Christmas text messages and sms

The festive
season is here again, that season of love and merriment, Merry Christmas 2016 is
here again, this is the season to be happy, to celebrate and send wishes to
friends and family. when peoples exchange Christmas text messages, gifts,
Christmas Messages, Christmas cards and Christmas Ecards. They design their houses
and streets with Christmas Trees and shiny decorations it is a season of love
and sharing. In addition to all these peoples of new generation exchange Latest
Christmas SMS 2016,Christmas Wishes SMS, Christmas greetings SMS, Happy
Christmas SMS, Christmas sms quotes, Free Christmas SMS, Christmas SMS Greetings,
Christmas quotes, English Christmas SMS, Christmas Text Messages, XMas sms, best
Christmas messages and Christmas text messages(including Christmas poems in
sms). So below I have put together a list of best text messages to send to your
love ones and friends this season. Cop them below.

  • May your Christmas be filled with joy and
    peace, may your friends’ respect you, trouble will neglect you, the Lords
    angel guide you, and may Heaven accept you, I wish you a merry Christmas
    and happy holiday.
  • Oh what’s fun it is to ride on a one horse
    open sleigh ,jingle bells jingle bells, merry Christmas!!!
  • May your world be filled with happiness
    and good health this Holy season, and throughout the year. I pray your
    Christmas be filled with peace and love and merriment. Merry X-mas 2016!!!
  • Christmas is the season of joy, merriment ,greetings,
    exchanges of gifts, sharing of foods and drinks,being together as friends
    and family united, happy xmas!
  • Unless we make Christmas an occasion to
    share our blessings, all the snow that will fall this season won’t be
  • I like Christmas nights, they are filled
    with miracles and wonders, these miracles and wonders shall no cease in
    you life, happy Christmas and a prosperous new year ahead.
  • Xmas is a time to touch lives, with love
    and care, xmas is the time to send and also receive blessings, can you
    smell the fresh feeling in the air? It is the smell of xmas, wishing you a
    merry xmas sweets.
  • May father Christmas shower you with lot
    of gifts, may your home be filled with peace and happiness,may the good
    lord shower you with blessings, have a merry xmas and a marvelous new year
  • May this season of love and merriment be a
    television program that you never ever feel lonely again, may you be
    encircled by your love ones throughout this season and in the new year.
  • May your days be colourful,brilliant,shiny,
    and elated, as the magic of this season engulf you. Merry Yule.
  • Christmas is the season of love and hope,
    go out and pass it to everyone in your life, Christ is born, he is the
    reason for the season.
  • Christmas is love,Christmas is
    peace,Christmas is sharing, let’s enjoy this season together.
  • Happy Christmas to you and your family,
    may the joyful sweet magic of Christmas conspire to gladden your hearts,
    wish you all an amazing and spectacular Christmas. Enjoy your selves.
  • Glory to the new born king,may your
    Christmas be filled with peace,merriment and happiness happy Christmas and
    a prosperous new year in advance.
  • May your family partake in the love,
    peace, and joy that come with the spirit of Christmas.
  •  Enjoy
    this holiday.”May This xmas bring about a pleasant change In your life
    and that of your love ones happy xmas.
  • May my wishes find you and your family with
    a smile on your faces,I wish you guys the best In Life This Christmas,Merry
    Christmas to you and your loved ones.
  • Beneath the hustle and bustle of the holiday
    season there is the true beauty of connecting with loved ones. May this
    beauty and joy lift you up during Christmas and the New Year!
Christmas text messages for love ones, families and friends,co workers, lover,
and many more. Make their hearts merry this season of love and happiness by
sending them these text messages,sms,quotes and wishes.




  • A new year ahead, a new start ahead, new
    plans ahead, new beginnings ahead , now cam we forget the bad and live for
    the good, I wish you a merry Christmas and a prosperous new year ahead.
  • Love makes things beautiful, may the
    spirit of the Lord fill your hearts with love this season as you go out
    and make people merry. Compliments of the season.
  • I know I may have told you a great number
    of times, how much I care about you, but you seem to grow sweeter every
    Christmas, happy Christmas my sweetheart.
  • You are with a mighty heart to give out so
    much this season, this kindness is rare and hard to come by, so therefore,
    thanks for all you have given to me and my family, I wish you and your
    family happy Christmas and a prosperous new year.
  • I want to take the time out to send you my
    most sincere Christmas wishes. I hope you have a beautiful holiday and a
    prosperous new year ahead.


