The Most Beautiful Love Text Messages for Him or Her


Love text messages for him or her
Love You

Love text messages.

Love is everything we can call exceptionally good, it’s in all aspect of our lives, Do you love your partner? Or maybe the question should be, Are you in love? Truthfully, honestly speaking, love is not a concept it’s an action, why?

In other for love to be real, it has to be expressed by actions.


But how much of your love can you express?, how much love can you give? Mehn this questions are getting too much, OK, rather than ask these questions, what should be though of is, How do I perform acts of love for my beloved?

And also Does my beloved love me the way I love he or she? Must my beloved even love me like I love her? Wow here we go with the questions again, chill my lovely reader, like I said earlier on, I want to be completely honest with you.


Love is Unconditional. No gibe for the sake of taking, no tic for tat, yes!! Love is power, selfless, happiness,excitement,joy, peace, pain, forgiveness, understanding, love is even scary, haha don’t be scared my beloved.


Love on your own part has nothing to do with what you expecting to get, but it should be what you are expected to give, which is your all, Yes you heard me, in a simple sentence, you should be ‘ready’ to give your everything.

What is love?

Is this question over rated, or over looked?, is there any real definition?

Well, you will know about it, when you keep reading my dear reader.

Love is acceptance of other, whoever or whatever that person is.

When I look into the world today, I see young people who have being mislead into believing a relationship is just based on material things, what one stands to gain.

My dear, there is no safe investment in love, it’s actually sad to say love is vulnerable! But at the same time, it’s safe to say love is beautiful.

Evolutionary Biologist “Richard Dawkin” in a letter to his ten years old daughter, explaining the evidence of love.


People sometimes say that you must believe in feeling deep inside, other wise you ‘d never be confident in the things like, “my wife loves me”.

But this is a bad argument. There can be plenty of evidence that somebody actually love same way you do.

All through the day when you are with somebody who loves you, you see and hear lots of tidbits of evidence, and they are all add up. There are things to back up the feeling of real love.

He went on to write in the letter.

Looks in the eyes, tender notes in the voice, little favours and kindness, these are all real evidence.


Now let’s continue.

The state of some hearts of teenagers and also the mature, their hearts I broken almost beyond repairs, it’s just sad to see, when someone would say Love is wicked, Guys are cheats, All girls are same, no money no love, it’s also right to say it’s ain’t their faults, because of experiences they had in the past.

Well if you are reading this right now, you have these kind of questions in you heart, like.. is love real or fake?, should I give love a second chance?, these are the questions that lingers in the heart of many today.


My Take.

If you have ever being heart broken, I tell you with all honesty and good intentions, it’s most definitely not the end of the world.

Do not allow failure of your past relationship toil with this beautiful relationship you have. (i’m assuming you have one now, or you are bout venturing into one).

Do not be scared, do not be confused, although it’s really not easy forgetting what has transpired in the past, but I can assure you that, the pains of the past can not be compared with the happiness and joy of love in your relationship now, or in the future.

Let me tell you again.

Love is a beautiful thing. No matter how ugly your past relationship turned out to be, I implore you to give your self the chance to give love a go once more.

You need to let go of the past, for whatsoever reason, it’s in the past, why not focus on Now and make your future a great one.

Your life is beautiful unique and must be filled with happiness of love.

Now you are sure you love him or her, why not check out these lovely, Love text messages below.


I assure you these Very Cute Love Text Messages will make your partner very happy, any of these Love text messages can also be personalize too, these Love text messages can be sent at any time of the day.

It will be lovely your girlfriend wakes up to any of these fine Love Text Messages, dont you think it will brighten up her day? of-cause it will.

A  romantic caring lady will also send her boyfriend some of these Love text messages, it will make him love you more.

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Love is beautiful.

Believe me, you are the one my heart wants, the one who my hearts reminds me of each time I wake up, the only one whom my heart desires, the one i’m destined to be with, the only one I love.


You are my World, I may have faltered in professing my love always, but it’s the fear of losing you, what’s the essence of loving you, if I can’t  wholeheartedly tell you? If I can’t profess my love for you I might loose you, and I don’t want to loose you.


I truly love you, that’s why i’m gonna fight for you, I will never make you cry, I will be your shield, this is my promise to you.


I know love is not something you plan, but when true love strucks one, it becomes everything for that person, I love you my lady, you have become my reason for living, I adore you.


There will never be any reason for you to shed tears, because I have you in my heart, and each heartbeat I have, reminds me of how much you mean to me. I will forever love you.


