50 Best Apology Messages Ever For Husband and Wife

Ever looking for a romantic way to tell your partner how sorry you are? These are the Best apology messages ever for husband or wife. These quotes will save your relationship and keep the bond stronger between you and your partner.

I Am Sorry My Wife Quotes

Best Apology Messages Ever
Best Apology Messages Ever

1. How I wish you know how much you mean to me? I want you to understand that it can never be my wish to make you sad. Your sorrow really touched my heart. I am sorry.

2. For better for worst was our watch-word before we got married and now such a situation has come between us, I think this is the right time to practice what we preach. Dear, please overlook my mistake and forgive me.

3. Before we got married, you told me that you will always be patient with me no matter what. Now, it is almost a week but it seems you are getting angrier. I won’t remain the same way I used to be until you accept my apology.

4. I am sorry for everything that happened between us. You are so special and I don’t want to see us separated. I am sorry for whatever action I took that got you this angry at me. Please, forgive me.

5. Since the first day I set my eyes on you, I have never seen a person as kind and forgiving as you but now, it baffles me that it still takes you time to say yes I accepted your apology and this is really killing me.

6. My dear husband, you are the most handsome man in the world. Your presence in my life has given me lots of confidence I don’t use to have, however now that you are upset by my action; I am beginning to lose confidence in myself.

7. Without you in my life, I think everything will be bored and annoying. Please, don’t be angry the king of my heart that God assigned to me. I love you beyond the sky and will always love to be with you for the rest of my life.

8. No one can be dearer to me among every other man in the world except you but now that you are upset at me, who else should I look up to? You just have to forgive me my dear husband so that peace will reign. I love you.

9. It really pains my heart to realize that my words and action really hurt you, please forgive me and overlook my past deeds because I am fully ready to turn a new leaf for the betterment of our relationship.

10. We are meant to be and so shall we be forever no matter the condition we find ourselves. I am so much interested in your relationship with me so don’t be angry at me because I love you with all my heart.

11. I accept that I was wrong to have acted the way I did but it is virtuous for a man to quickly forgive his woman. I am promising you that I won’t repeat such action again. I am sorry my dear hero.

12. To the one I cherish with all my heart, now this trial has come between us; it is left for us to apply maturity so that we may win over rather than losing our relationship. Please, pardon my speech and action. I love you.

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13. Sometimes little things can bring more problems to a marriage relationship until we figure out things and handle them with patience. I am right here before you with all humbleness and I say, I admit my mistake—I am sorry.

14. The most painful thing that can ever happen to a wife is to find out that she hurt her husband. Now, I have realized how bad my action affected your feelings. Please, forgive me and find somewhere in your heart to love me better.

15. Reconciliation brings more love and passion. I am tendering my request for us to reconcile because I still love you better than ever. Please, pardon my actions and accept my apology because I am your darling wife.

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16. Don’t forget the promises you made that you will never leave me no matter what can happen between us; thank God I have just made a mistake towards you; so practice your speeches because this is the right time to do so.

17. You are the most handsome and amazing husband in the and as such can’t just stand the risk of losing you to someone else. I still love you better than you can think please, overlook what transpired between us. I love you.

18. To my surprise, I realize with full sadness in my heart that we are not in good mood with you. Please, forgive me and never mind my childish characters towards you. I am been kindly because I see you as my hero pet. I love you.

19. What can we say about this, that a husband and a wife are in to a fight in the same room? I think it will have been better if you could forgive me so that there will be good hope for the future of our marriage. I love you.

20. The deed has already been done; it is now time for forgiveness so that we may be able to love each other more than we used to do. Truthfully, you have the right to be angry but forgive me from the bottom of your heart.

21. I can’t actually point out the reason why you are this angry at me but I believe that it is possible I have done something upset towards you. Please, my superhero whatever it is that I must have done which I have no knowledge bout—just forgive me.

22. The way we live among our children is taking out of my eyes too many tears. Whatever it is that I must have done; I think it is more blessed to forgive than to hold a matter for too long in our heart. Please, I’m sorry.

23. It sweetens my heart whenever I see the herds of sheep moving together in peace and cooperation but in the end, I get embittered whenever I remember my family is because our fight has disorganized us and our kids. Please, overlook my past and embrace me once again.

24. I don’t think I can forget you in this life; in this life or in the heavens I will always be yours. Please don’t be angry with me because you are my husband and I am ready to become a good wife. I am sorry once more.

25. Whenever the moon shines, the stars also shine and through this harmony they live peacefully in the sky. This will be my pleasure—to see always in joy and happiness instead of us fighting for small issues almost every time. Sorry sweetheart.

