Best Happy 30th Birthday Quotes for Brother Sister

We have written new Birthday Messages that you should send to your Brother or Sister who is clocking his or her 30th years on earth. It is not easy to come this far in life and therefore they needed to be appreciated.

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Happy 30 Birthday Quotes Best Of Happy 30th Birthday Quotes Messages & Pics
Happy 30 Birthday Quotes. Best  Quotes ever

1. Happy birthday to my special brother, my best friend, the only companion I can lean upon when I am sad.

2. Brother has always been so kind, today that you are plus one, I will try my best to make you happy too.

3. Wishing a special moment in this world, may you find endless peace in all you are dog. Happy birthday.

4. May your choice in this world be of great happiness, I love you so much and I pray that should be a great impact in your life.

5. Wishing you the best of luck may your new age benefit you in a way you can’t imagine. Happy birthday.

6. The Lord Almighty shall bless you in an abundant manner, you shall live to thank God in a special way. I wish you all the best.

7. Thank you Lord, may you find endless peace in your heart. I wish you the most awesome birthday in the world.

8. I love you like never before, you are cute, special, nice and precious. Happy birthday dear brother.

9. I don’t have any other brother save you, this is the reason why you will always be my favorite no matter what. I wish you a blessed birthday.

10. May this birthday mark the beginning of your success in life. You shall be blessed in such a way that nothing will hinder you from complete success, happy birthday. I wish you a belated birthday today.

11. Lord, you are the Almighty that everyone runs after to protect them, I beseech your protection on my brother, grant him his heart desire.

12. Thank your sacrificing your time, education, cash just to see me grow in life, I really appreciate you for all you have done in my life. Happy birthday.

13. I am wishing you a great happy birthday as you are one of the most righteous people ever met in life. I love you so much, dear brother.

14. I wish you a very beautiful birthday, may this age mark the beginning of your success in life. Have a nice day.

15. Good morning brother, you are looking more handsome these days. I want to wish you a happy birthday.

16. You are such a lovely brother, may your face shine in love, joy and success. I wish you the best of luck.

17. Thank God for everything you have done in my life. May you find endless peace from now until the last day.

18. I just want to wish you a fantastic born day, you are special, may your new age continue to bring special achievements to your life.

19. I will always be happy with you for you are a great brother. Thank you for everything you have done just to make me happy. Happy birthday.

20. I am pleased to say thank you and have a precious day on earth today being your birthday. I wish you all the best.

21. I am pleased to celebrate my beloved sister as she clocks another year, happy birthday to my special sister.

22. The truth is that, I am so lucky to have you as my sister, I will always love you until eternity because you deserve it.

23. Happy birthday to the world’s best sister, may your day come with showers of abundant blessing.

24. I am wishing you all the best on the day you were born. I pray that you enjoy every bit of this world from now on.

25. Happy birthday, may the Lord bless you on this special day, make you soar in life as eagle soars in the sky.

26. May you find endless joy in all you do, I beseech the Lord to always bless and encourage you to do the best.

27. Happy birthday to the most beautiful sister that makes me happy every day. You are indeed a super girl.

28. Thanks for being a good friend, and best of sisters in the world. Happy birthday to you in all aspects of life.

29. Happy birthday to the sister that takes me as priority before her own life. I wish you glorious moments on your birthday.

30. I cherish you with all it takes to cherish a blood sister. I adore you as a sister should adore another. Happy birthday.

31. I will always be proud of you all my life, you are a special sister everyone should be proud of. Happy birthday.

32. Happy birthday sweet sister, you are 30th today, you are not getting younger, but I am happy you are getting close to the age of wisdom.

33. Always put smile on your face so you can enjoy the power of a precious day ahead. Happy birthday sweet sister.

34. I am happy to celebrate you today, may you find endless peace in your heart as you mark your 30th birthday.

35. Thank God for always been there for me, you are a special sister, full of love, wisdom and beautiful. Happy birthday.

