first wedding anniversary wishes for husband and wife

1st wedding anniversary wishes for husband and wife

These wishes are written from the heart and they are all breathe taking because they are real and not fake. Pick just one from it and send it to your partner and see how happy you can make them around you.

They can show you what you need to do to make your partner happier than the way they should be ordinarily.

First Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband And Wife
First Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband And Wife

1. All I just needed to do is to remember the day you agree to join your heart with mine so that we can become one. You made me to be happy forever. Happy 1st year anniversary to my queen.

2. From the day you accepted to be my wife, you made me a happiest man in the world. Therefore, I want to wish you happy 1st year anniversary.

3. I love you so much and I can’t wait for you start bearing my babies cos I know that they will look so beautiful. Happy anniversary love.

4. I still want you to know that my love for you is not based on time, moment or events. I love you so much despite the event going on. Happy wedding anniversary to us.

5. I pray the passion of love should never leave us because how we feel about ourselves makes us happier with each other. I love dearly.

6. The fire of romance should always keep burning forever, this is because I want people to always learn from us even though we are just young couples. Happy wedding anniversary my love.

7. Our love is still as strong as before and I pray that it remains just like that forever because happiness will forever become ours. Happy wedding anniversary darling.

8. The wicked, twists and turns of life has not affected the love we both have for each and for this I am grateful because you cooperated with me perfectly. Happy wedding anniversary love.

9. I remembered the first time I looked into your eyes and told you I wanted you to be mine. Your eyes were very admiring and charming. I love you.

10. I remember the smile on your face as you said ‘I do’ on our wedding day. I love you darling, and I will never stop doing that. Happy wedding anniversary to us.

11. The only name I could give our love life ever since we got married is everlasting because I hope it last forever. You are so amazing. I love you so much.

12. People thought that our relationship is a fairy tale until we invited them for our wedding. Thank you for not letting me down.

13. I want to specially thank you for loving me till today, thank you for everything you have done for me that I have not thanked you for before today.

14. Darling, you are so amazing and knowing you has never being a mistake at all. You are the best and I want you to know that today is the best wedding day ever.

15. Happy first year anniversary my dearest, you have been the most amazing goddess of my life and I want you to know that I love you and I will always love you.

16. One of the many things you have proved to me ever since we got married is that with you, I am safe and protected. You are the best darling.

17. One year can seem like a moment, and without you, a second can seem like a century. Stay with me forever darling. Happy first anniversary my love.

18. Before I met you, I used to look at other women to experience beauty but when I met you, I knew that you are beauty itself and I don’t need any other beauty in my life.

19. Sometimes I look at the moon to make a wish every day because I wanted to meet you on time. Today I celebrate you as my wife for a year now. You are sweet.

20. Now, I only need your smile, cos it will make my love for you to be so radiant and beautiful. Happy first year anniversary to us my darling.

1st Adorable wedding anniversary wishes for husband and wife.

21. Waking up next to you every morning has been the best thing that has ever happened and it is the best gift I can ever ask for. Happy 1st year anniversary honey.

22. I swear if you had not accepted to be my wife, God knows what I would have become today, I might have become mad by now. Happy 1st year anniversary.

23. I don’t want to ever leave my life without you because I am so sure that my life would never be the same again. You are the best partner ever.

24. I have never seen a person that can be a perfect husband for 365 days straight like you. You presence in my life has made my life a perfect place to live in.

25. Our first year of marriage proved today that you are an exceptional and extraordinary. Your way of loving me is the best I have ever experienced. Happy first anniversary.

26. I really expected our first anniversary to feel different, and I am lucky that we are celebrating it in a perfect way. You are the sweetest I have ever met.

27. Like a dream our wedding happened and today we are celebrating our 1st anniversary. Isn’t it something special? I am happy because today is a special day for us.

28. By definition today is a day where we are reminded of the reasons we love each other. We are involved together and we don’t regret it at all. I love you.