26. You are my husband and you deserve my respect because I quickly realize that it will not profit me to disregard you. From now on, your alone I will always be and I promise never to repeat my last action. I am sorry.

27. The tears of my eyes seek for your pardon so that our relationship will be stronger than ever. You are my love and joy. Do not allow this small issue to tear us apart because if we are apart our children will split in parts.

28. Many things may be hidden to us both in this relationship but in a situation where there is true love; we can still draw our love for each other to the river of success so that so that our children can have a taste from its content. I am sorry.

29. It will have been wiser to end this chaos going on between us so that peace can find its way into our home. Had it not been the way the condition has come upon us; who on this earth loves to live in troubles every day. My dear husband, please forgive and pardon my mistake.

30. Our struggle together for years should not go in vain because we had a fight. The human had existed for years and there is none who hasn’t been into a quarrel but everyone has to calm down for peace to reign. I am sorry.

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Best Apology Messages Ever
Best Apology Messages Ever

31. There is no benefit in a fight but lost. The entire moments that we can use to entertain each other have been lost to keeping malice. Is it not better if we can call on each other’s attention to end this hindrance of peace called the fight? I am sorry.

32. I am sorry, don’t be offended. Don’t consider my own part if you want but always remember that our kids are our pearls and jewels and they need our attention more than every other child for now. I love you.

33. There is no how big a fight could be if there is a true love between the two parties involved, there will always be room for forgiveness so that peace will reign once again. I am sorry my sweetheart.

34. My love for you does not have bound, for this reason, I want us to end this fight so that our home will return to how it used to be. So that we may stay happily ever after so that our children will find a reason to love each other. I am sorry.

35. My dear love, how will it have been if there is no fight between us? The tears of my eyes will never dry until I heard a word of peace from you; my body will never be free unless you say I forgive you, my dear wife.

36. It is not how you think yet I admit that I made mistake by making you feel the way you felt. Happiness cannot reign except with patience. Patience cannot come except with determination. What can we say about this virus (constant fight) that kills our relationship? I’m sorry.

37. My prayer is that you should understand me deeply so that there will be no room for unnecessary fight or quarrel. Unfortunately, my entire efforts are falling in vain, not because of you but the gossip of some people against me before you. I love you.

38. I don’t think it is necessary to allow what the people say sets a fire into our relationship. I love you beyond the river of love and I want you to remember that our children really matter in this relationship. I am sorry.

39. You are my contentment, you are my cheerfulness and pearl of peace that was granted to me by God but today, I am regretting why I have to be the one that hurt you—like the standing of a young pawpaw tree, no pawpaw no seed I am standing here empty without you. I’m sorry.

40. My life is incomplete without your love involved in it for this reason; I want you to recall the entire memories we have shared together. I’m sorry for the past, present and future time to come. I love you.

41. It is in your love I find my peace but for a while, this fight has separated us and it really kills my heart. It will have been my pleasure to see us together once again. I want us to blend better than ever.

42. There is no how large our misunderstanding could be if we can forgive each other and forget about the past I think lots of goodies will come and we will share them together in peace and harmony. Pardon my actions, please.

43. It is not my wish to hurt you but it has happened so I wish you should handle it in faith and forgive me of being too a woman. I am sorry; please accept my apology because I love you with all my heart.

44. Your presence in my life is one of the greatest things ever; this is what I want you to observe to understand that ordinarily, I will never accept what will make you sad. I regret my mistake and pray that such a thing will not happen again.

45. In my life, there is this dream I have—to lead a life of peace and harmony. I found you and truly started living my dream life until now that you are angry at me, I felt like this life is no longer fit for living. I am sorry.

How to Say Sorry to Wife After Fighting

46. No matter the condition, there is nothing that can make me stop loving you. Quite alright, we fought and I was the cause of the quarrel, same me is begging that you should forgive and overlook my action. I love you.

47. Don’t let us separate. Come close to me and feel the beat of my heart for you. I am sorry for what actually happened between us. You are my lovely husband and I will not be happy to lose you. I love you, my angel.

48. To you—my love! A fight is what we can’t do without—once in a while it has to come but what is more virtuous is to handle it with maturity so that every failure will be put to shame. People are upset about their marriage because they can’t manage these powerful words “I’m Sorry’.

49. You made my heart beat better but now my heart beat badly because you refused to talk to me—no matter what I might have done, why not just forgive and set me free?

