Funny Romantic Love Messages

Funny Romantic Love Messages
Funny Romantic Love Messages

Funny valentine quotes for him

  1. You will know a woman who loves you more than her entire life by giving her some cash at hand. Do you agree with me or not?
  2. Behind every successful man is a woman who keeps him warm every morning but behind a failing man is a woman who has his wife behind her.
  3. Happiness is a choice, been sad is a choice. If you want to be happy, go to the pack and have some fun and if you want to be sad—touch a strange get a dirty slap from a mad man.
  4. On this special valentine day, I will be coming to the party with the most beautiful car in the world—guess what car it is; my brand new tortoise car.
  5. If buying you ice cream is what it takes to show you how much I love you, what will it cost to show you how much you mean to me?
  6. I think you will need kiss and hugs as signs that I love you but what will it cost if you get me some chocolate too?
  7. You know what, I am already pregnant there is no need for valentine together or will you carry this heavy load in my stomach?
  8. I have been dodging some girls since like week’s time because I got no money to be called a Val. The last time I tried it, I was rushed to the hospital.
  9. I need only three things in you and I will love you forever—you must be handsome, mad and stupid. Happy valentine day.
  10. If you think you are beautiful enough, come over and see my father’s maid how sweet she is looking despite she dresses like the villagers.
  11. Is it not time for the girls to tie their boyfriends down? It is almost few days to valentine. Different excuses will soon be roaming around the internet.
  12. If you are not ready to carry responsibility, don’t make me your Val or else you might regret ever meeting me.
  13. I love chocolate so much, so if you want me to be your Val, just know the right thing to do from now—thou shall not cross my lane without heavy pocket.
  14. I love you because you always feed me with your handsome pocket—I just want you to know that anytime I have quarrel with you, my account is empty.
  15. I was advised not to marry you if I have no strong ribs. I failed to abide by the advice and now face the consequence by laughing out my sorrows.
  16. Sometimes it is good to intentionally annoy your lover so that you can watch some Hollywood display right there in your home.
  17. Had it been that you are not a bouncer, I will have frustrated your life for attention but I’m afraid of becoming a punching bag. Lolz I love you babe.
  18. The only one that can make me happy this valentine day must know how to manage his ATM card to favor my directions.
  19. It is a privilege to find someone who is ready to love you for been a glutton. Baby, even when you know that your pot will not be safe getting married to me, you still shower love on me.
  20. Since I have been trying to escape but all in vain, I think the best plan is to die and valentine day and resurrect on the next day.
  21. Some guys will be like chasing the girls on valentine day and night but the girls will be like chasing them when pregnant involved in the end.
  22. Who’s more funny’ you or me; I want you to be my Val so that I will eat some chickens, but you want to be my valentine to freeze my account?
  23. Now I am wiser than I used to be. If you love me and truly you know that you love me—why not come over here and keep me warm? Aren’t we spouse again?
  24. Don’t worry, I know what to do to that guy, his weakness is my shape and I will torture him with it until he comes over and beg me.
  25. Loving a man is not in my agenda until he can prove to me that without me he can’t breathe. Can you do that, and I will give my heart to you.
  26. Some guys will be like without you I can’t sleep but whenever they wake up the next day, some watering tribal marks design their cheeks why?
  27. He deceived you that he can live without you but in the next few minutes you see him driving roughly on the high way. What the hell please?
  28. Baby, do you know how much I love you? Please be my valentine babe today. I replied him, if you can show me where you calculated how much you love me; I will be your Val.
  29. I am no longer a baby, he said and I said I am a baby. If you want a Val, you need to get me some little things in the market; I need lap-top, foundation, chocolate, strawberry, 3D glasses and just a car key.
  30. If I don’t care about you who else will care, once you get home please you will see a plate covered on the dining table; I know you will be hungry I’m sorry don’t open the empty plate.
  31. I have never seen anyone who makes me happy as you do—not even in a night of thousand laughs. You are so cute my dearest Val.
  32. I am tired of been told I love you, I need you, I want you all the time. Baby, why do you think I call you baby? Money can buy everything and you should understand.
  33. Love is blind I know, but the only remedy to make it not blind again is to maintain the cash flow between you and me.
  34. It is not that I love you because of your money but if it involves, it will help enhance the capacity of the love I have for you.
  35. I have only one smile with me right now and I will give only to those who are ready to pay my food bill. Are you interested in my smile?
  36. I get bored easily by a boyfriend who cannot make me happy but get faint by a guy making series of grammatical errors.
  37. That’s my life; I don’t like to talk much until I see your face. I won’t even eat without you smiling at me. Can anyone love you this way?
  38. To be sincere it is not love that keeps the world goes around some mutual financial understanding can also play a big role in keeping us together. My account is empty.
  39. I have told you time without number that the only time I can keep you silent is to kiss you whenever you are angry.
  40. I am on the quest to understand why men get angry when hungry. Please baby once you get home, you may not find food on your table because you are my number experiment.

