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Get well soon messages part 2.
These definitely aren’t the best of times, when your loved ones are not around you, this is because they are bedridden, it could be they were in an accident, or got infections, or maybe doctors order say they should stay for further checkups on them,
But Sometimes it could be a successful surgery or before surgery, this is actually a good time to cheer them up with some lovely text messages.
Most times all they need are some sweet text, prayers, funny get well soon messages, to cheer them up.
Let them feel loved, so they know they are not alone, anytime they see their phone ring, and it’s a message from you should help in getting them to recovery fast.
You might go out of words to say to your Sister, you can send, Get Well Soon Sister, Funny get well soon quotes, you can even convert some too, Get well soon poems.
Any of these messages can also be used as Get Well Soon Status.
Feel free to personalize any of these Romantic Get Well Soon Messages, and make your sister feel loved too.

Get Well Soon Messages Part One 

1. Life is not easy without earth. After pain is relief; when you are strong, the value of health is seen later after

2. I never believed this sickness will hold you down to the extent. Please get well soon and join us. We miss you.

3. I miss you like never before; you are special, nice and wonderful. Get well soon my brother.

4. Two days of your absence has a great impact in my life, I wish you a superb good health soon. I love you.

5. You are a cute friend, though your absence is greatly felt but your health is my greatest concern. I miss you.

6. When you were here, you were a big trouble maker. I like it that way but now sickness has taken you away for a

7. I miss every fun we had together. I wish to remain with you forever. Get well soon sweetheart. I love you.

8. You belong to me and my life has always been a special one since the day I set my eyes on you. get well soon my dearest friend.

9. I just can’t stop loving you even at this condition, I love you the more. You are extremely special and I love you.

10. Good to be yours forever. I love everything you were and what you look like now is lovelier than ever. May you find good health soon.

11. May your health be granted back to you so that you will be able to achieve all you aspire for in life.

12. Good morning sweetheart. I hope you are getting better and your health is improving. Get well soon, please.

13. I love beautiful faces and you still have this gorgeous even in your sick bed. I love you and please to give up.

14. Eat your food dear, love yourself and never get tired of bouncing back to life. You are especially special.

15. Giving up upon a sickness is an understatement. Never allow that to happen to you. Get well soon.

16. You are still the cutest person in the world. Though your absence is greatly felt but you are always the best.

17. Let cute people be the nearest to me O Lord. My friend is ill, please restore his health and bring him back to his

18. It is not all easy to battle with malaria, but when you are strong in spirit, you will be strong to withstand the
pain of a sickness.

19. I wish every one of you a complete and precious moment; you are all special and wish you quick recovery.

20. Try and put smile on your face, it gives you the privilege to stay strong in all illness. I appreciate you motivation.



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Get well soon msg for wife

21. It pains me that the love of my life is suffering from malaria, despite your illness, you never give up your love temporarily.

22. I was not too happy when I kissed your hot lips, hugged your hot body all that I did remind me of the pain you are going through. Get well soon sweetie.

23. You are nicer than I thought when I met you. You are so special, loving and precious. I miss you to the core.

24. As you lay on your sick bed, I am greatly concerned about you and this really breaks my confidence to see you soon. I am in deep pain but will show up soon.

25. You are a cute lady worthy of being celebrated with full passion, please get well soon. I love you.

26. I am so much interested in making you find peace in your heart. I love the fact that you are my grace and the one I cherish the most.

27. Having found out that you are the best wife on the surface of the earth, I smile and then shed tears hoping for your quick recovery.

28. You are sweet, nice and loving. Like seriously, you mean everything to me and I wish you all the best.

29. Your calmness, your love, and gentility is the real love that never ends. I wish you all the best and quick relief.

30. Eat your food so may respond well to treatment. I love you, my sweet baby, I will be there when you need me the most.

31. I just can’t stop crying since the day I heard you had an accident. Please stay strong until I return home from the battlefield.

32. Baby, this is the kind of life we have chosen, may the Lord be pleased with us, and may He forgive us of our sin.

33. You are always beautiful even when you are sick. I wish you all the best now and forever. I love you.

34. Get well soon my dear angel, I have discovered that I can’t lead a life without you. I miss you my dear.

35. If you promised to get well soon, I will give you a hot kiss and a warm hug to keep your day fresh. I love you.

36. Wishing you all the best today, and pray that you are specifically selected for a wonderful day out trip.

37. Whenever you smile, I am overwhelmed with love. I get to understand that someone loves me. I wish you a quick recovery.

38. I am shy to see you in that pain but have no choice than to be yours when you need me most. Don’t worry, I will stay by your side.

