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Good Morning SMS Messages for Him or Her: Good morning SMS messages for him are a good way to wish your boyfriend and let him know that you really miss him at this time. Good morning is also a very important time of the day and can change the feelings of your partner and make him think that you want to be with him in all his activities. You can also add nice words like sweet, lovely, handsome, etc., to make your romantic message sweeter and more romantic. So it would be really supportive to have a good collection of good morning messages for your partner, and below is what you need to do that.

If you want to send them the best Good morning SMS messages then my friend you are in the right place.

Good Morning SMS Messages for him or her

1. I may not have the most beautiful face to look at when I wake up in the morning or the perfect body to hold, but I sure have the prettiest and meekest heart with me, and I promise to love you with every bit of my soul, you make my morning a great one every day, Good morning my love.


2. Moments shared with you are priceless that’s why I will always keep them in my heart, so I can relive them every morning of my life, you are the best that ever happened in my life, I love you so much, Good morning sweetheart.


3. I will love to spend the rest of my long days with you, I don’t care what they say, but I choose you, just the thought of you every morning can make my day be filled with joy and smiles, I love you sweets Good morning.


4. if I were a smartphone, you would be my charger, because without you I cannot operate, I will be dead, honey I need you in my life, I love you loads, Good Morning my angel.


5. sometimes I get lost for words, to describe how important you are to me, the truth is I simply live for you, my life revolves around you, I love you, you are the most important part of my life, without you I am practically nothing, Good morning my dear, how was your night?


6. isn’t it amazing all your love has done for me, I must say it is my angel, it’s been amazing since you ventured into my life, if I am asked to choose who to do it all again with, I will choose you without hesitation, thank you, my angel, good morning.


7. Hi, my love. I slept like a log last night and woke up feeling refreshed. For some reason though, I felt like something was missing. Then I remembered – it’s not ‘Good Morning’ until I tell you that YOUR LOVE gets me through every day of my life!


8. Good morning my dearest love, may this day be filled with every happiness for you. Do make sure you text me good morning as well :)!


9. Good morning my dearest. Just wanted to let you know that I really love you. There are no words to describe how wonderful I feel about you. You mean so much to me and I just wanted you to feel special this morning.


10. Good morning sweetheart. I woke up and saw that you were not there. I search for you in my dreams but couldn’t find you. So, here is a big kiss from me to wish you a sweet and wonderful day. Enjoy it wholeheartedly and don’t forget that I love you so much. Yours.


11. Good morning my love. Another day to prove how much I truly love you. From the early morning sun rising, to the taste of your kisses, to the feel of your hug and the light of your smile, everything is a reminder of how much I love you and how lucky I am that you are mine.


12. I hope you got a wonderful morning with my hug and kiss. I love you and wish your day would be amazing too!


13. I love the way you say, “Good morning.” And I love how it sounds when you whisper, “I love you.


14. Hey honey, I love you, have a great day. I hope you have a wonderful day. Just wanted to say that I LOVE YOU, BABY! Good morning! I hope your morning is as bright and beautiful as you are. Good morning my love.


15. Good morning my love. From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep, there are so many thoughts of you that go through my head. Every part of my mind is filled with you. I love you more than ever and have been thinking about how great it is going to be when I finally get to see your face and kiss you!

16. Good morning my love, I wish you a very good day and a bright future because I know that you are the most important person on this earth for me! I care about you so much!


17. Good morning my love. I miss you already. Kisses and hugs to you sweetheart. Have a wonderful day today. Love early in the morning, kisses and hugs…


18. Good morning love, I’m thinking of you and only you. This is going to be an amazing day because it’s filled with so much love – and that love is only for you.


19. Good morning to my wonderful boyfriend! Can’t wait to spend another day with you. I love you, beautiful!


20. You make me feel so happy I never want to stop smiling! I love waking up next to you.


21. Good morning my love. Wake up to a wonderful new day. I hope you have a great day and know that my heart belongs to you. I’m always here for you and will stay forever by your side if you let me. Good morning!


22. Good morning handsome, you are the reason why I wake up with a smile. Thank you for being so caring, passionate, and always ready to make me happy.