  • I am so grateful for the best gift of all this Christmas – it’s spending it with You!
  • Merry Christmas to you, my love.May the air of Christmas lift your spirit may the sun brighten your destiny and may moon of the season glow with God’s favor in everything you lay your hands.
  • Christmas is a most special time of year, made even more special because I get to spend it with you, merriment fill my heart and joy unspeakable.
  • The holiday season is the best time of year to share and give back to the society. One of the things that makes it so great is that Christ is born.
  • No Christmas gift is greater than the gift of love. Thank you for giving the best gift ever and I wish you have a marvelousChristmas celebration and a wonderful new year ahead!
Best Christmas
wishes/text messages Forwards
  • In this X-mas,In the daytime if sun shine
    so shall your expectations come to pass. Happy xmas
  • At night when moon comes out so shall you
    receive blessings upon blessings,then if rain fall so shall it wash all
    your problems away from you!Happy Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year.


1. Happy Christmas my dearest, you are to me as water is to the fish. You are always there to help.

2. May you feel the impact of a sweet day, may your eyes see the light of this wonderful day. Happy christmas.

3. I really miss you and hope to see you soon. I just want to say happy Christmas to my sweet brother.

4. You are lovely always, supportive and above all the best among the best. I wish you goodness in this season.

5. Congratulations, you made it to this moment in time, you are simply the most amazing brother ever.

6. May your face continue to glow with the love of God as you celebrate this Christmas with us.

7. We are hoping for your arrival this year so that we can enjoy this holiday together. Happy Christmas.

8. Thank you for your good relationship, I am so much happy that you are part of my life a good brother.

9. Until you are back to enjoy this Christmas with us, I will always miss you. No matter what, just know that I miss you.

10. Having found you as the most intelligent person ever seen, I am proud of you as my brother. Happy Christmas.

11. May the fragrance of this Christmas reach your home and bless you and your immediate family. Happy Christmas.

12. It is my happiness that you belong to this great family and you are one of the best ever. I love you darling.

13. To the blessed angel of our family, you have always been there when we need you most. we love you beyond the sky.

14. I thought life will be normal without you but now, I have come to realize that there is no one that can put smile on my face as you do.

15. Enjoy the holiday in anticipation for a better tomorrow. I wish you much happy return on this special occasion.

16. Thank you for the love you show to us, we will forever appreciate this great gesture and be pleased with you always.

17. I just want to be where you are every day and every minute. You are the most understanding elder brother reigning. Happy Christmas.

18. How are you people, coping over there? I hope you are all enjoying the atmosphere of the love shared on this day.

19. Happy Christmas, I want you to enjoy yourself with rest of the people over there. You are so much fantastic.

20. May your face always bright up with smile of success and your home will be filled with prosperous things.

21. I have seen many sisters, but as for you are special, nice and above all the most gorgeous sister in the world. Happy Christmas.

22. I am happy that I have you as a sister, a blessing that is rare to find. I love you more than you think. Happy Christmas.

23. When you have a sister that cares, you have found all the best in this world. Happy Christmas my angel.

24. I wish you understand what it takes to be with you, a sister worth more than every treasure in this world.

25. May the Lord provide you with a husband this year and push you to the point of love and compassion.

26. I am happy that you are my sister. Big sister, your intelligence is very high and it is one of the reasons I love you.

27. I just want to say, happy married life and what makes me happy most is that it was a day before Christmas.

28. Congratulations for witnessing this day on this earth, I am happy for this golden moment.

29. The world is turning around every day but your heart is always attached to righteousness. Happy Christmas.

30. When you are happy always, good things come your way. I am happy that I have you in my life.

31. There are many reasons why you have always been the one I reveal my problem to. You are understanding and a good role model.

32. I don’t want this season to pass by without reaching out to you. Happy Christmas to my darling sister.

33. Since the day we have been growing together, I have realized that you are more than just a sister but a good teacher.

34. Let this holiday be a great impact for you and me. I am so much impressed by your words of wisdom.

35. Anytime I look at you, I understand the feelings you have for humanity. In your heart dwells a pity for mankind. Happy Christmas.

36. In my life, I have decided to go with righteous people and you are the best from among the best sisters in the world.

37. May your face bright with the light of success and your life will be endowed with much joy, prosperous happenings.

38. I have a wonderful request for you; a life filled with endless joy, a home of love and happiness. Happy Christmas.

39. I pray this year will be joyous and everything we need will be granted to you as you desire. Happy Christmas.

40. I miss you like never before and pray that the Lord protect you beyond your expectations. Happy Christmas.

41. The sacrifice of a father is beyond what a child can comprehend, he is a super selfless being. Happy Christmas.

42. Dad, you have always being the supporter of my life since the day God gave me to you. happy Christmas.

43. I am just lucky to have the best father in the world. Happy Christmas to my beloved father. You are fabulous.

44. May your soul be in peace in this world and also enjoy the salvation of God in the hereafter.

45. I believe you are the cutest father in the world. May your name be celebrated all over the world. Happy Christmas.

46. A special father like you is rare to find. Thank you my dear father, I wish you long life in good health condition.

47. There is no father like you in this world, you such a wonderful father full of love and wisdom.

48. Thank God for the love you show to me, thank you for always being there as a good father.

49. As we celebrate this precious day, I ask the Lord to remember you in everything you desire. Happy Christmas.

50. I am sure today is going to be one of the most fantastic days in the history man, a wonderful day indeed.

51. Thank you for always being ready to put smile on our face, we have never seen a lovely parent like you before. Happy Christmas.

