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best love sms 1

1. You happened to be the most beautiful woman in the world, I can’t stop loving you forever as it is clear to me that you are an uncommon gem.

2. I love the taste of you soup, it gives me confidence that I found a wife material, worthy of being loved every time.

3. It is very cute to have you in this world; you are far being the most gorgeous woman in this world. I love you.

4. A day without you is very terrible, I know I will be restless that day. I just want to show you how much you mean to me.

5. Whenever you flaunt your tongue to me, some romantic chemicals flow in my heart. I love you my dear.

6. I have tasted the sweetest candy before now but your love is 100 times sweeter. I love you my candy lady.

7. I don’t actually know how to tell you how you mean to me but I believe in action and will be with you forever.

8. When I met you, you gave meaning to my life. You showed me how to love because you are the most beautiful woman my eyes have seen in reality.

9. You are always the reason why I smile, the joy that never end and the most precious angel in this world. I love you.

10. Having found a great lover like you, it gives me endless joy to be with you always. You are just the most blessed angel to be with.

11. I will always keep your heart safe, just give me and you will never regret it forever. I love you darling.

12. With you my face shines with sunshine, and then I am overwhelmed with love, you are just the best lady for me.

13. I love many things about you because it gives me joy anytime I set my eyes on you. I will not forget you forever.

14. Every single moment I shared with you reminds me of an angel that gave all her heart to love. You are too much baby.

15. You found your way to my heart and for this reason; I want to dwell in your heart until the end of time. I love you.

16. The most peaceful experiences ever encountered on this earth are the beautiful moments shared with you.

17. Life without will bring sadness to my heart. How I wish you are around to keep me warm. I love you.

18. I must confess that your thought has never for one day left my heart; you are always in the pinnacle of my heart.

19. I have never read or seen a story more beautiful than our love story. You are the best for me and I love you.

20. When I was asked what I love doing the most, I replied loving you is my hobby and will always do.

21. I decided to stick to you forever because you are one of the best choice I made ever. Thank you for loving me.

22. You are the best companion I have as your presence always put smile on my face. I love you my darling.

23. There is no husband on this earth that is as sweet as you are; a man with sympathy and love for humanity.

24. Your kind heart won my heart for you and I will be happy for this wonderful feeling. I am so much in love with you.

25. Never the less, I am truly the luckiest lady on earth and the reason is that I found you as a handsome husband.

26. I just can’t be alone without thinking about you, please return soon so we can enjoy our love story together.

27. Whenever I set my eyes on you, my heart beats faster and faster. You are my dream and the best ever. I love you.

28. You alone I love and want to live with forever. Truly, when I met you, I never believe I will fall in love with you.

29. I can’t joke with your heart because it will be too expensive to do so. I love you my dearest angel.

30. You are that special man everyone will like to be around. An interesting man with handsome body and nice face.

31. I wish you the most beautiful moment in this world. May your day and night be filled with passion that never ends.

32. Loving you makes me happy and it is true because I can’t do without you now and forever. I love you.

33. When things are going on fine in life, you will be shocked not knowing that a lover has been begging God to bless you.

34. Your happiness has always been my priority and I so much miss you because you are my love and the best for me.

35. Much love for the man I cherish beyond others. You are my heartbeat and the greatest gift ever.

36. For every single day of my life, I think of you every minute of my life and want to be yours all my life.

37. Having found you as one of the most blessed man on earth, I thanked God for giving you to me.

38. I belong to you, please show me the best love on earth and be the one that will be difficult to forget.

39. The kind of love you share with me is always the best ever. Do you know why I will always be addicted to you? You are my heartbeat.

40. One thing I cannot forget is the impact of your soft hand when it touched my hands. I have never seen a man having a soft hand like a woman before.

41. You are always gorgeous, and your presence without any doubt is the most beautiful ever. I love you.

42. For every single day of my life, I want to be with you to enjoy the warmth of your;lobe and the kind heart you have for me.

43. My love for you is bigger than the biggest mountain and strong than diamond. I love you my happiness.

44. I know you are that special love I have, may your eyes be filled with endless love. I love you my blessing.

45. When there is love in your heart, you seem to be happier than every other person, I love you so much.

46. If this world can be a better place to be, it is for your sake I think because you are always happy no matter the situation.

