Funny Happy Birthday Messages for Someone Very Special with Images

If you wish to make that special person laugh on a very special day like their birthday, then you are at the right place as we have carefully drafted over 50 funny happy birthday messages for someone very special to you. These funny birthday quotes are perfect for Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Wife and Husband.

Funny Happy Birthday Messages for Someone Very Special with Images

Funny Birthday Messages For Someone Special
Funny Birthday Messages For Someone Special

1. I cannot sleep because of the weight of your love in my heart. Every day and night I can’t do without thinking about you because you are my dream comes true. Happy birthday to you.

2. I appreciate your tremendous efforts in my life, I want to thank you for all the good things you have done for me; even until tomorrow, I will continue to love you like never before. Happy birthday to you.

3. Today is your birthday Mr. love boy, I hope you will put a smile on your face, put on your cowboy cap and bounce to the party stage set for you because we truly love. Happy birthday.

4. Please beware to come with firefighters because the candle the maker of your birthday cake put make need one thank of water to switch the fire off. Happy birthday.

5. What kind of cake is this? It is weighing 25kg how do I bring it down to your place? Send me a truck to lift your incredible birthday cake to you. Cheer, it is your birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

6. I used to attend birthdays but this your own party might tear the earth apart. I am scared of your speaker, and the cake is a special boss on his own. Happy birthday to you.

7. Last night I was happy and at the same time scared because I thought it was fire night. How on earth should a cake have big, big fires on it? Is that a cake or a bakery?

8. You must be enjoying yourself over there, you are just fifty and you look sixty is that not a miracle from God? May God continue to perform more miracles in your life, say amen!

9. As you grow older and becoming more toothless, I pray that the Lord should provide you with lots of fishes to help your condition. Happy birthday my dear old friend.

10. My duty today is to guide that mighty cake of yours from armed robbers. May the Lord protect us from the influence that this tempting cake will bring to your party, happy birthday!

11. Why are you not smiling as if you don’t have white teeth? Although it has been long that you open your teeth. Happy birthday to you.

12. You are such a fun friend and that is why I always love to stay with you so that my ribs will be charged beyond reasonable doubt. Happy birthday to you.

13. Your new age I know but what baffles me most is the other one you mount on the cake, are you an artist? Just kidding, happy birthday to you!

14. The cake I saw on your birthday party was enough to feed an entire nation, why did you cook extra food again? I thought the cake was a room until I saw you cut it. Happy birthday to you.

15. Since I have been celebrating people on their birthday, I have never celebrated a funny person like you before. Please, can I ask you a question’ are you from a joke village?

Funny Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

16. I love it whenever it is your birthday. You are a good friend please always put me in the department of cake attendant. Smile I love your birthday cakes so far. Happy birthday to you.

17. I am scared and the reason is because I don’t want us to sit together during your birthday party. Who knows when you finish eating your cake you will demand for my own. Hmm…food manager. Happy birthday to you.

18. On your birthday, I am wishing you all the best in life; may your pocket be filled with excess gift, may we both benefit from the bounty of your birthday; say amen—what are we friends for?

19. You are always a sweet chocolate and it is not easy to find a special gift for you. I hope some packets of balloons will be okay to contribute to your lovely and charming birthday? Just want to say, happy birthday to you!

20. I love your face, mouth, lips, hands and almost everything about you but your face—whenever you are angry it scares me away to a distance of uncountable kilometers, I hope you will put smile on your face today? Happy birthday to you!

21. You are my sugar cane and that’s why I love to stay around you all the time so that I can feel some sweetness from your lips. Sorry I am only trying to impress you—have a wonderful birthday!

22. We are going out together today to do the shopping for your birthday because last time I did it alone my husband ended up rubbing my body with ten bottles of balm. Happy birthday to you!

23. I believe in your dreams and that’s why I don’t have choice than just accept you the way you are, happy birthday to you.

24. I know how scary you are right now because the text messages you receive are highly demanding for a big party, don’t worry your bank account will not finish. Happy birthday.

25. Hmm, you are such a wonderful friend, although you love to look younger yet you look older every day, have a wonderful happy birthday my darling friend.

26. There is no other person I want to speak with today, I will not order for food from any one until I attend your birthday set at 4pm in the evening, is that not a sign that I love you so much? Happy birthday to you!

27. Have a wonderful birthday. You are so special especially when it comes to eating. I salute you for your effort and struggle to finish the items on the table. Lolz, happy birthday my good friend.

28. I hope you enjoy your night? Thank God today is your birthday so be ready to spend your last cash because I am not going to take it easy with you, happy birthday.

29. You are always the best friend I have ever met before; I wish you can just be the only one on your birthday so I can laugh at you to show you how much you mean to me but thank God you are person of people.

30. I love one thing about you and it is the fact that you are so special but one thing I dislike about you is that you can eat like a glutton; I hope you will not finish your birthday cake before the party. Happy birthday.

31. You don’t need to get angry at any kind of message that comes your way today; the most important thing is to laugh your big head out since you declared that you are happy. Happy birthday.

32. Those days when we were small, you remember how we use to play around? Those days will never delete from my memories. You have been so funny right from the womb; happy birthday.

33. I wish you a wonderful birthday on this special day of your life. It is my pleasure that my closest friend is celebrating his new age, though you can’t be younger than my last born.

