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 Waking up to a beautiful text message can make one’s day lovely and filled with sparks, nothing really beats that, what’s more exciting it’s knowing that the text is coming from your sweetheart, after a long night of silent rest, you are being woken up with a loving text from your partner, it just goes to show that you are the first thought that comes to mind when your sweetheart wakes up in the morning, isn’t it wonderful? it’s really important to your sweetheart that your day is bright, this is because your sweetheart beautiful text can ignite that positive feeling that will take you throughout the day, anytime your mind takes you to that text you get this soothing relief of love running through your spines, it’s wonderful. you can copy down some of these texts and ready them down for early morning, spark up your partners morning with some romantic text messages.
If you want
to make someone you love so much, feel good, then these are texts that will
most certainly help you with that and I’ve listed some below, and some lovely
text messages are also above.
 You can Pick any one of your choices, you can even
choose to personalize them to suit your taste, but if you are there in person
with your girlfriend or wife, you can as well send Sweetest Love Letter for Your Girlfriend.
 Some of these good morning text messages can be whispered into their ears,
or left as a note on their breakfast table instead it will be so romantic and
it will go a long way in strengthening your relationship.

 Good Morning Texts

  • Can’t wait to set my eyes on you again,
    you were the first thing I always think of when I wake up, good morning my
  • My feelings for you is everlasting,
    because every morning reminds me of all the wrong choices I have made,
    until I made the right one, “You” Good morning my choice.
  • I know i’m the luckiest guy alive, because
    I have you by my side, I see you every time I wake, and we are gonna leave
    together forever.
  • The is the real love I have always dreamt
    of, I owe you a lifetime, because my future is great with you, thanks for
    being my Angel, Good morning Love.
  • My morning text message doesn’t just say
    “Good morning” it rather says how grateful I’m to have you as my
    Love, my life has never remain thesame.
  • Good morning baby, I love you have a marvelous
    day ahead.
  • My cheri-coco, expect the best to come
    your way today, I see God sending men and women, boys and girls to favour
    you, have a great day ahead.
  • I will stay with you throughout life
    struggles this is my promise to you, as the sky remains blue I will always
    show you true love.
  • Making you glad is my day work, and I will
    continue to do a good job, I love you so much honey, Good morning my
  • I’m so happy sending you this message,
    because the love of my life (You) have brought Joy endless to me, Good Morning.
  • Night came to an end, This morning will
    bring countless blessings to you, don’t worry about your troubles as God
    is handling them, Good Morning Hun.
  • I woke up this morning something wasn’t
    right, until I realised I haven’t greeted my world, i’m sorry this is
    coming late Good Morning my angel.
  • I may have made it through the night, but
    as was lonely Af, I don’t want to go through today without you, hope to
    see you soon, Good Morning I love you.
  • You give me strength when I am weak, you
    are my courage in dark days, I am happy I have you, and I will be your
    forever, Good Morning my sweetheart, have a lovely day ahead.
  • My days are perfect, because you are
    always on my mind, thank you for making me happy all the time, a day
    without you, I am not sure of survival.
  • I don’t know which words that can explain
    my love for you, I am not joking when I say you are the love of my life, I
    shall cherish you forever.
  • When I wake up each morning, I am so
    filled with happiness, because the thought of you makes my day great
    already, Good Morning my sweetheart.
  • This love is unbreakable, this our love is
    worth mentioning, I feel so special, I want to brag to my friends, thanks
    for giving me your best, you are the best, Good morning love.
  • You allowed me into your world, and your
    world became my world, I bring you wishes to keep you well, prayer for
    more blessings, and my love to keep you smiling, Good morning.
  • Some days I wish I could find a word that
    best describe you, your description is just out of this world, it’s one in
    a million, and I am lucky to be one in that million, Good morning my
  • Destiny will forever has its way as much
    as fate would do, we will be the best couple this world would come to see
    and jealous, I really can’t wait to walk the aisle with you my world.
  • More than a thousand words can’t  say the way I love you, the feeling is out
    of this world, I love you to the moon and back, Good morning my Angel.
  • This sometimes I think it’s to good to be
    true, but it is true, and I must be the happiest person alive, because i’m
    living my dreams with you, Good morning bunny.
  • This cold breeze I feel this morning
    reminds me of your wonderful touch, a sweet sensation I feel on my skin,