36. I am greeting you and your beloved angelic kids a sweet home, peace and harmony. Happy birthday to you all.

37. Wishing you a blessed birthday. I pray that this birthday be a memorable one. Happy birthday my beloved.

38. Thank God for everything you have done in my life, I will always be happy that I have a good sister in my life.

39. Thank you for the advice of yesterday, the one of today and every other one to come. I wish you long life and prosperity.

40. I am happy that you are plus one today, I pray that everything you ever needed will be available for you. Happy birthday sweetheart.

41. You are the best sister I can always lean upon when I need you most, this is because you are special, lovely, and precious.

42. Just want to say happy birthday to you. I will always be your humble kid sister all my life. May you endless peace today.

Best Happy 30th Birthday Quotes for Brother Or Sister

43. I am so happy that you are plus one today, this will call for celebration because it is not easy to witness a new year.

44. I want you to put smile on your face, may you find rest of mind in all you are doing in life. Happy birthday sweet lady.

45. Thank God for always being the good sister I pray for. I am happy to live with you as you are a great sister and friend. Happy birthday.

46. I just want to shout out to my wonderful brother on his 30th birthday, wishing you more and more success in life.

47. I am happy from the nooks to the cranny of my heart to celebrate and cheer up a nice person on his birthday.

48. Sweet sister, you don’t know how much you have been able to make me smile with your super love, I wish you the best of luck.

49. It is nice to meet you in this wonderful life, you are so super romantic when it comes to caring for your kid sister. I wish you the best.

50. May your new age marks the beginning of your new dawn on this earth, I pray that everyone will be pleased with your decisions. Happy birthday.

51. I am happy to send you this message because you are celebrating a special day in your life, this is the closes even age with zero to the age of wisdom.

52. I love you so much, and pray that your worries never hinder your happiness, may the Lord begin to look into your matter from today.

53. I am happy that you are plus one, you are indeed a very good brother, the truth is that I will never forget you forever.

54. I wish you sweet love, happiness, joy, success and precious moment all your life, happy birthday to you.

55. Thank God for everything you have done in my life, you are more than just a blessed sister, you are the chosen gift for the family. Happy birthday.

56. Whenever I see you, I am able to smile. This is because you are a good sister, you build my confidence whenever you are around me.

57. Happy birthday to my handsome brother, I appreciate you for everything you have done in my life. May you find rest of mind.

58. I love you so much, and hope that you find everything easy in your life. I ask God to bless you abundantly. Happy birthday.

59. I am in deep joy today, and the reason is that the best sister in the world is plus one. Happy birthday sweet sister.

60. God knows how much you mean to me. My prayer every day is to see you happy all your life. Thank you for always being there.

Happy birthday wishes and prayers for brother and sister

61. I am happy for you, may the Lord in His mercy grant you joy on earth, and select you among the happiest tomorrow.

62. I wish you grace on this occasion of yours, may your new age find a reason to bring prosperity to your life. I wish you all the best.

63. Thank God for your life, I am always happy to have you around me, may your name be selected among the new year rich people.

64. Your fortune will rise above the sky, and beyond the sky will be your starting point for success, happy birthday.

65. I wish you all the most beautiful things on earth, and I pray that you find every heart desire easy to achieve. Happy birthday.

66. Lord, you are the only one that can spare a life, I beseech you to spare the life of my beloved brother.

67. May the Lord put smile on your face, give you endless success and purify your heart to achieve greater success in life.

68. Wishing you more and more of love in this world, I pray for your joy, love, happiness, and grace in life. Happy birthday.

69. I will always remember you for being a very good sister, you are especially special, may the infinite God continue to protect your

70. Happy birthday sweet sister, you are more than what people think about you. I wish you the best of luck.

71. Thank you for the precious moment in your life, I will never forget you now and forever. I pray that the Lord lift you up in all you are doing.

72. I call upon the most merciful to continue to bless you in all ramification of life. I plead that the Lord should grant you happiness in all your doings in life.

