Cute paragraphs For Your Boyfriend with Images

Cute paragraphs For Your Boyfriend. Just like women or girlfriends, men and boyfriends need to be cherished and loved by women so that they will feel loved with smiles on their faces. They may want to feel that they are the fence for their women and the security for their women, but that is their nature and it is good if they are treated with respect.

Boyfriends may not be your husband but he deserves to be treated with kindness, love and care. Boyfriend is a stepping stone to man capable of becoming ones husband and if you are together with him through his trying moments, he will love you to the core. There are ways to show him you really care about him.

Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend
Cute Paragraphs for Your Boyfriend

Cute Long Paragraphs To Send To Your Boyfriend

1. I might be so annoying and you may not be happy each time you see me around you but that doesn’t matter right now cos I am so sure that am going to do my best to show you how much I love you until you are convinced.

2. All I feel right now is so much love for you and I don’t mind if you don’t love in return or that much but I am so sure that with the love I have for you, I can win you and your love towards my direction. Baby, I love you.

3. The first moment I met you, I felt that I would win you to my side completely but I did after I noticed that you are crazily in love with me as much as I am towards you and I am so sure that this will last forever.

4. It will disturb and hurt me a great deal if I eventually lose you to another but I pray that that shouldn’t happen at all cos if it does, am going to be crying my eyes out cos I lost the most amazing thing that has ever happened to my life.

5. Love is a game of trusting in your partner with the whole of your life, baby the love we share has made it possible for me trust you completely and no matter what happens, I will love and trust you till the end.

6. This little message I have sent to you may not mean anything to you but I am so sure that I mean it each time I say that I love you cos you are one good person that I don’t need to play with his feelings. I love my boo.

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7. I have chosen the part of becoming the woman that will love you till the end and I don’t really care cos I know that I am really in love with you who will never live me or go for another woman aside me.

8. Though trials and problems may come our way, baby I don’t really care about it even if it comes at all. I am so happy that you came my way and chose me to be the woman in your life. I am really indebted to you.

9. When I wake up every morning, I see a great change in me cos someone so different and special has come into my life and has taken over and whoever may be in my past has been forgotten cos a man has arrived.

10. I don’t care to know how long it took you to locate me but I am so comfortable that you finally located me and has made me your woman. Who could ever do a thing like that for me if not for you, baby indeed you are my one in a million.

11. Sometimes I go to the mirror and talk to it and even ask it questions like: what have I done to get a man like you? Did he even look at me well before approaching me? He is one hell of a sweet guy that I am not worthy to receive.

12. Giving is one thing and receiving is another thing. I know that I give little to the needy but am not sure I really asked for the gift of him in my life yet got him even without praying. God, I really want to appreciate you for his gift.

13. I got more confused to find out that you are the man that finally married me, cos I never loved you yet I found myself doing so, I never trusted that you could take care of me yet I find you carrying out all these duties effectively.

14. One thing I don’t understand is how it became possible that you chose me out of all these ladies around you. They were beautiful and attractive yet you chose me. Baby, I love you so much with the whole of me.

15. I don’t know the number of children you want to have but I am ready to love you and bear children for you till you begin to beg me to stop cos I am ready to prove my love for you in whatever form it may look.

16. I don’t mind what it is that is going to be the food in your house for us to eat but I know that I can eat anything so long as it is you who provided it for me to eat as our food though I am so sure that you will never allow me to suffer.

17. I was warned the other day that you don’t love me and will definitely lead me astray but I didn’t mind cos I was sure that I am with you already and leading me astray is what I want you to do to me so that I can be covered by your love.

18. The number of times you hurt me doesn’t really matter these days cos am really enjoying having you around and even the love doesn’t do any harm to me again. Baby am so proud to have a sweet man like you.

19. So many times I have woken up today from bed waiting for the day to be dawn and so that morning will come, this is because I really want to show you how much I love you and will prove that to you as time goes on.

20. I could not sleep at all, it is not because I don’t want to sleep but because I want to keep awake to prove to you that I love you so very much, I will use this time to pray for my king to be a better man among any other man on earth.

