6th monthsary message for boyfriend and girlfriend.

6th monthsary message for boyfriend and girlfriend.

boyfriend and girlfriend is the fastest way to marriage and it is only when you win their hearts that you can make them your partner for life.

these are 6th month messages for your boyfriend and girlfriend to make them happier around you

6th Monthsary Messages For Boyfriend Ang Girlfriend
6th Monthsary Messages For Boyfriend Ang Girlfriend

1. I am glad that I made it finally to become your boyfriend. I wouldn’t have been happy if you didn’t accept to be mine. Happy 6th month anniversary.

2. Baby, I want you to entirely give me the gift of you on this day which we celebrate our 6th month anniversary cos I cannot do without you.

3. I want you to know that I wouldn’t have been filled with courage if it hadn’t been you. Thanks a lot darling.

4. I had my way of controlling my emotions but when it came to you, I couldn’t control it. Instead I had to tell you how I felt and thank God you accepted to be mine.

5. My dear, please grant that I show you what love truly means cos doing that is what keeps me happier than ever.

6. Come and dwell in my heart and don’t allow me to look at another woman aside you. Happy 5th month anniversary my lady.

7. Baby if you are not happy with what I do as part of me please tell me so that I can change that habit for your sake. What matters is how you feel about it.

8. You may not believe that I could take a bullet for you but I really mean it darling. Happy anniversary to you my angel.

9. I think this is enough, I want to take you to my family to announce that you will soon be coming to family to join us. I love you that much.

10. I want you to become my husband and I hope that I am not asking for too much now? I love you so much my heartbeat.

11. If you give me yourself today, every other thing can wait for me to enjoy you better before showing itself to me.

12. Many have sent me away from their hearts but you welcomed me into yours. Who am I to have you welcome me completely? Thanks a lot.

13. I have a confession to make and it is because I can no longer live with it in my heart again. I love you so much and I cannot control it any longer.

14. What I have been able to achieve now as your partner is too much. Where did you hide since, I had waited so long to have you in my life.

15. Even if your people refuse to accept me as an in-law, I would beg them to understand that I cannot do with you in my life my darling.

16. I was alone before I met you but I didn’t know that it was for a reason until you came to me and I discovered that I was actually waiting for to arrive.

17. It got to appoint that I became angry at myself that I didn’t get a good woman but when I got you I realized that I was only preparing my speech to talk to someone as special as you are.

18. If I had sword, I will kill all that came to your life and wasted your time because they are not worth your love. I love you.

19. Loving you was never a mistake at all, you came at the right time. You came to me when my love was free and ready to be shared and cherished.

20. I didn’t know that I got a bigger treasure in you until I made up my mind to make you my wife. Will you be my wife?

6th wonderful monthsary messages for boyfriend and girlfriend

21. I want you to carry my children because it is a greater opportunity to have you as the mother of my unborn kids.

22. It is becoming impossible for me to look at another woman, whether more beautiful that you or not because you are so admirable.

23. The important thing in my life now is you. You may not believe it but I am very serious about you becoming the mother of my kids.

24. What a goddess you are my darling. You know what will keep this relationship going and you do them to keep it strong. I love you for that.

25. Our love and how we share it is like the essence of life to me. If you stop loving me, then I may not live to see another day.

26. I cannot do without you because you are the love of my life. If I cannot do without you then it means that I can’t live without my life.

27. From the most inner depths of my heart, I announce to you that loving you was never a mistake and nothing can ever change that fact.

28. If I send you my love in waves, will you accept it? I want you to know that even if I am not around you, I could send my love for you. I love you so much.

29. If no one wants to bless our togetherness, I will elope with you and marry you there because I cannot loose you at this point of my life.

30. Your being in my life is so extraordinary. I can feel your passion for me and I know that no matter where I am, you will locate me.

31. You are the sweetest and wonderful image of beauty that I have ever seen. It is you, who has turned my life around and I will cherish forever.

32. Every time I see you, my heart jumps with joy. Your sweet presence baffles me and I feel like I am on top of the world for being loved by you.

33. In my heart, there is no one that occupies a bigger position except you. You are almost the reason of my existence. I love you so much.

34. The love I have for you is magical and the magic in my love for you is enough to prove to the world that you are the best human in my life. I love you.

35. I used to dream about love, about being with someone who truly loves me. My dreams came true the day I met you and I am really lucky to have you in my life.

36. You are the secret I have been hiding from people and as my secret, I want to take permission to tell the world that I love you so much.

37. I have been wishing to be with someone like you because you are the best person in my life and I am so glad that the wish became reality. I love you

38. I have become a celebrity all because of you. No one will dare come close to me as an enemy because I have you always watching my back.