29. It seems just like another day of our relationship but it is not just another day but it is another day which has made today a special day for both of us.

30. When I fell deeply in love with you, it kept happening to me over and over again, I didn’t know that it wants my love for you to be stronger for you before today.

31. Every time I look into your eyes, I see assurances that makes me know that you will never live for another person. Happy first anniversary, I love you.

32. Since the day you said yes to me. My life has never remained the same. You have turned my life around by accepting me in to your life.

33. My troubles have lessened ever since you entered my life and I have no regrets at all because I know that you will always be there for me.

34. I fight less with myself because I know that my search for a wife is over cos I have gotten my wife year ago. You are simply the best I wanted.

35. I look at light with beautiful hope and aspirations. This is because I am thanking them for helping me out to search for my wife. I love you too much.

36. You have given my life the beautiful new start it deserves. You are the best man in the world. Happy relationship anniversary to us.

37. You are perfect in every way. You are my perfect partner because you made my imperfections to become so perfect. You are amazing and I love that about you.

38. In all days of existence, I have never met any man as perfect as you. The moment I met you, I knew that everything has been completed.

39. My amazing king, do you that you have added meaning to my existence? I want to assure you that I will never live you for another man because you are the best.

40. I thank you for making me more of me. I wouldn’t have known how important I am if you had not come to my aid. I love my boo.

1st Amazing wedding wishes for husband and wife.

41. I don’t think that there were ever times that you gave up on me. I want to thank you for never giving up on me despite my behavior and attitude.

42. I appreciate your support and your undying love for me. This year is another time to say that I value you so much darling. Happy anniversary dearest.

43. Thank you for everything you have done for me. All these things wouldn’t have been possible without you. Happy 1st year anniversary to us.

44. Another year of our amazing love life is here again. I look forward to celebrating more and more of our wedding anniversaries with you. Happy 1st year anniversary darling.

45. There is that unique place that I have kept for you in my heart, whether you like it or not, you will remain there because that is where I keep people I treasure most.

46. There is something I want us to do and I call that thing forever. This is how I want it to be. ‘Forever’ is what I want with you sweetie. Happy anniversary to us.

47. I don’t know the future because I am not God, but I can assure you that I will remain here with you now and forever because I love you truly.

48. If I am to look at all the events that have summed up our past, I can tell you that our future is brighter than it looks cos you are part of me already.

49. I know that our future is going to be blissful, beautiful and amazing because we are together and together we can prove the world wrong about us.

50. I am looking forward to spending my forever with you darling because I know that it is another heaven on its own. Happy anniversary to us.

51. Ever since the day you agreed to be my wife, my life has never remained the same because you have played your role as a wife perfectly without mistakes.

52. You have filled my life with joy, hugs and kisses. No one has ever done that for me and no one can ever take your place in my life. I love you.

53. You have made me realize that your love should be truly documented, because it is the greatest discovery I have ever made. I discovered you and I am happy.

54. My love for you will never grow old, instead it will continue to be stronger no matter the problems and challenges it will encounter. Happy 1st year anniversary darling.

55. First Wedding Anniversary Wishes for you may look childish but I need to send it to you to keep you informed that I am still here for you. Happy 1st year anniversary darling.

56. Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite story because each I think about it, it makes me aware of the handsome husband I have as my own.

57. First Wedding Anniversary Wishes is what I need to do now to make you know that you mean the whole world to me. You are the best partner.

58. Grow old with me baby I beg you because the 1st year of our relationship has been the best ever. I wished I got married to you before a year ago.

59. The best our marriage is yet to come because I feel the way you love me is increasing daily. You are the best in my life and I love you.

60. I swear when our lips touched, I felt the mother of my kids in it and I felt like having the taste of it every day of my life. I love you.

1st wonderful wishes for husband and wife.

61. I can feel the next sixty years of my life with you and I want to see us growing old together because it will be the best moment ever in my life. Happy first wedding anniversary to us darling.

