Congratulations on Your Promotion Quote with Images

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Congratulations on Your Promotion Quote with-Images
Congratulations on Your Promotion Quote with Images


Promotion for Senior Colleague

1. Congratulations sir for having become the best among the chosen workers. Thank God for your promotion. May you live in the success that is contained in it!

2. It is not easy to be given such promotion. It shows how powerful you are as a coworker. You are so lucky my dear senior colleague. I wish to see you been promoted shortly again. Congrats.

3. Congratulations for your new promotion, it will surely bring joy to your life. I hope you will be fine with the new state you are transferred to? May your generations to come benefit you!

4. You have always been my best senior colleague and that’s why I am always passionate about you. I just want to appreciate the work of God in your life; congratulations.

5. To a special colleague, may your new promotion bring endless joy to your family and everyone around you; I will always be proud of you. Congrats boss.

6. Congrats to a super hero. We are so much happy that you have been promoted but we are sad that you will be living our branch to another. We are going to miss your personality. Congrats.

7. A super star like you is rare to find in any organization and thank God you are just right here before us. We are so glad for having you around. Congrats sir.

8. You have always been the best role model I have ever met in this organization and I will never forget your kind gesture and the great advices you gave me; congrats ma.

9. You are a super woman and I pray that your success will continue rise beyond your expectations. Congrats ma, I really admire your courage.

10. A woman of strong ambition, a great colleague with best of leadership skills. I just want to say congratulations to my beloved sister and colleague.

11. It is my joy that you find another step ahead in life, I pray that the success to come will double this one in multiple time. Congrats.

12. You are special and as such I beseech the Lord to continue to bless you with lots of success and more promotions.

13. I am wishing you the best in this life; I pray that everything will be fine with you at the new level God has taken you to. Congrats.

14. To my dear senior colleague, I can’t just say much because I am already overwhelmed with joy for the good news that you are promoted.

15. Congrats to the most handsome colleague, I wish you a better service in your new office. Great man of honor, I am happy for you.

16. Wishing a great colleague like you a wonderful comfort where you are posted to; may your new position bring success to you.

17. It is not always easy for people to get promoted but through efforts and faith, they get promoted. Congratulations.

18. Congrats for your new promotions. You have just obtained a new rise and I am glad that you did. May you live to enjoy the reward of your efforts!

19. You have been doing an excellent job and nice one for having been the best senior I admire his way most. Congratulations.

20. To a good colleague that has always been my joy and happiness since the day I found myself working here. Thanks for the entire help your rendered for me; congrats.

Congratulations on Your Promotion Quote with Images

Congrats to Junior Colleague

21. You have always been a humble colleague and as such I hold you in a high esteem because you have always been the best ever met.
Congratulations for your new promotion.

22. It is not easy in this very organization to find such promotion as you have just been granted. This shows how diligent you are; congrats my dear colleague.

23. As a junior colleague, your character and diligence have promoted you to a higher level. I pray that this new fortune in your life marks the beginning of your success. Congratulations!

24. It is not easy to find a colleague like you. Talking about intelligence you are just too good, smartness you beat the rest hands down. Congrats.

25. Promotion indeed is a thing of joy and respect. It shows how diligent and good you are as a worker. Congrats for this special achievement in your life.

26. I am so happy for you, may your new position be crowned with lots of success; may you find the best experience in your new branch. I will miss you.

27. When a child is diligent, definitely he will find the elderly ones in his favor. You have been so hard-working and it has earned you a good promotion. Congrats.

28. To be promoted in an organization is not just easy but it amazes me that you have been promoted several times within a short period of time. Congrats.

29. I am praying to the Lord to continue to promote you now and forever. Thank God for your new achievement. I will always be happy been your colleague—congrats!

30. Congrats for your new promotions it is not always easy. You are such a good colleague, may your new branch be a source of more success for you.

31. Wishing you the best of things in this life and here you are been promoted. I pray that this achievement will last long with you. Congrats.

32. A special joy to a special colleague, hope you have entertained friends and family for your new promotion? I just want to say congratulations to you.

33. You are promoted because you worth it. Always put more efforts in whatever you are doing. Soon or late you will get more promotions. Congrats.

34. Congratulations I am so happy for you. Truly, it was not easy as you climbed the ladder of success but thank God that you are there today.

35. Congratulations to my dear colleague, I wish you all the best at this point you find yourself. It is not that easy but you finally made it to the top.

36. A person like you is worth been celebrated because you are an outstanding staff here in our organization. If you are promoted well than this, you worth it because your excellence is open.

