Birthday Wishes for a special Female Friend

    Birthday Wishes for a special Female Friend

Birthday Wishes for a special Female Friend
Birthday Wishes for a special Female Friend
  1. You are a flowering glory. Since the beginning of my friendship with you, my life has been upgraded with lots of new amazing experiences. Happy birthday the plant of love in my life.


  1. Your new age is a blessing and love. It brings prosperity to you and increases your circles of friends. Happy birthday to you.


  1. You are such an intelligent lady and that’s why I chose to be your male friend. You are a lovely angel. Happy birthday my friend.


  1. May the light of this new day of your life bring lots of fortune to you, to brighten up your day and establish an everlasting smile on your cheeks; happy birthday.


  1. Happy birthday to a tree of sincerity. I pray that your truthful attitude continue to be better every day. I cherish you honorable friend. Happy birthday.


  1. Sunshine like you is rare to find. Since the day I met you, my life has been affected with lots of positive things. You are an angel—happy birthday.


  1. What is the best word to express how much I cherish you? In terms of beauty, you are rose. In terms of friend, you are trust worthy. In terms of trust, you are number one. Happy birthday.


  1. You belong to me and forever it will be so. I love you as though there will no space to love again. Happy birthday to the most beautiful friend on earth.


  1. When I close my eyes to see innermost part of this life, I see you among the most beloved ones to me. I am happy to have a lucky friend like you—happy birthday.


  1. Living around a star like you is blessing. Been with you brings lots of opportunity because of the dignity that God gave you—happy birthday.


  1. You are a wonderful angel, a sweet love ever lovely. You will always be my best friend no matter what. Happy birthday to you.


  1. It is my pleasure to have met a very amazing lady like you. I appreciate your endless effort, your support for my child’s admission into the University. God bless you—happy birthday.


  1. For the rest of my life, I will always be glad to be your friend. You have really touched my heart in a special way. Happy birthday.


  1. Today is your perfect day because on this very day you were born. I pray that your new age be fruitful than you can ever imagine.


  1. I ask God to protect against all evil both the even sand the odd of among creatures. May you be counted among the luckiest people of the world; happy birthday friend.


  1. You have really impressed me in this life. Just like yesterday, there was no good friend to lean upon but you came into my life and changed everything. Happy birthday.


  1. My good friend, sunshine and bliss of friendship. It is very rare to meet an entertainer like you; I ask God to continue to bless you with lots of delight. Happy birthday.


  1. You are a special kind of light. Since the day I set my on you, I had this impression that you will be a very important friend. Now I have to realize that it is true. Happy birthday.


  1. May you find ease in everything you are doing; whether small or big among everything you lay your hands upon—shall be turned into gold for you—happy birthday.


  1. Feeling like to be around you now. The last time we were together, I really learned a lot. I beseech the Lord to bless you for the rest of your life—happy birthday.


  1. Feeling so happy to learn that you are plus one today. Lots of people could not make it up to this moment not because they are not special but because death has to take them away.


  1. I am sending you a warmth smile to keep your new age full of happiness. So that you will be very strong to celebrate yourself to the fullest level. Happy birthday to you.


  1. I beseech the Lord to give you a special space in the realm of joy and happiness. May you be raised along with the happiest people in this world; happy birthday.


  1. Wishing you a splendid birthday that will bring joy to your heart. A day full of hope and unending happiness. Happy birthday my good friend.


  1. I have been searching for a truthful friend like you but couldn’t get. When I met you all my search for a sincere friend ended. Happy birthday to a trust worthy fellow.

Birthday wishes for best female friend

  1. I will always be your friend because it is great been around you. I love the way you motivate me whenever we work together. Happy birthday.


  1. I wish you a very beautiful birthday. I wish you a wonderful moment with lots of smile and happiness. May your new age be blessed with peace and harmony!


  1. Truly your birthday will be superb with or without me. I just need to tell you my own part of the love I have for you. Happy birthday.


  1. To my dear friend, thank you for always been there for me whenever I need you. Today is your birthday, may you be uplifted above your expectation. Happy birthday.


  1. Roses are the sweetest flowers I have ever seen; red and violet blue, but your smile and personality beat rainbow hands down. Happy birthday.


  1. To a darling friend, I am saying a big happy birthday. I pray that your new age will mark the beginning of your happiness in this life. Happy birthday.


  1. I pray that everything you learn this year shall propel you into the best of person you have always wanted to be. Happy birthday genius.


  1. You are another year older, may you be wiser than you used to be; a day with life in you is worth celebrating. Happy birthday.


  1. Thank you for touching me in a positive means in which my life transformed into the most meaningful way I have been praying for. Happy birthday.


  1. Even when I am very sad, your smile has always been the reason why I am happy once again. Thank you for been an uncommon gem in my life.