52. I am so much in prayer about you. Dad, I love you and want to see you live long with me. Happy Christmas.

53. May you live to eat the fruit of your labor, may your days be crowned with peace and harmony.

54. I beseech the Lord to descend tranquility in your heart to make you happy all your life. Happy Christmas.

55. I am happy to have found you in this world, a blessed man with blessed reason to be respected by everyone.

56. Your effort to change this world for good will not go in vain and your health shall be maintained for you forever.

57. I ask the most merciful to bless you on this special day and turn your sorrows into success. Happy Christmas.

58. You will live long to enjoy your labor and you shall be remembered for the good things you have being doing.

59. May the Lord protect your interest and give you everything you need in this life and also love you in the Last Day.

60. As you are alive celebrating this day with us, may the new smile that just reach your face never disappear. Happy Christmas.

61. You are the best in this world and there is no other father that can be compared to you my happiness and the one I cherish most among fathers.

62. When everyone lost hope in me, you are the only one that believed in me. I see you as my savior the most beloved father.

63. Life is about a comforter sent to put smile on your face. In my own case, father has been the cherish er the Lord sent to me.

64. When I was with nothing, you took the responsibility to take care of me. I later began to wonder what I did to deserve this and then mom told me, such is life.

65. Happy Christmas to the best of all fathers, I really appreciate everything about you. Thanks dad.

66. Less I forget to say happy Christmas. I hope you are fine. My regards to mom, the best flower in the world.

67. You are one of the most beautiful flowers in this world, there is no fragrance that is as nice as yours. Happy Christmas.

68. Enjoy the fresh air of a new life; this day is your merit, always be proud of yourself my sweet dad.

69. I have come to realize that a man like my father is nowhere in this world. If you like yours, praise too.

70. A life without a great man is hard to get. I love you so much that I cannot forget you forever. Happy Christmas sir.

71. Mother has been the world most beautiful angel since the day I grow into an adult. Happy Christmas mom.

72. I am most happy when I set my eyes on you. I love you so much that it will be a crime to forget about you.

73. Mother is the best on the earth, there is no other goddess like a mother. She is the symbol of true love on earth.

74. Thank you O Lord for giving me this kind of mother. I have never experienced her selflessness ever in this life.

75. The love of a mother is priceless, it can never be bought anywhere in this world. I love you, and will try my best to put smile on your face.

76. There is no other heart in this world I can compare to your adoring heart. I love you like what’s up mom.

77. Just like yesterday, you gave birth to me and nursed me until I become strong and healthy. Happy Christmas.

78. It is amazing that you are the one that taught me how to love. I wish you all the best as the sweetest angel.

79. The love of a mother for her child is divinely baked from the oven of mercy. I wish you a happy Christmas.

80. There is a reason why I shed tears alone. It baffles me how a mother derives her method of loving her child.

81. What a mother can do is extremely different from what any other person can do. A mother can love unconditionally.

82. The power of your passion for your children is amazing. It is like a gate that stands firmly on the entrance of true love.

83. Happy holiday and happy Christmas to my mother. I hope you are enjoying your rest at home.

84. May you find peace in your heart and may your face see light beyond lights and mercy beyond mercy.

85. I just want to say happy Christmas to the freshest angel of my father. You are the cutest and the best.

86. I cannot stop thinking about you all my life and the reason is because you are passionate about my life.

87. I want to be your good child forever. I love you every single day of my life than I do yesterday. Happy Christmas mom.

88. For the love and care you show to me, I pray that the Lord protects you wherever you go. Happy Christmas.

89. I never knew I sought for a good mother until I realized that you are the mother assigned for me from the custody of the most high God.

90. I beseech the blessing of the Lord upon you and pray that your health continue to be a miracle before man.

91. The true love of my life is plus one today. happy Christmas to you the most precious husband. I love you.

92. I am a lady who needs love and happiness and then you came into my world full of love and passion.

93. What can I say that will be better than what you have been telling me? you are my role model and I am happy. Happy Christmas.

94. I will always be there for you anytime any moment until this world comes to an end I will never forget you.

95. Thank God for blessing me with an angel like you. Good to have you in my life. Happy Christmas.

96. There is no love that doesn’t last. The kind of love I have for you cannot be over emphasized. Happy Christmas.

97. I felt like dying when I heard that you are not feeling fine. I thought you will die so I have prepared to come with you. Happy Christmas.

98. Let your love be the smile that roams on my cheeks. I miss you my sweet love and wish you a sweet Christmas ahead.

99. I have been searching for a place to keep my heart but when I met you, I realized you are that shelter created for my heart to dwell.

100. Happy Christmas to the most wonderful angel, may your heart never stop beating. I can’t lead a life without you.



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