Congratulations on Your Graduation Messages

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On this platform, we have compiled the best of congratulations on graduation messages ever. send these sweet and funny quotes to your family, friends and beloved ones.

Congratulations on Your Graduation Messages
Congratulations on Your Graduation Messages

Congratulations on Your Graduation Messages

1. Today you are going out of the academic system, I pray that the Lord should aid you in the new chapter of life you are about to start. Congratulations.

2. Wonderful people like you are rare. It is not easy to keep on in the midst of pains and challenges but you did it. Congratulations.

3. As you achieve your first degree today, begin to put more efforts in whatever you are doing until easier ways to success open for you—congrats.

4. Achieving glory in life is not always easy but thank God that everything achievable worth lots of efforts which you observed. Congrats.

5. To the best friend in life, I am so happy to learn that you are now a second-degree graduate. Congratulations on a new achievement.

6. I am pleased to extend my warmth happiness towards you as you graduate from the school of nursing; may your injections and prescriptions be a reason to cure patients; congrats.

7. I beseech the Lord to crown your effort with lots of blessings and prosperity. I pray that your days after school will be more fulfilling than how it is now. Congrats.

8. Wishing you a brighter future that will bring your means of livelihood. I pray that your new achievement benefits you better than ever. Congrats.

9. Congratulations to the best friend ever, I am wishing you all the best in life as you open another chapter on your life journey.

10. I wish you a very big success as you graduate today. Remember that it is not always easy after school; you have to tie your belt for a better life ahead. Congrats.

11. It is a great pleasure that you have just achieved your dream of becoming a barrister. I advise that you should put more effort on the way to the end point of your career. Congrats.

12. You really worked hard to achieve this certificate today; I want you to remember the past struggles that link you to this day so that you will face the coming challenges. Congrats.

13. I beseech the Almighty to make this new success bring more achievement in your life; never fear the unseen because it has little or no effect on the reality. Congrats.

14. You made me proud and I am happy to learn about this news. I just want to say congratulations on your new achievement.

15. Your effort and endless persistence really worth this achievement. Congratulations on your graduation. I am proud of you.

16. You are just the exact good example of a great student. You did not only make us proud by your graduation but also by your first class grade. Congrats brother.

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17. You are not just a hero but also a superhero. I am overwhelmed with boundless joy as you become a graduate today. Congrats sister.;

18. To a special friend and brother; may your new achievement be a source of more success in your life; you really tried because it is not easy to reach this height in life. Congrats

19. You are a dreamer and talented fellow; your dream is now here and your talent really worked for you; congratulations for your first degree graduation.

20. Hurra,y you have just triumph the point of success. I am happy for you and pray that you find more of it in the nearest future. Congrats friend.

Sweet Congratulation Messages on Graduation

21. I am extending my genuine and warmth congratulations to you as you become a Doctor today; I wish you all the best starting from now till the end of time.

22. Congratulations on your newly achieved dream; truly we are proud of you as you make it to the end of your first degree.

23. Life after school is not always easy for everyone except few. If you meet any challenge on your way to the top, always remember that there is hope in the nearest future. Congratulations.

24. There is this special thing about you, no matter how huge the crowd is—you are always an outstanding person. Congratulations on your graduation.

25. I saw you, I saw your effort and you really worked hard therefore deserve this new achievement. Congratulations to you.

26. As you finish your undergraduate program, you really make us proud. In particular, I am wishing you all the best in the life after school. Congrats.

27. I am wishing you all the best in this life and truly, I want you to be more serious about your life as you are about to start facing reality. Congrats on your graduation.

28. I am wishing you the best of success; I wish you more success to come as you become an engineer today. Congrats brother.

29. Whenever I remembered how you started, I shed tears secretly as I was watching you struggling alone in life in stress and pain—thank God that you finally make it to this point.

30. Congratulations to my dear friend, I am so pleased to learn that your undergraduate program comes to an end today.

31. I just want to say very big congratulations to you as you conclude your first degree. I wish you more success ahead in life.

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32. Achieving great things in life is associated with lots of efforts and sacrifices; I am so much happy that you finally make it. Congrats to a great friend.

33. Graduation prepares you for a better but challenging future ahead. You must be strong in every ramification of your life after school. Congrats.

34. I am wishing you all the best this season as you eventually started the business of your dream. Congrats. You are indeed a great role model.

35. Congratulation on your wedding day, this is a special achievement. I wish you more fulfillments of purpose and dreams ahead.

36. I am sure that you are very happy right now as you just achieve your master degree. I pray that your life be spared to achieve your PhD. Congrats friend.

37. Today, the path of intelligence gains new addition as you graduate from the institutions. You have every right to be happy. Congratulations.

38. Extending bigger congratulations to show you how much I am overwhelmed with joy having learned that you are graduating today.

39. Whatever the new life ahead is bringing to you, our prayer will always go with you. I just want to say congratulations to you for your new achievement.