My days I have spent thinking about you, my nights I have slept dreaming about you, now my dreams have come true, I have you in my life, you have changed my life in a special way, I love you my beautiful angel.


We might not be with each other for as long as we might want, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to be with you. It means i’m making plans for us to be together forever, so we live all loved up as one. I love you my angel.


Love is loving someone even when that person is not close, you may be far away but the thought of your love for me has kept me strong, I miss you, and I would do anything to be with you again, love you close.

love you sweetheart
I Love You Hun

I love you, and i’m clueless how, it’s not something I can explain, when I see your face, there is nothing I would want to change, it’s perfect, in this world of lies, you have shown me true love. I adore you and I want to be with you forever.


Each day I just love you more, the more I know you, the more I love you, each day I get jealous, I get curious, I get scared,all this is because I love you, and I don’t want to lose you.


I don’t think there ‘d be enough time to actually tell you how I feel when I am with you, that feeling is just too lit, you are the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me, I love you my sweet heart.


Romantic Love Text Messages For Him or Her.

Your Smile is an Untamed Force.

I am taken away when you smile, when you talk to me, I am speechless, I just want to keep hearing you talk, and when you touch me, I feel so safe, I know I have the world with me. When you kiss me, I forget everything ugly, you are everything to me. I love you.


Your Love is Unconditional.

When I look into your eyes, I see a beautiful world full of peace, this is a place I want to be in, I place I want to belong, never have I felt this way, everyday of my life I want to love you more, I love you so much.


I Am Safe With You.

You are my shield, my safe guard, when the world reminds me how wicked it is, you remind me how blessed I am to have you. I feel so safe around your arms, you are my world, I love you endlessly.


My Love Is For You.

I want you to never let me go, please hold me in your arms because I feel so safe when you do, I am taken away by those soft lips when you kiss me, so tender and sweet, I only have one love to give, and that love is yours to the taking, come take my love.


I Love You Too.

When you are close to me, all the pain goes away, I see beautiful when I look into your eyes, when we kiss everything is awesome, even in this world of lies and deceit, when you tell me you love me, I believe you.

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One Wish

I want to describe you to you, can you pay attention? Firstly, you have lovely eyes that can make a man fall, your face is so beautiful, I guess you heard that a lot, it’s because it’s the truth, you are gorgeous, your lip is created perfectly my the most high, it’s really one of a kind, you make me so crazily in love, I just have one wish, I “need” you to come make my life the best.


Always With Me.

Whenever you are away for some reasons, I think of you before I fall asleep, when I fall asleep, I dream about you, when i’m awake, I feel you around me, it’s evident I live for you, because your love keeps me alive.

I miss you so much my sweetheart choc.


I Thought Love Was Fairy tale.

You have shown to me true love, I thought I had lost it all through past relationships, you have told me it’s all in the past by changing my thoughts and my life, when I talk to you, you show me Understanding, when your arms are round me I feel togetherness, when we play and laugh together, I have happiness I have not seen before, I want to me with you because your love is true. I love you thank you.


You Love Me More.

Not a day goes by, that I don’t love you more, I just can’t stand not being with you always, if you had to quit your job to be with me, I wouldn’t mind that, look into my heart, you will see my heart beating for you, but I know it’s because you have me at heart also, that’s why you have to work and be away, when I think of your love, I love you, but it’s just clear you Love me more..


Wish Already True.

Babe my wish already come true, because I have you laying close to me every night of my life, these are the moments I have always wished for, these memories and more, makes me love you over and over, I just can’t stop loving you, I will die if I lose you.


Let Me Be The One.

I want to be the one to give you everything you need, Good loving, protection, happiness. I want to be always present, whenever you need me, I live for you, my hear beats for you, it’s the only thing it beats for, a beautiful thing, a beautiful you.


Where I Want To Be In.

Looking into your eyes, u see beauty, looking into your head I see clarity, gazing into your mind, I see great passion to want to do good, when I looked into your heart, what I saw was amazing, w saw a very beautiful world, and that’s where I want to live in… your heart.


My Woman, My Everything.

My baby is the first thought that runs to my mind when I wake up every morning, it’s all smiles when I have these beautiful thoughts, every love song that plays, when I listen, I love my baby more! I will do anything in this world just to please my baby, because my baby is my everything, my baby is you, I love you sweetheart.



Love text messages that would make him or her fall in love more, be romantic, also be creative, this makes a relationship healthy, be sure not to be shy to spoil your partner with lovely i love you text messages.





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