73. Happy birthday brother, you are my beloved, the only brother I have full confidence upon. I wish you the best on your birthday.

74. I pray for successful outcome on everything you lay your hands, I ask God not to forget you, whatever you desire should be accomplished for you. Happy birthday.

75. I am happy today because the queen of the house is plus one, this must come with a high class celebration. Happy birthday.

76. I wish you the best of birthdays in the world. Remember, you are an incredible friend and sister. Happy birthday .

77. I love you so much that I can’t even stop loving you to the end. Happy birthday my beloved friend and brother.

78. One of the most beautiful experiences in my life is a cute childhood I had with you. You are a precious sister, and I will love you forever. Happy birthday.

79. Thank you for being there for me; you are my life angel, the most beautiful person in this world. I pray that your pursuit in life is achievable.

80. Thank God I met you in life, you are so precious, lovely and blessed sister, I need you all my life as the most blessed angelic sister. Happy birthday to my interesting sister.

81. thank you for being continuously supportive throughout the year, I appreciate you humanity as a great sister.

82. I am yet to find a beautiful sister as you are, wonders are found in the eyes of an amazing human. Sister, you are so amazing.

83. I want to extend my greetings and wishes to you on this special day of your life. Happy birthday to you all.

84. I just want to be happy with everyone of you, may your new age take you to a greater height in life. Happy birthday.

85. God has made us siblings, it is now left for us to make the best out of each other. I am happy to celebrate you today.

86. Thank you so much, you are always one of the most beloved people on earth, your unending support makes me happy with you. I love you so much.

87. Happy birthday to the sweetest brother ever, your age will come with grace—you shall be lifted from grass to grace.

88. I feel so blissful to have you as a kid brother, your intelligence makes me happy, your kindness is a great success for humanity. Happy birthday.

89. What a nice day in the life of a great gem, I wish you more and more success in life. Happy birthday.

90. Thank God I have you around me, it is my sweetest pleasure to have a great brother. I celebrate you with 100% love.

Happy Birthday Quotes for Brother Sister

1. Since the day I have been hearing about true friends, I have not experienced it until I met you. My dear friend, I don’t know how to start thanking you for the selfless gesture you’ve shown towards me, may your new age be a great reason for your success; happy birthday!

2. Moving up and growing up on this earth is not easy but thank God that you made it up till this moment, may the Lord in His infinite Mercy bless you beyond your imagination; honor you above your enemies; thank you friend ever been there for me.

3. You are my good companion, a wonderful guardian angel; my beloved friend who gave me his time and supported me when I was really in need. I just want to say, happy birthday to you my dear lovely friend.

4. With your presence in my life, I found so many things easy because you are God sent; you change my life with your words and taught me lots of things I did not know. I will always live to appreciate you my sweet friend. Happy 30th birthday.

5. Thank God that I met an uncommon gem like you in my life; I used to think that I’m better than every other person I met in life until I came across a genius like you who changed my view and earning power; happy birthday my beloved friend.

6. You are such an interesting friend, a wonderful companion who makes me feel happy about me. I used to wonder why you are as kind as though my mother. Indeed, it is a great achievement to have someone like you in my life; happy birthday.

7. You have come this far to this point where the Lord gave you a reason to thank him. Thank God for your life and be strong in any situation you find yourself. I appreciate you for your endless effort in my life; happy birthday my dear love.

8. A great lady like you is worthy of been loved to the end and as such I will always be yours forever. Been a friend with you has changed my life, gave me a good reason to always be with you till the end of time. I appreciate you.

9. A heart that recognizes favor will surely appreciate the doer of it. You really have done a lot of great things in my life and I am willing to pay you back in a greater way though you were selfless about it; today you are 30, may the Lord bless you abundantly.

10. Whatever it takes to appreciate you better, I will do because you really deserved to be honored and appreciated in a unique way. As a friend, you sacrificed your time just to see me happy. I cherish you so much and I pray that the Lord bless you on this day you clock 30th on earth.