Inconceivable Sweet Paragraphs For Him To Wake Up  To

21. The so many times I have hurt you, knowingly and unknowingly, baby I am deeply sorry and I will not repeat that again. I don’t even know why I was so foolish enough to offend a wonderful king like you.

22. It’s been a while since I kissed you with so much passion attached to it and that is because I have lost you but this time is really sure that I have found you and I will do anything to keep you till the end of time.

23. Today I want you to record this statement I want to make am so sure that it will keep ringing in your heart each time you remember me. Baby you are the most important thing that has ever happened to me.

24. It is true that they all left me as a result of their inability to love me so dearly and I was hurt but it doesn’t really matter anymore cos I have gotten someone different, someone sweet and someone so different from them.

25. Though I felt hurt when my previous man left me and I was almost killing myself for that but I didn’t know that a man after God’s own heart is coming by my way to take over what belongs to him. Thank God that I loose my real man.

Images of Long Paragraphs to Send to Your Boyfriend
Images of Long Paragraphs to Send to Your Boyfriend

26. I have gone to so many places in search of you just because I could no longer bear been along any longer and though I didn’t find you at the time I wanted but you appeared in my life just exactly the time that is right.

27. It became something impossible when I thought that my heart cannot occupy the whole of you as a result of the hurt I passed through previously, but I gradually fell in love with you when I noticed that you are nothing compared to that man that offended me that much.

28. Honestly, if I say that you are not the best man on earth then I must be lying to you and to myself cos in you I found my true happiness and joy, peace and fulfilment. Baby is there a woman who will not want to possess these things I have freely gotten from you?

29. I barely understood that you were a new person in my life but when I settled down to look through us I saw that I have gotten the most adorable man on earth and nothing on earth can take that gift away from me.

30. As for me and remaining of me baby, I will love you till eternity and I don’t mind when the eternity will take us cos I really enjoy being in your presence and I don’t mind becoming your wife tonight.

31. I finally realized that loving you is the greatest thing I should do to please God cos He carefully selected you for me. Baby if you are two in this world then am sure another woman out there is as happy as I am right now.

32. I am a lucky woman is really an understatement dear. This is because you gave me the real you and didn’t mind if I love you in return or not. Baby, you are one hell of a nice guy and I enjoy the privilege of becoming your woman.

33. I look back to my past and I realize that I have been acting drama with those persons in my previous relationships and meeting you has made and showed me the difference between the past and the present.

34. As for me, I trust that you will never live me no matter what will come our ways. Baby, I truly adore the fact that you have never cheated on me for once not even to kiss another woman. I love the man in you.

35. You have vowed to love me till the end and I can see that promise been fulfilled by you cos I lack nothing that should come with love and I appreciate God especially for bringing the type of a man I have always wanted to get.

36. I must have made a hell big mistakes by ignoring you when you initially came to have me, am sorry, it is because I was been childish. But I promise that I will love you plus those times I needed to love you but have failed to.

37. I initially wanted to be a reverend sister and go for convent but I saw you approaching me I changed my mind immediately cos I would have lost a man better than all men on earth to another woman.

38. The fear of losing you is what fills my heart all day long. I really don’t want to see that day that will make me lose a man like you cos I might go nuts and crazy. Baby, you are the important man that I really don’t want to lose at all.

39. It is really true that you love me a lot but I can’t compare the love I have for you with the one you have for me cos I am very sure that my love is bigger than yours cos I can do anything to have you and for your sake.

40. To be an honest person has been my greatest priority and to be so honest with I am deeply in love with you and I don’t know how long it will take you to love me back but I am sure that I will continue to love you till I die.

I love you paragraph for him photos
I love you paragraph for him photos

Cute Paragraphs To Send For Your Boyfriend

41. I have realized that I have been loved by wrong persons and I have wasted my time in loving the wrong person. But I am so happy that I finally met you and fell in love with you without wasting more time again.

42. I always thought that dreams were just dreams until you truly met me and asked me out. I thought I was just dreaming but to my greatest surprise you proved that wrong and that has made me love you even more than before.