50. I love everything about you and your love will always be the best in my heart among every other man out there. I love you and will not like us to be separated for any reason. Please forgive me for ever hurting your feelings.
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51. How I wish I was not the one that hurts you perhaps my heart will have been filled with lots of joy and happiness. I am sorry.

52. Since the day I shouted at you my heart has not given me a rest of mind. I am sorry and hope that you will find a reason to forgive me.

53. Forgive me my angel and I promise never to repeat my action again so that we can leave happily ever after.

54. You are my heart through which I breathe but now that the same heart is broken how do I breathe once again? Please I beg you to forgive me.

55. I never meant to hurt you and that will never have been a reason between you and me because I always claim that I love you so what gain is there to hurt you? I’m sorry baby.

56. You are the mother of my kids and as such have been a very good wife and mother. Please overlook what transpired between us so that peace will reign once again.

57. You belong to me and I will always appreciate you for having accepted me in the first place. I am sorry for my error against you.

58. I knew that you were right yet I shouted at you because I took you as a younger sister forgetting that you are my wife. Please I want you to overlook my misdeed and accept my apology.

59. I am sorry for my entire actions on that day. I hope you will find somewhere in your heart to forgive me. I love you more than you can ever think.

60. My sweetheart, I know that I have really hurt you by my actions and words please don’t be angry because you are my dream comes true.

How to Say Sorry to Husband in Romantic Way

61. I love you beyond the sky so losing you will become a natural disaster on my heart. Please overlook the past and accept my apology.

62. What pains me right now is the fact that it is the same me; who claim to love is the one that hurts your feelings. I am sorry.
13. Never mind what the people say but the main focus should be the longevity of our relationship. Please baby love me the way I am but I promise never to hurt you again.

63. I don’t know how to start apologizing but I chose to text you first hoping in sorrow that God may touch your heart so that you may forgive me and give me another chance.

64. Opportunity they say comes once but with you I am seeking the second chance to prove to you that I will always be a changed husband. I am sorry.

65. The hope of living is going down drastically since the day we were separated through our quarrel. I can’t live without you and the sadness of not seeing our kids is drilling my heart. Please come back home.

66. To err is human and to forgive is divine. Whatever it is that transpired between us, I want you to overlook them and come back to continue the good mother and wife you have always be known to be.

67. If you can find a place in the deepest part of your heart to forgive me I will have been the happiest man on earth. I am sorry.

68. Living with you will surely bring joy and happiness to my heart. How I wish you know how much I am hurt by your absence. I am sorry.

69. No matter how painful my action is to you, please forgive me; if not for my sake but for the sake of God and of our kids. I am sorry.

70. I regret ever making you to shed tears. I hope you will find a place in your heart to forgive me. I am deeply sorry for myself.

71. My heart has been seriously hurt since the day I raised my hand at you. I am filled with regret and hope that you will forgive me.

72. To my beloved wife, I am sorry for what I have done. Don’t be angry at me and I promise I will help you get the work done next time.

73. Life without you is worthless unless you forgive me I will never have a peace of mind again. I am still in love with you just like the first day I met you.

74. I am sorry for the problem that tears us apart and I want you to remember the entire memories we shared together.

75. Sorry for the time I did not spend with you; sorry for the attentions I did not give to you. I am sorry for the things I did not say.

So Sorry My Lovely Husband Text

76. You are my dream come true the most beautiful gift that God gave to me. I love you beyond the imagination. Please overlook my actions. I am sorry.

77. You are a dream come true, a sweet wife and wonderful mother. I am sorry for hurting you. I love you and will always regret ever making you feel bad in your heart.

78. If there is anything I hope to do, it is to smile at you once again; touch you once again and to be with you for the rest of my life. I am sorry.

79. Your maturity has been maintaining our relationship and I really appreciate it. I am sorry for ever been the one that hurts you always.

80. Hoping to find the chance to meet you once again so that I can prove to you that I have finally changed I will never try to hurt or hurt you again. I am sorry my dear angel.

81. You are my dear love the one I cherish with all my heart. Please forgive me for ever been the one that makes you cry.

82. Truly, I have made the huge mistake already and I am sure ‘sorry’ cannot cure the wound it created on your mind. Please forgive me for everything I did to you.

83. I am sorry that I lied though lie is zero tolerance in our marriage but from now on I am promising that I will never bring back the zero but to become your hero.

84. You are my dream comes true and as such will always love you no matter the condition. I need you beyond what you are thinking. I am sorry.

85. When we offend each other it is virtuous to forgive one and another so that life will go on and rain will fall while trees will bare fruits. I am sorry.

86. Forgive me in the number of times tears dropped from your eyes for my actions. As from today, I promise to transform each drop of your tears into precious jewels.