47. The content of my heart speaks a lot of good about you; I cannot stop loving you for any moment.

48. My love for you is so deep that I can’t explain why it keeps coming back to me all the time. I miss you.

49. I am thinking of how to explain my feelings for you because it is somewhat too crazy to put in words.

50. There is one fact about me for you, I will never let go of you no matter the condition, you will be mine forever.

51. Could you please answer this question? Why does my heart trembles and my hands shake whenever I set my eyes on you?

52. Every single day comes with special sunshine; the special sunshine that comes to me every day is you.

53. There is much love in this heart for you, that wonderful heart that is specially preserved for you alone. I love you.

54. With a woman like you, the world will be liberated one day. And everyone will find peace one again.

55. There is no reason why your thought will not always reign in my heart. You are the best lady ever.

56. The light of the star that shines reminds me of the most beautiful first smile ever. I love you.

57. I only said I should confirm to you that you are my life and I can’t do without you. I miss you.

58. I am supposed to be okay now having realized you are the most precious love in the world.

59. I just can’t stop thinking about you even in a micro-second. You are just the blessing sent to me. I love you.

60. After God, I think about you. You are my sunshine, my missing rib and the most gorgeous gazelle.

61. You are not bad, you only make me smile when you appear early in the morning waking up next to me and then make my day from that special moment.

62. There is no doubt that I will not find someone better because I am already with the best. I love you.

63. Perhaps, you have no idea how much you dazzle my heart whenever I set my eyes on you. Thanks for loving me.

64. The love I have for you rains in my heart and now has flooded my heart more than the flood of Noah.

65. It is highly passionate to have the best lady in the world as my wife. You are indeed a gorgeous angel.

66. Whenever you smile at me, I see some endless sparks of stars smiling at me. I miss you my darling girl.

67. There is this joy in me, the joy of having you as one of the most precious angel in the world. I miss you so much.

68. If I have a way to always put smile on your face, it will always be forever. I love you from head to toe.

69. There is no reason to smile when you are not around. Who should I smile with other than you? Tell me, I am all ears.

70. There is no such lady like you on this head. A woman worth more than a million women, no one like you.

71. I beseech the Lord to protect you every day and night, may you be blessed for the rest of your life. thank you.

72. There is no joy in this world except when I am with you. You are gorgeous than I thought. I love you my darling.

73. May your heart beat well to feel the power of my love for you. I so much miss you and wish I can see you anytime soon.

74. I love the fact that you are that blessing that smile at me every morning when you wake. I love you my sweetness.

75. For every single day of my life, I want to be yours forever. I miss you like never before. You are such a great blessing.

76. After many years of pain, I finally met a romantic man that worth more than billion of currencies.

77. You are a great chocolate, you are a blessing without compromise and the most beautiful angel in the world.

78. For sure, there is no reason why I should not think of you all the time, you are close to my heart than anything.

79. For sure, there will be no reason to stop loving you forever. You are just the most beloved for me.

80. I don’t know why your love keeps coming back to me in a microsecond. You are such an interesting lover.

81. When you have a good wife beside you, believe me, you will be successful in life. I love you my sweetheart.

82. I am the special angel you need, don’t go too far because I am always with you. I love you.

83. Close your eyes and you will see me right before you. I am always around you all the time.

84. Love is mercy and I am sure it is the reason why you are always happy with me. I love you.

85. Many will get to understand that to love is to have all it takes to be happy, thank you for always being there.

86. I so much love this my guy, he is one of the best lover in human history. I love your lifestyle.

87. I can’t deny how great I feel whenever you are around me. I love your powerful smile like never before.

88. For all I care, you are that blessing I asked the Lord to give me the other day and I was given.

89. Merciful faces are known by their actions, they are always sympathetic.

90. Loving you is my joy so there will be a great reason to love you more and more all the time.

91. I feel like loving you all my life. You are the best lady I can always count upon in this world.Best Love Sms For Him Or Her

92. After finding you, I realized that love is one of the most beautiful things in this world.

93. For all that you have done, for the smile you put on my mind. Thank you.

94. Many days have passed but you are still there for me even when every other person have ran away.

95. wif, only you were with me at the time of pain during my birth and at the time of death, you never left me. I will die today but will love you forever( A person sentenced to death last

96. I am happy that I found you in this sweet world as a good mother who is ready to take good care of me.

97. May you live long to be mine forever; you are my dream comes true.

98. There is no reason to be tired of you in this world because there is no loving mother like you on this earth.

99. Love me better and better every day and pray for me to excel in life. I miss you my sweet mom. I wish you the best of love ever.

100. Mother’s love for her child is the best in life. I am lucky to have you as mother.


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