62. I was so Passionate about having in my life and now I feel so proud of myself for having you in my life as my wife. I love you so much dearest.

63. The first time I met you, I didn’t know that you could even ask me out and even make me your wife. I am so happy that I finally became your wife.

64. Do you feel it in the air? I think it has finally happened that the most amazing woman has become my wife exactly a year ago. I love you darling.

65. The smell of your favorite food has been there waiting for you since. Come have it cos you deserve it. You are my sweetest ever and I love you.

66. Waiting for you to come home has been disturbing me since because I can’t just wait to celebrate this day with the most amazing man on earth.

67. If you come home today, we will celebrate our first anniversary in a way we have never done before because it is actually the first. I love you.

68. I can’t wait to see you again even though I have been seeing you every day in this home. You are all I want to see now to complete my day.

69. 365 days is a lot of days in one’s life yet you made those days so perfect for us all. Baby I want 365 days more. Happy anniversary to my lady.

70. I love you like nothing else in this world and I want you to know that I will never change because I enjoy the peace in this home. Happy first anniversary my lady.

71. Thank you for providing me an entire year of me falling in love with you every single day, you are my dream come true and I am happy that I have you.

72. I haven’t been more proud as a woman than when I got to call you my husband for the first time, I am more proud today I have spent a year calling you my husband.

73. For each and every day after we got married, I have enjoyed peace of mind, happiness and joy. Any man who is like me is complete. Happy first anniversary princess.

74. I don’t believe in miracles but I have no perfect way to describe what this past year has been apart from a miracle. You are my miracle.

75. You have made my life seem like a fairy tale, and for that, I love you. Everything kept happening to me like a dream. You are a darling and happy anniversary.

76. This past year has been the most extraordinary, fun, and most importantly, amazing year of my life. Happy anniversary to my lady.

77. I have you to thank you for the opportunity to be loved again by an amazing and lovely husband like you. Happy anniversary my heartbeat.

78. Before we got married, I thought that we will never get married until I saw it happening. The beginning of our relationship looked fake but it has become a reality today.

79. With you in my life as my husband, I know that my heart has made the right choice. You are the best husband ever. Happy first anniversary.

80. Husbands are rare but I got my own almost very free because you avail yourself for me to have. Happy first year anniversary darling.

81. When I met you, I thought that had seen the most beautiful thing this earth had to offer. But I met the most beautiful person as my wife when we got married.

82. Exactly one year ago, we got married and when I saw you in our wedding, my mind changed completely because I know that I have met the right person. Happy first anniversary.

83. One of the things this year has proved is that no matter how much we annoy each other sometimes, at the end of the day, we still are the perfect couple. I love you too much.

84. Happy first anniversary my darling. This wouldn’t have been possible if you had not cooperated with me to make it a success. I love you for all you have contributed.

85. I would like to thank you for all the times you have been there for me this past year. You stood by me and never allowed anything to become a problem to me.

86. You are what brings me back up all the times I am feeling down. What would I have done without you in my life? You are my hero and I love you so much.

87. You are my light of hope in the darkest days. When nothing seemed right in my life, you showed up and made it right for me. I love you and happy first anniversary my husband.

88. My sincere and truthful wishes goes to you for making it possible for me to be happy throughout this year of togetherness. Happy anniversary to my lady.

89. If I had to describe our first year of marriage, I would say that it is the most amazing marriage I have ever seen because I have got the perfect partner. I love you.

90. I would say that marriage never experienced hard times and problems because you stood by me and made sure that marriage works out well.

91. This marriage had its ups and downs, its highs and lows, yet you never left me even though I was always the cause of our problems. I love you sweetie.

92. It’s crazy to find out that this our relationship led to marriage a year ago because I never thought I could be worthy of becoming your wife. Thanks for loving me too.

93. At the end of every problem we encountered during the course of this relationship, we came out victorious and with smiles on our faces. Happy anniversary dear.

94. I am going nuts and I am beginning to think that I should start shouting to announce to the whole world how amazing our experiences has been together.

