Cute Birthday Wishes for a Male Friend from a Female

This is a wonderful collection of Cute Birthday Wishes for a Male Friend from a Female. Do you want to wish that fantastic male friend of yours a very Happy BIrthday? These sweet lines below are just what you’re looking for. These birthday quotes are perfect for your male best friends. Enjoy!

Cute Birthday Wishes for a Male Friend from a Female

Birthday Wishes For A Male Friend From A Female
Birthday Wishes For A Male Friend From A Female

1. You are my best friend. That is why I always cherish you more than any other male friends I have. A good friend like you is rare to find. Happy birthday.

2. I have this trust in you, a trust of a true friend. Many friends have come into my life but could not do what I actually expected but did. Happy birthday.

3. There is no other male friend that can take your part in my life. This is true because you have been the best of them since this day. Happy birthday.

4. You are indeed a treasure. Your type is far away very hard to find. You are such an uncommon gem worthy of being cherished. Happy birthday my friend.

5. You are a darling. Pure as snow, cute as a newly born baby. Truly, a handsome and wonderful guy like you is rare. Happy birthday dear friend.

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6. A treasure like you is very uncommon. You are so unique, sweet and wonderful. Indeed, a sweet treasure like you is rare to find. Happy birthday my friend.

7. Wishing you a wonderful happy birthday. A day full of joy and uncommon pleasure, a day with lots of gift exchange. Happy birthday my dear best friend.

8. I will always love you. Loving you can never be a mistake because you are a special kind of man that is worthy of being cherished. Happy birthday.

9. On this special day of your life. The day you were born, named and blessed by the Hands of the Lord. I wish you a wonderful life ahead. Happy birthday.

10. To the most handsome guy around. I am wishing you the best on this day you were born because you are so cute. Happy birthday a cute and shining angel.

11. Your eyes are so shining. You are like a sun, shining its light on the surface of the earth crust. I wish you a life full of light. Happy birthday.

12. Wishing you a special day full of joy. May you find complete joy in whatever you are doing. May you be counted among the happiest people, Happy birthday my friend.

13. I am sending you lots of hugs: hugs warm the heart and make it melt for passion to enter. I wish you a passionate moment on your birthday. My dear best friend.

14. You belong to me as a male friend: I will prove it to you in so many ways so that you will understand how important you are. Happy birthday my treasured friend.

15. May the blessing of the Lord spread all over your life: so that you will be celebrated in every corner of the world. Just want to say happy birthday to a lucky guy.

16. I am so much happy that you finally made it to this moment. Many have given up along the way but today you are still alive. Happy birthday to a living soul.

17. You are a super star. Since the day I met you, great things have been emerging from your side. I wish I can stir imagination as you do. Happy birthday my friend.

18. You are a flower. A flower blows the most beautiful fragrance to your soul, it makes you feel been loved to the end. Happy birthday to the fruit of beauty and pleasure.

19. Good to meet you in life. You have been a very good friend because you have been supportive since the day I set my eyes on you. Just want to say happy birthday.

20. You are my coolest male friend. No one hates cool thing because it brings comfort to the heart when felt and touched. I love your gentle nature. Happy birthday.

Amazing Happy Birthday Quotes for My Male Best Friend

21. May you be lifted above the expected status, those on the top are the diligent ones, and may you continue to be intelligent till the end. Happy birthday to a super hero!

22. A smiling face will never find any reason to feel sad. May your face be filled with lots of joy and happiness, I am happy to say happy birthday to the happiest guy on earth!

23. Wishing you a life filled with endless joy. A endless joy will never cease to rule every of your generation, you are so lucky dear best male friend. Happy birthday.

24. I just want you to know that, no other guy can take your place in my heart. I have studied your nature and saw that you are the kindest of the guys ever, happy birthday.

25. A day without you is like a voyage of sadness. If I can’t see your face for a day, everything becomes bored and miserable. I just want to see the morale of my heart. Happy birthday.

26. Wishing you an awesome birthday. A birthday with outstanding gift exchange and expression of truelove from your loved one. Happy birthday my darling friend.

27. You are a lovely angel. A special kind of gem rare to find on this earth; you are a wonderful companion, wishing you a very wonderful birthday is a great idea.

28. May the Lord be pleased with you; so that every aspect of your life will be filled with love and understanding. I am happy for you a lucky guy. Happy birthday.

29. Prayer is a key to success. May your days be filled with complete joy and happiness, may your day be filled with unending passion and success. Happy birthday.

30. I wish you a awesome birthday. A complete happiness and satisfaction, a wonderful moment with lots of pleasure and complete peace of heart. Happy birthday.

Birthday Quotes for My Male Best Friend

31. I will always be with you forever. I may sound crazy but truly you worth been given my heart till the end of time. Happy birthday to the one I cherish so much.

32. You are a wonderful person. Since the day I set my eyes on you, my life has been filled with endless joy. You are my happiness in terms of good friend. Happy birthday.

33. A rose flower from me to you. A lovely angel like you will always get my gift because I cherish you more than a treasure. Happy birthday to my beloved friend.

34. If this life is a compound made of love? Then I have found you around the wall of passion and compassion for a true friend. I cherish you with passion. Happy birthday.