  1. No matter what, I will always cherish and adore you till the end of time. I will give you everything you need just to make you happy because you are a special friend. Happy birthday.


  1. I may lose many valuables but will never mind as far as I still have you by my side. That is the level at which I rate you in my heart. Happy birthday.


  1. Truly, since the day I met you, my heart has always loved to be beside you so that both will be safe with each other. Happy birthday to the most beautiful female friend ever.Birthday Wishes for a special Female Friend
  2. Probably, you may think that I forgot about today but that cannot happen because your birthday is now part of my blood; it flows to my brain every single second of this life—happy birthday.


  1. I have been searching for a special gift that can fit into your fantastic birthday but all effort was in vain because you are more valuable than any kind of gift on this earth. Happy birthday.


  1. May the blessing of the Lord be showered upon you from now till eternity; may you be granted a life full of surplus success and prosperity.


  1. No one can impress me as you do because heaven and earth I am already addicted to your friendship with me. Happy birthday.


  1. We have come this far to this point in life been the best of friends. I pray that God should bless you with complete rest of mind in your new age. Happy birthday.


  1. Sometimes it pains so much to not see the friend you cherish so much beside you. I believe in one thing and it is the fact that you are so special to me. Happy birthday.


  1. Every day comes with new beginning. I pray that the new age you clock bring new happening into your life to make you happy and awesome. Happy birthday.


  1. It is not easy to have found a very wonderful lady like you as friend. Since the day I set my eyes on you, I knew you will be a very good friend. Happy birthday.


  1. It is not only the love that exists between two lovers that is unique even the one that exists between two friends is blissful and sincere. Happy birthday my very good friend.


  1. I am very happy to hear that you are around. I must be sincere that I really miss you. You are such a wonderful friend full of life. Happy birthday.



  1. I hope you had a very sweet holiday? It is good to have fun with friends so I believe that you really enjoyed yourself during the vacation. Just want to say happy birthday.


  1. In the beginning when I met you, I wanted to just be a crush and leave your world. Later I came to realize that losing a friend like you is like losing the entire world. Happy birthday.

Inspirational birthday message for a special friend

  1. I really appreciate your efforts in my life because they bring nothing to me but continuous happiness, joy and success. Happy birthday my love.


  1. For the rest of my life, I will never leave to forget you because you have really sacrificed a lot for me just to see my smiling face. Happy birthday.


  1. Thank you my beloved friend. You may not know how much you mean to me but with time you will to realize that indeed you are better than the best of treasures to me. Happy birthday.


  1. There is no day or night that comes, I will always pray that God should bless and spare your life for me—this is the level of how much you mean to me. I wish you a wonderful birthday.


  1. For the rest of your life, may your face be filled with multiple smiles that have no ending; may you be loved by the most prominent people on earth—happy birthday to you.


  1. Even in the darkest of hours in the night, I can’t stop thinking about you. I can’t stop my heart from holding your thoughts in me. Happy birthday my beloved female friend.


  1. I so much cherish our friendship more than the entire treasures that this world contains. This is possible because you are so much important to me. Happy birthday.


  1. You may not know that your beautiful face is brighter than the sun; your sweet smile is cooler than the moon and your beauty is so dazzling. Happy birthday my good friend.


  1. Having a very beautiful friend like you is an ultimate gift on this earth. I love your smile and the way you do your things. Happy birthday.


  1. You have just reached your golden jubilee in life; I pray that the rest of your stay on this earth will be fruitful and full of lots of excitement. Happy birthday.


  1. Since the day you turned 18, I started respecting you more than ever. I began to see the real woman in you. Happy birthday.


  1. Today you are eighteen, the beginning of a new life entirely. I salute your courage up till this moment in life; just want to say happy birthday.


  1. Hello sweet sixteen the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life; I just want you to know that you are so special. Happy birthday my friend.


  1. To the most beautiful angel that I have ever met in life; a lovely angel that can’t be forgotten now and forever. Have a splendid birthday.


  1. You are a lovely angel, a sweet and cute princess. My beloved friend who has been there for me since the tender age. Happy birthday.


  1. What a wonderful day that you were born? A special day worth more than many other days in life; I wish you a very big happy birthday.


  1. Happy birthday to the best female friend of life; I wish you a very wonderful and lovely birthday, may you be blessed with lots of fortunes.


  1. You are the best of my friends. Forget about the fact that you are a female; to me you are a female like male. I cherish you so much and will like to say, happy birthday.


  1. Wishing a very big happy birthday to one of the most prominent people on earth. I love you more than you think.


  1. Brilliant girl is plus one. Wishing you the most beautiful moment on this earth my lovely heart the most precious of my jewels. Happy birthday.





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