95. I love you and that is all that matters to me now because I know that I have all I desire now. You have always been my desire and I got you as my wife. Happy first anniversary.

96. Waking up next to my beloved wife for an entire year was probably the best wedding gift I received. Just the sight of your smile every morning lightens up my day. Happy first anniversary!

97. This past year, the sun hasn’t been the hottest thing in my life. You have made it become cold because you always watch out for me as if I were a baby. Happy anniversary my king.

98. That spot that is in my heart has been what kept reminding me that I have a woman in my life that will never live me for another man. I love you too much.

99. I feel you in my arms every night ever since we got married and I am rest assured that you will never live cos you love me a lot.

100. The fact that I hold you in my arms until we fall asleep doesn’t mean that I want to let you go the next morning, it means that I will love you till the end.

1st sweet wedding anniversary wishes for him and her

101. Thank you for the best year of my life, I never thought that my life would be this better until I came across you. Happy anniversary my lady.

102. Our journey together these past 365 days has been the perfect days of my life and I really want you to know that I cannot do without you in my life.

103. The truth is that our relationship was like a fairy tale, but when I saw myself getting married to you, I knew that it is a reality already. I love you so much.

104. Where I got a beautiful princess like you is a surprise to me but I learnt to live with it because you mean the whole world to me.

105. It looked as if I came across the lost prince’s way and he asked me to be his woman to make him the happiest man in the world which I did and today we are together as husband and wife. Happy first anniversary.

106. You have been the most amazing creature God has given to me willingly. I wouldn’t have been complete if you had not come in to my life.

107. When I met you, I thought that I wouldn’t make it as your wife but today, I have been your wife for a year now. Happy anniversary my darling.

108. Calling you sweet names is not enough to inform you that you are the most important thing that has ever happened to me. Nothing can change that fact my lady.

109. Nobody understands what is happening to us because we never showed them but I am willing and ready to show everyone that you are mine for a year now.

110. You know that things wouldn’t have worked out for me if you had not showed up in my life. How amazing you can be. I love you dearly.

111. I have gotten all I desire in you and I don’t want another man out there any longer because you have given all I ever wanted. You are the best.

112. Surely, I know that peace shall dwell in my home because I know that I have married a peace woman as a wife and that is not about to change at all.

113. Having you in my life has been the perfect thing I have done so far and I believe that you will never live me cos you keep your promises.

114. How amazing life can be, I never thought that I could have you in my life as my husband but it happened because you made it possible.

115. I want to thank you specially for loving and caring about me so much. You have never allowed anything to come between us not ever your priorities.

116. You don’t know what you have done for me. You have succeeded to make me a happy woman because you proved to my friends that you are the perfect man I have been waiting for.

117. You know that all I have ever wished for is to have you in my life now and forever. I am lucky indeed because my wish was granted a year ago.

118. I had my way of making women accept me to be their boo but you never fell for it because you are the wife I have been looking for.

119. You wouldn’t have been able to have a husband if you didn’t accept me on time. If you had not accepted me, I would have died by now.

120. Your love for me has been what has been keeping me alive till date. I want to experience your love for me all the days of my life.

121. Looking at today I realized that I have gotten the best gift one could ever get. You are the most amazing gift I have ever received from God.

122. Having you in my life as my bride exactly a year ago has been the perfect goal I have ever achieved. You can’t imagine how I feel now.

123. I really hope that you would never withdraw yourself from me because if you do then I am considered as finished and done. Please stay with me forever.

124. Things that can ever happen to me as your wife is just two which are becoming the mother of your kids and a perfect wife to you.

125. I want to wish a happy anniversary because you have been all that I desire to have. Oh! How lucky I am to have you in my life.

126. Things may look rough and tough now but I can assure you that it is our trying moments and I know that things will change for better for us all.

127. Do you know that life was not easy for me before I met you but it has become easier now because you are part of me now. You are the best partner ever.