39. In a cold world like this, your love is what keeps me happy and lifts me up, it gives me peace and rest of mind. Happy 6th month anniversary.

40. You are the most precious gift that life gave me and I am so grateful I met you. I am not sure that another man has gotten a gift like you in his life.

amazing messages for boyfriend and girlfriend

41. Your love for me, make me feel like butterflies in my tummy. Am super excited that you are mine, happy 6th month’s anniversary.

42. Am so happy to let you know that you are the best girlfriend in the world. I celebrate you today happy anniversary sweetheart.

43. All I need from you is your love and care because it is enough to keep me alive, now and forever. Happy anniversary darling.

44. It’s 6 months already, and you are still by my side. I wish that this relationship leads us to marriage. Happy anniversary.

45. I want to dedicate this day to you my love, because with you I am happier, better and safer than ever before. Happy 6th month anniversary.

46. My heart has been dancing to the music of your love. It is only your song of love that can make me move right or left, forward or backward.

47. Each and every day of this 6 months we have spent of this relationship was wonderful and amazing, because you are part of it.

48. I fell in love with you not because you love me as much as I do, but because I cant help but to keep fall in love with you.

49. You added a new joy and happiness to my life, with you radiant love. I am so happy to have someone as caring as you are.

50. Each day I look at your face it make me feel as if there is a rain down of happiness on me. I wish that, that happiness will soak me forever.

51. I want you to know that I will always love you no matter what, am glad that you are in my life. Happy 6th month anniversary.

52. Your coming into my life has been awesome, you filled my life with gladness, goodness, happiness and fruitfulness.

53. I wish that this our love that we have for each other will stay strong and new every day and may it never come to an end. Happy anniversary.

54. The love we shared within this 6 months has been beautiful, amazing and wonderful. Cherish to the awesome moments that we will have ahead of us.

55. You have given me more that I can ever wish for and I love you so much because of that. You are my amazing wonder.

56. My life is filled with beautiful moments because I have you. If you were not there for me, I wonder what my life would have been like.

57. Today is a reminder of how I vowed to love, cheers and treasure you till the end of time. Happy anniversary the Queen of my heart.

58. I think I should name you my treasure so that it will remind me every day of the fact that I need to treasure you for the rest of my life.

59. I feel as if every day is our anniversary because I have been enjoying happiness ever since I met you. Happy anniversary.

60. Today has granted me another avenue to tell you how much I love you. Am glad I got to see a day like this, happy anniversary.

6th sweet monthsary messages for him and her.

61. With you each day I feel like a super star. My love for you have no limit for that am ready to do anything to keep you happy.

62. Today is an opportunity to tell the world how much I love you. For this day fort I vow to love and respect you with everything l got. I love you so much.

63. I never believe I will ever stay in a relationship with a woman this long, for the past 6th month now all I keep doing is falling in love with you.

64. My whole life has been full of pain and torture that I have gone through in the end of my ex lover’s. Ever since you came in, you have done me no harm rather to love me unconditionally.

65. As we turn one month over another in this calendar of our love, each day I pray it bring love, peace and happiness in this our relationship.

66. Sweetheart you know I will never stop loving you, am not just saying this from my heart but from my heart as well, I love you so much happy anniversary.

67. Cheers to this wonderful and amazing day, a day I will never forget a day that is full of blessings, am so happy to see this day, happy anniversary.

68. Ever since you came into my life all you have done is to make me fulfill all my dreams, encourage me to do the impossible and come are out with the impossible result, I love you so much.

69. I am happy to find a special girl like you, if you hadn’t been my girlfriend I wonder how mess up my life would have been by now, I thank God I found you on time.

70. Over 6 months now that I promise to love, protect, adore you forever, it all seem like yesterday, the promise it’s becoming fresh day by day.

71. Each day I fall in love with you again and again, I can’t help myself anytime I see you, you are the reason of my happiness I will always love you.

72. You are completely irreplaceable in my life, you won my heart from the very first day I met you, I fell in love with you. Happy 6th month anniversary.

73. I will always be thankful to God for given me a man who is as intelligent, smart and handsome as you, I so much adore you my love.

74. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, they say anything that has a beginning must surly has an end but the truth is my life end without you in it.

75. In my next I will make sure I find you on time and make you my first love and treat you as a queen that you are. I love you sweetie happy anniversary.

76. If I ever lost you, I don’t know what my life will turn out to be, I know I will definitely not be myself, because you are the air I breathe in.

77. From the very first moment I saw you I knew you were mine, then I started believing in wish, you are exactly the kind of woman I wish for.