23. My love, I love you. You are my everything. I live and breathe for you and with everything we do, you make me happy. I never want us to grow apart in any way, and I want to be the first thing you think about when you wake up every morning and the last thing when you go to sleep at night. Good morning my love.


24. Good Morning dear, I love you. Hope you had a very good sleep!


25. Hubby, I love you so much. Thank you for always being there for me. Roomie and lover, my heart is forever yours. Good morning, sweetheart.


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26. I love you more than you can ever know. I think about you every day and miss you when we’re apart. I cannot wait for the day that we are together for the rest of our lives. You are my whole world and I can’t stop thinking about how lucky I am to have you. I look forward to seeing you tonight and hearing your voice.


27. Good morning my love, I hope this finding brings you warmth and peace. All my heart and soul are filled with only your love, so feel free to ask for anything as I’m here to make you happy.


28. Good morning, my sweet prince, I wish I could wake up to your kiss every morning. You are the last thing on my mind before I fell asleep, and the first thing I think of when I awake. Your love makes me feel special and beautiful – like nothing in this world matters except for us. Every day I am so thankful that you chose me to be your girlfriend! Good morning sweetie!


29. Good morning my love. Thinking about you makes my day brighter and I can’t wait to see your smiling face!


30. Good morning, I hope you had a wonderful night of sleep. You are the reason I wake up every morning smiling. You give me something to look forward to each day. I love you and my heart skips a beat whenever I see your face.


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31. Every morning I hold you while you sleep and thank god for bringing you into my life. I love your smile, your kisses, and the way you hold me at night. You have made this world a brighter place with your presence. I love you so much!


32. I hope that you have an amazing day today. Every morning I wake up with you it gets better and better. You’re amazing at what you do and I know your dreams are going to come true one day soon. All my Love is for you.


33. Good morning, my love. I just wanted to say good morning and let you know that I love you very much. Have a great day! Love.

34. Good morning my love! I hope you had a great night of sleep. I just wanted to tell you that I love you and that I’m so happy that you are in my life. I don’t want anything else but your happiness and you for me forever. You mean the world to me!


35. I need you like a flower needs the rain, and I love you like bees need Honey! Every morning I wake up to realize that I am the luckiest girl in the world because I have you! Good Morning, my love!


36. Good Morning, my love, I hope you had a great night. I can’t wait to see you later! I love you so much.”


37. I was thinking about you this morning and how much I love you. You are my best friend, lover, and soul mate. Life is better with you in it and I just can’t stop smiling when you’re around. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thank you for loving me back.


38. I am so grateful for our quiet moments together. I feel so alive and inspired when we are near each other. Thank you for coming into my life. As long as I have you in my arms nothing else matters. I love you with all my heart and soul.

39. Hi Sweetness. How are you doing today? Thought about you this morning, so I wanted to say “Good Morning!” I hope you have a wonderful day. Please keep on smiling, as it makes me smile too!


40. Good Morning sweetie, I couldn’t wait to say that I loved you before I began my day. You are a gorgeous young lady and I am so thankful to have your love in my life. So today I hope you are showered with all of my love from the very first moment of your day until the last.


41. Good morning my love. I hope you have a great day and know that I am thinking of you. I’ll see you in a few short hours.


42. Good morning my beautiful lover. I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and I love you so much. I wish we didn’t have to be apart but I want you to know that I will call you as soon as I get off work! I can’t wait to see your beautiful face, to hold you in my arms again to kiss your sweet lips, and to run my fingers through your hair.


43. Good morning beautiful. I can’t stop thinking about you and how much I miss you, my love. Every time I look at the clock it seems as if the hands have stopped because I am anxiously waiting to be with you again. My heart smiles because soon we will be together again and share our most amazing kiss that takes my breath away! I cannot wait to see you today and start our day off with a passionate embrace of our lips.


44. Good morning my love! Time is passing by so quickly, and I can’t help but wish that every second of it was spent with you. You’re the love of my life, and I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you. I love you always.


45. I love you today, tomorrow, and always. I’ll be here when the sun rises and sets again. We are destined to be together, other things will happen. There will be good times and bad, but through all of the storms, we will be strong together. From this moment on I promise to love you forever.


46. Good morning my beautiful, I hope you had a good night’s sleep. Let’s waste no more time and run away together.”


47. You are a great morning breakfast, you fill my days with joy, I want to wake up next to you every morning. You’re everything I need in my life. I love you.