87. I am weeping out in regret and don’t know how to figure out a means to forgive myself. I am so sorry for injuring a deep part of your heart.

88. Sorry I lied. Though I knew that to say the truth is covenant and to lie is immoral. Please forgive me for ever hurting you.

89. I love you more and it is just the truth. You may be angry at me now but I am begging you to forgive my mistake and let us come back in peace and love for the sake of our kids.

90. It was neither my wish to make you cry nor my desire to hurt you but it has occurred and there is nothing I can do about an action that is gone already. I promise I will never repeat such mistake.

How to Say Sorry To Your Husband Messages

91. Mostly, we quarrel with those we love the most such thing has just happened between you and me; I want you to overlook my mistake and find a place in your heart to forgive me.

92. To the most beautiful lady in the world; no matter how old you look my heart will always desire you now and forever. I am sorry for hurting your feelings.

93. My heart is imprisoned in the cage of regret and it is only your pardon that can set it free from the bondage of pain it caused itself.

94. I am sorry for nagging at you and I wish to have settled the case amicably without necessarily shouting at you like a child. Please forgive me because I admit that I was wrong.

95. Now or every other time, I will always live to make you happy no matter what. Please forgive me for not coming over to pick you. I love you.

96. I never meant to betray you; it was a strategy to protect our family from falling into a deep pit. I knew that you will be hurt but I have to do so to protect our relationship. I am sorry.

97. I am sorry for not been able text you a happy birthday message on the special day you came into this beautiful world. In no condition should you think that I can live without you by my side.

98. How I wish you know how it hurts to not find you by my side but thank God for everything you have done in my life and I promise never to hurt you again.

99. I took the decision to marry you because you have lots of great qualities every reasonable man will love to see in a woman and the kind heart of forgiveness is one of them. Prove me right sweetheart.

100. If you don’t forgive me, how do you want me to survive alone in this life? I am so sick in regret for hurting your feelings. I am sorry.

101. Had I known I will have traveled to a faraway place where I will not be prone to hurting your feeling because I have never felt so defeated as I did the day I hurt you. I am sorry.

102. When I proposed to you, you said yes; why are you finding it difficult to say “Yes I forgive you”. I am really sorry about you.

103. You are my real angel, the sweetest woman in the world. I love you my dear wife and will never be happy to see us going apart for this quarrel. I am sorry.

104. I admit that I am wrong baby accept my apology and forgive me so that the flow of our love will reach to the highest peak.

105. Do you know why your husband is ready to tender this apology? It is because he sees you more important than every other issue pertaining to the relationship. I love you! I am sorry.

Sorry Message for My Wife

106. Hmm… my sweetheart wants me to pamper her before she forgives me but it is not until you keep the acceptance because in any way I will surely do that.

107. After all I was kidding and I never knew it will hurt you, I am sorry for ever hurting your heart. I hope you will prepare my favorite as a sign that you have forgiven me (make sure you trust your wife before helping her set trap for you with your favorite meal).

108. I love you so much with all my heart and I will always do because you are the most beautiful gift that God has given to me. I am sorry my dear wife.

109. To my beautiful wife, I know you were offended by my statement but still forgive my action. I am not happy that you are been hurt so badly. Even if you are finding it difficult to do so, why not consider the tears from my eyes?

110. I know very well that I hurt you badly. It is not my wish to do so but now that it has happened; still I want you to create a space in your heart to forgive me.

111. I can’t possibly figure out how I began to hurt you perhaps for the fact that I am always concern with putting smile on your face.

112. I have to realize that the mistake made towards you is heartbreaking and terrible. Now I hope in my mind that you may find mercy in your heart to forgive me. I am sorry.

113. Please don’t be angry at me because there is nothing I can do to stop me from this great regret forming around my heart until you forgive me.

114. I am sorry for hurting your heart with fight instead you keeping it warmth with love and passion. Now, I am promising you that such thing will never repeat itself again.

115. Wipe away your tears my sweetheart because it injures my heart deeper whenever I see you crying. Please stop crying and forgive me.

116. You mean the world to me and I don’t want anything to stop us from been together. I love your company and I will always do.

117. I can proudly say that you are my sweetest woman in the world so I don’t need any other lady to share my love with you. I am sorry for hurting your feelings.

118. If you don’t forgive me, how will I cope for the nearest future when I can’t live without you? I am sorry, please forget about the past and let’s move on together in love.

119. How I wish you know how much you mean to me? I want you to understand that it can never be my wish to make you sad. Your sorrow really touched my heart. I am sorry.


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