43. No matter how far you are from here of where you may be, I will never stop loving you cos if I mistakenly stop loving you I might end up loving the wrong person but I am so sure that I will never stop loving you no matter what will happen.

44. I wish I am there to hug and kiss you so long without letting your lips go off mine cos I really miss you. I wish I am saying these things to your face and making sure that you are comfortable having me as your woman.

45. You are the most amazing man I have come acrossed all my life and I am grateful to God that He made it possible for me to meet you. Baby, you are a great blessing to me and I desire to keep you to myself till I die.

46. What type of God do you serve? Or did you use charms on me? Am going crazy about you beyond control and am not understanding why it has to be so. Baby, I don’t mind if you did charm me cos am really enjoying that.

47. I got my latest award cos I have you in my life, people now admire me cos I have you in my life. Baby boy, you are the greatest thing that happened to me and I am so happy that I met you in my life.

48. Thank you so much for making me the queen of your heart even though am a nobody and don’t deserve a prince like you. I want to thank you even more for removing me from the list of the single ladies. You are indeed a great man.

49. The most important man in my life, my priceless king, my pearl, the landlord of my heart, I want to thank you so much for making me the luckiest woman on earth to have gotten you in a platter of gold.

50. I am so sure that God will not allow us to hurt each other no matter what will happen. Baby, please don’t allow us to hurt each other no matter what may happen cos I truly treasure your presence in my life.

51. You have been the dream I have been waiting for cos you changed my story into a qualitative one and turned my life around. Baby, you are my one in a million and I appreciate your essence in my life.

52. My heart has not found rest yet cos I am busy trying to find out why you chose over all other women that you see virtually every day. Baby, I really can’t figure out why I am this lucky to have you in my life.

53. My love for you is so crazy that it wants to make me do some crazy things for your sake like running in the streets and shouting that I love you so much like crazy. Baby no matter what happens, I will keep on loving you.

54. It’s really so hard for me to let you go or slip off my hand cos you are the sweetest thing has happened to me. You have triggered me to love you uncontrollably and I am highly crazy in my dealings to love you the more.

55. You are my one in a million boy and now I realized that more than ever. Baby boy, you are the most important thing that has happened to me and I can’t imagine losing a great man like you for another person.

56. Nobody is perfect but you are so close to perfect and I am so glad that I met you and despite my imperfect being. Baby, you are the best person that has come into my life and I don’t regret it at all.

57. I was having a bad day but when I thought of you everything turned around and my day has become brighter than I expected. Baby, I have put you in my heart and I desire that you remain there forever.

58. I get scared cos each day that comes I love you even more and I don’t know when that will stop cos it is becoming uncontrollable. Baby, I have even lost my sleep since I met you, therefore, you must help me to love you in a normal way before it turns abnormal.

59. I can barely breathe a day without remembering you in heart and each time I do that I feel fulfilled cos I think that I am not making a mistake to love a man like you. There is no woman who will not be happy to have around her.

60. You know that even if I love you too much now it doesn’t matter cos I will be saving some love for you in the heart that will explode when this love is showering on you now expires. Baby, I have different ways of loving you and it will never finish.

Love Paragraphs For Boyfriend

These are love paragraphs for your boyfriend to show him that you actually care about him.

1. I used to admire you even before you met me and asked me out and I am so lucky that you did and today so many girls are praying to be like me but am so sure that they can’t be cos I have the most amazing guy on earth.

2. I looked at my life before today and I have realized that it’s a waste of time to do so cos all those guys that came into my life are the worst men ever but you changed that fact by coming into my life and turning it around.

3. You may not be my husband yet and I really don’t mind. Even though you are not my husband you act as though you are and trust me I really appreciate been in love with you cos it is not a waste of time.

4. They are good things one should remember in life that are unforgettable but the truth is that I remember you more than other things in my life cos you are an important being that I have come acrossed in a long time.

5. The only reason why I have not been able to say you should marry me is that you are the man and am the woman and I wouldn’t want to go against your will. Baby thank you for coming into my life.