78. I am so lucky to have you by my side. Anytime I hear or see you my heart leap with joy and happy, I will always cherish you forever.

79. It gladdens my heart to know that you are in with me in this life time, nothing I could ask for rather than a lovely partner like you.

80. Before I met you I have always be tormented in my dreams. My heart keep crying for you, now that I have found you I found peace and happiness for past the 6th month.

sweet messages for boyfriend and girlfriend

81. If it possible to fall in love in heaven, I will choose to fall in love with you. Because my love for you I don’t want it to just end here, am ready to take it to the other life.

82. With you in my life I see myself becoming a better man, loving husband and a loving father. I love you so much happy 6th month anniversary

83. I have traveled all cross the world just in a search for true love, I was on able to find one just 6 months ago when I met you, you have showed me nothing but love am so glad that you came into my life.

84. I can’t help to imagine how my kids will look like, having a beautiful wife as you will make me the father of an angel.

85. My friends are now calling mad man because of you, they can’t bring a topic without my telling them how amazing my woman is, you are so amazing and I love you so much.

86. I have never see a woman that is as beautiful and smart as you in the whole world am so grateful that you are mine. Happy 6th month anniversary.

87. Me plus you its excellent, but me minus you its problem, I will forever be yours just as you will be forever be mine. Happy anniversary honey.

88. You and I again the world there is nothing we can’t do, we will be on stoppable. You are my better half. Happy 6 months anniversary.

89. My mum always warn me about beautiful girls, she say they are not to be trusted, from the moment I saw you I fell for you same moment I trusted you.

90. There is something so special about you, for the past 6 months that you came into my life all I have been encountering is unlimited favours.

91. Your name should have be called beauty, because you are an atom of beauty itself, you have the most beautiful smile ever.

92. I couldn’t believe that we will ever come this far but us the thanks for not giving up on me happy 6th month anniversary honey.

93. Happy six months anniversary sweetheart, for the past 6 months now my heart and soul has always been for you and so it shall remain.

94. I cherish and love you so much that words could ever describe. You have been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

95. Happy anniversary prince charming, you are my world and everything now, you have completely lighten my dark part, I love you so much.

96. You are the girl who has changed my world from being a good to being beautiful amazing. Happy anniversary my beautiful Queen

97. I wishing the most beautiful and special damsel, everything that is special in this life. Happy anniversary.

98. There is no stopping for the kind of love I have for you, I will forever love, care and adore you my dear. Happy anniversary.

99. I dedicate my heart to love and cherish you forever even if I have nothing because I know that with you, I am safe.

100. They say amazing things don’t just happen to ordinary people. Ever since I met you, it has being from one amazement to the other.

6th monthsary messages that is amazing for him and her.

101. They can never be price tag on my love for you. My love for you is priceless and it can never be for sale.

102. The name of my love for you is called forever and your love has been the melody that my heart beats for all the time.

103. I love you not for what you worth but for what you are and how you do to keep me happier than I used to be.

104. I am so happy to have someone who is as caring as you are to me. You have added sparkle of joy into my life.

105. Despite my bad flaws you still love me and I love you more than you can ever imagine. Happy anniversary love.

106. Even though the world try to hide you from me and present other girls to me so I can marry them, I will tell them that I rather stay single than to marry someone else apart from you.

107. Am so drunk simply because I am soaked in love with you. Every morning I see you. Your smile has been the magic in me.

108. On this special day I wish you all the best love ever because my dream has come true. Happy anniversary my love.

109. I love you and there is no line in the universe that I can’t cross to keep you safe. I will prove my love for you anywhere and anyhow.

110. No matter where you are. What matters is that our love plays in each other’s heart, will locate you and love you even more. Happy anniversary to us.

111. From the cool guy just around the corner to the guy who made me go crazy in love with him. I love you too much my darling.

112. From the hottest guy around campus which girls used to follow to the sweetest guy whom I am here to love. Happy anniversary dearest.

113. I have always dreamt of having you in my life and today I have you. From the guy who I always dream to have to the guy I got finally.

114. You have changed from the guy that used to see me pass him to the guy who decided to stop me from walking too much along my street.

115. You never liked me at all but you have changed from the guy who I thought was not really in love with me to the guy that loves me madly.

116. I thought it was not right to love someone like you but from the look of things now, you have become that guy who has come to love and hold me tight.

117. I can’t just stop saying I love you today and forever cos I always mean it each time I say it. Happy anniversary to us dear.

118. I cannot explain how excited you have made me and I wish you are excited too. Where are we going today? Cos I am excited that I feel like spending a lot of money on you darling.

