50 Funny Love Quotes, Love Memes and Images for Him and Her

Looking to send romantic and funny love quotes for your boyfriend and girlfriend? Look no more as we have brought to you 50 of the hilarious love quotes and memes for him and her.

50 Funny Love Quotes, Love Memes and Love Images for Him & Her

What Is Love Hilarious Meme About Love
What Is Love Hilarious Meme About Love

1. I have dedicated one portion of my heart for you to take away because been with you will make it more perfect, though I cannot live without my heart in me, you can still take it away because I love you this much!

2. My heart and my time are now yours because I believe you won’t scatter it the way you did to that guy’s teeth but something is still telling me that I am not safe with you. Anyway, for the sake of your pocket, I will still tolerate everything—lolz, I love you!

3. If you want to spend the rest of your life with a person, give him a computer with a very low random memory, if he does not explode grab him without hesitation. If he exploded, then be ready to become a punching bag.

4. Whenever I am angry at someone, I love passing the anger to you because you are gentle man. I love doing annoying things so that you will get angry and drop enough cash the way you did the other day, truly I love your anger.

5. Please I just want to confess. Can you remember that other day when something like a yellow liquid dropped on your head and rolled to your mouth and you licked it? Sorry I was the one who forgot our daughter’s diapers on the ceiling!

Funny Love Memes for Him and Her

Do You Know That I Love You Love Meme Minion
Do You Know That I Love You Love Meme Minion
I Love You Like A Minion Loves His Bananas
I Love You Like A Minion Loves His Bananas


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Funny Love Meme Summarizes My Love Life
Funny Love Meme Summarizes My Love Life


Funny Love Quotes for Him from the Heart

6. You know how much I care about you, and how so much jealous other women just because of you. You think I cannot prescribe two sachets of salt in your soup? Anyway, I am only advising you that you can’t trust everyone.

7. We have been together for this long and yet none of us has grown a white beard. For how long are we going to keep managing my dear husband? I think it is high time you join the security unit so they can help your matter. Lol, hope you are doing fine overseas? I love you!

8. The only way you can make me fall deeper in love with you is to buy an iPhone for me or give me or if you can hold me like phone and talk to me but remember, if you press the wrong button you will be disconnected. I love you!

Is Your Body From Mcdonald's Funny Love Meme
Is Your Body From Mcdonald’s Funny Love Meme

9. I don’t know if you truly believe in love at first sight, or should I repeat my walking step, and replace my make up so that you can try me again to know if truly there is love at first sight? I head you expected me to cry for you—is there any eyes to cry for you?

Funny Love Quotes for Her from the Heart

10. A love without cash, romance is that one a love? As for my own case, I don’t think you can get me without your pocket filled up with something because I am a big fish. Give me sometimes to reason about your matter.

Good Morning Paige I Love You Meme
Good Morning Paige – I Love You Meme

11. They said some lady can do without money in a relationship, have you ever tried me? Truly all you need is love but a little strawberry and chilled chocolate is not a long thing.

12. I am so much interested in your pocket than I am to your lips or whatever you have. I cannot be starving and still smile all in the name of love. If I die in the process of loving you will you feed my corpse with chocolate?

13. He said I should not tell you my mind, who else wants to die in silence? As for me, I love myself than anything else; know that without food no love. Since I was born, I have never seen a happy hungry man.

14. I used to think that you are a gentleman until I saw you steering at that I caught your eyes. Hmm, wonders shall never end. Anyway, I have a confession, that small cash you were searching for furiously the other day, I took it, please help me console junior for his swollen head.

15. Am I not smart enough to tell you the truth about the football pitch? Okay you are claiming his holiness, don’t forget that the burger we ate last night was a picking pocket profit I did—I cannot die in love sweetheart!

I Love This Post Hilarious Love Meme
I Love This Post Hilarious Love Meme

16. If you want me to believe that you are truly in love with me, then buy me a private jet, go to the world bank and steal for me, slap the President for me to prove how much I mean to you—then I will be satisfied that truly you love me.

17. Hi sweetheart, I am so much pleased to inform you that I have prepared your favourite food—that pounding you love most—hmm. The stew is decorated with just ten tablespoon salt. If I don’t care who will?

18. You are the funniest wife on earth I bet; even when you came into my life I feel like the world best comedian has arrived. It is my pleasure to tell you that there will be no food at home today because I need to go and make my hair in the salon!

19. Please baby, I am scared and want you to come back home quickly so you can kill this cockroach for me. I can’t stay in the room until you are back baby. You know I love you with all my heart!

20. If I come back to this life after death, I will like to meet a big headed husband like you once again because, since the day I was born, I have never met a sweet and easy going husband like. I love you!

Hey You Yea You I Love You Funny Meme
Hey You Yea You I Love You Funny Meme

21. I love you more than the sweetest chocolate. In fact, I wish I can suck all your lips off like I suck a lollipop. If you know how much you mean to me, you will have bought the whole world for me so we can always enjoy. I love you!

Funny Love Quotes for Her

22. You are my sweet orange which I love to suck till eternity. If you can give me one more chance, I will show you how much I wanted to soak your head in love. I wish you know the depth of my love for you; perhaps you will willingly die for me.

23. I just want you to know that without you I won’t take my breakfast because your presence aids my digestion. I will always be glad eating with you because I am swallowing the moles. I love you!