6. I think I can be compared to married women cos I do what married women do and I am greatly managed by a man who is still not my husband but yet my husband. Baby, you are better than all those men around me.

7. I have got plans for you as my boyfriend and trust me I will execute that plan on you when you are ready cos I feel not just like your girlfriend but like your wife already and all thanks go to you for treating me like this.

8. I met a man yesterday trying to ask for my hand in marriage and I told him that I am married already and this is because you have treated me more than a girlfriend to you but as a wife and I appreciate that fact.

9. Look how wonderful you have made my life and am really comfortable around you each time I see that you care for me more than anything else. Baby, I so much love you and I desire to be yours forever.

10. I really trust that you will never live me even though we were taught never to trust a man. I feel that you know that hurting me is a mistake and you will never make that mistake and I love you for that bold step you have taken.

11. I smile every day and people are beginning to ask me questions about the secret of my smiles and I have not told them yet because if they found out about it they may come and snatch you away from me and that is what I will not want.

12. I got up this morning I decided to send you this text and it is not because I can’t tell you to your face but because I want it to be formally said to you even before you get up from your bed. Baby, you are my one in a million.

13. I can barely talk to anyone else aside you and this is because you are better than any other person around me. Baby if you will give me the opportunity to prove how much I love you, I will be very glad and excited.

14. I am so happy that you came into my life and trust me baby that I can do anything to love you till the end. I am so indebted to you and no matter what happens I will stay right by your side till the end of time.

15. What exactly does a man have that you lack? What has a man done for a woman that you have not done for me yet? Baby meets a man like you has been my prayer and thank God that I found you.

16. What manner of man are you my prince that you came into my life and changed it? I have encountered no one like you and I have noticed that no one has ever done anything for me like you have always done. Baby, I love you.

17. They say having a boyfriend is not important but I say that it is not true because I see it as the most important thing a lady should do and have and this is because I have experienced what a married woman has not experienced even in her husband’s house.

18. The moment I met you, my king, I felt that you will just use me and go or dump me but I have not seen the signs yet and am indeed grateful to God for bringing you into my life and to you who have chosen me out of many to love.

19. My mother asked me to tell you to love me in this manner no matter what may happen cos she enjoys the happiness you have brought to me these few months and she has not seen such excitement in me in a long time.

20. I swear by every breath that I take in that you are the most important person that I have come across and that is something I have been hiding from you for a very long time cos I didn’t want you to change your attitude.

Love Paragraphs For Him To Wake Up

21. Many things must have come to your mind to live me but you ignored those things and continued to love me. You are the most amazing thing that has happened to me and I wouldn’t want to lose you no matter what.

22. I have vowed to love you till eternity because you have done what no man has ever done for me even as my boyfriend and I appreciate that fact. Baby, I will be happy if you have decided to love me till eternity.

23. I don’t mind if you hurt me at all cos you have never hurt me ever since we started and that is a sign that you are crazily in love with me and you would do anything to keep me. Baby, I really want to say thank you for holding me so dear to you.

24. I can’t even imagine myself loving another man aside you and this is b4ecause you are so brave and active when it comes to loving me greatly. Baby, what can I ever do without you in my life? You are indeed a blessing.

25. Many will think that saying you love someone like you will make you withdraw the love you have for me but I see that it is not true cos each I say that I love you, your love seems to increase for me without stop.

26. To make you mine I may need a lot of things and acquire a greater quality but even if I do you don’t seem to be interested in that but in me and I am grateful to you for loving me the way I am and me in me.

27. Because you have decided to love me till the very end, you will not lack, you will never look for things that are impossible to find cos they will right before you. Infact you will have me completely with my attention and nothing can change that fact.

28. I really want to appreciate God’s greatness in your life cos if not for his greatness I wouldn’t have found you and even worthy to be my boyfriend. Baby, you are a wonderful creature that I met in a miraculous way.

29. I met you and I smiled and you never asked me why I did that but I will tell you today. I smiled because I was expecting a king like you to talk to me that same day and luckily for me, you were the king that came to my way that day.