39. Whenever you feel pain, endure for a while, no sooner than ever, relief will come. Get well soon.

40. Life is not always a bed of roses, sometimes we have to accept the pain it brings. Get well soon sweet love.

Get well soon msg to Husband

41. There is no other man as handsome as you are to me. You are the best husband in the world, please get well soon.

42. Every moment we shared really counted. You are my true lover and the most sincere partner ever met.

43. I love you so much that even I have to sick along to share in your pain. I love you so much my beloved.

44. You are that brilliant lover, that special angel the most handsome guy in the world. Please rise up and shine again.

45. When the sun is tired it rests and when the moon has overstayed it gradually hides. May your health be raised again.

46. Good to have you as my beloved husband. You are so special and that’s exactly what I need about a man. Get well soon.

47. Endurance is a quality of great minds. Please endure until everything is fine once again. I love you, my dear.

48. I miss your baby face; you are my baby in love and I am satisfied with how you show your love to me. I love you.

49. Don’t worry baby, I will always be there for you whether you are strong or weak. I love you, my dear husband.

50. I feel the impact of this world, it is a great love and the most passion reason why I wish myself the best which is you.

51. Your health will be fine soon, please don’t panic and give me the confidence to be yours forever. I love you.

52. You are especially nice and you are the most interesting man on earth for me. I miss you and your beautiful smile.

53. You are indeed a great lover, but this illness has really taken you away from me. I miss your smile and laughter.

54. It is not easy to find a man that smiles and laughs with his wife this day but I am lucky you are not the bossy type. Thank you, my sweetheart, and get well soon.

55. Your passion for love is really important, dear I am panic the way you act, please don’t give up. I love you.

56. When I look into your sick eyes, I still see the willpower to live with me forever. I believe you can make it. Please, stay strong.

57. You have been the reason why I love to smile at everyone I meet in life, this is because you taught me how to be happy always.

58. I wish you most of all you want. You are my precious present and the most beloved angel ever. I love you.

59. Have a nice day dear. It pains me that we are separated today; when the time comes, we shall reconcile in good health.

60. I love my darling so much, miss his presence, smile, stories, giggles, and laughter. Get well soon darling.

Get well soon msg to my Mom

61. Mom is the treasure that does not exist in life, mom is the pinnacle of love granted to children by the most merciful.

62. We miss you deeply and hope that you join us after your medication. We miss your funny talks and everything.

63. I have you as a great mother; please tell your illness to respect you as a great mother. I love you so much dearest mother on earth.

64. With you, I know every dream has been coming to pass. You are my number one role model, get well soon.

65. Mother smiles a lot and this is how a good and kind heart adult should behave. Get well soon dear mom.

66. Mom, you are the one I cherish the most, you are that angel that God sent to nurse and take good care of me.

67. My mom is the most amazing person on this earth. You are the best for me, heaven and earth and the most precious gift from God. Get well soon.

68. I wish you perfect health and a sound moment from now on. You are the best mom ever in this world.

69. Loving my mom is a blessing, it makes me happier in life and I am happy for that. I wish you long life and good health.

70. You are the richest in this world and I hope that you recover soon my beloved mom. Thank you for not giving up.

71. I was hard to control but due to your strong influence on me, I never knew how I was controlled by you. You are indeed a great mother, have stronger health.

72. A life that lacks you is a life that will suffer because; every child needs the influence of a good mother. Have a nice day and get well soon.

73. When everyone was against me, you were the only supporting striker I had. I love you, my dear mom. Get well soon.

74. You taught me how to be good and nice and you are the one I cherish most on this planet. I wish you all the best.

75. Thank you, mom, for the special love you show to me. Thank you for the precious and warm upbringing. I love you. Get well soon ma.

76. I am happy to be yours now and forever. You are my happiness and the most beloved mother in this world. Get well soon.

77. When I was small. I was difficult and stubborn, almost everyone hated me, but you never denied me. Get well soon mom.

78. Your absence and sickness have really eaten deeply in me. I hope to see you smile soon. I love you, my dear mom.

79. I felt like this world is coming to an end after knowing that you are sick. I was turned into a pack of pain but thank God, you are getting better.

80. May you find endless peace in your heart and your face shall be filled with endless light. I wish you a quick recovery.

Get well soon msg to my Father

81. A father is the wellbeing of the family; he is the lion that hunts the biggest prey. I wish you a quick recovery.

82. Dad is a messenger of love and passion for the family, he is the one assigned to navigate a family. I love you.

83. May your health be restored immediately so that we can be happy once again.

84. I miss you so much the dearest father in the world, I hope to see you bounce back in good health. I love you.

85. May you find heartwarming grace from your lord, may He bless you with strong bone and energy. Thank you.

86. Dad, when there was no one to lean upon, only you struggled to bring me back alive. I love you.

87. I remembered when I wanted to give up; you sacrificed your fingers for me to bite so I can remain alive.

88. There are great dads in the world and you are the number one of them. Get well soon the world’s most amazing father.

89. Get well soon sweet dad, you are the best father every child should have.

90. I love my dad so much so my prayer is to see him smile all his life. Have a strong body soon.

91. You are more special than the most beautiful treasure; you can break a diamond with your bare hand, a father doesn’t give up.

