Cute Paragraphs for Her with Emojis – Paragraphs for Her

It is true that your woman is a better half of you as a man who makes the man happier each time he sees her. Your woman is a blessing to you for she does almost everything for her man.

As a man, you need to keep them happy with quotes, words, and messages that will encourage them that you are always there for them. Women are believed to be the person behind a man’s happiness and success.

Therefore, if a man is made happy by a woman, you need to appreciate their efforts with sweet words and messages. When a woman is treated well, she can do anything to please her husband or boyfriend.

A genuine feeling, time and attention will keep your woman around you always.
Here are cute paragraphs to put smiles on your woman’s face and to keep her happy.

This is a collection of romantic and cute love paragraphs for her. We have also included images with sweet emojis ideas to help you compose a better love paragraph.

Cute Paragraphs for Her with Emojis – Paragraphs for Her

Cute Paragraphs For Her With Emojis
Cute Paragraphs For Her With Emojis

1. With the speed at which your love is accumulating in my heart, I hope one day I won’t stop breathing due to the excess passion that I am developing for you? You may not know how powerful your thought is affecting my mind; I love you so much!

2. There is no other reason why I continue to admire you than the fact you are such an interesting angle, a sweet love that can never be forgotten now and forever. You are like a peacock as beautiful as a lovely angel. I wish to let you know that no one can replace you in my heart because I love you truly!

3. The first time I set my eyes on you, I felt the deepest part of what passion means; a sweet pleasure that has ceased to end since these days. I feel like to kiss and hug you now and for the rest of my life because you are too sweet. I love you!


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4. When I was with you, I felt the most pleasurable feeling a man should get from a good woman. The mother of my kids, I want to appreciate you for the entire sacrifices you made just to make me happy, a lady like you is rare to find and I love you!

5. No matter the distance between us, the most important thing is that your love dwells in my heart; what then will bring break up if not betray? As long as I am concerned, only your love will be safe in my heart, I love you!

Cute Paragraphs for Her with Emojis on Facebook

Cute Paragraphs For Her With Emojis Text Messages
Cute Paragraphs For Her With Emojis Text Messages

6. Loving you is a great privilege because its type is hard to find. What a wonderful lady are you that you gave all your heart and show so much care for me and my children? Indeed this life is strange because amazing people still exist. I love you!

7. I wish you can understand the depth of my love for you perhaps you will have shed the tears of passion to know that a heart like this still exists. I am so much addicted to love with you that I can no longer control how I feel for you, just want to say I love you!

8. This very day I wish to tell you how much I feel for you—a rare treasure that cannot be replaced by any other lady on the earth. You are my dream come true and as such will love you forever, cherish you now and until the end of time. I love you, darling!

9. If this life is full of gold and you alone and I have no choice than to choose either you or this charming treasure, of course, I will go with you because you mean the world to me, with you, every other treasure will chase my pant down; I love you!

10. When I set my eyes on you, I saw an angelic being so cute and kind in the nearest future. Now I have seen what I imagined the other day; a wonderful lady. I wish you very good thing on the earth. I love you!

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Idea For Cute Paragraphs For Her With Emojis
Idea For Cute Paragraphs For Her With Emojis

11. In you I found the joy the Lord has kept for me for all these years; an uncommon love that has no end, a passion with ultimate purpose and a feeling with lots of light, joy and happiness that are meant only for me: I love you, my baby!

12. The love of my life, I wish you have what it takes to tear my heart so that you can find access to where I kept the love I have for you; a special one indeed. A love that cannot be shared with anyone else but you—just want to say I love you!

13. I feel like been with you any moment from now because I can no longer bear the pain of living without you, I can stand the disappointment of waking up without you by my side. I can’t stop loving you, baby!

14. Loving you is like an ocean of honey, it no pain to me but complete joy and pleasure that soften my heart. I wish you know how much your love has replenished my worries with joy. You are my true friend and a good wife, I love you!

15. With you my life is complete because you are divinely given to me; a rare gem that should be protected with my entire capacity. You mean the world to me; the most interesting girl I have ever met in life. I love you!

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Cute Paragraphs For Her With Emojis Images
Cute Paragraphs For Her With Emojis Images

16. In times of sorrow I found you by my side, in times of weakness my sweetheart you never ran away, now that I’m strong and full of energy, I am ready to spoil you with love and money. I want to shower you care and kindness. I love you!

17. You are my joy the queen of happiness that God gave to me; the meaning of my life for the most beautiful girl in the world, the mother of my kids; I wish for you the entire world, I wish for you a life full of health. I just want to say I love you!