    your romantic touch that takes me out of this world, inspiring a surge of
    joy inside me, Good morning sweetest.
  • Good morning my love, it takes only a
    second for me to think of you every morning I wake up, your voice is my
    momentum, your voice makes my heart melt, I am happy because your love is
  • I hope you had a wonderful night rest,
    because I went to bed last night with a wide smile, knowing we will be
    together in my dreams, but I am awake this morning happy what we have
    ain’t a dream.
  • If love is a color, I will be a rainbow to
    you, I once felt an emptiness I thought could only get worse until you came
    and changed it all. Thank God I have you, Good morning sweetest.
  • My life will be nothing without you, I
    wish I know why I deserve you, your love is all around, fate tells me more
    than I ever imagined, I just want to say thank you for coming my way.
  • I just want to tell you how much you mean,
    errmm, I cannot describe it because, words are failing me right now, but
    know I cherish you, and I will forever love you. Morning!
  • Hello, beautiful, you were the thought in
    my head as I woke up this morning, it’s a wonderful feeling having a
    pretty angel makes my night, every minute spent with you is appreciated.
  • You are the one I see when I close my eyes
    every night, you are the sun that brightens my lovely morning, you are
    simply the best, Good morning my love.
  • It’s morning now, but I am missing you
    already so much my baby, Good morning my cutie, warm hugs and kisses.
  • My real changes dint not come until you
    came into my life, thanks for finding me, thank you for being with me on
    this path of fulfillment, I love you, Good morning.
  • My baby wake up!! Sleepy head it’s
    morning, hope you had a good night rest, Good morning my sweetheart.
  • The sun is not up, I am pretty sure it’s
    waiting for my baby to wake up, Good morning my angel. Wake up and brighten
    up my world.
  • Sweetheart I know you are having the
    morning exactly like mine, it’s so lovely because you are joy that fills
    my heart anytime I wake up. Good morning my angel.
  • Joy, joy, joy, in my heart is ringing, I
    wake up every day so happy, because I have got you and  you have got me. Good morning my baby
  • I wish I could be beside you as you wake
    up, to put a smile on your beautiful face, every morning my face is lit,
    you make my world glow, with your shiny beauty. I love you Good morning
    baby boo.
  • I don’t care if the sun rises or not, my
    morning starts beautifully when I text my baby girl, Good morning
    sunshine, rise and shine, it’s gonna be another lovely day.
  • If love is a crime I prefer to be in jail,
    got a lot of respect for you because your kind is so rare. I love you from
    the bottom of my heart Good morning my heart beat.
  • Anytime that I look into your eyes, I see
    fire in there, and if you look into my eyes you see the desire in there, keep
    the fire of love burning my Angel, Good morning missing you much.
  • Wake up, my beautiful sweetheart! It’s
    time to open your arms and embrace this new day. Welcome happiness, favour
    and success, Good morning my angel.
  • You are the pulse that throbs in my veins,
    you are the antidote that frees me of all my pains. You are the rhythm of
    my heartbeat, without you my life would be incomplete I’m grateful to have
    you in my life. Good morning my world.
  • The rising sun reminds me of your radiant
    face and the misty dew reminds me of your dreamy eyes. The distant sounds
    of the bustling city remind me of your soft whispers and the cool breeze
    giving me the chills reminds me of your romantic kisses. Good morning.
  • I have got you babe, you make me feel
    alive, I must be very lucky to have the most beautiful woman as my partner,
    Good morning angel, my night was lovely because you filled my thought.
  • You look so beautiful in the morning,
    naturally endowed with smooth and silky skin, the thought that you are mine
    makes my day great already, Good morning sweetest, and have a nice day.
  •  Each day I
    wake up and think of how much I love you, you give me love unspeakable. You
    make me feel the love in ways I can’t possibly express, other than by simply
    loving you, I really do love you. Good morning sweetheart.
  • Good morning! I am so in love with you, every
    day I am loving you. I am bursting with happiness every morning when I
    wake up, I am so happy you came into my life, Good morning Love.
  • I wish I could give you everything,
    because you have always given me your best, I appreciate a lot, you love
    me so much, I will never hurt you, this is my promise to you, Good morning
    my baby boo.
  • I woke up this morning feeling uneasy with
    myself, I knew immediately I was so missing you, that’s why I am sending
    you this text message, Good morning Sweet heart.
  • Even if I send you tons of text messages,
    or call you 1000 minutes it won’t still change the fact that you are not
    here with me, I will miss you today hun, Good morning I love you.
  • I cannot bear my love, I wish you know how
    painful and hurtful it is for you to be far away from me, I am so missing
    you, hope to be with you soon, Good morning my beautiful angel.