30. People try to find out what is the secret of our togetherness but I am so sure that they will never find out because the reason is our secret and our secret is not supposed to be open to any other person.

31. I used to think that relationships don’t really exist and it is mainly based on the certain goal to be achieved but when I met you, I met something that changed my life entirely without any turnaround. Baby, I love you.

32. The more I try to understand you the more confused I become cos you always want to be who I want you to be for me. You don’t even put your issues so you can handle it but you consider me something special to be taken care of.

33. My meeting you may be in a nasty way or even an unprepared manner but doesn’t count right now cos I feel in love with that man I met that same day and in fact can do anything to keep that same man all to myself forever.

34. You came into my life and things began to turn around for my good. Baby boy where have you been all these while that I was lonely looking for you. I see you as a king that has captured my heart and I am proud of that.

35. I was abused, humiliated, cheated and lied against and I thought that every other man is like that and there was no need of accepting another relationship. But when you talked to me the first day, you captured my heart and made me let go of that grudge I have against men.

36. All these goodness that is happening to me is because of you and if you were not mine today I wouldn’t have achieved all these things. Baby thank you for coming into my life and for remaining in my heart till date.

37. My amazing man, you have been the shoulders I laid on, the arms that cuddled me, the back that carried me and the lap I sat on. Baby, what can I do without you? You are the most amazing man in my life and nothing can change that.

38. I don’t know if you have another girlfriend aside me but I feel I am the only woman you have and that I can burst about to any woman out there cos you have changed me entirely and I am very grateful that you chose to be mine.

39. Many girls would say that their man came to them in a wonderful way but I think you came in to my life in an extraordinary manner and I love you with the whole of my heart. Even if you are far from me I always feel you close to me cos I love you dearly.

40. I know that my love for you will last for a very long time and I can take an oath for you cos you are one good person that I don’t think can be found somewhere else. I am so sure that the love we share will last as long as we live.

I Love You Paragraphs To Say To Your Boyfriend

41. It’s been a rough time together though I didn’t feel it cos I had you all by my side as my hero. I don’t care how many times I will meet trials on the way but am so sure that we shall conquer it cos you will remain there to fight for me.

42. I imagined that you said that you don’t want to continue again and that you want to move on without me but I came back to my senses and I realized that you will never ever live me no matter what happens.

43. What I feel about your love for me is beyond your expectation and I am so happy that you are showering that love on me and not on anyone else. Baby I wish to remain yours forever no matter what will happen.

44. As a woman I was advised never to hold any man in high esteem but that has changed now that I met you cos you are one great man who has stoop so low to become my man. Baby boy, I love you so dear.

45. I realized that you are so different from other men and thank God you came to me and not another person. Baby you are my one in a million and I can do anything to have you all to myself, please don’t live me.


46. If I would be allowed to change the letters of the alphabet then I will form them from your name and I know that they will be beautifully made and the pronunciation will be the best and that will prove to the whole world that you are the best man on earth.

47. Your love towards me is so precious and I admire you even though you are a man and not a woman. I must have done a lot to provoke you but today I ask for your pardon cos I did it ignorantly.

48. I want to put it upon myself that I will be the reason for your smiles cos you have sacrificed a lot of things for my sake. Baby if I have wronged you in anyway please forgive but be sure that I will never stop loving you.

49. Each time we hold our hands I feel am in a banquet with you, and each time I see you, I fall in love with your physique and I pray that one day you will ask me to become your wife and I will be so excited that day.

50. Baby in every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year, you will always be in my heart. And this means that there will never be a day that will pass by without your thought in my heart cos I love you.

51. You must be thinking that each time I tell you how much you mean to me, I exaggerate it but I really do mean it each time I say it to you. Now that you are reading this text, you may feel that I have started again but I want to assure you that I mean each word I say to you.

52. Each time I walk with you I feel excited cos I feel that I have a greater man than any other lady out there, many girls have met me to tell them where they can get a man like you and I couldn’t tell them because I also got you cos I was lucky.