Wishing You Happy 30th Birthday Messages

11. My love for you has no bound even as my friend; there is nothing that can separate us except what has been destined. Thank you for been a good friend. As you clocked another year today, may your new age find a means to bring joy into your life; happy birthday.

12. Truly, it is not easy to find a good friend like you on the surface of the earth because time without number, you have made me happy through your selfless gesture towards me; you are indeed my best friend and I pray that the Lord should honor as you clock 30 today.

13. The most important thing on earth is to worship the Lord but you actually need a friend who push you towards the direction of righteous and thanks for been that very kind of companion. I appreciate everything you have done in my life; happy birthday.

14. I love everything about you my dear friend for ever always been there for me whenever I need you. Truly, you are my good friend because even in despair you never left me alone in sorrow. What a great companionship, that you are. Happy birthday.

15. There is enough reason to say I have found one of the greatest gifts on earth because I have you. I love your presence in my life because it brings good things for me; you are my joy the true friend that always put smile on my heart.
16. You are my dream comes true, the one that I have been searching for; I love you more than every other friends.

17. My dear brother, it is my wish to appreciate you for everything you have done in my life; I am so happy that you are 30 today may the almighty God continue to bless you for the rest of your life; just want to say happy birthday to you.

18. I hope there will be cake on this special day you are born? Anyway, what sweetens my heart most is the fact that you are plus one today. I wish you long life and prosperity, joy and happiness, success and breakthrough. Happy birthday.

19. No matter what actually happens between us, I want you to take note of the fact that I can’t do away from loving you. I am pleased to wish you all the best in this life as you clock 30 years today. May your new age be the beginning of you success; happy birthday.

20. You are the most handsome brother ever found on earth; you are so special that I can’t stop praying for you. I pray that the highest God be with you for the rest of your life; I just want to say happy birthday my lovely brother.

Happy 30th Birthday to Brother

21. Thank you for the entire sacrifice you made just to make me smile; I love you so much and I will always do because a brother like you is rare to find now or in any other time. As you clock 30 today, may the Lord continue to shower you with blessing till the end of time; happy birthday.

22. Who else can be as special to me as you are? in the time of distress you stayed by my side, in the time of tears, you wiped away my tears; in the time of sorrow, you console me. I wish you a very big happy birthday.

23. On this special day of your life, may you find every single day of your life simple and easy going; I pray that the almighty God should bless you and bring His Mercy close to your heart, purify your soul and draw you close to Him. Happy birthday.

24. As you clock one year today, may the blessing of the Lord find its way to your door step; put smile on your face and count you among the most successful people on earth. I really appreciate ever been with you my beloved brother and I am saying happy 30th birthday.

25. Today is special in your life, may you find it very easy to scale over your troubles; I pray that the Lord should bestow His endless blessing upon you this season and uplift you beyond your expectation. I love you so much my dear brother.

26. I remember when we were growing up, how you protected and cared for me; I remember every single word of encouragement your taught me and the way you groomed me just to make sure I am fit to live on this planet earth; happy birthday sweet brother.

27. You are such an amazing elder brother and every moment shared with you is as special as the beauty of the moon. I love you so much and you mean the whole world to me; brother, may your new age be a source of success in your life; happy birthday.

28. Your wife must be a very lucky woman to have found a friend and husband like you. I know you very well and I know how cheerful and kind heated you are; you are such a unique gift,, a living guru for sure; happy birthday.

29. I used to wonder upon the kind of heart God has given to that makes you so kind and generous. I love your compassionate attitude and the way you smile at everyone. Brother, you are so simple, easy going and fantastic. I love you beyond the reasonable doubt.

30. Having realized how much I miss you, I feel like coming back home to sit on your lap so that you might tell your little brother lots of stories about this life; I miss your words of encouragement, your smile and your quarrel; brother, I pray that as you clock 30th, mat the Lord be pleased with you.

Happy 30th Birthday to My Brother

31. You are a sunshine, and it is my joy to always see you smile; I never want to hear any sorrow from you because you are so special to me; I love you my dear brother and o beseech the Lord almighty to bless you with abundant provisions. Happy birthday.