Funny text messages to make her laugh

  1. Love without definition is garbage dumped in the memory of the one deceiving him of having it. No focus, no direction.
  2. Some people believe that love is just sweet as it is. Others don’t even agree that it exists but as for me, love is just been stupid together.
  3. If you can give me all your heart to love what the hell was beating in your chest as you typed the messages sent to me’ are you kidding me?
  4. I don’t know why I am always hard these days but if I can get some beautiful piece of kisses and hugs from you this valentine night; I will be the happiest husband this year.
  5. I can let you ride car on my stomach just to prove to you how much you mean to me but what scares me most is that a corpse cannot celebrate love afterwards.
  6. Who else will care for you if I don’t care; I know you might say God will but you know what, I will always care too as long as my phone never ceases to ring alert. Lorlz.
  7. I can die for you, dance foe you, eat for you and lie for you because I love you. I can dream for you, sleep for you and wake for you because I cherish you with passion.
  8. I am ready to be with you for the rest of my life because I am not only enjoying your love but also your cool cash in the pocket.
  9. Since you told me that there is no money to celebrate my son valentine’s birthday; I opened your locker and picked some rough paper to clean the table. If I don’t care who will?
  10. To the one I almost lose my life for, the only compensation I need from you from now on are to be loyal to me and always remember this day as a very important day.
  11. Love alone cannot do it, even with some little chocolate attached to it, everything will be alright and peace will reign without any stress.
  12. Wishing you the sweetest love of all time. I hope you will always taste it to keep you engage with love and passion for me?
  13. I need some warm kisses from you this morning to keep me happy and strong all through the day. You are a sweet lollipop.
  14. Indeed, I appreciate everything about you beginning from your powerful smile that mesmerizes my heart like one glass of Coca-Cola drink.
  15. You and I will live forever both in peace and in sorrow. This is the covenant we signed and I hope you can cope with it at this valentine period?
  16. Suddenly, you said you love me, want me, need me and want to spend the rest of your life with me; thank God I remembered that today is valentine day I will have fallen into your trap.

    Funny Romantic Love Messages
    Funny Romantic Love Messages
  17. Keep all your love with you tonight, after valentine day we will resume our love once again. If I don’t love you who will?
  18. The best thing I can give you right now to keep you and I warm is a hot kiss supported by warm hug. I love you so much.
  19. I can’t tell the reason why I am just addicted to you like a big headed boy is attached to play station. And I come to realize that you are so special.
  20. Sweet chocolate like you is not easy to find in the market because you are natural and your taste never stops to sweeten my heart. I love you.
  21. I need a means through which I will always be with you because been with you is sweeter than the sweetest honey. You make me smile, laugh and forget my sorrows.
  22. Are ready to take my pressure? I am always near to you to disturb you as usual. I derive my joy from making you restless—lolz, if I don’t play with my husband, my maid may take the chance.
  23. I want to love you so much that there will be no space for you to think of another woman again, I love you my darling sweetheart.
  24. A minute with you is sweeter than thousands of hours to be spent in a beach but the only problem will be that there will be no ocean to catch fun with around you.
  25. I am ready to go to jail just to make you happy but I don’t cause troubles on valentine days, tomorrow I will help you deal with the bouncers.
  26. Tomorrow is another day when I will prove to you that you are that you are my number one girl. I know I promised you heaven and earth but I didn’t remember to learn kungfu I will have dealt with those guys for you. I love you truly.
  27. Whenever you are lonely, just call me right away and I will keep you lively by sending lots of kisses and admirations through the phone xender. I love you peacefully.
  28. I can’t stop dreaming about you even in the morning and during work hours. If not for God so love the world, I will have kissed my boss think her to be you.
  29. Any where I turn my face I see you, except in two occasions while I wanted to eat I saw only my food and when I was about jumping into an ocean to show you how much you mean to; I quickly realized that it was an ocean.
  30. You are my sugar, salt, chocolate, strawberry and every delicious thing you can think about and that’s why I will always love you my angel—just want to say, happy valentine day.



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