18. Without you by my side, I feel somewhat strange about this life; I feel emptiness, sadness and sorrow that kill my heart. Thank God you are here to wipe away my tears for years. I could not bear it but thank God my dream came to pass; I love you!

19. My days without you is like a hook hanging on my lips; tears of blood rushing down my eyes—I woke up from my imagination and found out that I was just missing you—indeed you are my dear life; I wish you every good thing of life!

20. For the rest of my life, I want to live with you so that I can feel the complete impact of it means to fall in love with you. I want to enjoy your presence that comes with complete joy designed for me by God. I love you with passion!

Paragraphs for Her to Make Her Smile

1. You have always been there when I needed you, during the day or night you have made yourself available for me. I never think that a day will pass by without you coming to my aid. What would I have done without you in my life.

2. A princess you are ever since I met you and that has not changed or even cleaned. I will be there to serve you all the days of my life. I will do my best to ensure that your beauty never fades away or gets dimmed. I love you.

3. Your love has made me happier than I can ever imagine. I smile every day of my life when I remember how much you love me. I just hope that the love you have for me never stops or ends. I am indeed grateful for your love.

4. I am so much in love with you that I am going crazy about you each day. I wish to love you all the days of my life and I hope it doesn’t end. I will do everything to keep cos you have the best gift given to me by God.

5. I love the way you care about me each day of our lives. You have not changed a bit towards me even for once. I ask God to make you care about me like this now and forever cos your care is more than I have ever experienced before.

6. Your smiles and beauty attracts me that I don’t see any other woman aside you. Your beauty is shinny that anyone who comes across must try to know who you are. Your beauty has made my life complete and easy going.

7. Take my hand and hold me till I have reached where you are cos I don’t want to lose to any man. I don’t want to see or hear anything that will bring separation between us for you are the source of my happiness.

8. You are always on my mind even though days, weeks, months and years may come and pass. I will never forget your pretty and attractive smiles cos they are sweet. I desire to spend the rest of my life with a woman like you.

9. I don’t want to live your presence cos I feel happy and joyous. Everything concerning my turn around to positivity at the sight of you. Please don’t let me miss you or miss your presence again cos it gives me joy.

10. How can I ever forget this woman that brings joy and happiness to my life? You are the only woman who has the ability to switch my mood to a positive one. I pray that God will grant me the strength to keep you to myself for the rest of my life.

11. Ever since I found you, I have been successful and that is what every man will want to have as a wife. I don’t care what it takes to keep you, I will do everything necessary to keep you for the rest o of my life. I love you my angel.

12. Love is indeed a miraculous thing cos you have happened to me miraculously. I wish you will keep happening to me like this for the rest of my life. You are indeed a blessing added to my world.

13. How can I ever please or satisfy you? Your goodness towards me has made realize the importance of having you in my life. I will always want to enjoy this goodness now and always cos it makes me happier.

14. What you have brought to my life has changed my life completely. The peace, joy, happiness I enjoy is what I intend to continue. I always want to dwell around you so that goodness will not stop happening to me.

15. Your beauty radiates my life into great beauty of love. I love your shinny beauty that only you posses an own. Only your presence my angel can make our love last longer and forever, so please don’t live me.

16. Your stay in my life is more a gift of Gold cos you are better than Gold itself. If you will not deny me of this happiness my love, I will be very happy. Stay with me from now onwards so that I can always be happier than this.

17. Your beautiful smile can turn my day to automatic bliss, sweet, easy and amazing. I want to always remember every day that passes by cos you are involved. God has really blessed you with a lot of gifts to me going.

18. Each day of my life, God gives me a lot reason to love daily more and more. I want you to understand how much you mean to me even though it is not possible. I will never stop loving you as long as I live.

19. The early morning dew reminds me of someone so amazing and dear to me. You have changed my entire world and have arranged the shattered part of my life. Nothing in this life is as great as you and am so blessed to have you as my woman.

20. I can’t wait to get out of bed to come see you every morning cos you make me a complete being. Seeing you everyday keeps my love for you stronger than ever before. I love you for accepting me to be your man.

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21. You are the first person I think about every morning and the last person I think about every night so how can I run out of my love towards you. Loving you has become a priority and I wish to continue loving you till the end of time cos you deserve it.

22. No word in this life can express how much I love you and no dictionary has a word that can tell you how much I love you. The love I have for you is not comparable and doesn’t recognize any one except you my princess.

23. One of the most amazing gifts I received from God was and still is you cos you changed my world. No one can replace you in my heart cos I value you. You are my precious pearl and a rare gem. I will love you till the end time my angel.

24. If you find yourself constantly thinking about me, don’t beat yourself over it cos I do worse about you especially when I am alone. Baby I can’t stop thinking about you because you mean the whole world to me my angel.