  • One of the secrets of my happiness when I
    wake up in the morning, is the thought of me knowing I have you, you love
    me unconditionally, thanks for being my joy.
  • I cannot stop expressing my love for you every
    day, nothing can belittle my respect for you, and thank Goodness our path
    crossed, your love is second to none. Good morning sweetness.
  • You came as a fit to all my wants in a
    woman, sometimes I ask myself am I not the luckiest man alive, all that
    were bad in my life you have fixed them, you are my God sent angel, I love
    you, Good morning my Guardian angel.
  • The truth be said, there is no other you,
    you are a miracle, a miracle that happened to me, I can sing it out beautifully,
    your Love is more than a fortune to me, wake up my love it’s morning.


  • My world revolves around you, you have
    shown me what it means to be loved, I must be the luckiest woman on
    planet earth. I love you, my macho man. Good morning my Husband to be.
  • You will make my kids, our kids very
    happy, you will be a great dad because you have shown me how great a
    husband you are. Good morning my choice, have a nice day ahead.
  • We have come so far together, my horrible
    past are nothing to me anymore, because of our bright future ahead, my
    heart beats for you.
  • My life appears colorful each day,
    because I have an artist who paints it new every day, you make my life
    shiny, I love you, my beautiful angel.
  • It’s one of the best feeling waking up to
    a text from you, I got your text message and its so lovely, baby I love
    you so much. Good morning my love.
  • It’s so nice waking up in the morning and
    knowing, you have an angel who cares for you, you are like a candle in my
    life, that burns it touches me and melts my heart away. Good morning.
  • You are the joy of my heart, the love of
    my life, you are the first thought on my mind when I wake up, Good morning
    my sweet heart, have a lovely day ahead.
  • I have sent an angel to come guard you
    while you sleep, I’m surprised to see the angel return so quickly, the
    angel told me, that angels don’t look after angels, Good morning my
    beautiful angel.
  • Good morning my sweet heart, I hope your
    dreams are as beautiful and sweet as you are, my love knows no boundary
    for you. Take care.
  • It’s amazing how happy I am whenever I am
    awake, it’s the thought of you, my beautiful angel, Have a lovely morning


  • The tasks may be many, I will keep working
    hard my angel, no matter what comes my way, I know there is someone who
    cares for me a lot, that’s my motivation, have a great day ahead.
  • Today will be great for you, I wish I
    could write more than text messages to you, but know it in your heart, I
    will never stop loving you, have a nice day.
  • I wish you sweet morning and sweet
    afternoon ahead, favour is coming your way today I know that. Have a
    wonderful day ahead.
  • You have given me more than words can
    express, but that won’t stop me from saying I love you, and I wish your
    day be great as you are.
  • The best of the moment will be your
    portion today at work. You will find favour today. Have a great day my
    angel, take care.
  • I will your long life plans materialize
    today, success shall be yours, Good morning and have a great day ahead.


