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Congratulation Messages on Your Engagement

1. As you engaged today, I am wishing you a very fantastic wedding very soon. Always be patient with your woman and teach her the right way to leave peacefully with you. Congrats.

2. Indeed, you have proven to us to some point that you are capable. I am sure that you will find our supports right before you. Congratulations.

3. First step is always the most difficult one. I believe that as time goes everything will be easy. If you can reach this point why won’t you become a husband soon? Congrats.

4. You really took us unaware. I was astonished when I learned that you will be engaging your woman today. That’s just a great move, congratulations my dear good friend.

5. We pray that your step to getting married be blessed by the blessed water of prosperity and ease in doing everything towards achieving your goal of becoming a husband. Congrats.

6. I love it when young people become responsible and are willing to settle for good. I pray that the Lord actualize your mission of becoming a husband soon. Congratulations on your engagement.

7. To the most beautiful friend in the world. I am overwhelmed with joy and happiness as you engage today. Congratulations to the best of friends.

8 Your move is very great because it is not even easy to decide whom to get married to but now you are already engaging your ‘would be wife’—congratulations.

9. A step is worth a thousand other steps. Not moving at all is the worst experience on the path to success. As you take this great risk today, I pray that the Lord should come to your aid for a greater celebration. Congrats.

10. Congratulations on your engagement day. It is a thing of joy as you celebrate your ‘would be wife’ in an honorable manner. I will always be proud of you.

11. You are now fit for the best as you engage your husband to be; I pray that the protection of the Lord will continue to follow till the time you get married and after. Congratulations.

12. It is my wish to see you smile on this special occasion as you get engage; may the new awareness be in your favor until you become a wife; congratulations.

13. Extending great congratulations on your engagement. You will make a perfect couple no doubt. I pray that today marks the beginning of a great and long life journey.

14. What great news, congratulations to the most beautiful couple in town. May the blessing of the Lord be showered upon you on your engagement!

15. Wonderful things have happened in your all through this year and I am so pleased and overwhelmed with joy. Congratulations on your engagement.

16. I am wishing the future bride and groom very extensive congratulations on their engagement. Congratulations on this special occasion.

17. What a great move? Wow! Soon you will invite us for your wedding ceremony. I am proud of you as you get engaged today.

18. Congratulating you for that big move to settling down. I pray that your wedding plans be successful soonest. You are just fantastic.

19. The news of your engagement is just very exciting I am sure that your wedding invitation will be superb. Congrats on your engagement day.

20. May you find the future brighter than the sun and the moon as you sign into the life journey of love and patience; congratulations on your engagement!

Congratulation on Engagement Greetings

21. Best of wishes on this special commitment in your life as you engage with your dream. Happy engagement day for you and your lucky woman.

22. Here is a great step to start your life with; I am so excited after getting the information that you are getting engaged today—more favors on your wedding day.

23. Wishing you a very wonderful engagement as you now begin to explore in the realm of real men. I wish you all the best as you sign up into the wedding channel. Congrats.

24. As you subscribe into reality, I am wishing you all the best as you engage her today. Just want to say congratulations to you.

25. You have just taken one of the boldest steps to marriage and I pray that the Lord that saw you through till this point in life should stand by your side as you plan your marriage ahead.

26. We are wishing you the best today and forever as you are now ready to become a woman. I pray that the Lord protect your union until you get married. Congrats.

27. I am so happy to celebrate this year with you as your engagement takes place today. Have a great future ahead as you begin to knock at the door of marriage.

28. After so many years of patience, you finally got engage. In no time, I believe you will soon be called a couple. Congratulations on your wedding day.

29. Nice wishes for a fun-filled future together as husband and wife; we are pleased to celebrate the beginning of your love journey today. Congratulations.

30. You are now great partners with great commitment, live together in excellence so that in a short while we will be invited to celebrate your wedding ceremony. Congrats.

31. Wishes are of different grades, I am wishing the best of wishes on this engagement day. I pray that your love for each other be extended till the end of time. Congrats.

32. Marriage is not joke and we are sure that you understand. Thank first for taking this bold step. We pray that your plan towards the wedding will be fantastic and achievable. Congratulations.

33. Today as you engage, we pray that in no time we shall be invited to celebrate your wedding. Congratulations on your engagement day.

34. We are expecting you in our family as soon as possible. We are saying congratulations on your engagement day. Many more good fortunes to come your way.

35. This bold step alone shows how responsible you are; I am wishing you the entire favor that comes with this special day of your life and beyond your wedding day.

36. Today has already opened another door to receive a beautiful woman into our family—don’t be afraid as we all love you and wish to see you becoming the member of our family. Congrats.

37. Just like yesterday, we were together playing at the backyard but suddenly you became a real lady and took this bold step to becoming a wife. Congratulations on your engagement day.