53. They said that wedding day is the most important day of a woman’s life but I don’t think it’s true cos for me having you in my life and around me is the most important thing that has happened to me. Thank you for that opportunity.

54. I want to appreciate your presence in my life and the reason you have stayed with me till this moment, baby I love you so much and nothing can change that. Please, baby, stay with me forever and ever.

55. Do you know that many people met me to report you to me? They even said that you are not a good person and so many bad things that you have done, but do you know what I told them? I told them that I saw all that about you yet I love you even more.

56. With all my heart and with all within me I want to thank you for the love you showered upon me because without you, I won’t be admired, loved or cared for by other persons. I even try to look beautiful for your sake.

57. I don’t regret meeting you at all cos you have made me a complete person as your lover. I will never pick another person when I have you even if you were compared to another person. Baby I love you so much.

58. You are the greatest man I have ever met despite my unworthiness, baby you are sweeter than honey even though I can’t taste you, you are the warmest I ever met even though you are not close to any fire. Baby you are the best.

59. I can’t keep away from you even if I try to do it. The moment I try to live you I find myself regretting it cos you are the best ever. I will never live you cos if I do I will forever remain in grief and sorrow.

60. Every time I remember you in my heart, there is this smiles that cover me and make people around me to be overwhelmed this is because you are the sweetest and most amazing man in my life.

61. People are beginning to think that I am crazy and that this message I am sending to you now is an ancient way of showing how much you love someone but I don’t care cos I am ready to send you messages even if you are lying next to me cos that is how I know how to express myself best.

62. From the bottommost part of my heart baby, I want to say that I love you and my love for you will never die even if it means my life attached to it. Baby I love you with the bottom of my heart cos you are a darling.

63. Falling in love with is like a journey and I am so happy that I have embarked on this journey and I have gotten you all to myself finally. Baby I will keep loving you and keeping adoring your existence in my life.

64. My king, you have given my life meaning in different ways. It is not a joke each time I say that I love you. If there is anything that scares me the most in this life is the fear of losing you. God knows I love you very much.

65. I love and appreciate you for being you this is because you do not only love me, but you care for me as well. Therefore I will love you forever. I promise to be so glued to you. There will be nothing that will ever separate us.

66. All I see is your love all around me. Thanks for proving to me that you love me that much and that true love actually exist. Have a place in your heart to keep me so that nothing and no one can take me away from you.

67. God will never stop blessing you for me cos you have decided to love me till the end and I love you for that singular act of yours. If there is something I need to do to keep you to myself please let me know cos I really want to keep you forever.

68. The greatest event that I have ever attended and keeps making me happy is the event of falling in love with you and that rings in my heart to remind me that you deserve to be loved and cared for till eternity.

69. You are the reason for my essence and if it were not for you I wouldn’t have been created. God really know that you are the man that will come to my way and that was why He created me and kept me for you.

70. I want to welcome you into my world, my heart is your new home, where you will stay and dwell forever, I am so that you will make a good husband, and I can assure you that I will give you peace and happiness.

71. It is a privilege that you came into my life, it is very wonderful to have you in my life and trust me that I believe so much in you. I want to thank you so much for coming into my life, I will try to make this relationship work.

72. People have said so many wrong thing about you and I didn’t care cos they don’t know anything about you yet they gossip about you. Please don’t let people to have their ways into this relationship to crash it cos we are meant to be.

73. Baby boy, you are the most amazing man on earth, living you even by mistake is never my intention. I may be the woman in this relationship but I will do my best to care about you till the very end.

74. So it true that people have lying against me that I am a bad person for you, but it is okay if you don’t allow them to come between us at all. I thank God for giving me the gift of you in my life and I will forever cherish you.

75. Let this relationship between us be permanent and let people admire us each time they see us. Please never forget me even if you don’t want to marry me or make me your wife, I really don’t mind cos you have given an opportunity I have always wanted.

76. Even from your dreams baby please keep loving me in this manner so that wherever I find you I will always be loved and cared for by you. I will appreciate it if another person sees me out there and say that I have the best man on earth.