25. Falling in love with you has become the best course for me to study. I have to do my best to study and pass you with a very good grade cos you are the sweetest in my life. Please don’t live me alone to myself cos it is worthless without you.

26. Loving you is the greatest thing I can do to keep you to myself. I can do anything to keep you including killing cos you deserve it. I will love now, later, tomorrow, always and forever cos I derive pleasure in loving a queen like you.

27. You are the reason am happy and I know that this happiness can will last forever. You are the best thing that has happened to me and only you can make this sweetness of my life continue. Please baby stay with me now and always cos I never want to stop being happy.

28. Everything in this life reminds me of someone so special and that person is you. When I eat it’s you, when I sleep it’s you, when I working it’s you, when resting it’s always you. I don’t want to stop thinking about you cos you are my all in all my princess.

29. My princess, I love you so much more than love itself and I won’t stop loving you if that is all I have to give you as my woman. Grant me the opportunity to keep loving you till the end of time cos love is my language.

30. I am so much stocked in love with you cos you are a priceless jewel my dear. And I desire to be in love with you till eternity cos loving you is so sweet. I love you more and more and I don’t want to loose you at all.

31. As long as I live, no harm shall come to you because my love for is like a canopy over your head. God will keep you for me cos He is aware of how much I love you. My love for you will direct your steps and lead you through. I love you like never before.

32. I want to wake up every day feeling that I have a woman by my side to love and cherish me. I want to show the world that I have the most amazing woman in the world. I want my friends to know that their women are nothing to be compared to my woman.

33. I find it difficult to express the love I have for you because it is boundless and nothing is sweeter than you. You are like the honey that is sweeter than all other honey. Whoever prepares you has done a very good job cos he/she has prepared you perfectly for me.

34. I want to thank your precious mother for carrying you in her womb, giving birth to you, training you to become this woman you have become. I admire this creature in you in which God has graciously given to me. You are indeed beautiful.

35. You are so pretty that I can no longer concentrate on any other thing except you. Your beauty is so extraordinary cos it shines like the morning sun. Am sure you bribed God for this type of beauty cos only your beauty can be shared to five other women and they will still be regarded as beautiful angels.

36. Look at what love has done to me, I am going insane. But I am enjoying the insanity cos you are my all in all and loving you is not a mistake. I wish that this relationship will continue nonstop cos loving is the best gift I can offer to you.

37. How much can one buy you? I really want to purchase you cos you are too expensive to be gotten without payment. I am a lucky dude cos I have gotten you yet didn’t pay a price. I will love you till I die.

38. The way you kiss me makes feel like a man and I love that feeling. Any man who is in my shoes will do the same cos your love is real. I am enjoying that privilege not because I deserve it but because God has blessed me with a queen like you.

39. How long will this love last? I hope that this love last forever cos you are a rare gem. I really don’t want to lose a precious stone like you to any man. My princess if hiding you in cave is what I need to do to keep you to myself, then I will do it without delay.

40. Loving you is not a punishment but a course I need to pass else I will fail. I want to love you and cuddle you all the days of my life. I want to be always aware that I am crazily in love with an angel and a queen and that will never change.

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41. I have learnt a lot from you as my girlfriend and I have done nothing but to keep learning from you. You are a teacher better than lecturers and professors who know it more. I will be your student cos learning from you is a privilege.

42. Sometimes I wonder how I was so lucky for you to have accepted me as your man. I am ready to do anything that will please you as long as I live cos nothing will make me happier. I will always love you till eternity.

43. It was not easy for me to get you cos you are good and special and it is said that nothing good come easy. God has wiped away my tears for giving me a bigger blessing like you my princess. I desire to treasure this gift for the rest of my life.

44. I treasure you my angel cos you are the source of my strength and power. I draw my energy to carry out duties from you the apple of my eye. Nothing can change this love I have for you cos I have nothing to appreciate you with.

45. If you were a witch I would still love you, if you were the devil’s wife, I would still love you more, if you were the devil itself, I will love you even more and more. You have done nothing but complete goodness all through and I love you for ages unending.

46. The love I have for you can make me do anything for your sake. Love is the super story I will tell our children. I wish that you bear a child that will be just like you so that another man can enjoy this opportunity I am enjoying now.

47. I am hoping that one day I can be able to love you till the extent you deserve cos you are perfect in your own special way. Though the love I have for you is no enough, I pray that you see how much I love you and would do anything for you.

48. I feel like jumping in the sky cos you have accepted to be with me for the rest of my life. What other joy could be more than what I am enjoying today? I am indeed grateful for choosing me above others to represent the king in your life.

