50 Goodnight Prayer For Daughter

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Feel free to use the following ‘good night’ prayer for your daughter. It can be a simple prayer that you read at bedtime, or it may become a special part of your daughter’s bedtime story.

Goodnight Prayer For Daughter

Goodnight Prayer For Daughter

1. Goodnight my angel. I love you. May the angels protect you and watch over you as you sleep. This prayer is for you. May it give you the sweetest dreams and the happiest thoughts tonight, knowing how much I love you.

2. Dear Daughter, Wherever you are I hope that you have a special someone to hold you in his loving arms. Wherever he may be, I hope he is being the gentleman that you deserve.

3. Wherever you go, I pray that you will never forget just how much your father and mother adore you. Never take anything for granted, especially the people who love you the most. Wherever life takes you, make sure to always put God first in everything…

4. Mommy, it’s time to go to bed now. I just wanted to say I love you and to thank you for everything you’ve ever done for me! God bless you tonight and all the nights to come.

5. Dear Sweet Little Princess, I love you more than the sun and the moon and the stars in the sky. And if anyone ever hurts you, I will take care of them. I love protecting you and caring for you and showing my love by kissing your head and touching your cheek and hugging you’re tight and letting you hold me too tight and tell you how much I love you. I love your smile, your eyes, your nose, your toes, and all the places in between. Sweet dreams my little girl.

6. Dear Lord, Please watch over my daughter tonight. Keep her healthy. Keep her happy. And let her dreams find their way to Heaven. For that’s where she belongs- with you! Bless this child with your love and divine protection, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

7. I am so lucky to have you, my only little girl. You are so special to me. You are the light of my life. It has been a rough year for us, but if one more year is what it takes to find some peace I will do it. I hope that all your wishes come true on your special day, your birthday. Rest my little angel sleep tight!

8. Dear God, Thank You for blessing my daughter with such a wonderful soul. I pray all of her dreams and wishes may come true. Please watch over my special daughter throughout the night and protect her from any harm.

9. Bless her with angels that fill her with love and happiness all through the day tomorrow. May she always know that You are with her in everything that she does. Dear Lord, please give my daughter good health, prosperity, happiness, and contentment.

10. I love you, my little one. I wish I could tuck you in every night, instead of just in song. I will love you always and no matter where life takes us, it will always lead back to you. There are no words strong enough to express how much I love you, but I will say them anyway…

11. I love you more than you will ever know. Every day I hope to make you proud of me. I wish I could protect you forever, keep you sheltered from harm. I pray that one day you find someone who shows you the love and kindness that your mother does.

12. You are my sunshine. You make everything better when you’re near. I love you more than any other person in this world can imagine. You can always make me smile no matter how bad my day has been.

13. Each night before bed Mommy says a prayer for her little princess. Not only are you the most wonderful girl in the whole world, but God picked you out especially to be mine. I am so lucky to have you. Thank you for being my little miracle.

14. Goodnight. God is always with you. It’s so hard to let you go, but I know he has you in his loving hands tonight. Sweet dreams little girl, I love you!

15. Goodnight my little one. I never get tired of kissing your head. It’s so humble and sweet that it makes my heart melt. You are the best thing that has happened to me, the greatest joy, the absolute best thing. I love you with all my heart!

16. I don’t have words for how much I love you. You are the sweetest, most loving human being I have ever met. And I am so grateful to be your parent. May you wake up tomorrow with a smile on your face and joy in your heart.

17. I pray that all of your dreams will come true, that you won’t have to go through any sorrow or pain, that you will always feel happy and loved, filled with joy and tons of laughter. Good

18. Angel, we love you and we miss you; Even though we sleep without you tonight, we’re right here. Close by, just a whisper away. We need you, and we want you to know that we always will. Sleep sweetly. We’ll be watching over you tonight, and every night from here on out, sweet dreams my angel-girl.

19. God bless you, our little princess. You are our greatest gift. We love you more than anything in the whole world! Night night, snuggle in tight and dream about all your favorite ponies.

20. I love you with all my heart. I wish I could wrap you up in my arms and keep you safe from the rest of the world. but I know that won’t be possible for a very long time. So I will take a moment here to tell you how proud of you I am, and how much I love you. You are a smart, talented, beautiful young lady.

21. You are my baby. The pride and joy of my life. I want the world to know how much I love you and everything I would do for you. I hope that someday you feel just a fraction of the love that fills my heart every second of every day. Every day I thank God for bringing me such a beautiful girl. I really love you, baby!!

22. Dear God, I pray that you will watch over my daughter. I pray that she will stay safe and enjoy each day that you have given her. I pray that you will keep her love for learning alive, inspire her to do her very best, help her to live with the comfort of knowing your presence with her, show her the way both spiritually and through your Word.

23. You are my sunshine. My little angel. The reason I wake up in the morning and the only thing that keeps me going when life is hard. You are so much more than just my little girl, you are my family. We may not have had the ideal start to life, but we have found our way and we can’t imagine life without each other.