37. I just want to say congratulations to the best junior colleague ever. Your humbleness has won you something good from the boss. I am happy for you.

38. To a special colleague. Up till tomorrow no one can still figure out the very reason why I like you so much but just know it is your diligence than won my heart. Congrats for your new success.

39. To my dear friend and colleague, I am just happy for you. Now you are a bigger boss, I pray that this promotion will bring lots of fortunes to your table.

40. We are so excited to hear that you have been promoted. Thank God for your life because it is not easy my sister. Congratulations.

Congratulations on Your Promotion Quote with Images

Congratulation on Promotion Messages

41. Congratulations to the best junior colleague ever. I hope you will find this new promotion easier? Don’t worry; I will put you through those things you don’t understand.

42. I wish you all the best today been one of the best day in your life; I pray that your new achievement continue to move up. Congratulations.

43. To a special colleague worthy of been celebrated for his diligence and intelligence. Stay focus and put more effort because our boss love great guys like you.

44. I am wishing you a greater height. You have been promoted, always thank God for everything so that your success will always be upgraded time without number.

45. I beseech the Lord to protect you and spare your life to enjoy this new promotion. I am pleased to say congrats for this special promotion in your life.

46. You are such an intelligent colleague and I think that’s one of the reasons why you have been selected among those been promoted. I am proud of you.

47. Congratulations to a good junior colleague. I pray for more success in your life—it is now time to do better things that will benefit you. Congratulations.

48. Congratulations to the most beautiful colleague in the world. I salute your courage because it is rare to find a staff like you.

49. Since the day you joined this organization, something tells me that soon you will be promoted and here you are today been promoted. Congrats my dear colleague.

50. You may not know how great you are until you have been rewarded for your effort. I am really happy for you and will like to be the first to break the good news—congrats you are promoted.

Congrats for colleague:
51. We have been together in this hustle for a while but now you have been promoted. Thank God for everything He has done in your life; may news grace be recorded again in your name before this year ends.

52. Congratulations my great colleague, I hope everything is fine? I just want to celebrate you for your new promotion.

53. To a wonderful colleague, I know you will be so happy now; I pray that your new position favors you better than the old.
Congratulations for this special promotion.

54. You are indeed a great colleague and it is my wish to let you understand that you have been a great guy among us; congratulations my brother.

55. I am just too overwhelmed with joy having heard that you were promoted by the boss. This has been my dream for you—you really have tried with lots of efforts.

56. It gives me a special kind of joy to learn that you have finally been promoted. Time without number, I have been praying for this day because I knew that you deserve it better than anyone of us. Congrats.

57. You are special among my colleagues and now it is clearer that you have been lifted to a higher level. I pray that the Lord protects and shower you with His Grace. Congrats.

58. Whenever I see you still sitting close to me, it pains me that the organization cannot see the great material that you are but I thank God that finally you were recognized. Congrats.

59. I observed your efforts since the day you came into this organization and I realized that in no time, your level will change. Thank God that it is just the way I have been saying. Congrats.

60. Congrats to a great coworker, a superb appreciation to the boss for recognizing a great guy; like you for that position. You worth it my brother.

Congratulation to Colleague Messages

61. Congratulations for the best colleague ever. You really impressed me and I want you to keep it up so that you will find better promotions in the nearest future.

62. You are special and as such it is not a shock that you were promoted. This is the reward of every gifted person. Sister, I advise that you should put more effort for better promotions.

63. Having found a good colleague like you, I was pleased because I quickly recognized your intelligence and hard work. I pray that your new success will continue to grow.

64. Wishing you a successful service in your new branch. I will also like to thank God for you for your promotion. Sister, it is not easy but thank God that you were given that chance.

65. You really worth the promotion. I am happy for you and pray that the Lord should continue to guide you to all roads to success. Congrats.

66. No one but God knows the idea of how I feel when I heard that you have been promoted. Thank God for your life; I hope you will not forget your good colleague? Congrats.

67. A special person like you is worthy of been celebrated and promoted. I really appreciate your intelligence, unending effort to get things done. Indeed you are such a cool colleague.

68. I have been working with you for a while and thank God you have been the best guy ever. I wish you the best in this life; may your new position never bring you an opposition. Congrats.

69. It is not always easy to make it in life but as such a blessed person like you is worth it at all cost. I bet, I am not surprise that you were rewarded with promotion. Congrats, great cooleague.

70. You are better than every colleague over there, truly there is no doubt about it. It is a confession from my heart, congrats.


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