38. Wishing you the most special moment in the world as you celebrate your engagement today. I hope you will be fine in the new home you are planning to dwell. Congratulations.

39. Patience is a great virtue. Try all your best to become the best of wives in your generation. You are special so make your husband feel special with you—congrats on your path to wedding.

40. Wishing you the most beautiful engagement today. We are proud of you and hope that your union will last forever. Congratulations.

Happy Engagement Quote

41. We are happy for you for this uncommon step you took. We hope to see your wedding day taken place as soon as possible. Just want to say congratulations on your engagement day.

42. Lots of love and happiness for you both on this special day. I wish you both a successful marriage ahead. Congratulations.

43. Remember your promise to your ‘would be’ wife. Please don’t fight her and be patient with her attitude because truly you cannot change a woman by force. Be gentle with her. Congrats.

44. Blessed union for the most handsome friend in the world. I smile today because some years back I know how none serious you used to be but today you have just proved how responsible you are—congrats.

45. When I heard about you engagement, I was flabbergasted by joy and happiness. I hope that the Lord will keep your commitment to the end. Congrats.

46. As you are about to join the atmosphere of love and unity; I pray that your mission and good intentions be fulfilled for you by the most Gracious Lord. Congratulation. Have the best of engagement in the world.

47. It is our great pleasure to learn that you are engaging your girlfriend today; please continue to be patient with her. I trust you but still I want you to put more efforts in improving your patience. Congrats.

48. Our wishes for you are to see you in grace, joy and happiness starting from this special day of your life until the end of time. Congratulations.

49. We all know that time does not end as we hope to live in eternity. We are pleased to extend our warm congratulations to you as you got engaged today. We hope to celebrate you as soon as possible. Congrats.

50. Wishing you the most beautiful moment in life. You are so special and it is our pleasure to see you celebrating a special day like this in your life; I pray that your boldness at this point will be

51. Truly life without you is very hard to live but I have no choice than to leave you for your husband to be; as my dearest friend and twin sister, I am wishing you a better future in your marriage. Just want to say congratulations on your engagement.

52. Good to hear that you are now engaging your beautiful girlfriend. I hope you will find peace and harmony as you plan towards your wedding today. Congratulations.

53. Wishing you the best of luck today been your engagement day. You are as special as you prove to us how strong and mature you have become. Congrats. I am happy that you are at this point in life.

54. We love you and as such are happy that you finally made the decision to settle down. No matter what, we will always be proud of you now and forever. Just want to say congratulations to you on your engagement day.

55. We wish you very big and lasting congratulations as you are now engage with your guy. Love is maintained by two people, be supportive and understanding now and after your marriage. Long life to both of you as you plan ahead for your wedding.

56. We are wishing you an endless happiness as we hope that this special day marks the beginning of your success in this life; congratulations for your engagement. We believe that you can actualize your dream of marriage.

57. Special days like this very one are rarely found in the life of an irresponsible man. This is more reason why we are proud of you that you are a responsible son of a good father. We are happy to extend our happiness to you on this engagement day.

58. Spreading the hands of gratitude towards the Lord for having helped you actualized this special day in your life; may you find the plan to your wedding easy as you climb the ladder of success; Congratulations.

59. May your new decision lead you to a good path that will surely bring success to your home; may your engagement be filled with endless love and understanding beyond your wedding and marriage. Congratulations.

60. Wishing you a future with good wife and thank God you have chosen the choice I have been begging God to make you choose. I wish you all the best as you celebrate your engagement day. Congratulations.

Congratulation Wishes on Your Engagement

61. I am so glad that you are now engaged. Wishing you all the best as newly engaged ‘would be’ couple. I pray that you succeed in calling your wedding a special day.

62. Your love for him is genuine and I am happy for you. I just want to let you know that you really impressed me with your boldness. Congrats.

63. You are such an intelligent lady right from time. Thank you for complying with the right advice given. Congratulations on your wedding day.

64. Success shall follow you till the end of time. This prayer is the best gift I think I can give to you as a result of how I am overwhelmed with joy. Congratulations.

65. Congratulations on your engagement day. Your decision has brought lots of happiness to us. This is how responsible you have become. Congratulations.

66. Wishing you lots of love this day as you prepare for your marriage. May you find peace in the nearest future as you become a wife; Congratulations.

67. I am so proud of you my brother for this engagement. I will always find every reason to admire your courage and ways of doing things. Congratulations.

68. You are the best couple of the year. I rate you so because you deserve such status by your conducts so far. Congratulations on your engagement day.

69. Hmm… your journey to the realm of love is here. I wish you all the best as you sign up to planning for your wedding. Congratulations.

70. May your engagement be blessed with success and grace! Happy engagement day to the sweetest couple in the world. We hope to come attend your wedding soon.




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