24. I pray that you will always feel loved. I pray that the grace of God goes before you and tightens your steps in everything that you do. I pray that you will have the best protection above you night and day, wherever you may go. Be safe in His presence, in His sheltering care, in His perfect peace. Goodnight, Daughter!

25. Goodnight my little princess. You were meant to be my daughter and no one can ever steal my love away from you. I will love you forever and beyond the pages of my memory and into your future.

26. I pray for your safety as you walk through the night. Please guide her as she strolls alone tonight and return her to me in the morning. Oh, sweet baby girl, how I miss you. Please keep my love near. Goodnight Keira, love you always and forever.”

27. I love you with all my heart and soul. You make me complete and fill out life with magic and joy. You make me feel like the luckiest mom in the world and I thank God every day for bringing you in my life. Sleep tight and sweet dreams!

28. I’m looking forward to the day when I can hold you in my arms for so long that you get irritated and vow revenge on me, or give me a peck on the cheek. Good night my little princess.

29. “Lord, bless my daughter, wherever she may be. Keep her safe from harm and keep her ever close to you.” I love you, my darling daughter. May the Lord keep your heart filled with hope and love.

30. I pray that God keeps an angel by your side. I pray that angels protect you from any harm. I pray that angels watch over you when I’m not around. May the stars shine down upon you and guard your dreams against all fears. Sweet dreams my baby girl and I love you!

31. Dear Lord, I pray for a strong and healthy relationship between my daughter and her future husband. May they find love and happiness together. May he cherish and protect her and give her the world. And she will give him the same respect and unconditional love. And may their marriage come to be one God above all others.

32. Dear God I pray for my daughter, that you would grant her the wisdom to know when to speak and when to stay silent. Grant her courage to stand up for what’s right at all times. grant her the goodness in her heart to forgive when she should. And grant her strength when she needs it most.

33. I love you so much, my daughter. Please have sweet dreams and don’t forget to give your teddy bear a kiss for me goodnight. I pray that the Lord embraces you with his love and that he watches over you as you sleep tonight.

34. Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep. I pray the Lord my daughter guides, through times of joy and strife, Keep her heart happy and kind, protect her from all harm. Be her Shelter in time of need, Help her find peace each night. Bless my daughter with courage and love that never loses form. Envelope her within your charms, And protect her from any harm.

35. At the end of each day, before you fall asleep, say a small prayer. Ask God to thank him for all the many blessings and graces you and your family has received and to pray that he will continue to bless you throughout the night and restore all of your strength and energy the following day. Tell him goodnight and sweet dreams.

36. Now the day is over, it’s time to close your eyes. As you drift off to sleep, remember lots of love and kisses from mom and dad. God bless you as you dream sweet dreams tonight, may all your wishes ever come true.

37. Goodnight Sweetheart. I love you! Today as I approach the twilight of my years, I pray that you will take a minute each day to reflect on what a precious young woman you have become, and how much joy that you have brought to me and others. As I leave this world, may I be able to hear you sniffling about missing your old dad?

38. You are my sunshine, my joy, and love of my life. You make me a better person. I hope I’ve been the best mommy possible and know you will always be loved by me no matter what, through times of happiness and sorrow. I love you so much!

39. Dear Lord, help my daughter to make wise choices. Keep her safe and protected. And know that she is dearly loved! Let all that you have made give praise for your love and creation. Help us to see the world as you do.

40. I pray you discover God’s love for you, his perfect plan for your life. I pray that you find the confidence to be who you are made to be, the courage to follow your dreams, and the wisdom to see that your heart really does matter.

41. I pray that you love yourself and always try hard no matter what happens. I pray that you never give up when life gets hard and that when others call you names for your uniqueness and inner and outer beauty you know they are not worth your tears and their words don’t hurt like they may seem to.

42. Dear darling daughter, a prayer for a goodnight kiss, enjoy your dreams and sleep tight. May angels watch over you and lullabies bring peace to your mind. Good night my little princess, love always.

43. You are my everything. You’re the only thing that makes me happy, even when you fight with me I still love you. Daddy will always be there for you no matter what. You are my angel, heaven sent from God himself to be mine until the day I die. Goodnight to my sweetie pie daddy loves you so much!

44. You are everything I never knew I always wanted. You’re my best friend and the most important part of my life. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to live without you.

45. I wake up every day wishing it wasn’t just another day in paradise with you, but another great adventure that we could share together. I wish you all the joy this world has to offer. Sweet dreams my daughter

46. You’re my baby girl and I will always protect you. I guess that’s why they call me daddy. Goodnight, love.

47. Dear God, Tonight is the first night I’m missing my children. Please watch over Ashley as she recovers from her surgery tomorrow. Keep her safe. And please pray for her daddy too. Thanks so much for all you do. Still praying for peace every day! ”

48. I love you so so much my sweetheart. I cannot even begin to put it into words. You bring joy and happiness to my life, and especially to my heart. I feel so blessed to have a little girl as wonderful as you. My life is full of love because of you.

49. God Bless my daughter, every good thing, love, and happiness always.

50. When I call your name, please answer me. When I kiss your cheek, please smile. When I hold your hand, please don’t pull away. And when I say I love you, don’t question it.


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