50+ Best Friend Paragraphs That Will Make You Cry

My Best Friend Quotes

Best friend paragraphs  that make you cry

  1. Let go of the things that you are supposed to hold on to, they might have given you happiness before but maybe this time they will be able to make someone else happier.


  1. What happens yesterday is done, it is past. What happens tomorrow still be in reach. Fight and be better.


  1. I’ve accepted that the only way we can be together is Photoshop.


  1. I hate all the stupid love poems you find on quote sites. I hate the way that they’re true,

And describe exactly how I feel.


  1. She accepted the fact that she and he will never be, but he’ll always be the one who puts butterflies in her stomach no matter what.


  1. To love someone doesn’t mean to commit with that person……. sometimes you just have to be satisfied with whatever connection you have with that special one, I am glad I have you, my friend.


  1. Don’t cry because it’s now over, smile because it happened in time to avert great sorrow.
  1. May God give you…

For every rain a clear sky and a rainbow,

For every cry, twice the smile,

For every prayer, twice the blessings,

For every enigma life sends, 2 faithful friend to share,

For every fall, twice the victory.


  1. A boy looks in a girl’s purse in a class

She says it’s bad manners.

He says it’s not.

Girl: how?

Boy: Coz members of the same class

Can access private data.

My Best Friend Quotes


  1. Please don’t go. But, if you still want to go I will always remember you. YOU’RE MY BEST FRIEND FOREVER.


  1. My best friend will protect me, make me happy and support me. so, I have to protect her, make her happy and support her too.


  1. I can never miss you because you are always in my heart you’re my best friend


  1. I will never forget you because you’re always in my heart. You are My BEST FRIEND.


  1. Every place I go, I think of you. Every song I sing, I sing for you. Cause I always remember my Best Friend.


  1. I need you and you need me, we need each other. Because you’re my best friend


  1. “Don’t worry my best friend, I will always be in your heart”


  1. The greatest treasure in this world that I have found is a best friend. And you are my best friend


  1. We have separated a distance and time, but we will always be together. Cause your my best friend

I will ALWAYS LOVE my Best Friend.


  1. “TOGETHER FOREVER” two words about my best friend

you are my best friend and I will try to become a better friend


  1. I believe you’re my best friend forever RETWEET this if you believe your best friend

we will always be together, no matter when, where and how, because you are my best                              friend forever.

  1. Wonderful memories that exist among us, because we are always together in every admirable second. cause we are a best friend.


  1. I can’t tell all my secrets because you already know. I can’t tell the whole story of my life coz you already know. you’re my best friend


  1. I can’t see you when you’re gone, but I know you always in my HEART. ’cause you’re my Best Friend Forever 🙂


  1. Best Friends are by your side when you feel sad when you happy when you laugh, when you feel bad, And every time.


  1. Bestie forever, thank you so much for standing by my side when times get hard, really thank you for making me laugh when I didn’t even want to smile, you are a rare gem.


  1. I have a game. Send your great photos with your best friend to me. Just mention me.(The winner will I follow back, the winner only one person) 😉


  1. I love my best friend. I really love them and no one can change that.


  1. When you feel all alone, fucked up, desperate, down, sad = God never leaves you.


  1. Dear Mom, because of you I’m who I am today, you carried me for 9 months and raised me. You’re a strong woman, you are not just my mother, you are my best friend.


  1. A relationship is never based on the duration of time you spent together, it should be based on the foundation you guys built together, and this is the real friendship.


  1. You are the one that makes me smile, the one that can turn my worse days into the good days, the one that makes my life complete, you are my best friend forever.


  1. I love my best friends, I don’t care the way they act, the way they look on the outside, I love them for who they really are inside.


  1. A friend is someone who is there for you when they’d rather be somewhere else.


  1. I’m scared that you’ll forget me, I’m afraid that you will find someone better than me, I’m just not ready to lose you.


  1. Friendship: Be there for each other, listen to each other and understand each other.


  1. A real bestie shares the good times with you and helps you during the cloudy times, they never leave you alone they stick like stains.


  1. I only need friends who care, always there for me in sadness and happiness and love me for who I really am no matter what.


  1. A friend is someone who knows the song you are humming in your heart and can sing along with you aloud (smiles) even when you have forgotten the words.
  1. Never explain yourself. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe it.


  1. A friend is someone who can see the real truth and sorrow in you even when you are trying to feel alright or try to fool everyone else.


  1. God is the best listener, you don’t need to shout nor cry out loud cause He hears even the very silent prayer of a sincere heart, take your problems to God, not your friend.



  1. Spongebob: What are you doing if I am gone? | Patrick: Waiting for you to come back.


  1. What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.


  1. A true friend sticks with you reaches for you and touches your heart. ~Attributed to Heather Pryor


  1. They say the best kind of friends are the ones you could sit on a porch with all day, without even saying a word to each other, and walk away feeling like you said a thousand words to each other.


  1. There is this saying around the world, there are big ships and also small ships. But the best ship there is called friendship.



Best Friend Paragraphs for her Birthday

As time passes, we begin to see relevant  and important things to focus more on, but we find out we concentrate more on things that are irrelevant, it’s amazing to have a friend like you, who will pull you back and push you into the right track, I am really happy having someone as amazing as you. I could call you blood. happy birthday.


 Having you in my life is really wonderful, you are not just a friend, you are like family now, and I am sorry if I haven’t really been there for you when I should. Friendship isn’t always about partying, grooving and wasting some precious time. But also to give advice and listen to thoughts and opinions, all these you have done and still do. Truly you have been a great friend to me. I love you unconditionally. happy birthday.


There will come a time in our life when we need to demonstrate the value of true friendship, many of us have failed in these duties, we neglect them and give ears to unnecessary things, it’s shameful to say I have failed you, and you have been the true definition of a good friend, even in my bad times, you stood by me, I am really grateful and happy to have you as my best friend. I love you bestie. happy birthday.


You are more than a friend that’s why I call you sister, I can’t think of a better way to express who you are to me, you love me with all your heart, you advise me, cry with me, share my pains, you help me forget my sorrows, you always have a way to keep me going, you are my sister, that sister that will never give up on me. I love you so much. happy birthday.


Today you take one big step, closing in on your dreams, I want to thank God for the grace upon your life and the opportunity he has given you to step up, I am reassuring you of my support for you, dear friend, I am solidly behind you, I will always be present to push you, where you need a push. Love you sweets, wish you all the best. happy birthday.


Best friend Paragraph to send to her

 You know I always got your back anytime, even when you think everyone has deserted you, I will show up like a thief and lend a helping hand.

 I am stuck with you forever, like ink to paper, there is nothing anybody can do about that, best friends forever.


I know with you in my life, I will never walk alone, love you bestie.


I have always wanted a friend that will replace the brother I never had, you have been more than a friend, you are my brother, and I am glad you came into my life.


I will never be alone because I have always got you right by my side everything seems awesome. Best friend ever.


A point in my life I was almost giving up on everyone and everything, you came and provided me a better reason and future to hold on to. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend than you. Thank you.


In my difficult times, you show your skills, when I am tired you give me a shoulder to rest on when I am in a problem you don’t rest till I am out of it, you are wonderful, and you have always shown me I could count on you at any time.


Times without number, you have cleared my doubts that I always have a friend to depend on, you are God sent and I am so glad to have you, my sweet friend.


When sadness loomed around me, you were present to pull me out of it, how you do it, goes beyond me, I am just glad I have a guardian angel with me. Love you bestie.




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