49. Because you love me, though I am not worthy to have you, I will love you till I die. You are a mother, a sister, and everything that a man will ever want to have in a woman. You are a woman with substance and I love you forever.

50. Oh……what a mother you are who is always there to save me from harm and troubles. You keep defending me even if it’s my fault and I don’t deserve it. What have I done to have a complete angel as my wife? I love you.

51. Oh…… join me my friends to thank the God who created this woman to be my wife. You are the work of the lord who has been molded purposely for me. I cherish you more than any other thing I have.

52. So loving it is, so pleasant it is, so glorious it is to have a princess like you for I have triumph over loneliness. I have gotten victory cos I am in love with an angel and that has made my enemies to run away from me. I love you my darling.

53. The joy and happiness that feels my heart is boundless cos I have found a princess like you. So many men will want to have you but you refused and gave only me the opportunity to have you. You have brightened up my world with your love.

54. What you have done for alone has made me to desire always to make you smile and laugh often and love you with every breath in me. You deserve even more than the sacrifice of my life. I love you beyond the stars.

55. For the love you have for me my angel, all I wanted is to live and laugh with and love you till eternity. I want our type of love to continue and never end cos you’re a blessing added to my world. I will cherish you forever, sweetheart.

56. All I wanted is to live and laugh with and love you till eternity. I cherish you forever, sweetheart.

57. You have been mine from creation, and if you are for me then who can challenge that fact? From January to December, I will always love, admire and respect you, my dear. I love you till the moon in the sky.

58. I will shout for joy and fulfillment because you have been chosen by God to be my wife. Guess what? You’re the essence of my existence and living you is never in my agenda cos you are a queen. I love you beyond the stars.

59. How come I never took notice of you even before now? If I had taken notice of you and have known you before now, I would have enjoyed even more cos of your love towards me. I don’t want that love to end till eternity.

60. Each and every day that I am with you, I enjoy every bit of it cos you are a special person to me. Your presence brings me back to life even if I am dead. I don’t want to lose you cos losing you means my life and if my life is not there then I am dead.

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61. I pray that God should keep you alive for me cos you mean the whole world to me and having you around me is enough to keep me strong. I desire to be around you every day of my life in order to gain all the happiness in the world.

62. Events, ceremonies and occasions may come and pass, days, months and years may pass, but my love for you remains stronger than it has ever been. I pray that you understand how much I love you so that you will know how it feels to be apart from.

63. Love is all I ask from you and nothing else cos once I have your love then I have every other thing on earth. Gaining and having you is the best privilege any man can enjoy in the world and beyond. Please give me the chance to love you till eternity.

64. If God ask me to pick just one blessing out of others, my princess, I will pick you cos I know that you will bring and attract every other blessing to me and trust me, I will be glad if God will ask me to do so. I love you like never before my angel.

65. What is the world without you? What is a man without you? What is a man’s gain without you involved in it? I want to have you amidst any other thing co you mean everything to me. I pray that God keeps you as the comforter of my afflictions.

66. The world around me feels good each time you are with me. Everything in me is excited at the sight of you and even my intestines rejoice for they have seen someone will give me the food that will pass through them as a waste.

67. If you were a guitar, I would play you gently and tenderly so that I want you a bit. If you were a song among my songs, you will always be my favorite as you would top my playlist. I love you more than you can ever imagine.

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68. Baby, I give you my heart and I know that my heart is indeed in the safest place cos you love so much not to allow anything harms me. Sweetheart, I trust you more than you can ever imagine and I don’t care what people may say.

69. You were my thoughts in the morning, my imagination during the day and my dream at night. I have always loved you and will always do to keeps us going. Baby, you are always on my mind and I will never forget you.

70. I don’t have any reason to wear a frowning face when I have you always around me. Who will have a princess like you and still worry about the problems of this life? I always think of you because with you in my life and my thoughts, I have every reason to be happy.

71. Every day I see you is like a new day for and like the day I first met you. You never gave me trouble or problem. I never want to leave your side, because I enjoyed your company so much beside me, just like every other day my angel.

72. When we are together, I don’t feel like going anywhere else cos your presence gladdens my heart. When it rains, and we are together, I feel it is god that is blessing our union as I called it the showers of blessings.

73. I don’t want you be away from me at all. Your absence becomes a problem especially when it rains, it will be as if nature noticed my gloomy mood and suffers with me. Right now, I love you so terribly.

74. I need you, honey, right now and forever. Your stay in my life will determine how happy I can be. I don’t want to complete a day without you cos your presence gives me joy and happiness, and I love to be with you forever my darling.