128. I will never a king like you go off my hand cos I know that I will not get a perfect partner like you ever again. You are the reason for my happiness.

129. I have been able to face the world today because I have you in my life. I could compete too because my woman is beautiful and sexy.

130. I don’t think that they can ever be anyone who can stand before me to compete with me that she has a perfect man as her husband because everybody knows that I have the perfect husband.

131. Nothing could ever take you away from me because I have chained you in my heart forever and nothing can ever change that fact.

132. Do you know what you have made me to be like in the eyes of my friends? My friends now respect me because my husband adores me.

133. Some people want to have the perfect husband that I have but it is not possible because he is mine already and no can take him away from me.

134. Doing everything you ask me to do for you is all I need to do because I want to keep you in my life forever no matter what will happen to me.

135. Knowing you has been the greatest miracle that has ever happened to me. You will forever remain my treasure because I treasure you a lot.

136. I value you a lot and it may not mean a lot to you but you should know that you are all I need to make my life a beautiful place to live in.

137. There has never been a day when I was loved and cared for like this day. You are the reason for my existence and I am happy it is true.

138. You have no idea what I have as a wife at home until I tell you dearest. You are the perfect woman every man would love to have in his home.

139. Unfortunately, I have got every man’s desire and fortunately, you made me happier than I could ever imagine. You are simply the best partner ever. I love you.

140. Today is a year of our wedding and I have never been so happy in my life. What would I have done without you in my life? I love you too much.

141. I have become so acquitted to you because I felt loved only by a queen like you. If you were not there for me, would I have gone this far in life?

142. I can see the reason why God brought us together and I am happy that God chose you for me to be my partner. Happy 1st month anniversary dear.

143. We have gone through bad times and good times and we didn’t fall because we stood by each other. Please don’t let our love dry up in just a blink of an eye.

144. I am angry with you because you refuse to propose to me 3 years ago, we would have been celebrating 3 years anniversary today. Happy anniversary love.

145. You know that no amount of problems can end our relationship. Nothing can ever bring an end to our relationship and that is a promise.

146. I wish that I would not fail you again cos I really have the intention of making you the happiest woman on earth cos I love you so much.

147. I will never allow you to cry because your tears bring nothing to me but pain. You will be the only reason why I live cos I love you.

148. You know that I am human and that I would not allow any harm come to you. Just bear with me if I hurt you in one way or the other.

149. Leaving a life without you is like a punishment cos I know that I can hardly breathe properly if you are not part of my life.

150. I have tried to think about your absence in my life and I have realized that your absence will give me pain and sorrow. So please don’t ever live me.

151. You wouldn’t understand why I had to marry you until I tell you. Your presence in my life gives m joy and happiness. I love you so much darling.

152. If God asked me today what I want from him, all I would say is that I want to live with you in my life and as my husband forever no matter the circumstances.

153. I usually think that women could be used and dumped anyhow but as I came to you, I couldn’t try it because you are different from all those girls I have met.

154. You would have come to me 5 years ago; I wouldn’t be bothering about first year again but 5years of togetherness. Happy anniversary my lady.

155. Words alone cannot be compared to everything I want you to know about how I feel for you. You are my heart desire and I love that about you.

156. You didn’t make a mistake by allowing me to be your husband but you made a huge mistake by staying away from me a longer time.

157. If you had passed my way before the time I met you, I would have been happier because I would have asked you out earlier enough.

158. I have never witnessed true happiness until you came into my life and made me happier than I expected. I love you too much and that is not about to change a bit.

159. Not ever a million can buy the love I have for you. No amount of money can pay for how I feel about you and all that concerns you my darling.

160. Living me for another person would be just like curse in my life cos I don’t think that I will ever recover from that shock of loneliness.

161. Loneliness is a disease that I don’t want to come in contact with because I used to know how it feels. You are so amazing my darling. You are my heartbeat and I hope you know that.

162. I would have been completely damaged if you didn’t accept to be mine. I would do anything to make you happy because you made me happy a year ago.