  • Hello my choice, just want to wish you a
    great day ahead, please take care of yourself for me sweetheart, I love
    you so much.
  • God will send men and women to favour you
    today, boys and girls will favour you, everything will work in your favour
    today, have a nice day ahead, I love you.
  • My love is real, not fake, I will sacrifices
    anything for you to be happy, but I ask you join your faith with mine that
    everything will be work fine today. Have a nice day sweetheart.
  • My feelings for you are becoming more qualitative
    day by day, I owe you a lifetime, thanks for being my partner, Good
    morning and have a nice day, I love you so much.
  • My future is great! Because I have you
    with me, your love for me has proven unshaken, you came into my life, now
    my life is full of happiness, thank you.
  • If this world was one big notebook, I
    will write in all its pages how much I love you. Have a nice day my
  • You know you miss someone very much, when
    all you do is think about the person, my heart breaks into pieces anything
    you are not with me, but a single hello from you would put those pieces
    back in place.
  • I may run out of text messages to send to
    you, I may run out of jokes to make you laugh, I may also run out of
    battery or pepso, but my heart won’t run out of space for you, have a nice
    day my love.
  • Without love I cannot come into this
    world, you are love, therefore I cannot live without you. Good morning my
    angel have a nice day ahead.
  • Your love open up my heart like the
    flower, as the sun touches it in the morning, I am filled with zeal this
    morning, Good morning my angel have a nice day ahead.
  • The loveliest day comes, when you wake up
    and find the person who means the world to you besides you. I hope that day
    comes soon. Good morning my love, have a great day.



  • We have made different promises to each other but I want to let you know that I would do everything I can to keep these promises, because my life revolves around you and nothing matters more than you to me, I love you so much.



  • Most of the times I am caught in the moment, I just fall short of words to tell you how much you really mean to me, honestly you are everything to me, I won’t survive if I lose you, I want to be there for you all the time, take care my love, I love you.



  • I want to make you not just the queen of my heart, but also I would want you to be the mother of my kids, it would be my dream come true giving them the best mother in the world, and having the best wife as a companion. Please make my dream a reality.



  • It really doesn’t matter how long we have known each other, what matters is how high our love is soaring against all odds, you have corrected my imperfections, you have also been my backbone. I am not sure if I’ll ever be able to thank you enough, but I promise to spend my lifetime thanking you, blessed be the day I met you. I love you so much.




  • Ups and downs, fights and arguments, kisses and hugs, highs and lows, happiness and sadness, all these we have been able to deal with, even though it hasn’t been easy, we have gone through all these and conquered all, we made each other a promise, that nothing would come in between our love not just now but till forever. I love you my heart.



  • It’s true that I don’t know how long I will be alive to spend with you but one thing I know for sure is that every single day with you is a day to remember, every second I spend with you, it’s worth my lifetime, that’s why I am praying fervently to God to grant us long life together.
  • I am really fortunate to have you as mine, I really can’t wait to walk you down the aisle to say I do to you when I say I love you I mean every word of it.


  • Your love has changed me so much, we have got each other, we have got everything, I guess what they say is true when you fall in love everything changes.


  • You came like a thief in the night and stole my heart away, your love lightened up my life like the sun does to the day, you are such a sweetheart my lady that’s why I love you so much.


  • We close our eyes when we experience something beautiful within, like when we lock lips or when we are together in my dreams, it’s true when I close my eyes I see you, I love you to pieces.


  • I love the way you make me so happy every time we are together,
    the ways you show you care is so sweet.
    I love the way you say, “I Love You, to me, it’s everything”
    And the way you’re always there for me, you are just perfect for me.



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