34. Wear the best of your clothes as though there is a festival. I want to see how you will look in your birthday attire. Happy birthday to you!

35. Today is your birthday; I hope you are going to organize a party? I am ready to show you how much you mean to me by eating everything you cook on your birthday. Happy birthday to you!

36. Your birthday is around, I am wishing you all the best in life; I pray that many people will bring gift for you so that we can share them together. Happy birthday to you!

37. You are such a wonderful person and I will continue to cherish you for the rest of my life because you are a funny companion. Happy birthday.

38. I love the way you are growing as though you will end up becoming a pillar. Anyway, what is so funny is the fact that you are always killing yourself to look younger but unfortunately you look older than ever.

39. Happy birthday to the funniest small man on earth. This smile on my face is as a result of your enticing attitude. Happy birthday.

40. You are so sweet and tantalizing, although you are not rice I love to taste your lips as though a taste of a delicious fried rice. Happy birthday my love.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Men

41. You are my unending chocolate the sweet honey that I kept in my heart to always give a superb taste of joy. I just want to say happy birthday.

42. Do you know that it is not easy to find a wonderful dove like you? But thank God you are right before me; I love you more than Queen Elizabeth loved her throne. Happy birthday.

43. If there is any chocolate I love to taste, it you my beloved angel but you may not believe until one day I transform you into a sweet chocolate. Happy birthday.

44. You are to me as anything that is sweet on this earth. In fact you are my strawberry, chocolate, sugar, coconut and sweet potato. Happy birthday.

45. You mean the world to me and truly I mean it. I love hanging around with you because been with you can make a rib almost burst. Happy birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Women

46. I am suggesting that you should dress up like a masquerade on your birthday party so that we can scare the coward friends away and keep brave ones like me to eat the cake alone. Happy birthday.

47. I love my baby like never before and I will like to live with her until kingdom comes because she is an expert disturbance yet it makes me cherish her the most. Happy birthday.

48. I love you like super glue loves bonding iron, I love you like mango tree love the earth and water. You are my only sweet queen. Happy birthday.

49. You are my rose in the rose garden, the sugar cane I love to eat every now and then, please don’t think the other way round. I mean I love you so much—happy birthday.

50. Happy birthday to the funniest lady on earth, the true but troublesome lover ever. I celebrate you like a farmer celebrates when he harvests a big tuber of yam.

51. Living with you is like a valley full of honey, chocolate and every other sweetener. I can’t resist the way you make me laugh and cry at the same time. Happy birthday my super hero.

52. You are so special therefore I decided to make you a special cake that will suit your personality but please don’t stay close to those candle like things on the cake, they are knock outs. Happy birthday.

53. When I was celebrating my birthday, you gave me a surprise by eating all the food on the table and fetched plenty cake as though one acre of a big human head. Today you are plus one, so expect the double.

54. On your birthday party, I will try and be the best dancer and comedian so that the gifts that are meant for you will be diverted to me—what are we friends for? Happy birthday.

55. I love this dude so much and thank God he is plus one today. Anyway I can see your endless effort to make yourself look younger but the disappointment is that you look older every day. Lolz—happy birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Female

56. I hope you are aware that I am coming along with our friend the glutton? Hmm…so get prepared and never make the mistake of assigning him in charge of the food and drink department. Happy birthday.

57. I just feel like to call you a name because I derive pleasure from doing so. Happy birthday to a big headed agama lizard like you. I love you though!

58. Get your body out of that bed and thank the Lord for sparing your life up till this moment but don’t forget to mention my name for Him to bless me with your birthday cake tonight. Happy birthday.

59. You are a special organizer and now it is your turn to organize your own birthday party to suit your taste—please I will like to take the charge of sharing the cake.

60. I love everything about you except that you don’t like trusting me with food why? Am I that glutton? Are we not bird of the one feather anymore? Happy birthday.

61. My sweet love, I just want to say a very big happy birthday to you. I hope you have the energy to take its pressure?

62. Love you like never before, I miss you like a bullet misses its target. Every day and night I waste my time thinking about those silly words you said to me. Lolz I love you so much friend. Happy birthday.

63. Happy birthday to the boss in the room, I hope you celebrated the last children day? If you don’t want to be called a child anymore, live your parents’ home. Happy birthday.

64. You are such an interesting person a chocolate that is rare to find in the market. You are my sugar hero. Happy birthday.

65. No one can replace you in my heart because since the day I met you, I have been having sleepless night because your funny jokes will never stop coming to my head. Happy birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Best Friend Male

66. You are my darling love, a sweet angel with a sweet lip and wonderful face to gaze at. I just want to say happy birthday.

67. You are such an angel worthy of been celebrated. A queen of my gentle heart. Today is your birthday; what if I dress like a father Christmas will you appreciate it? Happy birthday.

68. To the one I love with 100% of my heart, even if it is one inch of space that remains for e to breathe well, I don’t care to cherish you with it. Happy birthday.

69. As special as you are like a never-ending honey, I wish to remain with you till the end of time. You are too sweet my sugar angel. Happy birthday.

70. Happy birthday to the love one I cherish with all my heart. You are such an intelligent lover but I can’t trust you with my pot of soup. Lolz, happy birthday.

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