32. To the special brother of my life, I am wishing you the most beautiful things on this earth; I am praying that the Lord should honor you beyond your expectation. In every situation you might find yourself, may the Lord above the skies be your patron now and forever; happy birthday.

33. Most of the day and night I never stop thinking about you; about the good things you have done in my life; about the love you have shown to me; about the sacrifices you made just to see me happy and excel in life; I just want to say happy birthday my beloved brother.

34. Kindness and generosity are two great virtues and thank God I found them in you; I pray that the Lord almighty should bestow His endless protection upon you forever. Happy birthday my beloved brother. May your new age be filled with long life and prosperity!

35. No matter what your condition could be, always understand that it is not permanent. Today, you are 30, may you find it easy to scale through your entire difficulties; I pray that the almighty God bless you beyond your expectation. I really appreciate you, dear brother—happy birthday.

36. It is not easy to find a sweet and cute brother like you and this specifies that I am such a lucky younger brother. I have chosen you as my role model because in you I found lots of great qualities to build my future; happy birthday.

37. As the sunshine, may your life continue to shine all over the world; the world shall celebrate you beyond your expectation. May the most beautiful Lord design your life with lots of achievements; shower you with the rain of success. I just want to say, happy birthday my brother.

38. You are so beautiful sister and the older you become the cuter you are. I love your simple life style because it gives me lots of inspirations to build my life upon. Since I was born, I have never seen a genius like you—happy 30th birthday my beloved sister.

39. To the one I cherished with all my heart; I love you so much and will always do because you are my one in a million sisters. A rare gem and wonderful patron of love and kindness. As you clock 30 today, may you find your entire desires easy to achieve; happy birthday.

40. I am so lucky to have met a very simple and easy going sister like you in this life; what a great sister that you have become? I beseech the highest God to continue to protect and bless you until the end of time; happy birthday.

Happy 30th birthday for sister

41. I am mommy’s pet and you are daddy’s pet together we are all pets—lolz, sister I hope you are fine? Hmm…finally, you are 30, may you find no difficulty in the course of achieving your dreams on earth. I love you so much, miss you and wish I could be where you are right now.

42. Schooling is a beat stressful but full of fun; though I feel sad for having been far away from you a little while; I am sending my own birthday gift to through these sweet texts and I hope you will love it; happy birthday my dear sister.

43. I miss almost everything about you; your smile, anger, quarrel, love and kindness; I miss the interesting stories you told me and the words of encouragement that normally touch my heart to be more focused about my future; happy birthday my love.

44. To you my beloved sister, I pray that this new age of yours brings lots of success to you; I beseech the Lord to honor you, grant you endless happiness, comfort and fulfilled dreams. I pray that your new age begins the new chapter of a successful life.

45. Happy 30th birthday to my beloved sister; a young Doctor full of life and light; I love your courage and the special kind of focus you wore upon yourself; I love you so much my beloved elder sister; may you find rest of mind in everything you do.

46. You are a special gift to the family, I pray that your success continue to increase in anything you are doing; I ask the almighty God to bless you beyond your expectation. You are so special and I am begging God to love and draw you close to Him. Happy birthday.

47. You are my beloved sister and anytime I see you, I smile because I am lucky to have a wonderful and an amazing sister like you; your good heart has won a lot for you; a sweet angel like you is not easy to find on earth. I just want to say, happy birthday to you.

48. Thank you sister for having been there for everyone; it is not easy to be alive today but through the special grace of the Lord, you are smiling and cheering up with friends. I love you so much and it is my wish to always see you happy.

49. I hope you will keep the biggest cake for me? I hope you will be the one I have been praying to see since the day I left? Truly, Sister I have actually missed you too much and will be sad to arrive and realized you left again.

50. May you find it easy to do everything you lay your hands upon successfully; I pray that your dreams be fulfilled now and forever. Happy birthday to my lovely sister.


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