119. The thoughts of you makes me happy a lot, but you know what excites me the most? The day you asked me for a relationship. I love you for today darling.

120. I knew it can only be you who could ever ask me out with so much courage. You are simply the best sweetie. Happy anniversary darling.

121. I don’t want to go grubbing cos I don’t want you to call your friends for any problem between us. Happy anniversary dearest.

122. All I just want to do is to lay cuddled in your arms as you hold me tight and whisper sweet things into my ears. Happy anniversary, you are actually the best.

123. Every day I think of you, every night I dream about you. I just hope and pray that I don’t run mad, because I am so much in love with you.

124. My eyes has been opened now and it has dawned on me that you are the best boyfriend ever. Happy anniversary baby.

125. If I look back to the day you stole my heart, the thoughts still takes my breathe away. Happy anniversary dearest.

126. You are breathe taking darling and I am grateful for being your girl. Being my man has made me happier. Happy anniversary to us.

127. If I am to think about how much and how crazy in love I am with you, I would over think and I might run mad. Happy anniversary dear.

128. If talking to about how I feel about you will make you understand how I feel then I must confess to you that I can’t because I have no idea where I should just start from.

129. You have taken a lot of space in my heart, and I am sure you are stuck in there because I will never allow you to live my heart.

130. Your love will be in my heart forever, because that is my prayer today and till eternity. Happy anniversary to us darling. You are just the best.

131. I think it is time other people understand a thing or two, from the love and relationship between me and you. Happy relationship anniversary baby.

132. I never thought that having you in my life is the most important thing I need to do. Happy anniversary my princess.

133. I didn’t know that checking you out every day will help me to understand how wonderful you are until I started trying to do so.

134. I eventually made you love me in every way because I don’t want to ever loose you to any man at all. Happy anniversary baby. I love you.

135. Oh my God! Here is another month again, I am so proud of having you in my within this 6 months of relationship. Happy anniversary dear.

136. Six months have just passed, the few months where I have had to battle with jealousy and chasing off other girls from you cos you are mine.

137. I want to be the only one you have and I want to be the only person having the key to your heart. Happy anniversary baby.

138. God be with our love else we wouldn’t have reached this level if not because God has been with us. Happy anniversary dear.

139. As the month roll by, it keeps reminding me of the fact that I made the right decision to love you. I wish that I am your right decision too.

140. With the whole of my heart and all of my life, I want you to know that I love you so much. Happy anniversary darling. You are the best.

141. I feel in love with you not just because you weaken me in every corner, but because you make me hear my heart beat. I love you.

142. I am glad that I feel in love with you so fast and didn’t waste any time cos I would have loosed you. I love you so much darling.

143. I am thankful for another anniversary, and I hope that we last longer than this anniversary. Happy anniversary to us.

144. When you have a guy who lights up your life in the most unique way then you are lucky otherwise, you are unlucky. Thank God that I am lucky.

145. All I need to do, is to remain thankful for having the best kind of love life can ever offer. You are the best I have ever gotten. I love you.

146. I am thankful today for your kind of love my heartbeat. With you I am indeed blessed. Happy anniversary to us darling.

147. I remember the special moment when you told me to officially become your girlfriend. I did and today I am happier. Happy anniversary to you.

148. That date in which you asked me out has given birth to many dates of anniversary, today is one of them and I am so happy for that.

149. Thank you for drenching me in your affection and bringing sunshine into the dark areas of my life. You are simply the best I can ever have.

150. Thank you for everything you have done for me darling. Life wouldn’t have been possible without you. Happy relationship anniversary.

151. I know it was not yesterday we met, I think that we were even destined to be together and I wish that we get married by the end of this 6th month anniversary.

152. I have taken a lot of wrong paths and when you came into my life, you changed everything. Thanks for coming in to my life my love.

153. The way I see love has changed all because of you. You brought value into my life and now nobody can compete with me again.

154. Now I see love from a different perspective simply because you came into my life and changed my view about love. I love everything about you darling.

155. I want to thank you my angel for all you have done for me whether hidden or not. It is the best gift I have ever received. Happy anniversary to us.

156. Now I know that we are not only joined physically but also spiritually. I feel that God has joined us since before we met and I am glad that it is like that.

157. Our souls are joined together in love and oneness and I wish that it works between us now and forever. Happy anniversary to us darling.

158. I remember the first time I set my eyes on you. My heart started beating very fast and I found out immediately that you are the one meant for me.

159. I thought I was going to choke when I was trying to ask you out but surprisingly I made it and exactly 6 months ago, you became mine.