35. For all the things that you have done in my life. Those wonderful things that you achieved for me; those help you rendered without any charge. Happy birthday.

36. You are the most handsome male friend ever. I can’t still imagine the fact that you always care for me as though your wife. Happy birthday to the best friend for life.

37. I wish you a very cute moment on this day you were born. Not only this special day of your life but the entire stay of your life in this world. Happy birthday.

38. Living with an angel like you is a wonderful experience. Since the day I have been a friend with you, my life has been changed for good and now I am so happy with me. Happy birthday.

39. You are a tree of love and passion. Your fruits are full of awesome moments and your branches are made of wonderful fragrances from the blossom of joy. Happy birthday.

40. Indeed, I will always love you until the end of time. Who else won’t love to be with an awesome prince like you? A gem that can sacrifice everything to make you happy. Just want to say, happy birthday.

Birthday Letter for a Male Friend from a Female

41. You belong to me, my angel. I wish I can fly with you to the most beautiful places in life; to a place where only angels can reach. Happy birthday to a unique being.

42. To the best of my male friends. You alone have been able to prove to me that you can stay by my side in the hardest of times. Happy birthday my true friend.

43. You are the most interesting guy ever. Since the day I have been friend with you, always my heart is filled with joy and happiness. Happy birthday my friend.

44. I will always be with you no matter what because you have been able to let me understand how valuable I am to you. Happy birthday my treasured friend of life.

45. Today is the blessed day you were born. Can’t you see that the heaven is bright and beautiful? This is just for you as you came to this world this special day.

46. If I can write only one thing on the platter of gold, it will be happy birthday to you. I mean it because you are a special gem worth more than the most valuable treasure.

47. My gratitude goes to the celebrant. You are a priceless ruby, a real man who can stand for a woman in times of need and difficulty. Happy birthday the respected friend.

You may be a male but it doesn’t matter been my friend. Time without number, you have proven to me that it pays more to have a male friend than a female friend. Happy birthday.

48. I see you like a moon. Your entire life speaks of light and reflection of the fragrance of joy, beauty, happiness, love, passion and peace. Happy birthday lovely friend.

49. People wonder why I chose to be your best friend. Truly, best friend normally suppose to be between to same sex but because you are amazed, I chose your path. Happy birthday.

50. Truly, I love you as a very good friend. I have been searching for this help since the day I lost my job. What a wonderful man that you are; happy birthday best friend.

51. My dear blessed friend. A lovely friend with lots of wealth and properties, I pray that your wealth, health and properties continue to be yours. Happy birthday.

52. Surely a friend like you is an uncommon prince. I am always amazed by your simple life style because of the way you humble yourself before everyone. Happy birthday my bliss!

53. Real men like you are not common. In terms of handsomeness, you are so wonderful. In terms of kindness, you are number one. Happy birthday to the true men of love!

54. Happy birthday. Today is the most beautiful day in your life; the blessed and blissful day of your life. Have the most beautiful of moments. I love you so much.

55. My dear friend, a wonderful super star, and time without number you have really impressed me. May your Lord be pleased with you, Happy birthday my best friend!

56. You are a flower of love. A pool of passion and freshness of purpose. In this life, your thoughts will never leave my heart. Happy birthday my living rose.

57. The only thing that can separate you and me is death. Even the spirit of money can never divide us because you are more valuable than it is to me. Happy birthday.

58. Been a friend with you is the best experience that God has given to me. Since the day I met you, my heart has always been at rest because you thought me the secret to a lovely life. Happy birthday.

59. I beseech the Lord to honor you. An honored man is loved by everyone, cherish by both male and female. You shall be accepted by many and rejected by insignificant few. Happy birthday.

60. It is your day. A day full of bliss and joy, success and prosperity. I love your birth date even more than you can ever think. Happy birthday my love.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Male Friend

61. If I can be your friend now because you are kind. Then in every situation, I will always stand to be your last woman standing when you need me most. Happy birthday friend.

62. For real, I will be with you for the rest of my life. you belong to me the most handsome friend, a gem with endless passion for his friends Happy birthday my best.

63. You are the dream friend. The one and only true friend who bought love into my life. A special friend that can’t be replaced by any other person. Happy birthday.

64. I love you like never before. The one that is pleased with me; a joy and happiness that I can’t stop praying for. Happy birthday to you the best friend ever!

65. This life is like a field of joy. You are the living experience because since the day I set my eyes on you everything has become so pleasing to me. Happy birthday.

66. For my friend, the one that brings happiness to my heart. You have always been a caring friend, a sweet love and the most impressive friend ever. Happy birthday.

67. If the whole of this life can be a place filled with sadness, I believe that the first joy I will find will be you. You have proven this time without number. Happy birthday.

68. You belong to me when it comes to friendship. I truly can’t stop thinking about you even in the slightest of seconds in this life. Happy birthday to my true companion.

69. I will always be your friend even in the hardest of moment. When I was nothing, you never left me alone in my sorrows; now that I have become somebody you will never be forgotten. Happy birthday.

70. I am pleased to have met you in this life. Truly, a friend like you will always be hard to find there is no doubt. Happy birthday to my beloved male friend.




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