40. Today you are a graduate; take your time to set lots of goals to achieve your dream in the life ahead. Just love to say congratulations.

Congratulation Quote on Graduation

41. I really miss as I heard that your convocation took place yesterday. I am so sad for not witnessing such great event. Congrats.

42. Keep believing in yourself. There are few limitations to what the human mind can achieve. Congratulations to the best guy in town.

43. As you graduate this blessed day, I pray that you should be exposed to greater opportunities in life. You really made me proud.

44. Shouting louder congrats as you are celebrated in an academic achievement today. I wish you all the best in the future ahead.

45. No doubt that you are very strong. For many years you have been working endlessly, with great passion and persistence. Thank God you are now a graduate.

46. I pray that your new achievement stands as a pillar for the continuation of more success in your life; wishing you complete success as you graduates today.

47. Wishing you the most peaceful atmosphere ahead in life as you just finish your first degree program today. Congratulations for a strong lady.

48. You are now an academician as you conclude your teaching training; I pray that it should be a beneficial achievement in your life; congratulations.

49. It is a great achievement that you finally made it to this level today. Thank God for sparing your life, keeping you stronger as you move through the hustle of life. Congrats.

50. With pains and endless persistence, you finally graduated as a first student. I am proud that you are my brother. Just want to congratulation.

51. Gem like you is rare and now right here before me you finally become a graduate. I hope that you will find a beneficial job as soon as possible. Congrats.

52. Wishing you strength of heart as you conclude your higher institution today. I am pleased to extend my cool congrats toward my great lady.

53. Wishing you the best of success as you are now ready to face reality. As you plan to start a completely different life; I say congratulations on your graduation.

54. You are a handsome graduate keep it up and get the best out of your certificate. Life is not always the way we expected it to be; congratulations.

55. Wishing you all the grace that comes with success to shower your life with endless joy. I just want to say congrats to a special person in my life.

56. As special as you are to me, I am willing to reveal the content of my heart for you—truly, I am proud of you as you pass out with the overall best result.

57. Success comes to those who searched for it; as you focus on the race to becoming one of the best in your generation, I say congrats for the great achievement.

58. Life is full of ups and downs and there will be challenges after school but never be scared. There is no challenge that a man cannot achieve. Congrats.

59. I am willing to show you my joy as you achieve a great success in your life; this is just the beginning. Always find new ways to make things work for you in life after school.

60. Life after school is not always friend but those that can stand the challenges are called the higher achievers. Congrats boy.

Graduation Messages for Friend

61. Your efforts will never go in vain if you can do the right thing that will lead you to a higher level in life; congratulations good sister.

62. The kind of success that comes your way today shall repeat itself in higher forms as you scale through this word. Congrats brother.

63. We witnessed your efforts as you were climbing the ladder of success. We observed your dedication, determination, discipline and finally we are celebrating you for having become a graduate today.

64. Success is not measure by the appearance; it is measure by the hidden efforts you took which no one but you and your Lord know more about. Congrats for graduating today.

65. This year you finally sign out of this great institution. I am already expecting you at home and I can’t wait to hug you. Congrats my sister.

66. Your mission is now fulfilled. I think it is the best time to fire up your dream to become a professor. There is no dream that is not achievable. Congratulations.

67. Patience is the best virtue ever and I want you to begin to practice it from now so that you will be able to face the life challenge as they must surely come. Congratulations.

68. No one has ever escapes the test of failure. Have it in mind that no matter how successful may be, once in a while life will push you around but your withstanding power is measure by your courage to face it. Congrats.

69. You are now a graduate, great one indeed. I must tell you that I slightly jealous your grade but still you made us proud.

70. Supports and encouragement can make a child perform very well in school. Congratulations for you new achievement as a graduate.

71. You made it finally, hurray for the best friend ever in life. I dreamed it that you will get there and you made it at last.

72. The end is what really matters. It will tell more about what you did from the beginning. I am extending my sincere happiness towards you for your convocation. Congrats.

73. You made your family proud at last. Some people were mocking at you thinking that you cannot make it in life but you finally scale through the height of success.

74. You are such a wonderful friend. I wish you all the best on your journey to a higher level in life. Congrats my sweet cool friend.

75. Sharing moment with you has really changed my life—you are a great gem and your words of wisdom are so touching and mind blowing. Congrats for your graduation ceremony.

76. You taught me that great things come only to those who believe they can do it. You are just the living example of a great leader. Congrats.

77. Today is your graduation day, may you find it easier to lead this life as you prepare to face the life after school. Congrats.

78. Facing the challenges in this life is not always easy but if you are able to endure the trials that come your way, surely you will make it. Congrats.

79. You are now a graduate, may you do many great things with your certificate; I pray that success will find you pant down. Congrats.

80. Congrats friend you finally made it. I just want to say very big congratulations to you as you excel in life. Hmm… graduate.

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