160. I sweated so much that when I decided to approached you cos I thought you would not agree to be with me but you finally did. Happy anniversary sweetness.

161. Today i realized it was the effect of the crush I had on you which later turned into deep desire and love. Happy 6th month anniversary darling.

162. Sincerely, I have a deep affection for you that has made me to love you uncontrollably. Today, I celebrate our oneness in love with each other.

163. Today, I celebrate that moment I agreed to be your woman. A day I will forever appreciate. I love you that words are not enough to tell you.

164. Thank you for everything you have done for me and the many more you will still do for me darling. Happy 6th month anniversary to us.

165. You are my life, you are my love. You are my everything. I am glad you came into my life. Happy 6th month anniversary my love.

166. When I thought it was over and everything was lost for me, you appeared to me and changed the whole story. You are the best.

167. Thank you for being so amazing, kind and special. No one would have loved me this much if you were not there. Happy 6th anniversary to my heartbeat.

168. My Boo, Thank you for lighting up my life in the way that no one has or can. Happy 6th month anniversary to the amazing king of my life.

169. Thank you for not running away from your responsibilities, thank you bringing joy and peace in every way you could. You are amazing.

170. Thank you for making me beautiful and ever shinning queen. Thank you for everything you have done for me darling. Happy 6th month anniversary boyfriend.

171. No matter how our past has been, nothing can ever allow me to live me because I cannot do without you my queen.

172. I made this promise to you today that our future will be brighter and better. I will love you till the end. Happy 6th month anniversary baby.

173. I want you to know how you have changed my world with you amazing nature. You are simply the best. Happy 6th month anniversary to us.

174. I know that time does not wait for any one, but now I know that time is the reason why I met you. I love you dearly.

175. Time belongs to us and time will always pause and wait for us to be ready in order to take the final vows. I can’t wait for that day dearest.

176. My time with you has been one of the best moments I have ever gotten. I love you darling and nothing can change that fact.

177. Another month have gone by in our relationship making it to become 6 months already. I am glad that we didn’t waste it.

178. We struggled with a lot of things, but what I am so sure of is that we didn’t struggle to be in this relationship. It happened because we are meant for each other.

179. We had fights and quarrels but none of them brought an end to our relationship because our love is stronger than we can ever imagine.

180. No matter how many times we quarreled or fought ourselves, we have always gotten back together and stronger because we love each other so much.

181. I am sure that with love we can break through and break forth. I love you darling and I hope you love me too.

182. I will always love you no matter how stubborn and hard time can ever be for us. Nothing will change my love for you. Happy 6th month anniversary princess.

183. I don’t care what happens in other people’s lives, all I know is that you are the best I have ever met. I adore you so much dearest.

184. I want you to know that whether the sun rises in the east and sets in the west or not, I will always be there for you. I love you so much.

185. All that I care about is you loving me to the fullest cos your love for me is sufficient for me. Happy 5th month anniversary to you darling. You are the best.

186. I have been involved with a lot of people, but you are the only one that is different from them. You have made me so happy and I love you so much. Happy anniversary my angel.

187. My life is a story, if I begin to narrate it, people will marvel at the way I am still living. Thank you for coming in to my life.

188. Meeting you was a story that I want to tell my children and people who care to know because you have given me all that I desire.

189. Everything about you is surely a mystery. I cannot say how I feel in love with you but I can say that I am still in love with you.

190. I love you so much because you have given me the peace that my life deserves. Thank you for being there for me. Happy 6th month anniversary to an amazing partner.

191. I am not concerned about what the future holds. What I am concerned about is that you love me and I love you too. Happy 6th month anniversary dear.

192. The most important thing right now is you and I don’t think something can ever take your place in my life at all. Happy anniversary love.

193. Thank you for everything darling. If not for you, what would I have done? You are simply the best partner one could ever need. Happy 6th month anniversary princess.

194. You have changed my life for the better. You have made me stronger. Thanks for this life opportunity you granted to me. I love you so much.

195. I can’t believe that my life could ever be like this until you came my way. You are the best gift that God has given me. Happy 6th month anniversary dearest.

196. I appreciate you every day in every way for all you have done for me with your presence. Thank you for being my love darling. Happy anniversary.

197. The way you smile makes me happy and rest assured that you are mine forever and I believe so. Happy anniversary darling.

198. You have lighted up my life in no small measure and no one has done that for me at all. I appreciate all the beautiful memories that you brought to my life.

199. The fights, the arguments, the fun times and all the romantic times that we shared will forever remain a memory I will never forget. I love you darling.

200. I remember this day as the day you said you will be mine and you have not changed that promise because you meant it when you said it. Happy anniversary sweetness.




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