75. Life is so meaningless without you and every food cooked without you as the chef is a complete rubbish. I pray that you become my wife as soon as possible else another man will take you away from me. I love you like crazy.

76. I am nothing without you; I am a complete nonsense without you. Please don’t live me for another man cos I will do anything to keep you safe around me. I will cuddle you and love you till the end of time.

77. I don’t want you to stay away from me for any reason and if I offend you, please don’t use it against me cos it was foolishness to hurt a queen like you. I love you now, tomorrow and always cos you deserve it my angel.

78. There is no way that I will be fine without you my angel cos you are a blessing to me entirely. I hope that I satisfy all your needs and wants as your man. May God grant me the opportunity to be your husband.

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79. I came into this world initially to be on my own until I met an uncommon gem like you who changed my view about the reality of life and filled my heart with an ocean of passion and compassion. I love the one that puts a smile on my face.

80. You are the passion that my heart has chosen, the pearl of love that will never cease to grow in my heart. Just like the blossom of love, I will never stop thinking about you until the end of time. I will cherish you with all my heart.

Short Love Letters for Her That Make Her Cry

81. Loving you daily keeps me alive, missing you is what I don’t want to do even for a second and remembering has been and will always be my priority. Baby I want to love you till the end of time cos princesses like deserved to be loved and cared for.

82. You are my everything and I want to hold you and caress you all the time. I am so blessed to have an amazing woman like you my angel. I will keep loving you my darling princess cos you are all I’ve got.

83. I don’t want to look for you anywhere except my heart and that is your place from now on. Your smile makes me know that I have a lover around me and though we may quarrel, you make me comfortable each time I see you.

84. I beg God to bless the queen of my heart for me cos you are the doctor that cures the entire pains in my heart and set me free from loneliness. You set my heart ablaze with the fire of passion and quench it with the radiate love you shower on me.

85. Knowing you is the best thing that has happened to me cos you have given enough rest of mind that I don’t need another to be happy. You make me feel like I can do anything on earth cos with you I have the ability to do all things.

86. You are amazing my princess and there is no other woman that can be compared to you my angel. Your love has made me a better person cos of how you treat me around you. I am a king among others cos you have made it to be so.

87. A second with you is better than missing you and am glad that you don’t allow me to miss you at all. I am so grateful to God for allowing me to meet you in the first place cos I am rest assured that I have a wife in which no one can ever have.

88. To me, I feel you are the best woman I have come across and your beauty is something a man needs to adore all the days of his life. I will worship you if that I what I need to do in other to prove my love for you.

89. The more I see you, the more I fall in love with you like crazy. I am not saying this because I want to stop loving you but because I want to keep becoming crazy in love with you. Your love has become something I need to tap from everyday.

90. You have no idea how much you mean to me and how much I cherish you. It is impossible to explain it to you because even if I do you will never understand me. The love I have for you cannot be compared to anything on earth. I love you never before.

91. I don’t care if you have used charm on me to love you this much, all I know is that I am enjoying every bit of the love I have for you and if you have charmed me I will be happier cos loving you pays a lot.

92. I want you to know that you are the love of my life and you will always be. Please don’t let me love you in vain cos I can no longer control it. Take over my life and take charge till the time you want to stay.

93. I am a fortunate dude to have you in my life, meeting you have made me a man of class and make my friends to be jealous of me. I would do anything to keep you and I will cherish you now and always no matter what happens.

94. My life can only be complete when you are in my life, please complete my life with your stay for I am dying to have a queen like you in my life. I want you to do me the favor of becoming the mother of my kids.

95. I wish to be there for you for the rest of my life even if it requires my life. I want you to be aware of your importance in my life and the excess of your being in me. Knowing you brought me peace, joy and rest of mind.

96. You are my pearl, a rare gem, a princess I will die to have and everything you do rightly gives me joy and happiness. I want to remain the man that will love you till the end of time, please allow me to shower my love for you.

97. I want to be there for you at any given time cos you are a blessing to me. Ever since we started this relationship you have satisfied that I don’t need another person in my life. You have been my mother, my sister, my best friend and my wife.

98. I will be so foolish to allow you slip off my hand as you have become the queen of my heart. I don’t want to loose you for any reason cos I love you with the whole of my heart. My princess, make sure you handle me with care cos I love you deeply.

99. How blessed can I ever be than this? What goodness can ever be like you? You are my treasure, my heart beat and gem. I will not forget you for any reason and will love you now, tomorrow and forever cos you are a rare pearl.

100. What could have been better than your precious face in my presence. You are my better half that keeps me complete and without you, a half of me is missing. You are the rib which I have been looking for all these years and am glad that I found you.


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