48. As I wake up today you are the first thing on my mind and the last thought before I fall asleep. You are such an important part of my life and I will never get tired of waking up to your beautiful face every morning.


49. Good morning my love. I just wanted to let you know that even though I am far from you, I am always with you. I will meet you at breakfast, and feed you strawberries and chocolate kisses.


50. Good Morning beautiful! I hope you sleep well. Are you awake yet? I’m sure you’re still dreaming of how much I love you. I think about it every second of the day, and in my dreams, we are together forever. When I open my eyes each morning the first thing I see is your beautiful face, smiling back at me. Thank you for being such a special part of my life.


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51. The first thing I will think about when I get up in the morning is you. The last thing I will think of before I go to sleep at night is you. You are always on my mind, and I can’t wait to spend my life with you…I love you!


52. Morning sunshine. I love waking up to you every morning. You make me smile with your silly jokes and your gorgeous, adorable self! All day I’ll be thinking of you and the fun we will have together. I will call you during my lunch break so we can chat for a few minutes.


53. You are the love of my life, you’re the one that makes me smile when I feel like crying, you’re there for me in the good times and bad. You are always on my mind and I wanna be with you all the time. I love you.


54. I’ll be waiting in bed for you this morning, just like every morning with good morning kisses and hugs. I’ll be thinking of you when I walk into work and I will count down the minutes until we are together again.


55. Good morning beautiful. I hope you’ve had a great sleep and you feel refreshed this morning. I love every morning I get to wake up next to you. I love you more than anything in the world. Good Morning!

56. Good morning beautiful. May God fill your day with blessings and make every dream you ever dreamed for yourself come true no matter how big or how small. Let the sunshine warmly on your face and caress your skin with its gentle rays. May every hour be filled with a thousand kisses and may love surround you all day long.


57. Morning coffee is the most important part of my morning routine. It helps bring back that energy that I love. My heart and soul are yours. I love you.


58. Getting up every morning to find a love letter from you always puts a big smile on my face. I wake up with that warm feeling in my heart and know that I’m loved and cared for, every day. I love you so much!


59. Good morning, beautiful! I hope you slept well and feel refreshed. You’re the first thing I think of when my eyes open. Your beauty is breathtaking and your love is overwhelming, thank you for being mine. I love you forever and a day.


60. I hope you have an amazing day, as I will be thinking about you!… As soon as I wake up and every minute after that. I love you, good morning!


61. Good Morning, I hope you are having a nice day. I just thought about you while I was brushing my teeth and thought I would write this note as the first thing in your day. Sending lots of love your way!


62. Good morning my love! I can’t stop thinking of you and miss you already!!!


63. Good morning my love, it’s a brand new day. I can hardly contain the love I have for you, it suffocates me sometimes. Words can’t explain how much I truly love you. You are such an amazing person and I am so lucky to have you in my life.


64. Hi baby, good morning, and have a wonderful day ahead. I love you so much!

65. Good morning my love! I’ve been thinking about you since I woke up this morning. Please call me when you get the chance-I missed talking to you this morning.


66. I hope you’ll have a wonderful day, just because I thought about you. I love you so much, my dear. Good morning!


67. Good morning to the one whose sweet dreams I love to be part of. Good morning to the woman I long to touch and kiss every morning. Good morning to the lady who holds my heart in her hands, good morning my love.


68. Good Morning. Wish I was there to plant a kiss on your cheek. Hope your day has a lot of those special little things you enjoy. Afternoons ahead may bring you some challenges, but they will be met with a smile partly because I know in the evening I’ll get to dance face to face and call you my girlfriend again!


69. Good morning my love, I was thinking about how beautiful you are and how lucky I am to have you in my life.


70. I love you, baby! Good morning! How sweet your lips taste. I love to kiss you, baby. Good morning gorgeous. Kissing you always makes the day brighter, I hope your day is wonderful, honey. I miss you already baby. Good morning.


71. Good morning my love! I’ve been thinking about you all night and now I need to tell you that I LOVE YOU more than ever. You are the reason I breathe each day and the stars shine at night. You are the light that guides me to happiness every day.

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