163. Nothing seem perfect when you were not in my life and nothing would have been so perfect if you were not there for me. You are the best ever.

164. I didn’t want you to know how I felt form you before today but the fact that I don’t want to loose you made me to tell you how I felt about you.

165. Do you know how much you mean to me? You are the best woman I have ever come acrossed all my life. I love you too much.

166. You got me acting silly, because you feel in love with me at the moment I wanted you to. Happy anniversary my lady.

167. Whenever I sip that that wine in the glass, I feel as if I have arrived because I married the most amazing woman in the world.

168. You would have been married to me if you had com a minute late to me because I would have taken my own life.

169. I don’t have a say because you are my wife today because you accepted to be. Happy anniversary to the most amazing woman of my life.

170. You made tea when necessary, cook food for me when I need it, you never allow anything to go wrong my darling. You are the best.

171. If you understand how I felt for you before I married you, you would have taken me to the hospital because you will think that I am going mad already.

172. Even if I am going mad, I wouldn’t mind the madness because it came at the right time I wanted to be mad for you.

173. Having you in my life has been the perfect thing that has ever happened to me. You will never be separated from me no matter what.

174. I dreamt about having you in my life last night but the dream failed to realize that I already have you in my life. Happy 1st year anniversary.

175. Do you know what life would have been without you? It would have been terrible without you. Happy anniversary love.

176. Many things have happened in the past but all I noticed is that I married you a year ago and I am happy that it happened that way.

177. I am really grateful to God for making me the right woman you would ever want in your life. You are such a wonderful human in my life.

178. Look at me today and say what you see about me. I have become someone different from the person people used to know.

179. How life has presented itself to me is a lot of trouble but I leant to handle it because you have been there ever since.

180. They used to say that he who finds a wife finds a good thing and I think that I am part of those men that has found a wife that is a
good thing.

181. I have witnesses that will bear me witness that you are the reason why I have succeeded till this extent. You are the sweetest man in my life.

182. I can’t just take my eyes off you because you have been the only woman in my life that I can never do without you. I love you.

183. There is a fire of love burning in my heart that only you can quench it because you are my life partner forever.

184. Making me your wife is what I want to repay you for but I don’t know what to use to repay you because you did a lot for me by marrying me.

185. This kind of love you shower on me is so extraordinary because I have not seen it before today. I love so much my darling.

186. People have been asking me what is my secret of happiness but I can’t tell them because I want to have you to myself forever.

187. The future is meant for you and I. I am so glad that you and I have started the journey already and I wish that we get there before other couples will.

188. The newest couple are not as happy as we are today because we have been where they are now before today. I love you so much.

189. I cannot know everything at once baby, but I want you to manage the little me you have now because you mean the whole world to me.

190. I have showed you how much you mean to me but I know that you didn’t understand me that day because you have not gone to that stage yet.

191. I know that when I tell you that we should get married, you were surprised because you never knew that I had it in mind to ask you to do so.

192. Look at how people are coming to me to make me their counselor. You have made my home a beautiful place for admiration.

193. Surely, I know that I will not have to cry for anything again because you will never allow me to cry no matter what happens.

194. We have been living peaceful because you have never allowed problem to be part of our lives. You are so sweet dear.

195. Missing someone like you is never in my agenda and I don’t want to ever miss you because I want a perfect home. Happy 1st year anniversary.

196. Strength only grew in my life because I had you in my life as my strength. You will always remain in my heart. I love you too much.

197. Some people think that we could never get to this stage. But you proved them wrong by loving me to the top most part of love.

198. I want to assure you that God will never forget you for loving me this much and you will not lack anything for becoming my husband. I love you.

199. Thinking about you is all I ever want to do in my life because thinking about you gives me joy and happiness. You are the sweetest in my life.

200. Even if gray hairs covers my head, I would never stop loving you. I would forever care about you no matter what will happen in our lives. Happy 1st year anniversary darling.




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