24. I am searching for an opportunity to make you happy for the rest of your laugh. I just want you to be laughing every day of your life so that people will ask you why you love laughing’ and you will say I have a funny wife at home.

25. This year’s festival will be fantastic because I will go home with you and make sure everyone knows I belong to you. I will embarrass you with lots of kisses and chase away every other lady with endless hugs.

Love Is Like A Fart Funny Love Meme
Love Is Like A Fart – Funny Love Meme

26. The way you hug me makes me feel like a Chinese phone, please find another method of cuddling and kisses me so that my head will spark like an electric charge preparing to burn your head. I love you!

27. Can there be any other lady as beautiful as you are? See your nose, pointed like a full stop, your waist well built like mountain Everest; your eyes are shining like a brilliant star. I love the way you smile like my grandmother.

28. In my life, I asked for a funny husband and you were granted to me. What a wonderful God! I appreciate you Lord for giving me this troublesome friend and comedian called husband. I love him with my entire lifestyle.

29. He is my joy, my piece, and handbag because I love holding his hand wherever we go. I can’t risk the chance of making those smart husband snatchers to snatch my one and only handbag away.

30. You are my living chocolate the true strawberry I am not ready to share with anyone. I love you and everything about you. I never knew you are this sweet my sugar angel. What about this your makeup—for me? I love you!

My Love For You Is Like A Diarrhea I Cant Hold It In Funny Love Meme
My Love For You Is Like A Diarrhea I Cant Hold It In Funny Love Meme

31. You are a special gem the true love I risk my entire safety to win. No one knows when I was struggling to get you for five years but now that you belong to me, those intruders are struggling endlessly to put asunder—there is God!

Cute Funny Love Quotes for Him and Her

32. May the Lord spare your life for me so that we will always be together for the rest of our lives! There are many reasons why I love you, one of which is how you are blessed with beauty and the other is your cheerful character.

33. It is not easy to find a beautiful gazelle-like you; can’t you see that the losers that chased you along with me have given up? This will call for celebration to show the world that you mean so much to me. I love you, baby!

34. You are the most beautiful angel I have ever met in life and your excess beauty hid other women from my sight. All over my surroundings, it is you I see except the other day I was slap trying thug a lady that looks exactly like you!

35. I could not sleep all through the night because I was thinking about the cartoon we watch together. So I am confidence to tell you that, I did not work on that I assignment you gave to me—at least you will forgive!

Hilarious and Funny Love Images for Him and Her

Funny Love Image For Him And Her
Funny Love Image For Him And Her
Romantic Funny Love Photo
Romantic Funny Love Photo with Funny love quotes

36. If I have the chance to sell everything I have just to make you love me forever, I will. My dear angel, I will kill myself if you refused to marry me. Anyway, I don’t need to kill myself because I still have a big party coming up soon!

37. I love your lips the way they taste like a chocolate; I love touching your body because it is softer than our sofa. I love cuddling you because it sends me to paradise. I hope you enjoy eating me like Yale biscuit?

38. If I have the chance to love you till the kingdom comes I will because you only don’t shower me with love but also spoil me with lots of jokes. Since the day I became yours, my ribs have been vibrating in love.

Hilarious Love Images and Funny Love Quotes
Hilarious Love Images and Funny Love Quotes

39. What a sweet husband you are, merely looking at you, I burst into a laugh because your face is so funny and that’s why I love you the most. Your walking steps dazzle my heart and melt it like a candlelight. I love you!

40. I don’t actually believe that I will ever meet a sweet and romantic person like you; in fact, I am so impressed by your presence in my life. I want to dwell in your heart until it almost burst out of space. If I don’t care who will?

41. I was told by your mom that your favourite food is bean cake, not white cake, hmm why did you tell lie to me? Your favourite food does not really matter in a relationship—what matters most are passion, romance, caring and above all cash at hand!

42. Please, sweetheart you know I love you so much, next time when going to the working place, go along with your Jack Robinson I have had enough of the season film he showed to me yesterday. I need a three week holiday!

43. You don’t need to tell me sorry; I was ranked up by your little pearl yesterday when she dropped a sledgehammer on my head. All you need is to hold her along with you today while I face my new military rank on my head.

44. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw you fell into my trap; hmm sweetheart next time learn to hide your cash very tightly because you have got a smart lady at home. I can’t have a bank at home and stress myself to the outside banks. I love you!

45. I could not stop cracking my ribs when I remembered those funny moments we shared together. Baby, you are so sweet and I love that about you because a sweet like you can’t be shared with any other person.

46. My dear love, I love you this much because you are special. In times of no money, you became my bank account, in times of weakness, you became my massage bed. Thank God I have you in my life as a machine I run to whenever I need It most.

47. There is nothing I cannot do to prove to you that I love you except to come back home and meet an empty plate covered as though a plate of rice, salad and a fried egg. This is a painful experience for every hungry man!

48. If you want to test the anger of your husband, cover an empty plate and place on the table along with an empty feeding bottle. The reaction of your hungry husband after the disappointment will tell the rest of the story!

49. I am grateful for having a sweet spouse that we will last forever in those naughty things we do together. What a wonderful friend and lover you are. I never believe that a cheerful man like you still exists.

50. The first day I met you my heart almost jumped out of my body. I must confess that my temperature jumped from 6o degrees to 360 degrees. My Doctor was scared thinking that I am already a living dead until diagnosed me and found out your excess beauty caused this to me!


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