92. We really miss you at home and pray that your health is restored to make us happy once again.

93. I could not save you in your sickbed; this is the most painful thing ever.

94. Life without you is a life with pain and struggle. We are strong to do work but weak to be happy without you.

95. I love you so much dad, and I am sure I can’t pay back what you have achieved for me in life.

96. You are better than a hundred billion treasures. Get well soon my dear father.

97. You are a flower of love full of endless love. I miss you so much.

98. Thank you for every single day you put a smile on my face. I love you, my dear father. Get well soon.

99. Life is sweeter with you, please stay with me. Get well soon and be stronger than ever.

100. Dad is the sweetest friend in the world; I want to see his face shining like sunshine. I love you, sir.

101. I have come with some nice scent flowers, and some of your favorite flavored candies, although they might not be the perfect cure, I will be there with you.

102. I hope this is the last time you ever visit the hospital unless you are birthing my baby, lol get well soon my darling, I will be there shortly.

103. Don’t forget to take your medicines, because more than anything we need you back and better, Get well soon.

104. I will get you some strawberries on my way to see you, get well soon hun.

105. I know how much you hate the hospital, I hate it too, that’s why you need to take your pills, so you get well soon.

106. It is very sad that you are not here with us, but we hope you get back soon. Please get well soon.

107. I pray for you today, may you receive healing in the name of Jesus Christ, You have healed already, rejoice my dear.

108. Great health and joy, walks together, that’s why you need to get better, I wish you a speedy recovery, my dear.

109. To a great and loving friend, I want you to be better, stronger and happier, you deserve happiness, I wish you speedy recovery get well soon.

110. I am so missing you my dearest friend, please get well soon.

111. You are always there for us all, you carry us along, you care for us, you are so meek, you don’t deserve this, you are our superhuman, please get well soon.

112. So caring, so loving, wonderful that’s what you are, it’s disheartening, seeing you bedridden, best wishes from us here. Get well soon, we all miss you.

113.  Sending you warm regards, from all of us, we want you to get well soon.

114. Although you need tablets to get better, I promise to be by your side, to make you feel better and get well faster, be with you soon.

115. For the sake of your goodness, and your outstanding meekness to humanity, I hope this sickness reconsider leaving your body, get well soon wonderful being.

116.  You were here for us in our worst times, you are like our fairy godmother, you have shown us care and love, that’s why we want to be there for you, get well soon.

117. Pills are bitter, but you need them to get better, our friendship is sweeter, I will be there to make you feel better, so you can get better fast.

118. I need you personally to get better, so we can go hiking together, you are greatly missed, please get better fast.

119. Do not be VEXED, for your body needs REST, and my dear it is for the BEST, so when you return, you will put on your best DRESS, so we can go FLEX. Get well soon.

120. I have got some lovely colourful flowers and some get well beautiful balloons, I hope you like them, because I
want you to feel better, get well fast.

121.  I am coming to see you soon, so we can do some kicking together, what are we kicking you might ask? We are kicking the sickness out of your body. Be well.

122. You are the toughest person I know, so I am not surprise sickness is trying it’s luck on you to weigh you down, but I trust you do fine, please hurry up while at it.

123. I want you to get well and leave the hospital bed, because you are needed more here, than in the hospital, get well soon.

124. To be honest we are really missing you, for we want you to get better soon.

125. We miss your laughter and vibrancy, ever since your absence it hasn’t been the same, please get well and return home soon.

126. Even the day is dull, everyone is missing the sunshine, please get better soon, come make our day bright again.

127. Sending you this get well wish, I hope you are getting plenty of rest, so you can recover from being unwell.

128. Although recovery is hard work, but I have promised to be by your side till you have recovered fully.

129. I have sent you cartons of get well wines and plenty of biscuit of happiness, eat and be well.

130. If money is all you need to get better now, I will steal from world bank, so you could be with me now, get well soon.

Get well soon text messages will always give zeal and confidence to that your sick friend. When you know you can’t be there for him/her the least you should be able to do id cheer him or her up with text messages.
 Its advisable to send get well soon messages for loved ones.
When you are even shorts of words, and do not know what to send to him or her, do not worry.
 That is why we have taken our time to write this best collection of getting well soon text SMS, pick any  and send it to your dear one.
 Your cheering words will go a long way to inspire him/her and give him or her confidence so that they recover quickly.
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