77. I really get jealous each time I see another woman hugging you cos I feel she is planning to take you away from me. I know you have friends and close friends around you but I really don’t want to loose you.

78. I want you to come with me anywhere I will go so that I can show case you to my friends and people around so that they will know that I have the sweetest man on earth. Infact I want those men disturbing me to run away when they shall see you.

79. What happened to me that I kissed you on the way is what I don’t understand but I enjoyed the fact that I made people know that I am in love with you. I am so sure that no woman will want to come close to you now that they know that you have me.

80. I might be jealous each time I see you with another woman but it is because I love you so much and don’t want to loose you and I want the closeness to be with me. Baby please don’t misunderstand the look on my face if you are with another woman.

Touching Paragraphs To Write For Boyfriend

81. This is so natural and I can see that you are deeply in love with me. See the way you always want to be with me no matter the distance. You don’t mind even if I embarrass you cos you are ready to do anything to have me.

82. Everything I do today is because you caused it, I might have over loved you and you don’t know how to control it again, I must confess that my love for you increase when you started proving that you love me so much.

83. I want to hold you so tight as if I were your wife or my long lost husband because I enjoy hugging you that close. You are such a powerful blessing that even my hug is not enough to thank God for your existence.

84. I now realize that you are the husband I have been searching for, I will feed you like my baby, cook for you, take you out and buy good things for you so that you will love me so deeply without thinking of letting me go.

85. God has blessed me with a man that is sweet, caring, and loving and I will forever cherish you my king even if you don’t plan to marry me. I don’t mind loosing everything I have to keep you instead.

86. I will respect you like a husband, adore you like a king, take care of you like a baby and do everything you desire. I am really hungry of your presence and I wish you will grant that for me by asking me to come see you tonight.

87. I want you to do me a favor of staying with me forever and I hope I am not too harsh on you by asking you to do that for me. I am ready to do anything for you if you desire so that we can be together forever.

88. People say that something is wrong with me and I have lost my mind and even going crazy and I think they are saying the truth cos I have gone crazy in trying to prove how much I love you and am sure that am not wrong at all.

89. I don’t believe that I can stay very comfortable in love with you cos I thought you were like other guys out there. I don’t mind if in the next year you live me for another person cos I have enjoyed you enough.

90. You are my husband even if you don’t want to marry me, you are the only man I have chosen to become his wife and I know that I am not making a mistake at all. You have helped achieve a lot of things that no man can do.

91. You have loved me enough and I can’t appreciate you enough, even though I am not your wife, you never allowed me to work in your house, you are always there to assist me, to love me and to care about me.

92. You have volunteered to care about me despite my unworthiness, baby boy, you are one hell of a sweet man that has changed my life completely. You never laid a finger on me cos you are never a monster.

93. I want to announce to you that I will forever be humble and make my home with you a wonderful place for us to live in. I will be a good woman to you and you will never regret meeting me.

94. I am so sorry if I have made your life so unbearable for you to live in, never mind me at all. I will do anything to keep you to myself forever. Am sure you feel ok now that I apologized. I love you till eternity.

95. You are the best man ever and you are my husband like no other. I want to thank you for everything you have done for me including the love and care you have showered on me from the day you met me till date.

96. You have made me to shine and make people to admire me for looking good. Baby you are the most important person in my life. And I will make sure that you don’t regret the fact I am in your life as your woman.

97. I will never drop you for someone else for you have done enough goodness in my life and no woman will have someone like you and still think of living you. I don’t mind loosing my life for your sake baby cos you deserve even more than that.

98. I pray that you have a nice time at work today even though you are not here with me I really know that I am there with you in your heart. Baby I love the way you carry me around in your heart.

99. I will make sure that you enjoy this relationship with me without regrets cos you have saved me a great deal by loving and caring about me this much. You are a type of person so many girls will love to have around them.

100. I curse that day that I will wake up and say to you that am no longer interested even if I want to pull your legs when doing that. Baby if after having you as a gift and still want to drop you for another person then am a fool.




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