lost the terrible men before you came. You are my savior my dear.

184. This time am really sure that I have found my wife and I will do anything to keep you till the end of time cos I know that wives are rarely found these days. Happy anniversary dear.

185. Today I want you to record this statement I want to make because I want you to be aware of how much you mean to me within this month. Happy anniversary my love.

186. Baby I wish that it will keep ringing in your heart each time you remember me. Baby you are the most important thing that has ever happened to me. Remember this always co I mean it.

187. It is true that I have been disappointed for some time now but it only happened to me because of their inability to love me but I am aware that you will never disappoint me.

188. I was hurt but it doesn’t really matter anymore cos I have gotten someone different, someone sweet and someone so special to me. You are my one in a million.

189. Though I felt hurt when my previous man left me and I was almost killing myself for that but I didn’t know that a man like you could ever see me and approach me. You are the best dear.

190. After I met you, I became complete and ready to face the future. Would you do me the favor of loving me without end? This is because I enjoy being your woman.

191. I was completely unaware that a man like you is coming my way to take over what belongs to him. Thank God that I lost my EX. Happy anniversary to the king of my heart.

192. I have gone to so many places in search of you just because I could no longer bear been along any longer and though I didn’t find you at the time I wanted but you appeared in my life just exactly the time that is right.

193. It became something impossible for me to move on when I thought that my heart cannot occupy the whole of you but I gradually fell in love with you. Happy anniversary to my king.

194. When I noticed that you are nothing compared to that man that offended me that much, I knew that everything has now been completed. Happy 1st month anniversary my one and only.

195. Honestly, if I say that you are not the best man on earth then I must be lying to you. Baby is there no woman who will not want to possess these things I have freely gotten from you.

196. I couldn’t understand that I have gotten what no other man could have even after fasting for years. You are a new person in my life but I feel that you are my wife already.

197. When I settled down to look through us, I saw that I have gotten the most adorable man on earth. You won’t believe that you are the only man that has made my life complete.

198. As for me and all that has made me to be complete, I will love you till eternity and I don’t mind when the eternity will take us cos I really want to be with you for the rest of my life.

199. Life may turn upside down, and things may become too difficult for me to handle. All I know is that meeting you was the greatest glory I achieved and I would do anything to keep you.

200. I didn’t realize that I was into you until we clocked a month in our relationship. Baby today, I want you to know that I will never do anything to hurt you no matter the circumstances. Happy 1st month anniversary my angel.

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